By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
July, 2001

Water is life. Our physical body is mostly water (over 80%). For us to maintain a healthy body we need to drink water each day. Water is also a conductor of energy, life force. Without water, we die.

As many of you may already know, the water on our planet is limited to what is put out into the atmosphere and collects as water vapor clouds, through the cycle of plant life and evaporation from water currently on our Earth. There is no way to get additional water from off of our planet, so what we see is what we get - no more. Water can and will be redistributed and have different effects around the planet. And being emotional human beings, and mostly water, we will feel these effects.

Water has become more scarce due to extreme pollution, and, in part, to global warming and the eradication of rain forests. We are at a critical juncture - if we don't clean up our act, there will be no clean water, which means that life will disappear from the Earth.

There have been many different experiments and contraptions created in order to energize and purify lakes, oceans, rivers, but they are still in the experimental phases.

Is there anything we can do, individually or as a group, to help our water? Yes...several things. Several people are born with the ability to energize water - I am one of them. I, and others like me, have been consciously energizing water for nearly the past ten years. This water is given to people to assist in their own healing. I have also energized the oceans and any water I come in contact with - but I need help, too!

Since we are mostly water, and are also bioelectromagnetic beings, we are conductors, containers of energy, and receivers of it. We have an impact upon everything we touch. When we energize water we change its molecular structure and we can bring it back to its pure state, OR we can energize it with specific frequencies/colors for healing. Additionally, we can call in the assistance from spiritual beings to help activate changes in the water. Clairvoyants can "see" the changes in the water, colors added, vibrations altered, and it can be proven through laboratory testing that the properties in the water have been altered.

The "average" person can learn to do this to a certain degree, so we can all pitch in to helping our planet's water supply.


When we drink water it passes through our body and then it is eliminated as waste. This waste is then recycled back to our waters (oceans, rivers, seas, lakes), thereby adding what came out of us into that collection of water. If there is nothing in the body of water, into which we dump our waste products, to neutralize the toxins, we are only adding more poisons to the water, which we later filter and drink. And the cycle goes on and on, EXCEPT that there isn't enough being done to neutralize these toxins and help energize/purify the water, so we are receiving lower levels of life force through the water we drink, and this can make us ill. This must change if we want our planet, and all life upon it, to survive.

Each person can help heal our water, as we are directing energy where we want it to go and focusing on what its purpose will be. The more people involved, the more we can accomplish. One person working on a huge ocean has minimal effects. Hundreds of people working on that ocean will have a greater effect, of course.

How we change the properties of the water is first through intention. As thought and visualization (with passion) creates form, we begin with concentration of healing the water, bringing it back to its original pure state of high frequency and life force, removing its toxins.

If we are using an individual drinking bottle filled with water, we hold it firmly in one hand and sharply strike the bottom of the bottle one hundred times, still keeping our intention strong.

Then open the cap to the bottle. Use your hand and fingers over the water and around the bottle to FEEL the energy in the water. You may feel it as a vibration, tingle, change in temperature, electrical pulse. Use your intuition as to which finger(s) or the palm of the hand over the top of the water bottle to use, as you become a channel for universal energy (Qi, or love) to pass through you and into the water. You may feel a finger(s) or hand becoming an energy-filled tube that you will direct into the water.

Healing is holistic, everything is connected. So when we begin to use our own body as a channel to energize water, we have to understand that it's not just one thing that's being effected.

Each finger has a meaning. The thumb rules mentality; index finger is direction; middle finger is creativity/sexuality; fourth finger (ring finger) has to do with close relationships; fifth finger (pinky) is about details and family relationships.

Each finger also can send a color. Each person may have different colors associated with their own fingers, so you have to experiment for yourself and sense which colors are coming out of your fingers and which chakras these colors correspond to. See if you can intuit which colors are used for which ailments. Or, you can just trust that whatever is needed is coming through you - which I feel is the best way to go, at least in the beginning.

So if you wish to heal an organ in your body, you can ask for universal energy for that specific organ to return to its most optimum state, and that organ is in the region of a particular chakra. Chakra balancing in combination with water activation provides an increase in healing. (We would then follow this with changing patterns in a person's lifestyle, nutrition, thinking, emotions, spirituality, etc., in order for it to be holistic.)

Let your hands and arms move freely, intuitively, over and around the water you're holding or focusing on - whether it be on a map, or directly in front of you. And let the energy flow through you until you feel it's complete. Then immediately cap the bottle.

If you are working on an individual bottle of water, keep it in the fridge. The energy stored in it will last up to a week with full impact. Drink a few sips a few times a day and leave a small portion of this activated water in the bottle if you wish to refill it with new water, as that small amount will still continue to activate whatever is put into it. But, after a couple of weeks, you may need a new form of energy to be put into the water so you will have to do the process again. Do not share your individual bottle with anyone else, as each person has their own energy needs.

Water can also be energized with a crystal pendulum. Holding the pendulum over the water and find out which way the pendulum swings. Then focus on your intention for healing with universal energy coming through the pendulum and see how the movement shifts. Keep the focus going until you feel the water is energized.

The sun is another good charger for water, and every two hours the color rays from the sun change, so you can energize water with specific color therapies by leaving out your bottle of water in the sun during those times. But, do it sparingly, paying attention to how you feel with these color rays. If you have too much of one color for too long, you may experience rashes or other allergies, so you will have to balance it with its opposite color, or neutralize it. The hours are as follows, with the sound/note equivalency in parentheses:
5am - 7am Blue (G)
7am - 9am Green (F)
9am - 10am Yellow (E)
10am - noon Orange (D)
Noon - 2pm Red (C)
2pm - 4pm Ultra-Violet (B)
4pm - 6pm Orange, again (D)
6pm - sunset Indigo (A)

Healers can take a few minutes each day to do this work for ourselves, others and the planet's water. Take out a map and work on the same body of water, alone or with a group.

The most important thing we can do is to increase respect and awareness for our water and how we use it...our survival on Earth depends upon it. The cycle of life depends upon it. This is not meant to freak you out, but to encourage each and every one of you to start taking more responsibility and become involved in our planetís life, and future. If you have scientific or technical abilities, can you come up with a safe way (toxin free) to help our water?

Thanking you, in advance, for helping to create a positive change.

© Copyright, 2001,2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani

Thanks to Moyra for the images.