White Buffalo Woman, Nora's guide, a gift by Rita


By White Buffalo Woman
Channeled through Nora Amrani
February 21, 1998

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[White Buffalo Woman offers her wisdom in all generations since her first appearance. She shares her current views with us on The Nature of Predictions.]

Greetings and blessings to you, my descendants and ancestors, friends and relations.

It is good that I have been asked to speak on the nature of predictions. I am aware many representatives of all peoples have been proclaiming earth changes are upon the planet at this time. These predicted changes are said to consist of various geophysical calamities, combined with a new awakening, which will ultimately lead to enlightenment, ascension, and a great shift in consciousness. Some people, claiming to be of high spirituality, say that these changes are destined to come, no matter what... so "be prepared."

What do these messages say to you, dear ones? Do they speak to you of fear? Do they speak to you of a fate that is out of your creation, out of your hands? Do they speak to you of powerlessness? Do you fear you are being attacked by the earth or the elements? Do you fear you will cease to exist? Do you look forward to the changes knowing a brighter future is around the corner? Do you believe that the best is never here, but always yet to come? What are predictions? Must they manifest exactly as predicted?

Predictions, based on intuition, astrology, science or logic, have been around since humanity first lived on this planet. What was the driving force behind predictions? Mostly need for survival, fear of the unknown, education, fear of being punished, inspiration, boredom, desire to be out of misery, desire for change brought about through belief in higher powers that control and determine what is best for all. So, predictions were offered. It gave people something to look forward to. It added a certain level of excitement. It kept you on your toes.

Long ago, and even still today, people believe that predictions are written in stone and cannot be altered one bit. Destiny is fixed. After all, it must come from a higher source, the Great Spirit, Wakantanka, God, who must know what is best for it's children, yes?

I know that many seers, prophets, have good intentions in warning people about the future, (as if change never happened before). Thank you for your genuine concern.

It is helpful to be aware of potential challenges, as we can evaluate for ourselves if we believe they will come to pass and how they may affect us. But, I can assure you of one thing: blindly fearing the future will only create a fearful future. What change do you fear? Why do you fear change? Change is what all of life is about!

Many old beliefs, thought forms, still persist. And these old beliefs have served their purpose. Perhaps it is now time to let go of the old. Humanity has grown a great deal. You have matured, are now learning more about your own part in creation and how answers are available to everyone, regardless of race, religious background, gender. You are one people, one planet.

Even I was known for having directed peoples in certain directions, offered tools to help mold societies to better enable them to face the future, the new generations. In turn, it is said that when the white buffalo is born, it symbolizes my return and then a new and positive change on planet earth will begin. I tell you that I have always been here and accessible. I need not the birth a calf to tell me when to return to Maka Ina, my mother Earth. Within me there is no separation. I know that the answers to the future are within every one, at any time. But, perhaps you need a sign to remind you of your own power to create the future you want? To pay attention to the little hints from Maka Ina helping to shake you out of your old patterns?

You see, the future, ironically, is not in my hands alone. My own future is in my hands, just as your future is within your hands. Individually, we effect the whole. You are a universe unto yourself and yet part of all. Who or what you touch creates a new universe that can work in harmony or disharmony. Individually and collectively, we create our present, past and future, which work together, right now, in all dimensions.

Always looking to the future, or past, prevents you from seeing today; it prevents you from being fully present here. Being here now is most important, as this is your main focus. So, what is it you wish to create right now, right here? How do you imagine this "present you" will be in the future? Ask for a brief glance at your "future self?" Are you happy with what you see? If not, change yourself now and be what you want to be!

Predictions are merely possibilities, potentials, at any moment. And, from moment to moment, they change due to changes within you. If you remain 100% fixated on one idea from day to day, never changing - that will manifest. However, if you feel a little shift in that idea today, or tomorrow, you have already altered a prediction and created a new potential prediction, with new possibilities. You are this powerful!

You and all life are related - ALL CREATION IS RELATED - all part of the one. Everything you do effects the universe. And this means you have a great responsibility.

Unite your hearts and minds and create the future you want for yourselves and the planet. Listen to possibilities, the predictions, because they are telling you about your beliefs. Then think and feel for yourselves.

Do you want to hang onto those beliefs? Do they still serve you? Do you want change to come about through catastrophe or joy? Do you feel you deserve a bright, beautiful today? Do you have it? If not, why not? The power is within each one of you.

I am not saying the earth will not have changes. Of course, there is always change because you and the earth are conscious, living beings, and you desire change. Freedom, power and sovereignty come when you acknowledge that you create and co-create the changes in your lives. You can give up your freedom, sovereignty, will and power to others, but one day you will have to face your victimhood and lack of self- responsibility. You have the chance now to take the reins and direct your life. What will you choose?

Realize your power, accept it, create with it - create the future YOU want to have. It can be bright and harmonious, by starting now.

And if you do it this way, whatever you ask, that is the way it's going to be. And it is good. Do you see how you are so very blessed? Indeed!


A few months after I channeled this article, I read "Lightningbolt" by H. Storm, and this quote from his teacher, Zero Chief Estcheemah (pp. 162,163):
"Earth is not your enemy. If She were the enemy, as many propagandists want us to believe, then no human would be alive to tell of it. Mother Earth gives us Life. Here on Earth is the place where all Spirits can be born and experience life...To hate Life is to deny the physical fact of our personal existence. To fear Mother Earth and to malign Her brings about mistrust of the Self. When we mistrust Existence, our Earth, our very lives, we find ourselves in deep mental anguish."

Lightningbolt said that was sad. Estcheemah replied that it is and extremely dangerous. "For when belief becomes greater than Life and more authoritative than our human needs, things can become very crazy" So important it is for us to think for ourselves and live our own lives.

Update: Nove. 1, 2006:
Science has proven that human activity during the week influences the rain on the weekends. Dr. Randy Cheveny discovered that it's a lot wetter during the weekends than during the week during hurricanes. Here's an article about his discoveries. As pollution levels build up during the working week, pollution particles are carried upwards and begin to seed the clouds. Moisture gets into the clouds, rain comes next. I also wonder if we have an emotional and spiritual need for rain to wash away old energy, to calm us, and have us rest and recouperate?

One thing I feel very strongly about: that the earth is fine and will be fine. It always has a way of taking care of business to rebalance itself. I think people have become arrogant fanatics about saving the planet because they don't trust that the earth knows what its doing (let alone have a consciousness). I do feel recycling is good, but let's not get crazy about every detail in our lives. Changing a light bulb won't effect global temperatures or prevent pollution. We need to operate with wisdom instead of just empty fears and misunderstandings.

© Copyright 1998, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani