(Do our perceptions create our truths?
Do our truths create our perceptions?
Maybe both.)


By Plato
Channeled by Nora Amrani

[You can read about my channeling of Plato on this page.]

What is truth? Truth is all around you and it is objective. It is everything you see, hear, feel, taste, touch, sense, believe. It is what you perceive as your reality. It is love. Whatever you think, say, feel, do all is truth, of course, from your personal perspective.

Truth can be subjective, as well. It can be so when others are asked to view your truth as their own, or vice-versa, and what is true for you may not always be truth for others (from their perspective). Their truths may not match yours. Let's say you look at a tree and you see it is a pine green color. Another person looks at the same tree and says it is forest green, or lime green. Maybe another person comes along, let's say he is Picasso, and says that tree is not green at all, it is orange with a purple trunk! How is that possible?

What is the real truth? Each one perceives the tree differently and yet all can be true. Is there a greater truth? Yes, but all truths are part of that greater truth. The greater truth allows all other truths to be a part of it. That greater truth has another term - God, Love, or All That Is, the Source, the Infinite, etc. This so-called greater truth knows all truths, and yet it is not judgmental. The judgment of what is truth is placed by yourselves from your personal belief systems, your society, from your environment, your family, your memories of what you believe to be truth.

Even if one is "taking liberties" with truth, or more bluntly, lying, that is a truth in itself, as well. Understanding this can make life more accepting, fun and interesting, to say the least. But, it can also complicate matters if one attempts to place one's own truths on another, less-willing party. Herein lie the potentials for conflict, murder, war, discussion, and even resolution to allow the possibilities for all truths to be, and to be with respect for self-determination with responsibility.

So, what is another way to understand truth? Generally speaking, to bring truth into practical terms, truth is found in the present. It is a gift already on its way to you, and already there! If something was true yesterday, can it still be true today? Yes, and you can see that one must constantly bring truth into the present in order to define it. Maybe something was true a long time ago, determined at that past time and is no longer true now.

Perhaps you discuss what another person said was true, but for it to be true for you, you must re-evaluate it. But, this no longer really matters, because all that matters is the NOW. Your present contemplation always makes that distinction. Each moment you create anew.

And here is the most interesting fact about truth: Each person defines for themselves what is truth. Even if something is not your truth, it still can be truth but one which you do not agree with or choose to resonate to now. So each of you chooses your truths.

How can you discover or choose your truths? By going within yourself in a gentle, relaxed way, and focusing on feeling love, connecting with the Source within you. Feel the oneness you share with all creation. Feel what your soul is feeling, as this is where your real TRUTH resides. By practicing this daily, or whenever possible, you will begin to feel expanded, more relaxed, more open to receiving love and knowledge, clarity, guidance from this center of truth. Let it reveal itself to you at that moment of integration with all that you are.

Ask for the truth and you SHALL receive it. It is really that simple. The more you do this, the more space you open up within you to receive even more and more. You will begin to know and trust what you know, what you are, what is your truth because within you is the truth. With your God within you as the main force directing you, you have the best way to trust the truth you receive for yourself and own it. Being in your truth is being with The Source, and herein lies all divine synchronicity and support because The Source is Oneness, not separation.

Now, is there any real virtue in maintaining a certain truth? Simply for the sake of righteousness or stubbornness, I say (according to my own truth) that it is not of the most desirable reasons. However, there is much learning that can be gained even from that position. And as I said previously, there is no judgment should one choose to do so. But, provided that the particular truth is still true in your present time, I say definitely YES, and not to let that limit further searches for the richest, deepest, purest truth you may find.

You maintain your own truth each second AND your truth can change depending upon situation, needs, desires, or through a change in your perception and understanding. The challenge is to allow others the same for themselves, and how will you all get along together? That, my friends, is for you to determine in your own truths.

© Copyright 1996, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani