TRIP TO VENUS - E. Nora Amrani



By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
Dec. 13, 1996
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During an out of body experience (astral travel) five years ago I had the opportunity to visit the planet Venus. I was taken with one of my guides, Dolah, who stayed by my side throughout the event.

When we first took off into space Dolah had us traveling in a large craft, which she explained was for my comfort - since at that time I didn't fully trust travelling without another vehicle. So, in other words, we hitched a ride.

The craft we were on was occupied by a group of extraterrestrial beings. I don't know where they were from but they had humanoid bodies, however, their faces and skin color were different from ours, being a dark green/grey. Their facial features were insect-like. They communicated with sounds (unfamiliar to me) and telepathy seemed to be the strongest mode.

The craft we were in had a huge glass window that permitted us to view space as we approached Venus. As soon as Venus was in view we left the craft and were on our own in our spiritual form, or light bodies. I tested out flying that way. I quickly learned that movement in any direction was guided by my intentions. If I wanted to zoom in for a closer look, in I zoomed. Pulling back was created simply by the desire to pull back. After experimenting with this, gaining some level of ease, I began to have a great deal of fun with this type of travel. We went closer to the surface of Venus to check it out.

The color of Venus lies in the warm colors of beige, white, orange, gold, light browns and some rusty color. Venus has a variety of landscapes ranging from mountains which include volcanoes, to sandy regions. There is liquid but not in the same form we see on Earth, except for the lava and water there. The liquid I saw was like a golden liquid light.

I observed terrific storms over the planet. It seemed the entire planet was engulfed in moving energy. There were many lightning storms with lightning going out in all directions; tornadic activity; volcanic activity; lava streams.

The most fascinating event I witnessed was a motion from within the planet's topography as it folded in upon itself. This folding motion was like a wave that arose and then folded underneath itself, under the surface of the planet. Telepathically I received a message from Dolah that this is how earthquakes occur on Earth, but scientists have yet to discover this movement. This folding motion is important in understanding how the Earth operates.

I saw beings who live on Venus, but they are not in physical form. They are like spirits, ethereal energies, both male and female, but predominately female. Definitely a feminine energy on this planet. Most of their energies were around the volcanoes. They were loving, friendly, happy to be recognized and certainly non-threatening. Unfortunately, I did not have much opportunity to communicate with them. Dolah wanted me to see the energies on Venus, the geography and the atmospheric conditions, and then we departed. My spirit guides told me that science will confirm what I saw within a few years time.

After NASA sent up a probe to Venus I called the Griffith Park Observatory to ask if what I saw is the reality on Venus. Their astronomer could not confirm most of what I saw at that time. I then called Fritz Coleman of NBC news in Burbank and related what I saw on Venus. Even though he tried to take what I said seriously, I had the feeling he thought I was nuts.

But, as soon as NASA received photos from Venus, I was amazed! I could see the spirit energies in the photos! I called Fritz Coleman back and told him to see the film for himself - there were beings all over the volcanoes. I don't think he could see them, but others who viewed my video tape of NASA's footage do see them.

The later footage from NASA confirmed much of what I saw in my visit to Venus but they had not paid any attention to the folding motions there. This year I called the Griffith Park Observatory, once again, but they had no idea of this folding motion. They said it was news for them. I have every confidence that what I saw was accurate; it's just a matter of time until science sees it.

If scientists can understand these folding movements on Venus, they can better understand Earth. It is a shame that science does not incorporate the talents of more channels, psychics, clairvoyants, to gain additional information and insight into our universe. It would enable better expeditions with respect for, and knowledge of, life.

New update: November 28, 2007:
The AP reported today that scientists, who were never sure about lightning on Venus, have now proven that it is real and does exist there. And check this out: "The idea of Earth-like lightning is fascinating, Russell said. However, you couldn't see it from Venus' surface, nor would you want to look because the Venusian atmosphere is 100 times more dense than Earth's, is about 900 degrees hotter and has clouds of sulfuric acid, he said. "It may be Earth's 'evil twin,' but it is in many respects Earth's twin," Russell said." No, Russell, you have to do an out of body experience to Venus in order to see it! hahahaha I love it!

Update: I am very pleased to see the latest issue of "Scientific American" Magazine (March, 1999). The cover story is entitled "When Venus Erupted," and what I saw during my travels to Venus as recounted in this article (aside from the spirits), is now considered scientific fact! It's wonderful to live to see scientific validation of one's visions.

Update 2010: Scientists post photos of lightning on Venus.

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