Ah, sleep.
I look forward to your sweet temporary release from this tried body.
Take me swiftly to reunion with my beloved.
I need no direction; my soul knows where love resides.
The address never changes and I am always welcomed.

This is where my thirst is quenched, my soul richly nourished.
In this active state of rest I commune with you ever so lightly, yet completely.
I can be anywhere, everywhere, or nowhere;
coloring the limitless scenes however I choose.

My essence is all I am here; no masks or skins to hide beneath.
This is the ultimate freedom, supported in your gentle embrace.
This is not the dream life. It is pure reality.
Sheer joy. I never leave empty-handed.

Once again revitalized and drunk with the beloved's wine,
I am bounced back into this fragile body to play in the dream
A little while longer....until the next night when the
Longing will become too powerful to keep me away.
One day this game will be finished, and all will have won.

© 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani