By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
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Why do we have names? Only so we can tell one person apart from another? We may be named after a relative or friend so that their memory lives on more noticeably in our daily lives. We may receive a name that has to do with our character or from something that occurred when we were born. During our lives we may change our names when we marry, divorce, use professional names, mark a major event in our lives, or are endowed with new one during a spiritual or religious ceremony. On the internet we choose our own handles to signify who we are, or something in which we believe or want to promote.

We are also named in recognition of our essence/spirit/soul which has a vibration, an energy signature, in written, vocal, or hand-signed form. Sometimes that name may have been with us for many lifetimes. Oftentimes, we know exactly what name we want to have when we come into this world. Sometimes we are able to successfully telepathically relay that name to our parent(s). Some people are open to having a new name given to them.

Do you feel you are hearing your name enough? Or, are people calling you or referring to you by a nickname or occupation, or s/he, or an expletive, instead? I found that most people don't use names nearly enough. What do you think?

What is in a word, or name? How do you feel when you speak your own name out loud? Are you confident, powerful, or timid and fearful? If you don't feel comfortable saying your own name - why not? How do you feel when someone else says your name? What happens to your attention, your mood, your body? I know that when I hear my name my senses sharpen and I become brighter. It strikes a chord within my heart. Someone knows me. Our names reaffirm who we are right now, what we came into this life to study.

Each time we hear our name spoken out loud to us, or signed to us, we feel recognized, acknowledged, even loved and respected enough to be called by our name. Of course, HOW our name is spoken effects us. We tune into our own vibration upon hearing our name. It means we are alive, powerful. It is our uniqueness and personal song in this uni-"verse". [see the meaning of the word "Aum" below this article.]

All names have meanings. Do you know what your name means? Start with the simplest way - by breaking your name down into sections. What is the meaning you already know about each section? Is your name a normal part of daily conversation? Does it have to do with a trade, or trait, a place? Is it historical? Is it related to Earth or another planet or star? Is it a color or an emotion? Is it mythological or archetypal? You may find out by looking into a book of etymology, a name dictionary, a dictionary in your language and in other languages, and learning the meaning of the roots of words, Latin or Celtic roots, etc. If your name is Crystal or Hope- well - the meaning is pretty obvious, is it not? When you learn about the meaning of your name, you have a greater remembrance of your own essence and can carry that vibration with you much more powerfully and be more of your Self.

The importance of names and naming goes way back. If we use the Old Testament as a guidebook for naming, we find something very interesting. God's creation of the universe is presented in Chumash from two perspectives: 1) "b'shem ELOHIM" (1:1 -2:4) - which focused on God's creation of NATURE, i.e. a$structured universe, in SEVEN days [what we call 'perek aleph']; and 2) "b'shem HAVAYA" (2:5-4:26) - which focused on God's special relationship with Man, i.e. the creation of Gan Eden, and man's banishment from that environment after he supposedly "sinned".

God's relationship with man develops along the lines of each of these two perspectives: at times God may talk to man b'shem Elohim, while other times God may speak to him b'shem Havaya. Each name reflects a different perspective of the developing relationship between man and God. (Notice, too, how and when God names, or calls the name of, different things and when man begins to call or give names.) [Ref: THE TANACH STUDY CENTER at http://www.tanach.org]

Going back even further into Sumerian and Anunnaki history - we have AN or ANU (Heaven One, and ANU is an abbreviation for "we") and his sons EA/EN.KI (He whose house is water/Lord of Earth), and EN.LIL (Lord of the Night). IN.ANNA means "lady of ANU," or "heaven is pleased. " NIN in a woman's name meant "lady." Names were also reflective of the relationship or a special job or trait held by these beings. I am sure you will find the same holds true in indigenous cultures around the world.

Each letter in the alphabet has a meaning, and put together with others, creating a phrase, creates a new entity which has value for us. Take my name, for example (I really went to town with this one):
I changed the spelling to Noh-Ra, from Nora, years ago from a memory/vision I had of a past lifetime in Egypt when I was a priestess. (Now that spelling/vibration has served its purpose and it has since been legally changed back to Nora - coming full circle.) Here are a few meanings in my name. My first name (which I only use for some purposes) means "female star," as in the celestial body.

Nora means "light," and some think it comes from Honora, "honor" and "respect." I don't agree that it has the same root meaning, though. (I don't see Ra as something terrible, but something awesome.) Nor comes from Noor or Nur, which means "the light that reveals that which is hidden." The initial "N" has to do with being a writer - a record keeper. Noh, or No, is also literally "to know," and a priest or priestess. My complete name means "the crown/ruler" (birth name), then, "the cosmic star of light, who is a mountain of wisdom, a gift for my nation." The mountain theme has been with me in many lifetimes. Going back to a past lifetime of mine, Ninhursag - Lady of the Mountain, this also relates to Hathor.

My spiritual name is Elle Ra Na - which means (the female aspect of) God Above Inside. The El(le) means "strong", and it is also an ancient name for God. NA are also my initials.

Numerology can be another tool for understanding names. In numerology names are deciphered according to a numerical value the letters are given, and when added together they carry a vibration and a mission or focus for one's life. Here's the breakdown for you:

1 = A, J, S; 2 = B, K, T; 3 = C, L, U; 4 = D, M, V; 5 = E, N, W; 6 = F, O, X; 7 = G, P, Y; 8 = H, Q, Z; 9 = I, R

Add up the numbers for each letter in your name. If the number ends up being a two-digit number add those two digits together to simplify it into one number. So, a 13 would equal a 4; a 27 would equal a 9; a 37 would equal a 10, which then breaks down to a 1, and so forth. 11, 22, 33, etc., are considered master numbers but can also be broken down to their simplest form in single number. You can also add up all of your names and see what you get. Each number has its own multi-layered interpretation. Have you felt any special connection with the number your name adds up to be? What is your favorite number?

The meaning of each number may be interpreted a bit differently depending upon the source of$information regarding numerology. Helyn Hitchcock, who wrote a book on the subject, ["Helping Yourself With Numerology," Reward Books, 1972], says that each name has a constructive, negative and destructive aspect. Her book can give you some great analysis and understanding into yourself through numerology. You can also obtain more understanding to the numbers by studying Astrology, and the meaning of the twelve houses in a chart. Plus, the I Ching (computers were based on it). Here is a site online where you can do a free reading IChing Oracle.

To take numerology many steps further one can use just the vowels in our name, dates, understand our destiny or expression, our birth path, our goals, power number, drawbacks, our challenges and successes. A=Super cosmic; E=Cosmic I=Mid Earth; O=Telluriun Earth/Mantle; U=Inner Earth. These also go deeper into mythologocial references within the Runes. [Thank you, Rolland Alba.]

Another fascinating method of decoding names and numbers is Universal Harmonics Analysis. Please visit a true Master Analyst, Norma Smith, at her web site on UNIVERSAL HARMONICS: a capsule version has live link to main website. The capsule version, God's Diamond, has been said to prove Zero Point Energy by scientists. She does some awesome UHA name and birth readings.

These are tools and important clues to learning more about ourselves. I'm certainly not advocating numerology as the only way we can know about who we are or where we're headed. But it can be fun and enlightening.

Have you ever played with names? Have you ever wished you could change your name? Which name do you feel you vibrate to? Have you ever changed your name because you felt like a new person, no longer needing the name that was given to you at birth? If you could change your name, how would that make you feel right now? If you were named after someone else do you believe you must live up to that name, or that their fate will be yours? Does it suit you to have the name? What power do you give to your own names?

So, what's in a name? Everything! Nothing is called into being without it first having a name - check ancient$history and the bible for such references. When Shakespeare wrote about the rose and asked if it would smell as sweet by any other name, or when Stein said a "rose is a rose is a rose," gave us great insight. We can learn much more about ourselves when we understand the meaning of words and especially our names.

An increased vibration and healing occurs when we hear our names. Let's also acknowledge, appreciate and love those in our lives by using the healing sound; the sound of their names much more often so their own vibration sings, and they feel more of who they are, too. What a powerful concert of sound and light will emerge!

Joseph Campbell gives a most brilliant and precise explanation of the word "AUM." It is "AUM" that says it all. Campbell states," AUM is a word that represents to our ears that sound of the energy of the universe of which all things are manifestations. And AUM is a wonderful word. You start in the back of the mouth - EHHH. Then OOOO, you fill the mouth. And MMMM closes at the mouth. And when you have pronounced this properly all vowel sounds are are in that pronounciation AUM. And consonents are regarded simply as interruptions of AUM, and all words are thus fragments of AUM, as all images are fragments of the form of AUMS, as all things are just reflections. So, AUM is a symbol, a symbolic sound, that puts you in touch with that throbbing being that is the universe...A - U - M the birth, the coming into being, and the solution, and this is called the four element syllable. What is the fourth element? A - U - M, and the silence out of which it comes, back into which it goes, and to which underlies it. (the immortal)" [From "The Power of Myth" with Bill Moyers, PBS.]

© 1999 - 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani