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With E. Nora Amrani


"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself."
--- Galileo Galilei

Since 1995 I have been helping millions of people around the world through my counseling and writing. I am a published Author, Channel, a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner through The Center for Akashic Studies (2014), an Intuitive Consultant, a C. Ht (Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist through The Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute, 1996), a Certified Energy Worker (TCHI, 1997) and an Ordained Minister (who officiates for marriages, funerals), Dr. of Metaphysics and Dr. of Divinity (ULC, 1995). I also hold a BA Degree in Drama (USC) and completed MA Degree coursework in American Indian Studies (UCLA). You can view some of my channeled artwork here.

My personal focus is to use my skills and intuition as a facilitator for growth and transformation. This must be accomplished with authenticity, compassion, responsibility. I don't think anyone knows it all. However, we can access a lot of information ourselves. After all, how did ancient people know about the stars and planets, the history of the universe, know things that only recently has been confirmed by science? If we know that whatever we do effects everyone else, we would take more care with our choices. We have the ability to to ensure freedom, provide shelter, clothing, education, good health, to teach how all life is connected and effected by everything we do - which creates peace, abundance and the future we want to have. The much sought-after treasure everyone seeks comes from knowing one's self, healing what needs to be healed, being in balance as a loving, divine representative on Earth and operating for the highest good of all. We are the Golden Ones - the Living Hall of Records.

Private consultations are held in the Los Angeles area, or by phone.

Akashic Records reading, Intuitive Counseling, or Channeling sessions are available to help you
  • receive your soul's personal messages for you
  • connect with your spiritual guides, multidimensionality, Source Consciousness
  • hone in on your life's purpose
  • examine past lifetimes
  • understand and release destructive patterns (some held throughout lifetimes)
  • gain personal empowerment
  • help you live your life with more meaning, harmony, joy and balance by using realistic and practical methods.

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    Phone: (818) 660-NORA (660-6672).
    Click here for book The Vibrani Collection, and book "American Indian Women Poets: Women Between the Worlds", and articles for sale.

    As an energy healer, it's hard to find someone who can deliver messages with skill and grace. Nora has been able to cut through the veil and her channeling abilities have given me messages that were insightful and loving simultaneously, which I find to be an oddity. Nora also had stunned me with her gift of Native American studies. She helped me with my lineage, informing me of clues to my surname and where to search for more information. Her knowledge of this subject is vast and I recommend her in searching your spiritual and ancestorial path. Her delivery is fluid, loving and in point! --- Lena Briggs (Healing with Lena)


    A note about the photo you see below: This was taken by a Kirlian camera that photographs one's aura and the energy one gives out and what is around them. It is not color enhanced in the processing of the picture.


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