WE ARE A 3 IN A 12

By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
Sept. 1999
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The numbers 3 and 12 are extremely significant to us for several reasons. On Tuesday, September 21, 1999, researchers at a biotechnology company in Palo Alto, California, (Incyte Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) (INCY.O) said that human beings may have twice as many genes as previously thought. It is estimated that humans have 140,000 genes. The company says it has sequenced most of these genes.

I ask you to consider the following: Many people in the New Age and religious movements have long been saying that 144,000 represents a special group of enlightened beings, or the original number of souls who separated from the Source, or even those who will be responsible for raising the planetary vibration, or will be "saved" when Earth goes through its final cataclysm. Dr. Bruce Cornet reminded me that high density floppy disks have 1.44 MB capacity, and that the original modem speed was 144,000. Scripture even mentions the same number in Revelation 7:3-5, 14:1, and so forth. However, this is more symbolic rather than literal. So, what could it be referring to?

What it may in fact be indicative of is showing a strong connection our origins and to the original creation, and then the Anunnaki system of twelve, which is what our local universe and solar system is based upon. It's a vibration. It is how many main dimensions there are and how many facets of us there are in these dimensions. As far back as records and memory go we have had twelve as our key number for all life. Some examples of these are the twelve hours of day and twelve hours of night, twelve months of the year, the Anunnaki pantheon, twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve Titans, Olympians, twelve sons of Jacob, the twelve astrological signs, the twelve apostles, the Virgin Mary wearing a crown of twelve stars), United States, twelve cranial nerves, twelve main bodies in our solar system (yes, really), the circle being based on twelves (360 degrees), the not least being the twelve days of Christmas! And so on, and so forth.

In numerology twelve reduces to a 3, (1+2) the number of the trinity, creativity, art and pleasure, and the triangle. Earth is the third planet from the sun. Earth IS a twelve and a three. 333,000 vibrations per second, is the threshold between non-physical and physical reality [Bashar]. Our sun's mass is 333,000 times that of the Earth. 333 is also associated with 2012 and the Mayan end of times on 12/12/2012. 144 is 12x12, or the original breakdown from wholeness into fragments of itself. Twelve is the number of wholeness and balance, of All That Is. 144 reduces to a 9: the number of the universalist, humanitarian, healer, higher spirituality, universal and human LOVE and completion....our God self, right here in human form and it takes 9 months of pregancy to create a full term human baby, and pregnancy is measured by trimesters (three stages of growth). My ten year old son had fun adding up the number of minutes and hours in a day and year, including leap year. There are 8760 hours in a year, which means 8 + 7 + 6= 21, and 21 = 2 + 1 = 3. There are 525,600 minutes in a year. That equals a 9. There are 1440 minutes in a day, which equals 9. A leap year also equals a 9. Can this be mere coincidence? Think about it, is all I ask: does this make sense to you?

Related to all of this is that 333,000 vibrations per second is the threshold between non-physical and physical reality. [Bashar]

My own theory is that science will soon discover is that humans have at least 144,000 genes, giving us further proof of our DNA mixture with the off-planet beings who helped to create the modern human - those being the Elohim and later the Anunnaki, who also programmed our DNA on the system of twelve, pairs of twelve, because they KNEW the pattern of life in our universe and specifically the vibration of Earth. Moreover, I feel that we will be learning more about how this is also reflected in our chakras, of which there are twelve (which include chakras in the palms of our hands and soles of our feet, plus chakras that are outside of the physical body but connected energetically, and the thirteenth being a universal chakra).

So, what does the 144,000 really represent? It's when we as a global consciousness see and accept that our make-up is much more than what was previously thought. It is when we acknowledge the vibration of having that 144,000 within our own bodies. When we do, we DO make a major species/consciousness shift all together as we are recognizing the full source within us. (Of particular personal interest, in addition to confirming the 144,000, would be when science understand 12 & 13 in their genetic research.)

Some ideas I have are: if science analyzes this information using the system of twelve, they will begin to understand it much better. Secondly, that we will begin to see that each being is a universe, containing everything that makes up our universe - stars, planets, gravity, oceans, mountains, etc. And learning how the RELATIONSHIP between all of these components within us works, we will have found the greatest mystery and magic about life. We will continue to learn more about the significance of twelve, our twelve selves, and how to reunite "us".

More about our DNA and what our DNA looks like:
Our DNA has to do with being human, and more than that, it includes being a human form on the planet Earth. If we were to incarnate on another planet, we'd have other/different needs. I think our genetics contain memory, that is in our cells. That cellular memory means we might have scars (seen or emotional) from previous lifetimes. We are made up of physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies (energy) - and when we experience something traumatic in the physical body it makes an imprint that can be carried into our next lifetimes. These imprints can be healed and removed. It's like sealing up a hole in our auric fields. We can change our DNA with our consciousness, we can literally rewire the synapses within our brain and the rest of our body.

I also know that our DNA contains bits from other lifetimes not on Earth, each person would have different percentages of ET DNA, for instance. I have the 12 strand DNA, don't have to develop it, while others will obtain it in this lifetime. According to one source (Bashar) my DNA contains a very high percentage of extraterrestrial DNA, more tha 75%, which is fine with me. I don't place that much importance upon it, just fine it of interest and await the day science will be able to see these things in our genetic make-up. Our DNA depends upon our experiences, awareness, and what we want to experience that we bring with us into this lifetime.

I have seen our DNA as multidiemsional beings see it. It is a weird kind of ticker that floats above our heads and follows us wherever we go. It can be read by other beings. Just as our voices are unique and have their own imprint depending upon our DNA. These are read by beings from other dimensions. They don't have to see us or know our names, they read our DNA. It looks sort of like a Morse Code, dots and dashes, scooting along with us, of our own genetic make-up. It looks similar to some of the lab marks of our DNA sequence. Very interesting to see it working. I have watched my own for about a half hour one day and was absolutely amazed. Wherever I went, there it was lol, marching along with me. I turned right, it turned right, I backed up, it backed up. This DNA ticker can be picked up by special tracking devices that have a clicking sound. I saw and heard those at work another time. Bizarre and very cool.

Copyright 1999, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani