1AM (Winter Lullaby)

By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani (l987)

The Dog Star pulses, sways and dances
its life's joy across the universe.
Its rainbow colors rhythmically flashing
a message, begging me to gaze up in wonder.
Each night it follows me to bed and sings me its winter lullaby.

I then dream two pairs of lights
red, green, yellow, blue, white;
coming from the four directions
speeding toward each other in the dark.

Night time magically turned into day.
In awe I watched the silver ships on their way,
making formations high in the sky -
crosses, circles, a huge glowing star,
revolving endlessly above me.

My intuition was right, they really do exist.
I laugh, clap, jump and spin.
The joy is overwhelmingly ecstatic
because my family has come for a visit.

Suddenly the lights drive toward the earth
winking their good-byes.
I plead to join them but they tell me
it is not my time yet.
They dash off quickly disappearing.
I'm sad and cry, wishing to see them again.
I don't know when they'll return, but I know they will.

The dream is over and I feel empty
but for a painful longing inside.
Now each night I look up and their
lovely melody flirts with my soul.
A sad smile covers my face as once more
they remind me of home.

© 1987, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani

The Woman in Moonlight

By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
Jan. 26, l995

She walks in silent beauty and splendor, her thin gown
softly flowing. She inhales the fragrance of this summer
night when the jasmine is in bloom. Elegance and
regalness are an air about her as her essence wafts
through the gardens. A slender swanlike neck, perched
upon gentle, slight shoulders, tilts her head to one side
as she surveys the blossoms in the moonlight.
A white rose is snipped and placed into her hands.
She cups them around this pure flower and inhales its
perfume. Her mind drifts to far off shores and times past;
times of exquisite love and passion, tranquility.
She now relives this memory and it is anew once more.
She carries herself indoors, almost floating in air, with a
smile upon her lips and a feeling of satisfaction in her heart.
She has had a wonderful life.

© 1995, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani


By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
Jan. 1995

Spiraling, swirling, wispy etheric forms twist their way higher
turning around one another in a dance of air dolphins...
ecstasy in this flexible, pleasurable exchange of our love.

© 1995, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani