By Nora Amrani
Dec. 23, 2000

When we look around our world, particularly recently, there seems to be so much strife due to frustration, anger and intolerance. Many nations are at war within themselves and other nations. Disease, poverty, violence, and ignorance seem to be rampant in spite of the quick growth of the internet and educational programs. I heard one person voice that as long as people are afraid of death there will be the desire to kill. Do you agree? Do you know that in the past century almost 170 million people have most likely been murdered by governments? What is creating this massive upheaval and what can be done to transform it? Follow the threads with's quite fascinating.

The keys to peace are multifold. They begin with honesty, by confronting and diminishing our greatest challenges of fear and poverty, and continue by increasing knowledge as free, independent beings with more self-responsibility. This must begin on a spiritual as well as material level, in balance. One would hope that through education alone the desire for peace would grow. However, in many cultures the struggle for survival is so stressful and all-consuming that it leaves little opportunity for any education that could help people out of their poverty. Therefore, we must start by eliminating poverty, and this includes understanding poverty consciousness and the utilization of poverty as a political tool.


When we begin to eliminate poverty, what happens? People become more equal to one another, and that usually means there are less feelings of inadequacy (even if the people are not materially wealthy by certain standards). This was the basis for the ideas of Communism and Socialism, but these alone provided yet another form of control, not freedom, not balance, not understanding the entire picture. Why? Because neither wanted to address the issues of responsibility for the environment, nor did they believe in free enterprise, nor did they take our spiritual natures in to account - in fact, they wanted people to get rid of their spirituality in favor of becoming producers for the state under the guise that it was in the best interest of all. They were just other forms of slavery. When people are forced to deny their basic nature and needs they become angry and revolt, and that is why a strictly Communist or Socialist society can't survive.

Poverty is often used as a very effective and deadly political tool. For instance, there are people in Africa who are not receiving food and supplies because their political enemies withhold what is being sent to them. The U.S. keeps sanctions against the people of Iraq, when our focus is Saddam Hussein, not the nation of Iraq. We witness holocaust after holocaust, complete racial, cultural and societal genocide because of selfish political agendas which thrive through war. Our own U.S. is known for being a war machine, too. And I'm very concerned about our future with a president, vice-president and cabinet who are in the oil and military business and what this will mean for our future. Will they use their positions with spiritual and planetary responsibility and compassion, or carelessly, abusively and selfishly?

Poverty is incredibly stressful, frustrating, and as I just mentioned, creates jealousy, anger and hatred, because people feel powerless to change their conditions. This is ideal for certain regimes who use people to get what they want by keeping the masses poor and creating an enemy. When they tell them it's their "enemy" doing it to them, they have lots of power to control the masses because people need an answer, they need some place to direct their anger. When political leaders know that people will revolt against those who they feel are repressing them, these leaders stoop to the lowest level of leadership - manipulation, apathy and selfishness - and use it to the max.

The Palestinian situation (a very good example in this case) is very evident of this because their leaders, such as Arafat, are very wealthy by donations from other individuals or nations supporting the Palestinian cause. However, Arafat and his henchmen use the money to buy weapons and support their affluent personal lifestyle instead of giving it to the people to whom it was promised. (This is not conjecture - there is massive evidence about it.) Arafat keeps the truth hidden from the people and instead brainwashes them through lies that it's the Israelis keeping them in poverty. Nonsense. If you saw the wealthy Arabs who choose to live in Israel with their fleets of Mercedes and mansions, and they still get education, health care, government involvement and benefits, or if you saw how peaceful the Druze live in Israel, you'd see the propaganda for what it is. It has everything to do with the consciousness of the Palestinians and Muslim Arabs needing a convenient scapegoat in order to keep people controlled through anger, violence, and to do their dirty work so they can continue to keep supporting their own luxurious lifestyles and hopes to gain valuable property.

Because part of the consciousness of most of the Palestinian people is martyrdom and victimhood, it works perfectly well for their leaders to abuse them through their own belief and educational systems. Look how effective it's been: people have no independent rights; women are property; mothers breed just to have children who will fight and die for hatred and their illusions that they are the only rightful owners of the state of Israel - what a horrible thing to do to women and mothers, more forced denial of their true nature; to have young children blindly recite their hatred for their neighbor, their desire for murder; that these children will commit suicide in the name of jihad with the silly promise that they will be overwhelmingly rewarded in heaven afterwards is not only a crime against humanity but an immensely powerful political tool. And when they can influence the media to feel pity for this game, even better for them. Can you imagine what will happen when the Palestinian people find out the truth that their own leaders have been betraying and abusing them? How will they feel when they figure out that all this time they didn't even have the freedom to even find out the truth on their own because their struggle for survival, their biased media coverage, their fears, their religious brainwashing (the PLO politics are now part of the sermons by religious leaders who preach that murdering Jews is holy), and their poverty levels were all-encompassing?

And yet, they are all responsible for their current reality because they have this belief that they cannot live in peace with anyone who has a different belief from their own, nor can they share. They cannot live in peace because they, and their leaders, believe in the consciousness of LACK. Lack means that one always feels they have nothing and will never have enough, of anything - be it mental, emotional, spiritual, physical or materialistic. Being in lack also means one isn't taking full self-responsibility both independently and as a group. As long as one believes they are lacking, they feel less worthy and the cycle of anger begins. When one struggles just to live, one doesn't have time to ponder their real connection with the Source, their authentic nature, the mysteries of the cosmos, let alone celebrate and share it. Tyrants know this and use it to their advantage.


Besides political agendas and brainwashing techniques, what initially creates this belief in lack? What creates it are the illusions that one is sinful and not part of God, not worthy of easily receiving anything from the universe; in fact, most believers of lack also believe in suffering and punishment. They think they must be punished for being bad people (thanks to that twisted story in Genesis) and this often creates a need to punish others by making them feel equally undeserving.

Martyrdom is praised by some religions and, in effect, guarantees that no matter how hard you try, and dammit you better try, you will NEVER be worthy. (So why try at all?) And, "If I'm not worthy of God just as I am, then neither are you. And if the only way I can be worthy is through suffering, then I will suffer and make you suffer, as well." Misery loves company. It loves company so much that if one person dares to break out of that system and let their own light shine, you'd hear, "How dare THEY be able to do this and I can't?" Instead of asking and finding out how they can do it on their own, it's so initially threatening that they try to stamp it out as fast as they can. We saw this happen to few gutsy Palestinians who wanted to meet with Israelis to honestly talk about living in peace. We see it happen each time someone pokes fun at the spiritual and peace movements, as if they could never be a reality. Stamping it out means one remains in the false comfort zone of the illusions of separation, denies their own divinity, and therefore can't tap into the synchronistic universal flow which would enable them to take the right direction towards receiving abundance. The cycle of lack perpetuates itself unless one is brave enough to step out, look deeper, speak up, ask for help and desire to take self-responsibility. Currently in the Palestinian territories religious leaders are directed by the PA to intentionally warp religion for political goals, to keep a holy war alive, even though it's a lie. Peace cannot happen with lies.

Honest spiritual education becomes of major importance if we are to overcome the idea of lack. Our basic nature is a free spirit who knows it is part of the Source. Our essence knows that it is eternal and that it is loved and supported by the universe. We have our unique imprint, frequency, personality and yet we are interconnected, which means we have a responsibility not just for ourselves but for everyone. Whatever we do effects everyone else. If we want abundance, compassion, peace, and joy, we have to be trusting, courageous, and optimistic enough to know we already have it and start living it ourselves. The way to do that is to find out who we really are and what we can really do, starting from the inside out and loving ourselves and this process. We will then understand that the outer world reflects what is going on within ourselves, and that true happiness and wealth doesn't come from the outer world unless we first give that to ourselves.

There is a great line in this past year's excellent film "Saving Grace" that says something like this: "If you have to commit a crime in order to get something you want, then maybe you weren't meant to have that thing." Exactly right, because if someone believes they are in lack they can't possibly manifest anything other than believing the only way to have something is by stealing it from someone else. However, the catch here is that they are only stealing from themselves.

A realistic spiritual education teaches that whatever we put out we will get back. If people start to follow the patterns in their own lives and see how this has worked (for good or bad), they will understand that it's all about us either helping or hurting each other. We are multidimensional, bioelectromagnetic energies. Our consciousness is so powerful that whatever we think and feel creates a vibration, a sound. And this sound-energy literally creates physical reality. Even more than speak our thoughts or feelings, we can take this idea a step further and consciously apply these principles of creation for ourselves and others. If we desire to have abundance and live in peace, we must develop more of our honesty, spirituality, compassion, responsibility, with peace and freedom within ourselves.

I recently went to a wonderful weekend event which involved a mixture of healers, scientists, musicians, writers, and people involved in current peace organizations. While the intention there was to focus on peace and healing, there came a moment when I looked around me and observed the demand for peace, now, around the world. The speaker of the moment at this convention is a musician whose mission is to uplift people through music and peace prayers, events. He had the attendees chant, repeat things a certain number of times, in a low voice and then in a high voice, soft and then strong. He created his own peace ritual that he felt if everyone does it together it will move mountains.

I certainly believe in the power of prayer and visualization. However, I have to tell you that at one point I had to contain myself from bursting out laughing as this thought came into my head: We have to watch ourselves because even with the best intentions for peace in the world, forcing it upon others (especially if they're not open or ready for it) can be received as another act of war! When things are forced there is often a resistance, a force moving in the opposite direction, which will create the opposite effect of what you were trying to accomplish. As strange as it is for me to understand, some people actually enjoy war and wouldn't know what to do with peace. So, yes, let us be instruments of peace, let us be peace ourselves, as that is where it must begin, and let us also respect those who do not wish anything forced upon them. They have their own free will and path and when they're ready they will embrace peace.

In summary, if we want to live in peace we have to start acknowledging that we come from the same Source and that our planet is fully equipped to sustain life for everyone. Peace must be within ourselves and our personal relationships, first. We can co-exist without depleting our resources. How can we have our basic needs met, or improved? One way I feel we can assist is through open, free and honest education which also teaches self-sufficiency. Everyone is entitled to have abundance, spiritual and material, and can have it simply by realizing it's here for all and no one has to go without.

Next, to achieve a peace-based economy and living more in balance with all of nature; one way in which to do this is eliminate our being subject to constant blackmail by oil producing nations. We can be using alternative power sources so we are independent and working in harmony with nature, instead of trying to control nature.

When we have a need to create an "enemy" and allow tyrants to control us, we are in separation from the Source and are not living in real power, peace or freedom. When we know that we are all eternal and from the same Source and therefore there is no "enemy," (because if there were, that enemy would only be ourselves), fear is decreased, compassion and trust increases and there is no need to harm ourselves by harming another. It would only benefit us to help each other and see God in one another. Only then can real peace and freedom be a reality for the entire world.

Now I ask you, use your imagination. What are YOUR visions and passions, and how can/will you use your abilities to bring more peace, beauty, abundance into the world?

© Copyright 2000, Nora Amrani