Remember the Wind

By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani

Remember the wind in your lungs as you cried out at birth in apprehension and excitement of being born again,and longing to be held and cared for.

Remember the wind gently waking you to life;caressing your hair and skin, loving you, moving you,stirring your soul on its journey.

Remember the wind when you called to it out of desperation and sadness for help,and how it said you are never alone, it will always be with you.

Remember the wind was your childhood playmate on windy days when you tried to go against it, facing it, and you felt like you were standing still in a torando.

Remember the wind when you wrapped a towel around your neck pretending it was a cape and believed you were supergirl, and if you quickly ran down a hill you could take off and fly with the wind.

Remember the wind when you were floating at sea thinking there was no way to get home,and how a sudden wind picked up helped carry you to your destination.

Remember the wind as it brought aromas to you preparing you for the coming rain. Or when it carried more rain away from you so you could dry out and heal from the floods.

Remember the wind raging through the mountains and valleys and you felt afraid, angry and abandoned thinking it was judging and punishing you, when it was only cleansing the earth.

Remember the wind when it blew pollen, butterflies and seeds through the air spurting new growth making the earth colorful and fragrant,and how you reveled in its beauty.

Remember the wind sang with you when you were overflowing with love, and it energetically danced around you, playfully sharing in your joy.

Remember the wind soothing your hot, perspiring body giving you relief as you baked in the hot desert sun. Or when the wind bit your skin with cold warning you to take shelter.

Remember the wind when you blew smoke from your pipe of peace and that messenger/friend carried your prayers upward to the Great Spirit.

Remember the wind when it played musically to you, and through you, by golden fingers on the strings of Andreas' harp - reconnecting you to your heavenly source.

Remember the wind? It is your friend. It is your reflection. It is spirit. It is you.

© 1997, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani