By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
March 11, 2001

The man lay in the street.
A simple beggar, oblivious to the rest of the world, he slept.
Passersby snickered at him, whispered that the man must be crazy.

Having a closer look, I saw that his body lay perfectly stretched out straight,
parallel to the pavement. But, he hovered several inches over the ground.
Who is he? What's he doing here?

I walked up to this curious spectacle.
I knelt down and touched his cheek with my hand.
He turned his head towards me and curled up his body.

My face reacted with shock. I knew this man.
I stood up quickly, my mouth wide open. What to do now?
Awareness crept in about those observing us. I looked around at them.
They didn't disguise their disgust and fear.
"What would they say about us? What would they think about
my association with this man?" I silently asked myself.

I could not let him lie there like that.
Regardless of the others' views, I bent down, offered my hands to
this man to help lift him up to stand on his own feet.
Instantaneously, his face was clean-shaven, smooth and soft.
He wore a new, black shirt and pair of slacks.

He looked humbly and deeply into my eyes, and I into his.
His eyes were shining. He smiled, I smiled, with gratitude.
We sparkled in truth and joy.
My heart opened like a rapidly blooming flower.

We shared a confident kiss.
Never wavering or shaky, no doubt.
A gentle, solid, long kiss of pure, unconditional love.
Light poured out from within, and encircled us.
Then, in greater strength than ever before,
we walked away together, hand-in-hand.

This is all that matters.

© 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani