By author Nora Harwit Amrani (Vantage Press, 1993) is an in-depth, yet easy-to-read analysis and discussion of the conflict of self-identity faced by contemporary Native Americans as expressed through the creative spirit of their female poets.

Torn between traditional ways the modern, mechanized world of the white man, these women seek to hold together, both spiritually and generatively, the fabric of a culture that is assailed on all sides.

Spokespeople for the voiceless many, they focus on "continuance, not extinction." Like Mother Earth, they hold the seeds for future growth and a renewal of the spirit that will enable their people to transcend their current conflict and cherish a heritage that is a rightfully proud one.

Included are the works and examinations of poetry by nila northSun, Joy Harjo, Marcie Rendon (Awanewquay), Roberta Hill Whiteman, Linda Hogan, Wendy Rose. This book is a good reference for school papers on women, poetry, American Indians, oral tradition, literature, psychology and has already been a resource and quoted in papers at high school and university levels.

  • Mother Volcano
  • Introduction
  • Indian Women
  • The Oral Tradition
  • The Poets & examination of their poetry
  • Concluding Comments
  • Bibliography


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