By Nora Amrani

Many people find listening to spirit comfortable and easy. After all, when listening to spirit we can close our eyes, avert our vision to other things in the room, and even doodle on a pad of paper. We can play back the tapes and hear it over and over again without even opening our eyes if need be. And, listening to their voices can be so wonderful and irreplaceable, why not hear them over and over? But what about SEEING spirits as well as hearing them? What about seeing auras, or other energy fields?

When asked if they had ever seen spirit, or energy, the majority of people, say they hadn't. And some even mock such a notion. There are even some channelers who do not see spirit, only hear them or communicate with through telepathy.

When my friend Rita and I created a T-shirt displaying how we see one of our spiritual mentors (who we channel), Dr. Peebles' (Dr. P.) face in spirit, most people couldn't see or believe it. Was it because he is a spirit and only "certain" people should be able to see him (such as those privileged few of biblical times), or that we must be crazy because we see spirits, or is it that people prefer to limit themselves to only one sense, that of sound? Some people have seen a puff of smoke as an entity comes to their channel's physical body, or seen the channel's face in a blur when the entity is present, and yet they question what they saw.

(Which makes me wonder why we call people deemed to be out of touch with reality "insane". One would think that being "in-sane" would mean being in sanity, not having lost it! Perhaps those believed to be out of their minds are really living in the higher mind and heart, connecting with more than most realize?)

I find it interesting that it appears to be saner and more acceptable, by those willing to give spirit the benefit of the doubt, to hear spirit rather than see it firsthand. I ask you, the reader, why? When asked if they had ever seen shadows in the shapes of faces on walls, in paintings, or faces coming out of patterns in wallpaper, tile, in the clouds, many people have said they have seen this, and yet, disregarded it as pure imagination rather than seeing spirit.

Well, what is imagination? Even if it is only imagination in the eyes of some, it can mean we are simply using our own creative genius... our thoughts do create reality. Being able to see and/or communicate with spirit is actually one way of proving, to ourselves, our connectedness to one another, in any dimension, and that there really is no need for our illusions of separation (not fully aware of our oneness with all life). Just observe children. Ask them how they are much more connected with energy. They will tell you what they see and hear.

So, what IS seeing spirit, and if we desire to learn, how can we see spirit? Many spiritual teachers often refer to our genius, which comes from our courage and freedom to care and use our imagination. And, what we think, see and create becomes reality. Therefore, it follows that we have the ability to see many things in many dimensions.

When I asked Dr. P. (at the time channeled through Thomas Jacobson) about seeing and communicating with spirit guides, he responded: "There are few people who effectively communicate with their spirit guides and fewer still who see them. The ability to see the spirit requires definition of the word "see". Some of those people who see spirit do not see them with the optics of the eye. They see them through an expanded state in their own imagination, etc., which is valid, by the way, but can also be distorted.

So, many people prefer to see yet do not see with the optics of the eye. It is not required or necessary to see with the optics of the eye. This will require strong and devout practice to re-centering one's attention behind the eyeball, using the peripheral vision, for example, with some practice see the finer frequencies. There will be instruments in your technology, in the next decade or so, that will be like your televisions, where you'll see spirit on televisions, so that you go beyond the optics of your eye.

"Regarding communication and communion with spirit, it is possible to have on-going communion with spirit, but, again, it takes great practice, and, as in many of your country, dramatic re-education. The difficulty with re-education is what you need to offer before you start to learn. And what needs to be offered, and this takes patience and time, is the definition of imagination and imagry, fantasy, make-believe, etc.

"There is a deep-seated fear within the so-called "civilized" countries, of naiveté within the realm of intelligence. And, because of that deep-seated learned fear, not a natural fear, it is very difficult to give up, to relearn, to put aside all concepts, all definitions of Imagination, fantasy, etc. It is within the realm, it is not the entire realm of imagination, but within, there's a location inside of the imagination that is THE window and doorway for communication and communion with spirit. It's a language, it's like you're going to learn Latin, or Chinese, or English. And, it requires much study and discipline and attention and you can achieve this.

"A further complexity that exists is that the expectation factor further confounds. It is not uncommon for the expectation factor to be that when one human makes contact with spirit, then finally, they will know what to do because spirit will tell them what to do. It is very confusing, confronting, and fatiguing, and sad for the human being when they make legitimate contact and find out they still have to decide what to do. And, so this fatigues the discipline required to follow-through to learn genuine communion, communication."

Dr. P. explained that when we can see spirit part of us has moved into another dimension where we can visualize beings in another plane of existence. Some writers have referred to this as walking through walls, going through the cracks, going between the worlds. When spirits or beings in other dimensions see us, they have accomplished the same.

When I questioned Dr. P. on this subject he explained that all spirits and beings in other dimensions are not aware that we can see them, just as the majority of people in our dimension are not aware that they see us. If, for example, your average person were to suddenly see a spirit they might become frightened because it is unexpected, and not ordinary. The same reaction occurs for some spirits and beings in other dimensions. Therefore, when we attempt to see spirit we must do it first by asking permission to see and to see respectfully.

The biggest barrier to seeing is our belief that we cannot, fear of the possibility of seeing spirits, or that we should not be able to see spirit. Surprisingly, seeing spirit is quite easy once you give yourself permission to see, and believe that you can see all there is and trust in your vision. Believing is seeing.

I suggest that you surrender to the void, the unknown. Have faith that there is no danger from what you see...know that what you ask to see has its own beauty and gifts to offer you. You draw in what you ask for - so take responsibility and ask for what you need or want to see, and know that you are worthy of receiving the visions. Also, understand that you will not see anything that you are not ready to see. Here's a thought: Maybe our visions of spirit are also a visual echo of ourselves?

Two people may or may not have the same complete vision. In other words, you may see the same spirit but one person may see more detail than the other. One person may see spirits the other one doesn't see at all. It is very individual. The visions you see may be odd at first but you will adjust and become accustomed to the differences in appearances, and in time you will come to appreciate and even love the differences.

Three of the main techniques in seeing spirit are through meditation, the dream state, or conscious/awake seeing. In this article I will focus on the latter. Should you desire to enhance your experience with spirit, to see spirit, here is a simple exercise:

When you start to change your focus and see spirit, do it gradually as it does take time to build up the change in your vision and can be a slight strain on the muscles in your eyes. When you see spirit and attempt to communicate with them and/or beings from other dimensions, it takes psychic energy, and this can be draining. So, build up slowly and increase your time at your own speed. Do what feels comfortable and right for yourself.

Sit in a room that has some form of light. Relax your body by doing whatever technique works for you - deep breathing, muscle relaxation, visualization, etc. Open your eyes and focus on a point on the wall, ceiling, in a painting. If outdoors, you can focus on trees, flowers, water, animals, plants. Relax your vision so you use soft vision. This vision is hard to describe in words but the feeling is similar to a stare, or slightly cross-eyed - without strain, without intense focus, using relaxed muscles or your peripheral vision.

You have the option of invoking a short prayer or ask for permission to see your spirit guides, or the spirits in the room, in the painting, or whatever you desire. There is no set time limit for spirits to appear, but within a few seconds or a couple of minutes you can see shapes taking form. These may be as grey outlines, like shadow shapes, they may be forms of energy or light, or you may actually begin by seeing in full color, full bodies and/or with clothing or objects.

The first reaction may be to be so stunned and excited that you alter your eyesight and lose the vision. But, relax your eyes again, and if the energy is still there, you will see it again. If you see a spiritual being, you can try using telepathy to ask who they are, where they come from, if they have a message for you or anyone else you know. (I always thank them for their gift of presence or offerings they bring and if I would like to meet with them again I say to meet me in the same location, time, etc.)

Experiment with your experience. Try to feel or see what color their hair or eyes are, if they were once earth beings or from somewhere else, if they are male or female, or what their age is. You can watch the interactions between energies, how they move between themselves and objects, how your energy relates to them, the unique colorations or patterns within the energies of different items or beings.

Are all trees the same? Do all spirits project the same colors? I have seen energies around computers and monitors and how they interact with telephones, for example, the interplay is so fascinating! It gets to be quite fun and educational. When you have had enough viewing simply change your focus back to normal.

After you practice and gain more experience with seeing you will become familiar with who is always around you and who is not, who comes in with other people or during certain times, i.e., times of stress in the world, with yourself, important times for those you are viewing. Additionally, viewing gets easier and easier and you won't have to force a focus on spirit - it will come quite naturally. As a result, you gain a completely new perspective in your own reality.

You may wish to keep a diary of what you see and what information you gain. You may even find it fun to draw what you see. Some of the ones in my home are extra- terrestrials, too. I have also videotaped them for others to see. They seem to come out very clear for my camera equipment. This has been invaluable for me in helping teach others to see, too. Spirit and beings of other dimensions are always around us, we just have to tune into them to see them.

For those of you who would rather continue to just listen to spirit than see, keep enjoying what you already do. Not everyone has the need or desire to see or speak directly with spirit and that is okay. We do what we feel comfortable and ready to do. For those of you seeing and communicating - happy visions and interactions.

© Copyright 1993, 1997 Nora Amrani