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"A nation is not lost as long as the women's hearts are still high.
Only when the women's hearts are on the ground then all is finished,
and the nation dies." --- An old Native American proverb.

Nov. 5, 2018:
Please remember to VOTE on or before Tuesday. If you believe in freedom of the individual, of limited government, unalienable rights, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, representative government, capitalism, vote Republican. A vote for Democrats is a vote for socialism, Marxism, Communism, for group think, not freedom of the individual, more taxes, less representation - it screws all of us. Look how that has already screwed us taking away our health insurance thanks to Obamacare. We lost a lot more due to Obama and his sneaky middle of the night meetings and passing laws without our knowledge or input or approval! He took away our freedom of speech, as well by demanding we can't talk about certain subjects openly anymore. Are you paying attention?

And these people are calling anyone who doesn't go along with them, Nazis, racists, and so on. NO - we are NOT - they are the biased ones full of hatred. They can't stand that Trump was elected and won fair and square. They have spent every minute on their "news" networks trying to destroy him and fill the media airwaves with lies and disrespecting all of us in the process. They have enlisted those moronic celebrities to help spread their agenda. Look at those running in the Democratic party - they are very wealthy people who crave power over you, over everyone. They don't care one bit about you unless you will be a slave to their program and work for them instead of them working for you.

I already voted a couple of weeks ago because I did not want to risk anything that would prevent my vote from being counted in this extremely important election. I hope you will inform yourselves for real about people and measures and VOTE. What kind of a country do you want to have? Now is the time to decide.

Nov. 1, 2018:
If people can't inform themselves about candidates and make their own decisions, and instead vote for what/whom some celebrity is voting for, that's a very sad statement. As if celebrities know better than you do or anyone else about politics or laws or elections - they're just people. USE YOUR POWER, THINK FOR YOURSELVES. Most of the news networks are conspiring to take down our president, lying about him, not reporting the positive things he's been doing, trying to make you think he's dangerous and crazy. He's not. They are taking advantage of the fact that most schools today don't have civics classes so people don't really understand how our government works or what's going on. Please don't let our country become another socialist, communist nation. A win for Democrats would bring us that much closer to a downfall.

Sept. 19, 2018:
Ok everybody, listen up - I need your help, the planet needs your help. Here are the current issues that need attention and action from your heart, your love of the planet Earth and all life upon it. This action is intention, love, and movement. The most important things right now is to move an asteroid (in the Kuiper Belt) heading for Earth. We need to be our true creator selves and focus on shifting the trajectory even a short distance to move the asteroid away from its current path. Think of it as setting up a force field, a barrier, protecting Earth. We can do this, we have done it before. We also have to use the same when it comes to the hurricanes. One storm was averted from hitting Florida and more are coming, focus on the storms working out over the oceans and not on land. Next issue: gamma rays and radiation coming in via the sun and we don't have the shields to protect us from this and it's going to be more intense with major consequences if you don't take this seriously. So stay out of direct sunlight without protection - and creams won't help in this regard. You need to wear a hat, for instance. In places like Africa or So. America it will be a lot worse and the effects upon people from this will be heavy. So please take care of yourself and cover up. One more issue, earthquakes and volcanoes - send love to Earth, golden liquid light, to Japan and around Yosemite, Calif. and Old Faithful. We are very powerful creator beings and we do create change, so please keep this in your awareness and it doesn't take much to send energy and intention - not through fear but with love. Thank you.

July 14, 2018:
I coined a phrase today "the youth need truth" because most of the media isn't telling the truth of what's really going on. Russia hacked in hoping Hillary would win the election. Russia created division in the US, they were successful with this because the Democrats believed them and ran with it. They keep looking for Trump collusion but there was none. The Russians did not have any effect on the vote counting or outcome. Obama knew what Russia was doing in 2016, so why didn't he do anything about it?

Now - immigrants come here to ESCAPE Socialism. They don't want to run towards it! Why do Democrats want to change the USA into a Socialist nation? To control immigrants and keep using them as they are now for their own agenda! And as for kids being taken away from their parents at the border - this happens every day in America! Kids are removed from their parents because of safety reasons. No one cries about that. The US needs to know for sure these are the kids' parents. This is a very dangerous time. People need to read up on how Hitler and all these other dictators came into power - divide and conquer. Don't allow this to continue or we're all doomed. Trump has been the only leader in our times standing up against the corruption, the lies, and doing what he can to protect us. All he gets from most of the media is lies, no coverage at all, and rude, disrespectful, incitement to violence comments by tv talk show hosts and those who consider themselves to be comics (they're not at all funny). They're sick. It's time to support him - so far he's done a great job and worked his ass off without getting a paycheck for it, too.

February 2, 2018:
Well, folks, none of this is news to many of us, but it's finally out proving that Trump was right again. Clinton paid for the dossier, it was all a lie, collusion between the Comey FBI, Obama justice department, and the Hillary Clinton campaign - all to make sure Trump would not be president. And THIS is exactly why they've been so insane and worried about it coming out, trying to have Trump impeached because they are the deep dark government so vile and broke laws. The media (aside from Fox) lied, they hid this from the public while manipulating the public, they were afraid to dare say anything against Obama (for fear of being called racist) - and major exposing how people could be spied on by our government without being criminals and without going the proper route with the law. Oh yeah, this is why we've been pissed and calling it as it is for the past year and longer. We know what liars and corrupt people they have been. Can you see it finally now? You've been played, you fell for it all, and you dared criticize those of us who saw it all along, and to threaten people to not be honest and to be afraid to say anything against the liberals, bully people not to say they support Trump, take away freedom of expression and right to elect the leader we choose. All for their selfish need to control all of us and assure their big paychecks. The left has also been using fear to get the public riled up - telling lies like people are going to die. And there is a lot more to come out...this is just the beginning. I hope this will include serious penalties for this corruption and collusion.

Sept. 9, 2017:
Okay, everyone, it's time to really pay attention. The Earth is demanding it with all the storms, quakes, and so on. Earth wants us to get with it and really step up our responsibility for ecology and protecting it, working together WITH the Earth via love and respect. Think before you act. Look at the beauty of the Earth and appreciate it and vow to be a good steward for her. This is vital at this time. Many areas need correction from human interaction that has broken it down and poisoned it: the air, water, soil, plant life, animal life, systems. There has been improvements but much more is needed. Countries such as China need to clean up their awful pollution and change. Resources on Earth ARE limited and once they're gone, they're gone. When they're out of balance, they destroy and die, and we die. Seriously.

The other area needing immediate attention is warfare. North Korea needs to realize bombs don't compensate for being short in stature. The childish game around the world of "Mine is bigger than yours" is over, passe, doesn't work, and will only bring about more destruction. Peaceful negotiations is the way to continue as it has been the way for decades. Focus on our world leaders keeping peace, see the minds in North Korea and other violent regeimes changing, fear lifting, love returning. Take time each day to meditate or concentrate on these ideas and you will help shape our future in a positive way. Thank you.

Hurricane Irma is so serious a storm. We have never seen anything like this before and I pray that all will be safe. We cannot prevent the physical structural damage that will no doubt occur, but lives (human, animal) must be safe. Please heed warnings and take care.

August 11, 2017:
A few words about our times and how to deal with what's going on. As our galaxy is moving into the 5th dimension it creates a shift in time, there is the speeding up and slowing down effects. This is one thing that puts all of us, including the earth, under stress. There is also a comet heading for earth, but we can focus on speeding that comet up just a bit as it comes around Jupiter and it will be enough to move it into another trajectory so it will miss hitting us. In a few months we will know if we will be successful. And I hear that Aug. 21 will apparantly be a big day for news. Speaking for myself, I believe we will be successful. I don't fear the future.

As for the fears of war: There is great power in the collective and have the power to make it as we want it to be. We are not at the mercy of one, two, or three world leaders. Let's focus on love, beauty, peace, calmness. Take a few deep breaths and send love and calmness to yourself first, then with the next breath send it out from you to others, and the third breath send the energy to the planet and world leaders. Take a glass of water today, send love into the water, then later on pour that water into another larger body of water to heal all water. It takes some adjustments for us to get through the dimensional shifts and we will be fine. There is a very low chance of war right now, even though some may fear it's much worse. Release the fear. Through our directed energy, intention, we create critical mass and shift things. This is absolutely factual. So, take a few moments each day and be part of this planet and create the future you want to have. Thank you.

June 24, 2017:
That is tragic to hear about another young teenager who hung herself after being bullied - should never happen. It's another awful reason to hold certain people in our society responsible for their own bullying of our president, for instance, inciting violence, being rude, cruel, heartless to him and his family and laughing at it, as if something about that is funny. It is not funny in the least. The late night talk show hosts feel they have to be on the abusive bandwagon. I refuse to give them my ratings so I won't watch them, anymore, they're so disgusting. We have those who are in the "news media" and are not real journalists going on television and berating the president and making up stories just to get Trump, insult him, and liberal politicians doing likewise. University campuses are freaking out over nothing real. All excuses to blame Trump for something - and none of these kids can even tell you why they hate Trump. They just mimic what they're being told to think and do. People can't even exercise free speech at schools anymore! This has become the norm. It is showing them to be the hypocrites they are, exposing their real selves.

When such hatred and bullying is cheered by liberals/Democrats (even death threats are looked upon as being funny) it shows a very sick society. So, is it any wonder that kids copy such demented behavior? These liberals also insult citizens of our country who elected Trump. Trump is the legal president and he's done nothing illegal. When will the left take responsibility for their own shit that has been illegal? Trump is doing his job, working very hard for free, and he's doing good for all of us! And imagine this - a president who can actually do his job and tweet! It's time for everyone to cut it out and get back to decency, kindness, respect for one another. I mean, what kind of creature are you if you bully someone because they're born looking a certain way or if they have an illness? It's unacceptable. Bullying is only indicative of the bully's lack of self worth, and that's all it is. It's not at all about the person being bullied. So wise up. Treat one another with love and respect because we're all connected/related and if this doesn't change, we ALL go down. I don't want that to happen. Do you?

May 18, 2017:
Hmmm I wonder what's up. A couple of nights ago, just after 1:30 am, suddenly the birds around my house became very vocal - talking, singing, chirping. I know the moon was rising, but it was half full. The birds were quiet every night for a long time before. Maybe summer weather is coming soon (they are usually very vocal at night during summer). Maybe something else is on the horizon? The next night, same thing happened.

There is a lot of wildlife here - I love most of it. One day I opened up my bedroom door to the outside patio and there was a glorious peregrine falcon perched on the top of a chair right outside my door, staring at me. I was breathless. He didn't fly off immediately, either. The bird and I checked one another out for a couple of minutes and then he took off. All kinds of birds hang out here - it sounds like a tropical jungle at night. I love it when I hear the owls calling out at night, or ducks dive into my pool for a swim. I have other birds that adore the bird baths I have placed around the house for them. My usual raccoon comes by looking for food (sometimes her brother comes by), as do the possums and cats, all making their nightly rounds. I've seen bats fly by. And every day there are the same birds in my yard to come to say hi to me and then they go after the insects. The funniest gnatcatcher dances around in front of me while it catches bugs. Hummingbirds are all over the place, as well. Every day they check me out - sometimes in pairs, hovering right in front of my face. Lizards come and go as do the praying mantises. I even saw star nosed moles! It keeps me busy and I have fun interacting with them.

I'm not too keen when skunks spray (luckily it's not that often). Or when the little mice or rats are around - but there's little I can do about that. They're everywhere. What is fascinating to me is that the cats watch the mice and leave them alone. I have never seen them attack one. Even if they haven't first eaten here. All of the animals who come here to eat at night share the food (unless it's a family of raccoons - they can be so badly behaved amongst themselves). One sweet and gentle female raccoon comes here for food when she has had trouble finding it on her own. So, once or twice a week she will show up and I feed her enough to hold her over for the next day. Those who want food know to come to a ledge and stare at me in my office. I feel when they are here. They wait patiently and quietly. Usually, all the animals wait for the one eating to finish and the one eating will back away and they let them come to eat - no fighting. There is so much to see and appreciate on our planet. The more love we value and share about our planet, the better chance it has to survive the drastic changes underway and that includes the fear that has become overpowering and very unhealthy for all living things. It is literally killing us and this must stop. The only way is through love. Please take some time each day to look around you, fall in love again with the earth and life upon it, feel part of it (because you are) and send it more love and gratitude.

April 28, 2017:
I was just thinking about the values we learn as children and how that molds us into the adults we become. When I was growing up my parents had enough to take me to different countries and meet people who lived like paupers and royalty. It sure opened up my eyes at an early age. We went to a city in Mexico (late 1950s) and I was completely shocked to see entire families living in a shack with walls and a roof made of metal scraps. The obvious poverty made me feel embarrassed for showing up inside a Lincoln Continental, for how maybe the kids at that home might feel badly about themselves. I didn't for a second want anyone to be jealous of me, and I didn't want to make anyone feel less of a person for not having money. We helped out that family and three of its daughers by giving them a place to live and work in the U.S. They did make good lives for themselves. We've helped thousands of people since then. It raised such tremendous feelings in me that I took a good luck at my own life and felt gratitude for it. I also felt that anyone of us can be monetarily poor at any moment - so don't take anything or anyone for granted. It also taught me that some things mean more than money. Even though the people had nothing, they loved and enjoyed being with each other. Showing kids different realities, taking them out of their comfort zone every now and then, is a good thing. It's humbling and teaches compassion. It also triggers a desire to want to help others as well as one's self and to set goals. I have done this with my kids and I recommend it for all parents to do, if and when they can. I think this is one of the strongest ways to create peace and understanding around the world and is a great personal reality check.

February 17, 2017:
The press is so stupid, they fell for it. Yesterday Trump predicted that the press would turn his easy-going, fun press conference into a rant and rave. They did exactly that. It was no rant and rave. It was a good press conference full of truths from Trump. Hey, that's a nice phrase - "truths from Trump", maybe Trump could use that in his daily press conference? Copyright ENHA 2017 lol.

I'm happy to see that some of the late night hosts are easing up on attacking Trump. SOME - not all. Those obsessively sick include Colbert, Trevor Noah, Maher, this ugly Brit, SNL and even Cordon to a lesser degree (but it makes him look really bad). It's getting OLD hat, folks. Fallon realizes that and have pretty much moved on, leaving the nastiness behind. What does Colbert think he's doing night after night? He's not funny. He takes things out of context, makes up stories about Trump, shows complete lack of respect for our country, president, the population who elected Trump. He also seems to cater to an audience strictly made up of liberals, same seems to go for his guests. He's more in denial of reality than anybody, I think - and this is probably his only form of therapy to deal with the fact that Conservatives are running the show now. He believes that insulting Trump makes him look good, or that he has mysterious powers that will take Trump out of office (that's not going to happen). He might just crash and burn in a breakdown in his own mind if he keeps up this shit...a nice karmic payback. Jimmy Kimmel just announced that he will do political jokes at the Oscar's. Why? Since he will be doing that, I tweeted him that I won't be watching. After all, what would it matter if he loses a bunch of viewers, anyway - it's only RATINGS, right?

February 16, 2017:
It just ticks me off to see how liberals have become vicious, nasty bullies who claim to be humanitarians and feminists but now it's only if you are one of them - share the same political party, think like they do. They do not accept anyone who isn't. That goes against everything they claim to stand for. Why are they so intent on destroying the Trumps just because he won the election because PEOPLE VOTED FOR HIM AND CHANGE? Change is so fearful to these liberals, it's pathetic, it's anti-American, it's so destructive. At least some people, surprisingly Lindsay Lohan for instance, are speaking out in favor of supporting Trump. It's enough already. Ivanka did nothing to anybody to deserve the persecution she's been getting. She and her siblings may have a great father but they made their own lives successes and have NOTHING to apologize for, everything to be proud of. Is it because Ivanka is a religious Jew? She is EVERYTHING the ideal of the feminist was - she is married, a mother, an independent business success. Is this just jealousy? Probably is because I can't think of anything but admiration and respect for her. She also handles herself with pure class and sophistication - unlike those vermin who try to destroy her and her family. Women are supposed to support other women, not take them down!

And to try to make Trump's presidency something to question? Where were you morons the past 8 years when we had to endure hell with Obama in office? I guess you still in a hypnotic trance with your brains on hold. Why did you not question the corruption he and Hillary and the rest of his administration were guilty of? The press is mostly so corrupt and lying about Trump, making something out of nothing. They are trying to maintain control and they know with Trump in office they are on notice. Well, shape up and be the journalists you're supposed to be! Trump is valid, he is smart, sane, the answer to fixing America and he deserves to be where he is - and to have a chance. I know it's all going to be really great - I've seen the future. So, chill, relax, trust, process the fear - you're not losing anymore than you already lost under Obama. You're going to gain a whole new world, a whole new America - it's magnificent. Believe it. And stop behaving like assholes. McCarthyism died out a long time ago - don't bring it back.

January 23, 2017:
Why I have posted so much telling the truth about that bastard, the very end he proved that to be who he is. In the last hours of his being president, Obama defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 MILLION OF OUR TAX DOLLARS to the Palestinian Authority terrorists that the GOP members of Congress had been blocking - and with good reason. Obama admin. also told Congress on Friday it was going to release another $6 million in foreign affairs spending, including $4 million for climate change programs and $1.25 million for UN organizations (when we should be withholding money from the UN for it's nasty deeds). Obama did whatever he could to screw over Israel and keep this secret from the public. The Associated Press is who found out about it from aides and wrote it up.

Please don't EVER write or tell me that Obama is some fucking saintly visionary, or a prince, or a lovely man. He's never been any of them, and never will be. His visions are ugly. He's a fake, a liar, a snake, a manipulator through and through who only cares about himself and how to bring down the west because HE IS following what his insane father believed in. Even his siblings told him he is very mistaken and their father was nuts - he didn't listen. He's the most dangerous kind of sleeper cell because he has fooled so many people and got away with so much, and I'm sure he'll keep trying to create chaos in one way or the other.

January 19, 2017:
The pre-inauguration is underway with ceremonies and concerts today. It was very nicely done and touching. It is so easy to see that Trump genuinely loves America - it's not fake like Obama does. Just watch Trump during Lee Greenwood's performance - that is not phony love for country. It's the real deal and why I respect and relate to Trump. The performances today were about the real America, not the Obama America that makes everyone feel guilty, ashamed, hatefilled for America, as if America is the enemy. (That is Obama's father's programming that Obama never could shake off.) I won't rest well until after Trump is sworn in, though. Heaven forbid we are stuck with anyone else.

All those traitors in our government who protest Trump's inauguration should be kicked out of office immediately. They were elected by the very election process that they are condemning! I think that makes them insane and incapable of holding office. They are supposed to represent and protect the rights of ALL people from their districts, not just liberals, Democrats. And those who are stalling the process of approving such great people like Ben Carson and Nikki Haley so Trump can immediately get to business - shame on them!

Obama proved to play his schizophrenic role of pretending to be sweet to the Trumps while continuing to feed division in America. He could have been presidential and give a fuck about America and in his last press conference yesterday and told people to knock off the bullshit of protesting a legal election just because Trump wasn't their candidate, and work on peaceful behavior, working together. But, he didn't. He also wouldn't be pardoning major criminals, but he did. He tried to do whatever he could do to make it hell for Trump and the new administration and screw America even more up until his last day. And did the same for Israel. I can't wait until he's out of office in Washington - wish he wouldn't be in California, either. He's bad news. It's very interesting that the press still sees him as only black and forgets about his white half - seems Obama forgets it, too.

January 8, 2017:
The FBI released 301 emails of Hillary Clinton's. Here's what they said about them: These 301 emails released last night by the FBI show that Hillary sent confidential and secret information to a regular emailer, someone NOT in the government, probably Sid Blumenthal. Furthermore, he was hacked by intelligent services of hostile countries (probably Russia and China), and of one friendly country (probably Israel). It shows Trump's fears about the dangers of Clinton's use and misuse of emails during the campaign were accurate; the claims made by rogue FBI agents who disagreed with Comi, that their fears were accurate. It ties into the confirmation hearings of Sessions starting tomorrow - will Clinton be indicted, or will Obama give her a pardon in the next 12 days. Hillary exposed the names and locations of undercover US agents and of foreign assets who operated under aliases! I heard on one news program that she included in her emails the account names and passwords of emails and private, stop secret accounts. If she were anybody else, she would have been prosecuted a long time ago. Others were locked up for doing far less than she has. Yet, the crybaby liberals want her to be president? Have they lost their brains?

Hollywood at the Golden Globe Awards - Liberalville:
It's shocking how much credibility actors think they have when it comes to politics and mainstream America. They prove time and time again they are among the most clueless, confused, biased, fearful dividers on the planet spewing disrespect and hatred every single day. It's unbelievable, and they think they're above the rest, are more important and smarter than others when they're not. It is pretty disgusting that they get so much free airtime to disrespect the rest of America and our election. Hollywood has created a new McCarthyism! (They also seem to forget that Trump is actually one of them!) Isn't it interesting that those whose career is based upon their playing different characters demand that all people think and act the same? If you're not exactly like them, you're a bad person, unacceptable (and all the while they pretend they are the most humane and accepting of ALL people).

Even tonight Meryl Streep gets to have her little political crapfest - free press time for liberals. What she did is better suited to Facebook or Twitter. She was there to accept an award. She should have just said thank you and gotten off the stage. No one stopped her ranting! Why not? They sure knew to pull the plug on other people accepting their awards after a few seconds! Streep also can't seem to distinguish the difference between legal and illegal immigration. She believes that without illegals there would be no talent, no art, no films or tv. She also doesn't believe martial arts are arts. Hollywood is so out of touch with reality and stuck in their own fantasies - and they're the ones carrying negative energy. It's not Trump or Republicans. It's themselves and their own shit about which they're not being honest. Trump hasn't even been sworn in and they can't stop with nasty bad jokes accusing him of all kinds of things which he hasn't done or said.

They are so full of themselves, they can't even give Trump a chance, but these self-professed geniuses/genii elected (twice) a pamphlet pusher and occasional Senator to President and thought he was qualified, when all he did was destroy our country. For this they feel superior and entitled? I do hope they'll get their act together, see and confront the truth one day soon. But, if their reality takes a dive, it's their own creation. I see a bright future ahead. They should take heed of the last words of the La La Land producer who talked tonight at the Golden Globe Awards about making us feel without cynicism and irony but with unbridled joy and passion, to live more fervently and find music in cinema that unites us.

January 1, 2017:
Happy new year. What a week, what a year. I'm still trying to deal with who died this past week - what a shocker; George Michael, Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds the day after. They each held a special place in my heart and life. Especially Debbie, as I grew up to her films and her daughter was just a few years younger than I - we live in the same city, movies and films and theatre such a large part of our lives. May they be together and happy in the ever after. So many people who were influential or I was around, communicated with, or just visual throughout my life died this year. What can I say about some of them like David Bowie, or Prince, or Patty Duke, Garry Shandling, Glenn Frey, Paul Kantner, John Glenn, Edgar Mitchell, Harper Lee, George Martin, Alan Young, Mohammad Ali, Doris Roberts, Ralph Stanley, Garry Marshall, Gene Wilder, Noel Neill, Leon Russell, Robert Vaughn, Alan Thicke, Florence Henderson, and the amazing Elie Wiesel that hasn't already been said? Yikes. I will miss them very much. May they all rest in peace.

I was watching Fox News' coverage of the New Year's Eve show in NYC, waiting for the ball to drop. Mariah Carey sang in NYC for New Year's Eve show and before the show, she called Dick Clark Productions to ask them what time the ball drops! They said at midnight! lol How does she not know this? Okay, during the performance she forgot the words to her own song which she must have sung a thousand times and says they didn't have a sound check for it. She asked the audience to sing it and they did it all, she couldn't remember a word. It was a disaster. It turns out the production put on the wrong song - but she still couldn't even sing along with it. She demanded the monitors be turned on and said she was trying to be a good sport. Why does she have to lip sync? She couldn't dance but her backup dancers kept dancing their routine. Her partner was completely flustered with her. At one point when she said they should just for fun try the lift, and then flip her. He struggled to lift one leg of hers and then bend her over and nearly dropped her. She then said, "Whatever, that was..." She asked doesn't she deserve to have a holiday? Then she "sang" another song but it was clearly lip synced. Josh Groban tweeted after that: "When one of your favorite pop singers lip syncs an angel loses its wings." lololol The past couple of years she's really lost it.

2017 - theme is to focus on really visualizing and creating the world YOU want to have, the future you want for yourself and the planet, focusing on love, peace, abundance, harmony, balance. Always intend that what you decide is for the highest good and growth of yourself and all. Honesty, integrity, responsibility, compassion are vital. Live your soul, live your highest selves, receive and send lots of love, love, love everywhere.

Decembert 18, 2016:
Zsa Zsa Gabor died today at the age of 99. Here's my memory of meeting her. Back in the mid-1970s when I was in my early 20's, I went on a job interview to be a personal assistant to Zsa Zsa Gabor. She asked me to join her as she had lunch at the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel. I dressed up nicely, looked good, had my resume, was ready to answer any of her questions, which I did when asked. She was the nuttiest person I'd ever met in my life! She talked on and on, changing the subject often. She kept scoping me out like I was a piece of chocolate cake she was going to devour. (I did wonder if my looks worked against me at that time and maybe she saw me as a threat.) As we were talking the server brought her check and Zsa Zsa handed him a credit card, he had run it through and brought it back for her to sign. She was completely flustered. She said she never signed one of those before! I mean, really?! She said she always had someone else do it for her. So, the guy had to explain where to sign, blah blah blah. I was near hysterics hahaha. It was so funny even the server tried to compose himself as Zsa Zsa struggled with this and her endless excuses and explanations.

Zsa Zsa was so helpless that she needed a personal assistant who would basically be her slave, at her beck and call 24/7, do everything for her, including packing her suitcases, helping her dress, doing her office work, correspondence, bookings, you name it. It seemed like an impossible job, something of a nightmare. I didn't want to give up my entire life for this whack job, or anyone else, really. I got the impression that she wasn't capable of doing anything on her own. She thought I might be too young or inexperienced for the job - I wasn't. I was already executive assistant to the Chairman of the Drama Dept. and also worked in fundraising for the Dean of the School of Performing Arts at USC, I had worked for my dad's company and even worked for a vet (which would have been a plus for Zsa Zsa). I lived with Marcia Clark for a year (roommates) and had my own apartment since then - I had experience haha. Zsa Zsa sure didn't seem to have much experience at anything other than being a prima donna. But, I knew this wasn't for me - she'd drive me nuts within a very short time because of her demands and personality. I had never before met an adult like her.

So, we parted ways amicably and she said she'd think about it but it might not be the right match for her needs, and I walked off laughing and silently saying to myself, "yeah, you do that, no way am I interested in this job!" Oy oy oy. Thanks, Zsa Zsa for a most interesting interview and it helped me realize what I will not do to be in that world of working for a celebrity. No one should have to sacrifice their own life for a job like that.

December 17, 2016:
It seems Michelle Obama is pretty dense. She's complaining to everybody how there's no hope for the future, the hope that her husband brought. First of all, if she feels no hope, it's all in her own perception, attitude, and creation. If that is what she focuses on, that will be her reality. Just because their term is over all hope for all of America is gone? The chutzpah. Change those, Michelle, and you might have hope yet. Second of all, your husband gave FALSE HOPE to Americans and he failed greatly as a president. Many people have realized this and that's why Trump won. Enough, Michelle. It seems to me that there is so much more hope NOW with Trump. I think Michelle did not hear how many times Trump spoke of love in his speeches. No one else ever spoke of love in a presidential speech until now. There is a passion in Trump that is renewing the passion in others, and it's positive and wonderful. I see it all over our nation, and Trump has already done so much and he's not yet been sworn in as president. Let's all focus on love, good health, healing our planet from the fear, anger, wars. Focus on working together with our passion for life. Jealousy and failed presidency for Obama is a tough medicine to swallow, Michelle, and that's your reality now unless you choose to change yourself - didn't your good friend, Oprah, teach you that? lol Let's see how well Oprah is dealing with Trump. I'm looking foward to a new first lady who has good fashion sense.

It is so tragic that Obama is one of the reasons for the genocide in Aleppo - all for his damn legacy with Iran, which of course didn't work out, either. Now he's going after another legacy. He allowed thousands of deaths in Syria by doing nothing to help. So infuriating.

It's so unbelievable to still see Obama spewing divisive rhetoric and lying, trying to sabotage and blame Trump for something about which Trump had nothing to do. Shall we remind Obama how he wrote to Hillary via her private email server? Then he has the audacity to say that poor Hillary wasn't treated fairly by the media?! Shows you how much his brain is twisted and how he keeps trying to manipulate things. That's all the Democrats seem to do lately - manipulate. If anything, the media treated Hillary for the longest time with kidd gloves! They bashed Trump every day and many still do. Obama didn't treat Hillary very well - shall we get real specific about that, Barack? Like the first election that you won and the party screwed over Hillary and you did everything to keep her out of your hair in Washington?

It's always about himself when it comes to Obama. Even the other day when talking about the Marine Corps Band he called them "MY Marine Corps Band". It's not HIS band. It's our nation's band. As written in a cartoon I received, it says had Putin really wanted to hack our elections, Obama wouldn't have been our president for 8 years. There is no way Russia could have changed votes in our country - in every state and territory, specifically. No way. Intention to sabotage, maybe, but not accomplished and this had NOTHING to do with Trump. Putin hates Obama and Obama hates Putin. It's between them, really.

Hollywood so-called "celebrities" should shut up already. They are showing how idiotic they are by whining about Trump winning and now trying to manipulate electoral voters to not vote for him because they think he's not qualitifed. If those morons had a brain, they'd have seen that the one person not at all qualified for the job was Obama. The past 8 years are proof of that! When are those celebs moving to Canada already? Get out of here!

Nov. 20, 2016:
It's been nearly two weeks since Trump won the election as president. And what a nastier than ever climate overtook the liberals to continue to disrespect Trump and all the people who voted for him and our American system of electing a president. These seriously ignorant morons who believe anything certain media personalities and celebrities tell them don't even understand how it works! It's not complicated - Trump played a smarter game and got 3 Democratic states to go Republican - Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. Clinton didn't even think about them, didn't care enough to make some effort in those places because she was so confident she had it made. Trump knew better and won. He showed he really cares about people and hears them, and will help make lives better.

I thought it was extremely out of place and rude for "Hamilton" actor Brandon Victor Dixon to insult our new vice president at the theatre. Pence spent a fortune to see this show, brought his family hoping for an enjoyable evening. He didn't deserve to have this actor try to diss him in public, in front of his family, interrupting the show and disrespecting the audience for his selfish, egotistical speech - never mind it was full of nonsense and irrational fears. Trump is right in demanding an apology from Dixon. He probably won't get it, though, because Dixon clearly doesn't care about anyone but himself. And in the end, he might be upset to learn that he made Pence look even better. Pence is a good man and his response to that was beautiful.

People of ALL races and genders, including gays and transgenders voted for Trump! THIS is the truth. And the Electoral College ensures that smaller states are not to be controlled by larger ones, so there was great wisdom in our founders for setting it up this way. We have a great system in America and it works. Now what needs to get back to work is having real teachers in schools that teach kids about their country and stop letting kids pass when they know nothing. Stop coddling kids and adults. The government isn't here to be your mommy and daddy - they are here to protect your welfare and rights and represent you. You have the power to vote them in or out, so you have to vote. You have to educate yourselves to know HOW to vote and why you make your decisions. This election is making it clearer than ever how ignorant and lazy a certain portion of our nation is and the power it gives to celebrities is disgusting. Celebrities aren't better or smarter than anyone else - in fact, they should stay out of politics because most of them are clueless and often being paid by certain politicians to help get votes by manipulating fans. This election should show you the importance of using your own brain and tapping into your heart to FEEL OUT the authentic people running for offices, those who have integrity. You must start relying upon yourselves. Also, it's time for respect for our nation and its laws to return to the masses. Politicians who support santuary cities are traitors and putting legit citizens at risk. Every country has borders for many good reasons. America better wise up.

November 3, 2016:
What upsets me the most about this election with Hillary Clinton is that she is doing the worst possible thing for all women in the USA. Think about this: she and her corrupt gangs doing her dirty work and lying about it for years are taking down credibility for women leaders. This includes Obama, who had written emails to her on her private server under a pseudonym, then he lied to America about when he knew about her server! Obama continues to badmouth Trump because he knows if Trump wins, Obama and others will also be exposed much more for their share of corruption, and maybe they will be penalized.

If she wins the election, she will be the first woman president who is a criminal and should be in jail, and might be prosecuted, if there is any justice left in this country. The DOJ is already corrupt thanks to Hillary. The media is corrupt because they're in the ride for her and with her. There is proof that the media is corrupt and how they have lied to the public about Trump, focused on the negatives and failed to report the findings about Hillary's criminal activities. ABC, NBC News, and CBS were monitored by Voucon and found to have not said one word about Wikileaks! On the FBI investigation, ABC spent a total of 65 seconds, CBS 15 seconds, and NBC News 40 seconds. On Donna Brazile, ABC spent 0 time, CBS 0 time, and NBC News 10 seconds. On negative Trump ads, ABC spent one minute and 25 seconds, CBS 25 seconds, and NBC News 40 seconds. The Center for Public Integrity found that 96% of media entities that donated to the presidential campaigns donated to Hillary. So you know that whatever they say it is tainted with their pro-Hillary bias.

So, you can thank her for destroying credibility, integrity, honesty, responsibility as the first woman in office (should she win), and that could make any progress for other women who run for president in the future take HUGE strides backwards! Just when I hoped that the balance of male and female was returning and with a new energy and the goddess with love was going to be triumphant - that crook is picked and now democrats are so taken in by this bullshit, pretend that they don't see it (or refuse to see reality), this woman who only wants money and power, and don't see how backwards they have become. Sad, sad, dangerous times.

October 22, 2016:
I was driving home after taking care of some errands and turned right at the corner of the street I take to my home and was stunned to see something in the sky right above me. It was a cloud formation that looked exactly like my channeled art. It was of the ancient stone spirit beings that were drawn by an artist I channeled in this artist's very unique style. These stone beings go far back in time and they are the energy of the American southwest. Of course, I took this to be a personal message for me, even though anybody looking up could have seen it (I think) - but most people do not look up or notice the sky. Here is a picture of the formation and then the next pictures are of my channeled art.

October 15, 2016:
Here is the full run-down for those of you who aren't getting the full details: We have collusion, corruption, and a banana republic. The Dept. of Justice, the FBI, the State Dept. as well as the White House all in agreement to make sure Hillary wins the election. Everyone is in on the deal except the American citizens. Jim Comey allowed for the destruction of some of the evidence - the FBI got rid of some of the evidence because they wanted to, plain and simple. The emails prove the attempt to obstruct justice, Obama lied about his knowledge of Hillary's email server as we later found out that he's been writing to her at that address with her private server - less secure than Google. Loretta Lynch meets with Bill Clinton for 40 min. and then 2 days later Hillary says that if she becomes president she'll appoint Lynch for Attorney General - that makes this a banana republic. Add to this the huge number of lies by Hillary, the Benghazi tragedy, the money deals and favors regarding the Clinton Foundation, the media corruption with the Clintons, that Hillary got some of the questions for the debates in advance so she could prepare answers. It goes on and on to include breaking the law. And you can be sure that the Clinton machine set up these accusations against Trump up to the timing of them coming out because Clinton was tied with Trump in the polls and needed to find something to get her ahead - more to come on those because they're not all true. The extent to which the Clintons will go to win this election is outrageous, illegal and so dangerous to our future as a nation (if you actually listened to what she has planned). By the way, the Clintons and Obamas are NOT friends. What an act is going on right now.

NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, Boston Globe, ABC, CBS, CNN are in cahoots with the Clintons and WikiLeaks has exposed that. But you probably don't know that you're not even getting all the facts because you only watch certain networks that lie, that are controlled by the Clintons, all those that don't want you to know the truth.

This election is about so much more than ever before and it requires you do your own REAL work in investigating the truth. Not just to vote for a person simply because of their gender, race, or party affiliation. Those are that lamest excuses for a vote! If you vote that way, it says you're lazy and don't care, and that you have just given away your personal power to be controlled by others and you don't even know what they're up to. I wish we had more than just this two party system that actually carried some weight. If you are joining so many planning to vote for Hillary just because she's a woman, or a Democrat, but have no idea about anything or anyone in history or world history or geography, and can't even name our current VP, I wouldn't want to brag about that. But, hey, you can vote or not vote - either way you're making a decision and I hope you feel good about what you choose. If you vote for Hillary, one thing is for certain, I won't be thanking you. I don't want open borders, I don't want more illegal immigration and terrorists coming to our country, and I don't want to support illegal immigrants. I think it's high time to end the corruption in Washington.

I just have a major question for the masses: We're all human, we've all made mistakes (some worse than others), and probably will make many more while we're how far back will people go to say it's far enough to find faults in another and punish them for being human? Thirty years? Fifty years? Back to embryonic stage? I think this is getting out of hand, almost hysteria level, and that's more dangerous than some stupid words uttered a long time ago. I don't defend Trump's rude words, but I think that rap music videos are far worse and more dangerous with abusing women because they're imitated and glorified.

October 9, 2016:
Hillary and Gore actually believe they can fix global warming. So, they believe they control the sun, the moon, the atmosphere, the tides? hahahahaha And you believe them? hahahahaha

As for the debate between Clinton and Trump, I don't think it's only me who noticed that Anderson Cooper and Martha Radditz hushed the crowd ONLY when they supported Trump. I hope the viewers enjoyed when Hillary responded to Trump's words that everything he said was a lie, then in the next response to the moderators she contradicted her previous comment which proved Trump didn't lie - she did. Hilarious. Hillary said that she wanted to improve women's lives - then why does she accept donations to the Clinton Foundation from those countries and leaders who abuse women, support abuse, have no equal rights for women in their countries? Hillary and others in our government are very worried because if Trump wins their game is over. I also thought it was amazing that Hillary was blaming Trump for all the bullying going on everywhere. It looks like Clinton will make up anything to win this election.

Just as I thought. So, Hillary, in her "good judgment" has pneumonia and decided to go to the public 9/11 event in NYC, where she practically faints due to the heat, illness, a seizure, and has to leave early and get hydration. She should not have been at that event at all - but since she went, she should have worn lighter clothes for the heat of the day and have a hat. Stupid. Shows she is unwise and didn't take her doctor's advice.Instead she exposes others to pneumonia. Look how long it took for them to say anything about her poor health? They're not saying the whole truth, I'm sure. If she had just been honest about this from the start, the public would be understanding, forgiving and supportive. But she tried to hide it until her seizure in public (did you see how fast her security guards encircled her to block the view from onlookers?). It's this continual lying and hiding that is the problem.

September 11, 2016:
Remembering those who perished and sacrificed their lives for the rest of America on this day 2001. May they be resting in peace.

If you vote - and I hope you do - I urge you to read this very important and excellent article that details exactly why Hillary Clinton should never be president and is a danger to all of us. "If Mrs. Clinton was unable to fulfill her security obligations to the federal employees she was legally obligated to protect as secretary of state, how can we trust her with the security of our entire country? I won't." Furthermore, the other day Clinton said, "To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it." She added, "And unfortunately, there are people like that and he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people, now have 11 million. He tweets and retweets offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric." Clinton then said some of these people were "irredeemable" and "not America." She described the rest of his supporters as people who are looking for change in any form because of economic anxiety and urged her supporters to empathize with them. This is unacceptable and outright lies, it is completely disrespectful to Americans. She should never be president.

Hillary left the 9/11 memorial due to a medical episode. She stumbled off the curb, seemed to faint, lost one of her shoes, was helped into the van and drove off to the hospital. That woman is not well.

This new stunt to turn up one's nose at America and police by ball players kneeling and not standing for the national anthem is just plain selfish and rude. Oh, these poor guys, having contracts that pay them millions of dollars a year to play ball - they have it so hard, don't they? They can then crap on all of America and feel superior and combine things that have nothing to do with one another. Look at the statistics, cops actually kill more whites than blacks. But, these ballplayers want you to believe otherwise. They also want everyone to feel like a victim, and believe the bullshit that all lives don't matter or are not equal, when they do and they are - certainly by our laws. Kneeling in protest over the national anthem doesn't do anything to change what they feel is wrong. How about they learn to value their rights and freedoms, abilities to do what they do thanks to service people, the military, lawmakers? How many times were they helped by police? How about they get off their stained knees, or their asses, and do something POSITIVE to make a change and bring people together, instead of adding to chaos and division? Right now it's like I'm looking at spoiled, ignorant miniature violin players singing the poor me song and thinking they look cool or smart.

August 22, 2016:
This Sunday is go topless day in Venice Beach. Whoopie - women get one day a year to go topless - even though it's technically illegal. It is absurd that women's nipples are considered offensive, dirty, something to be hidden, while men's are free to be exposed to the world. And men's aren't functional in terms of being a feeding source to an infant...useless. Total b.s. The only thing banning it, I think, are those who are distracted by boobs, or women who are afraid of their mates looking at other boobs. Geesh. As if adults can't control themselves. Oh yeah, I forgot about extremist Muslims - apparently they can't control themselves for any reason so they can do anything because everything is a woman's fault.

Today the FBI uncovered 15,000 additional emails of Hillary's and her lies just go on and on. It is true that donations were made to the Clinton Foundation for special favors. Still voting for this crook? Greg Guttfeld on "The Five" on FOX today commented about Hillary trying to pin the blame for her email server on Colin Powell: "It makes sense that she's putting this all on a guy named Colin because she's so full of crap." LOL Yup!

Remember - Hillary is a lawyer. Lawyers have to be good at putting on an act trying to convince people of something, whether it be truth or a lie. Watch Hillary and see how many times she's changed her story. And, the Washington beauracy wants Hillary to win because she's one of them and their system, their game, will go on as before. If Trump wins, it means they are screwed - they have to face change and their futures may not be all they hoped they would be. It means the system will finally get some very needed alterations. Real change, not just some slogan that goes nowhere.

August 17, 2016:
Starting a new sentence, a new subject, with "I mean..." is so wrong. It does not relate to anything because you said nothing prior to it that would warrant a clarification or correction. It's bad English. It's about as bad as starting each sentence with "So". Why are these two things so prevalent in speech today? It sounds ridiculous, seems ignorant and comes across unprofessional. Hint, hint: If you're a person going for professionalism, then avoid doing that. Add ending a sentence with a period and dropped voice instead of making it sound like a question (when it's not). You will come across much more confident and smarter.

August 16, 2016:
Monica Crowley on "Special Report" today precisely and accurately nailed the election issues and Clinton's emails: This reinforces for the general public the impression they've had over the last 30 years, which is that she is deeply corrupt, she doesn't tell the truth, she can't be trusted. But, I also think that this referral coming from the house, I'm glad that they did it and it's nice, but you have the most highly politicized Department of Justice maybe in the history of the Republic started under Atty. Eric Holder, it continues under this Attorney General Loretta Lynch. And when you have a DOJ that is as controlled by the president as Obama has controlled this DOJ, you no longer have an effective, impartial enforcer of the law. And without an objective enforcer of the law you have an opening where corruption can fester and grow, and that's what I think we're seeing now. So to the extent that voters have an impression of this, I think over all that's the impression. And whether or not Donald Trump can maximize that and really exploit it for political gain, that's an open question."

August 12,2016:
Thinking out loud. So, let me get this straight....we have a man who has been fantastically successful as a businessman (with a few glitches here and there, who hasn't had those?) running for President. He knows economy and how to create jobs and bring jobs back to the USA. so he and others don't have to have their products made in other countries due to crappy policies we currently have. He talks about love and loving us and our country and our Constitution. But, the powers that be that were voted into office by the citizens of the USA are corrupt as all get-out, lie continually, have been using us and our money for their selfish gains, have manipulated, skirted the laws for themselves, BROKE the law (emails and Clinton Foundation), and THEY are the ones putting down the successful businessman and telling us to be afraid of HIM? And we're supposed to support them?! Excuse me, but I have a brain!

By the way, there is no law saying Trump MUST release his tax returns. Furthermore, how would seeing his tax returns have anything to do with his future job as president?

This is the real Palestine - see this video made by Hamas to promote living there. These liars are still trying to convince the world they are kept in concetration camps and abused by Israelis. It's pathic how many people believe that crap, and it's terrible, destructive, and promotes genocide of the Jews. Palestine.

July 27, 2016:
I watched the Democratic National Convention so far this week. A few comments: Michelle Obama seems to have a hang up about being black and waking up each day in a house built by slaves. Many houses were built by slaves - maybe even the houses she lived in before the White House. That was long ago - time to move on. I think she needs to remember that many non-blacks elected her half-black, half-white husband president. Next comment - when have you ever seen these "Christian" Obamas attend Sunday church services since he's been president? I never have. Next comment: it doesn't matter what celebrity you have at your convention. They don't decide FOR YOU for whom you vote and they're not politicians, lawmakers, anything but entertainers. So, why do people give them so much power? I saw tweets and comments on web sites comparing celebrities at both conventions and then going "Ha! Hillary got Meryl Streep at hers while Trump had Chachi" - so what? Who really gives a damn about that? What a lame thing to comment on - as if it has ANY value. It doesn't. It's more smoke and mirrors, folks. Besides, Trump focused more on his family, which I think is far more impressive than any entertainer showing up and kissing Hillary's ass.

Hillary is still a liar - why do people want to have a known, pathological liar, and abusive person as their president? Who leaves Americans to die under attack and then lies about the attack being about some silly video? Lied to the faces of the families of those who were murdered - and she's said "What difference does it make? She was abusive as reported by secret service agents who were abused by her when they worked for her; and abusive to her own husband and supposedly gave him a black eye by throwing an object at him (as reported by the Secret Service agents). Why would you want someone who lives high off the hog but is trying to drive America into Socialism? Bernie and Hillary created this Democratic Socialism and changed the party. As succinctly stated by Greg Gutfeld on Fox's "The Five", "So congratulations to Bernie. To realize his Socialist dreams he didn't have to move to Cuba. He moved Cuba here."

So who is the real Hillary? It's all about herself and need for power. Always has been. Who wants a president who claims to love America but then stomps on living the American dream, even though she is doing exactly that - she's very wealthy, doesn't really live like a Socialist, or someone who cares about the environment? Why would you support a woman who gets donations to her foundation from men who who impose Sharia law upon women and treat women less than equal? Hypocrites and cold-hearted liars. No thank you. I'm a woman NOT voting for her or that corrupt and rigged system.

July 23, 2006:
I try to watch as many shows as I can that reach the most Americans (and the world) to see how they are covering the election. I am very sure that most people don't do this - most rely on one or a few networks for everything and are not interested in a fair view of what's going on. They criticized Trump for his "dark" speech - well, what wasn't true about what he said? Things aren't that rosy at the moment. So I do encourage people to be responsible, educate themselves, and don't take what anyone says just because they're a celebrity or supposedly backing your party. Be discerning. Vote for someone who empowers you and loves you, not is trying to just lead or control you. THINK! FEEL! INTUIT!

Some in the media are manipulating the public against Trump. We watched James Corden show video of a real event - a black man supporting Trump using the phrase "shucky ducky" - and James didn't have the brains to even look up its meaning, but said it sounded racist, and Trump is racist! How he came up with such crap is something we cannot fathom. Instead of praising it or being neutral about it - it's racist? Then Jimmy Fallon also using his show to attack Trump. That moron insulted Trump's sons by trying to make a joke that they don't have to work (or worry about money). But the joke is on Fallon, because these guys choose to work, and do, and do an outstanding job on their own. And that's a positive, not a negative, not a joke. I think Fallon is just jealous.

Some of these hateful people are equating Trump with Hitler - nothing could be further from the truth. As someone who lost many family members to Hitler (and who was murdered by the Nazis in my last lifetime), I tell you Trump is the furthest thing from being like Hitler. And I would never support anyone who was even remotely like Hitler.

And the public doesn't see how they're being controlled by the media? Sadly, people actually think they're getting reality from such garbage, and from shows like The Daily Show, which are NOT real news shows. Speaking of that show - Colbert put Jon Stewart on his show to do a LONG bit like The Daily Show with the sole intention of attacking Trump and every Conservative and manipulating, again. Stewart said Trump vomited on everybody for an hour. Stewart snottily says this as a reminder to Trump (who he thinks is divisive, but not Obama?) "all men are created equal". It was more than clear that hypocrite means all men except Republicans. They sure dedicated a huge chunk of that show to insult the RNC and Trump's family. Also insulted Roger Ailes from Fox (who just resigned, rightfully so) as destroying the world. I mean, come on. Really? FoxNews is number one and growing, anyway! But, even those supposed to be real news networks are full of bullshit, trying to turn anything positive about Trump into a negative, to create a negative when it's not even there. They must be very worried Trump will win over their candidate, Hellary. They are a huge reason why I am no longer a Democrat - they have become everything the Democrats USED to abhor, but they're very hateful people, and they run around with their noses in the air thinking they're superior. Gad, no. Trump is a unifier, not a divider. Trump repeatedly says he loves us - who uses love, genuinely, but Trump? No one. I'm with the love, not the hate. Just think about this - all those Democrats support corruption with Clinton.

There is evidence that shows that most people are not better off since Obama took office. The middle class is being squeezed and is doing worse, their income is static to lower. Yet, the Elite class, the top 20%, is doing the best! Obama has done everything that benefitted this group. For generations middle America gained - but they've started to shrink thanks to Obama. Trump will renegotiate trade deals to better ones, give us growth, cut tax releasing hundreds of billions of dollars into free enterprise which will save us and help us.

Interestingly enough, many on TMZ, including Harvey, praised Ivanka Trump and her speech - her brains, her confidence, professionalism, her good looks. Of all the shows on TV TMZ isn't afraid to be honest. July 7. 2016:
So Hillary:
Still a liar. She used multiple devices. Used them where she wasn't legally allowed to use them. She violated all policies outlined by the FBI. Had her own server, and even after her job was over she kept classified information on her own computer. She was so stupid she didn't know this? So her stupidity exonerates her? She emailed classified material. All work related emails were not returned to the State as Hillary said they were. Comey condemned her and then let her go free. So, negligence and corruption still rule, even though for anyone else they would have their security clearances revoked, termination of job. But Comey said he could find no intent on her part?! And incapable to understand the seriousness of this? Are they kidding? Shall we go back to Benghazi about which she lied, that video, and abandoned Americans? Shall we go back to the election in which she backed Obama and now he has to back her as payback - all to pull the wool over American's eyes? And the secret meetings? And the underhanded way to allow illegal immigrants to be here with protection so that they would vote Democratic? The Clinton Foundation? Why wouldn't he say that's under investigation? (You can bet it sure is.) Whitewater? Vince Foster? Her abuse of security at the White House and other employees there, including the witnesses who are sure she gave Bill a black eye. The dirty trail leads way back. How does the American public forgive this and even elect this criminal as president?

May 1, 2015:
Happy May Day, I hope you are having a glorious day celebrating all the beauty the earth shares with us.

At this time I would like to talk about several items - it's been a long time since I posted here and now some things need addressing. The first one being eradicating the term Tom Boy from our vocabulary because it is degrading to all girls, everywhere. I recently heard people using this term on television when talking about gender identification issues. A girl is called a Tom Boy when she likes to play sports, compete with boys, climb trees, be wild, be natural, not demur and ladylike according to old ideas. She is often labeled a lesbian (even when she might not be) for these reasons, too. Rather than accepting that most girls naturally love to do these things, society makes it seem wrong. Boys always teased girls for being unable to do as well as them, but they would more likely play with the girls they called Tom Boy than the other kind of girls. Girls were supposed to be quiet, delicate, subservient to men, lesser than men, not physically strong. I was considered a Tom Boy when I was a kid (even though I also did the girlie things), and I hated the term.

These ideas are unnatural and so unhealthy because they force everyone to accept and live with limitations and lies. It forces girls to suppress who they really are, therefore not to grow and use their full potential for fear of living with a stigma; being put in a box. I can compare it with calling boys who loved to dance or participate in non-competitive activities pussies, or fruitcakes, and the labeling of being gay (even when they might not be).

These old ideas must die off because they no longer apply and are harmful to us all. We have grown so much as a civilization that we can now see this and can change it. The sooner the better, as far as I'm concerned. Let us all be proud of who we are and live our lives to our fullest potential, thereby contributing our divine selves and gifts with much more to all of us. When you hear the term Tom Boy speak out against its use and explain why. More to come by tomorrow...

Alright, peeps, what kind of message do you think this is giving youth? The boxing match Saturday night means those two fighting split a purse of $300 million - to beat the crap out of the other. But, people want the rioting and fighting to stop in Baltimore, and elsewhere, and keep the youth in check. Why will people pay $10,000 for a seat to be at the match tonight? Is anyone else seeing the mixed message? Seriously, values are messed up! How can anyone expect people to stop fighting in the streets if they reward boxing matches and see it as entertainment? It won't work.

September 13, 2014:
What a hell of a month. Yet one more beheading by ISIS and still there is no unity of the world against this insanity. Obama still can't say Islamist terrorism. His fantasy world believes these murders are just little isolated incidents, or due to his favorite excuse of "workplace violence". Our leaders around the world are weak and afraid, and that gives ISIS even more power. I still contend that Obama has his own inner conflict with having to be president and fighting Islam, since he was raised as a Muslim and radical against America. He doesn't want any part of this - that is evident. He's the worst president in history. What other leader would be on a golf course laughing it up minutes after a quick tv spot acknowledging the beheading of an American by ISIS? A heartless, careless, weak jerk of a leader.

The signs are all over the place. This is a very good article "The Meaning of Black Flags over Jerusalem", and why everyone should pay even closer attention because these monsters are encroaching upon everyone, the world over. And helping them along are the morons in our educational system who, as teachers, don't teach our kids anything about what's real in today's world (including basic geography); and as students, who don't know shit (unless they're in a good private school) about the world and don't seem to possess any curiousity or self-motivation to study it on their own! How easy to control such idiots. We are in deep trouble, people. Check this out: students questioned at UCLA about what they know on the Middle East. It is more than sad, it is criminal. If I were that person asking the questions, I would have demanded any one of these "students" list the countries they feel are Jewish. I'd also ask them to point out the countries on a map and name them. I'm so disgusted with so much right now. The lack of truth from our government, the lack of truth in the media, aside from Fox News, the lack of empathy and compassion. Apathy and ignorance are the most dangerous qualities to have, especially today. Don't be one of those people because you'd be contributing to our downfall.

August 24, 2014:
I was watching tv yesterday and saw a woman tell another woman that she has balls, as if that's an indication of strength. Isn't it time we change that perception, since it's not true, and it's a male oriented definition of what is considered strength? Isn't being a woman enough? I wouldn't want balls, anyway. They're a problem for me - they can be small or large, sometimes one of each, sometimes there's only one ball, or maybe three. They are hard or mushy, sweaty, hurt, stinky, hairy. No thanks, no balls for me!

August 15, 2014:
This past week Robin Williams made his transition. It was a huge blow to me and my family, as we have always been huge fans of Robin's. We've seen him in person in clubs and in his shows, watched in awe his first appearances on television and all of his films. He was one of the greatest talents that ever lived. One of the greatest lovers of all time. So, when it came out that he committed suicide, I had to really consider what led him to make that decision.

I have come to some resolve with it. I feel that suicide is a last resort (no pun intended there if there is any pun), and not to be taken lightly. Unless a person is 100% sure about it and in conviction with it, they shouldn't do it. That person's soul will not rest easily or peacefully. I don't judge him at all for taking his life, and I do not believe it was due to addiction or clinical depression. And here's why: he was a very smart man, he knew he was going to deteriorate with Parkinson's to the point where he'd be unable to do anything for himself. While there is a potential great gift in being cared for, even loved, and to have someone else do everything for you, I can also see the other side of that. To not wish to have your family watch you go through that and feel helpless. He would not want to give anyone reason to suffer. To know you will be lying in a bed as all your money goes to your care, to have someone else treat the private functions of your body, to look at you and think "he was once this great and look at him now..." Why not leave now when he can make the decision with his mind intact and his ability to do it, himself? It's not like he could ask for doctor-assisted suicide later on. It's not done for Parkinson's victims/patients. He couldn't ask anybody else to do it for him. I think it took a tremendous amount of courage for him to do this - to accept that this is as far as he could go and be in as good shape as he'll ever be, and from now on it's totally downhill - enough. He'd been through enough and had a full and good life. I truly hope he was in 100% alignment with his decision with no regrets, and he is at peace. I feel that he is. I'll miss him like hell and wish I could see yet one more brilliant anything Robin could do, but I love him, am grateful to him, and support his decision. I hope he's having a blast flying around the cosmos making everyone laugh and feeling all the love we all had for him and seeing that in his life review. Keep on rocking, Robin.

August 1, 2014:
The UN is full of idiots. They actually think Israel must give Hamas the iron dome technology! To which Mike Huckabee commented: "Giving iron dome technology to Hamas is like putting Jeffrey Dohmer in charge of being a food critic for the NY Times." Great comparison! Why are we still part of the UN and giving them money? They are useless and biased and don't fulfill their mission/purpose.

You must watch this video on how to make a Hamas hero. Just don't be drinking or eating when you watch it - you might choke with laughter.

July 28, 2014:
Here was the plan: build 5,000 tunnels and on Yom Kippur this year, in September, invade Israel and kidnap Israelis, kill them, use them for trade, etc. Thank God the Israelis exposed the plan and are destroying the tunnels. They must finish this job once and for all. The world should support them. Do you recall a few years back a ship bound for Gaza was stopped by Israel and searched? The ship was full of cement and rockets and guns, all kinds of weapons to be used against Israel, and it was sent and funded by Iran. Israel was criticized for exposing that! Why? Why is there always a double standard when it comes to Israel? Why does Israel always have to defend its existence and back off when others come to destroy them? No more should that ever have to happen.

The lies must end. There is NO Israeli occupation, yet the lying, scheming, dangerous beast of Hamas continues spewing this to the media, and some in the media use it, as well. It's not true. Israel has been out of Gaza over over 10 years - Egypt was controlling it, and should control it now. The West Bank is not Israeli controlled. Israel builds settlements IN ISRAEL - legal. The Palestinian people are obviously incapable of managing themselves: they elected Hamas, for one thing. They are a sick people, ruled by corrupted and abusive beasts who keep them in poverty and waste their lives for hatred. They have played the victim game long enough. They keep themselves as victims and refuse to take personal responsibility. So, this whole thing can be ended by having Egypt (who has already managed Gaza) keep managing Gaza, and Jordan (who still has the most Palestinians in its borders) manage the West Bank. Why is this so hard to accomplish?

I ask you why is our president so biased against Israel and sends millions of OUR tax dollars to support a terrorist organization that we shouldn't even be talking to if he is a friend of Israel? (I do know the answer to this, but I ask you to think about it for yourselves.) Why do our leaders choose to make these crooked deals with Turkey and Qatar? Do you know the leader of Turkey is even worse than Hitler? I ask you why does our president ask for Israel to have a cease fire, if America supports our friend? Are you aware of all the fake broadcasts sent by Hamas? I ask you why the UN never condemns them for child abuse and human rights abuses. I ask you why does the UN have nations known for their continued human rights abuse leading their human rights commission? Why do they always back evil? Know this: Hamas' goal and the goal of the Muslim Hamas is to destroy every Jew and Israel. This week an Iranian official said that they will go door to door in Israel and murder every Jew. Does this in any way speak to you of real, compassionate human beings? Human beings who want peace and accept Israel's right to exist in security and peace? Absolutely not. There is no reason Israel should stop until Hamas is completely wiped out or gives up. If they don't finish this now, all the connections with Hamas, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the nations that back them, will get stronger and stronger and the western world and freedom for us will be history. Read back my articles from 15 years ago warning of's real and we can still stop it. Europe might have a harder time because they have so many radical Muslims already trying to control them and they're afraid of them. But we don't have to be. We're America, and it's time we remind our wimpy president and Congress who have been running us into the ground since Obama became president.

July 2, 2014:
Well, my predictions have come to pass - a new poll out today shows that 54% of Americans think Obama is the worst president since Word War II. People don't believe or trust him. And based on his actions and words, that's very true. He proves to be the narcissistic dictator he was prior to his presidency, in fact, he's even worse with an arrogance that shows you, finally, that he has no regard for Americans, America, or our Constitution. He has lied, his administration has lied, they have spied on us, cheated us out of our money, put us in a high security risk and lessened our power in the world. All I can say now is, don't blame me, I didn't vote for him and I warned you a long time ago. Probably won't happen, but he should be sued and impeached.

March 13, 2012:
Last Thursday, President Obama, IN SECRET, signed HR 347, a bill that should horrify every American. This means it is now a FELONY if he or the secret service, who now have the right to determine when and where we are allowed to protest - to shout or hold a sign or anything stating YOUR VIEWS as guarateed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This violates 3 things: association, free speech, the right to petition the government regarding grievances. How dare he do this?! How dare our representatives not say a word to us and try to block this? How were the people not informed ahead of time about this so we could protest it? What does that tell you? Does this man have our welfare in mind, or his own? Since he's taken office, he's taken away our liberties, and ordering us what we can or cannot do. For instance, demanding we have health insurance, even his wife telling us what to eat. Do you want 4 more years of this dictator? Did you know about this law that will allow our government to shoot Americans - anywhere? Yup - that's going on, too. The FBI Director isn't even clear on this! Our government doesn't just kill our own citizens in our own country, or elsewhere! If the government wants your life, or your liberty, or your property, it has to say to a jury what law you have violated and prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt to the jury - due process. This defies the 5th Amendment. How do you feel about our legislators in Washington, D.C. now? Are they there protecting our rights? They are equally criminalized, in my opinion, by not defending our Constitution and Bill of Rights. So much for Obama's promise that his administration would be transparent and it would be our open government. Bullshit. Here's a great article explaining how HR 347 came to pass, who voted for/against it. Read about how Occupy Wall Street is protesting HR 347.


December 23, 2011:
SHAME ON YOU, EGYPT! How dare you treat women so disgracefully?! Dragging women by the hair, stripping them of clothes, stomping on their chests because they DARE to protest extremism! They know you radical Islamists will keep treating women worse than dogs and have no problem torturing or killing them - or anyone else for that matter. I am infuriated with what's going on now and the great disrespect the Egyptians are showing their heritage and land. Egypt was a kingdom of beauty once, long ago. Egypt, that was once my home many times in ancient times, where women were revered, where the Gods and Goddesses had EQUAL places in the culture. Woman and men were rulers. Men and women were priests and priestesses in the temples. Of course, this was all pre-Islam. EGYPT, SHAME ON YOU FOR REGRESSING TO LOWER THAN THAN THE LOWEST SCUM ON EARTH. Support the Egyptian women and the democracy movement there, please.

December 12, 2011:
I'm so disgusted by Saudi Arabia's idiocy, ignorance, heartlessness. A Saudi woman was beheaded on Monday following a conviction of practicing sorcery, which the ultra-conservative kingdom bans, Saudi Arabia's interior ministry said. Would any of these morons even know what sorcery is and can prove it? It's incredible to me that they really believe in the manipulation over people through magic. Assholes don't even understand witchcraft, but any excuse they can to murder a woman in cold blood and spread lies, they will do it. May their karma go right back at them.

The execution of Amina bint Abdulhalim Nassar took place in the northern province of Jawf for "practicing witchcraft and sorcery," the ministry said in a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency. The latest beheading brings the number of executions in the kingdom up to 73 this year, Amnesty International said. The exact number of women executed remains unknown, but another woman was beheaded in October after being convicted of killing her husband by setting his house on fire, AFP reported. "The charges of 'witchcraft and sorcery' are not defined as crimes in Saudi Arabia," said Philip Luther, Amnesty's interim director of the Middle East and North Africa. "To use them to subject someone to the cruel and extreme penalty of execution is truly appalling," he said in a statement, stressing the "urgent need" to stop executions. Amina - you are in my thoughts and heart for this outrageous injustice. Rest in peace.

September 7, 2011:
I'm usually a person who looks for what people share in common while respecting our diversities. But, my latest consideration might be taking my philosophy in new directions. In the U.S. we proudly call ourselves Americans. We feel America more than we do the United States, I think. But, what do people from Central and South America call themselves? Also Americans? Because they certainly could. Usually, they refer to themselves in relation to their country, not continent. Do people from Central and South America feel offended, or proud, that we use the umbrella term "America" so often, as if we automatically forget about their existence, or include them, and maybe even speak for them, too? Should we be doing this? Maybe we, and Canadians (if they choose) need to be more specific and call ourselves North Americans? Isn't it true that to mail something to the United States, one often uses N.A. for North America? What do you think about the idea of caling ourseles North Americans instead of Americans?

July 14, 2011:
I saw an article on today asking if the Casey Anthony case jaded us about our legal system. Here's what I think about that: The legal system, while well-intended, sometimes works, but it is really a crap shoot. I don't like the jury system. First of all, it should not be mandatory. it should be voluntary or we should have a professional jury. Jury work is a hardship for many people and it does not pay well at all. In some cases it takes people away from their families or jobs for a long time. It makes the juror a prisoner.

Secondly, a jury is really never of one's real peers. Who was a peer to Casey on that jury? How many of them didn't finish school, don't have a job or profession, are emotionally immature and narcissistic, had a child that ended up dead and was missing for a month and they didn't report it or seemed the least bit concerned - in fact, they went out and got tattoed with "The good life" in Italian and partied. Is the jury made up of pathological liars like Casey is? How many of the jurors had a child out of wedlock, don't even know who the child's father is (or won't say), lives with her parents and can't support raising her own child? Hands?

A jury is chosen to work for one side of the case. Lawyers for both sides try to get jurors they think will buy their story. To know right away that a juror will not vote for the death penalty is a problem in a state where there is a death penalty, and yet there was a juror like this in the Anthony trial. For the lawyers, it's how well you can present the evidence or lack of it, and manipulate the jury. In many cases, it's how good a liar the lawyer is. You can't convince me that Baez believes his client is innocent of her daughter's death. The jury in this case couldn't see the forest for the trees. They didn't have to prove how Caylee died. The fact that she's dead, and her death was ruled a homicide was enough. The evidence points to only one person responsible for her death. The fact that many of them felt Casey had something to do with it and yet voted to let her off the hook shows they're not smart or intuitive, or paid attention. Casey was even smarter than they were! How scary is that?! And that Baez is a shameful piece of work and he comes out the winner? On top of that, he has the damn nerve to tell the public that in time Casey can be invited to talk about her side of this. She had the chance in court and refused, so why would anybody want to hear from her? This case just reinforced how I feel about the faults of our justice system. I think it failed in this case. I feel that there is no escaping karmic justice, and Casey and that jury will are not immune from that. Right O.J?

Happy Summer, everyone.

One of my biggest pet peeves is how people do not pronounce English correctly - they don't even know how to spell many words correctly. This is one of the biggest flubs you hear on the news every time the word gets mentioned by most American reporters or actors, AND politicans! Do you know how to spell the name of the month that comes after January? It's FEBRUARY. See the RU in the middle? You need to PRONOUNCE that! It's not Febuary!

June 24, 2011
Is Delta Airlines(because of it's alliance with Saudi Arabia) banning Jews from flights? Here is the information about this news item.

I hope you all are paying close attention to how Obama is trying to manipulate the public for the next presidential election (dictating, oil, getting troops home, etc.). It's all he really cares about. Winning and power.

June 22, 2011:
JUSTICE HAS BEEN PROPERLY AND FAIRLY SERVED. Self-help guru James Ray has been convicted of negligent homicide in the deaths of three participants in an Arizona sweat lodge ceremony, but he was found not guilty of manslaughter charges. The case will continue June 28, when the jury will convene to make a decision regarding aggravating circumstances in the case.

May 23, 2011:
Netanyahu got over 20 standing ovations talking to Congress - more than Obama got at the State of the Union address."The Palestinians have been unwilling to accept a Palestinian state if it meant accepting a Jewish state along side it. You see, our conflict has never been about the establishment of a Palestinian state: it's always been about the existence of the Jewish state." That's right, Bibi, you say the truth.

May 14, 2011:
Eurovision. I have followed Eurovision for over 35 years, and the changes it has gone through have not been so positive, in my opinion. It used to be that countries would sing in their original language. There was no big promotion, ad campaigns, of course no world wide web back then. The songs were performed for the first time on the contest stage and then voted on based on that performance. Through time the public had more voting impact. Now it's come round to the judges having the power over the people. Eurovision has become too political for my taste --- countries giving their votes to their neighbors or those with whom they have special interest. It's not about the music anymore. It's not even about the stupid costumes and absurd performance ideas from some countries. It's VERY political, and I'm glad I've seen many other posts sharing my grievances.

Today I received an email as a member of the press that stated that the Ukraine won Eurovision! This was sent out before the voting, and I feel that the email and its content about an imaginary vote by the judges was to influence the votes. There was no other reason to send around this email saying the Ukraine won this imaginary vote prior to the voting process.

Israel has no chance in this competition any longer because of the unfair bias against it - it's political, again. I don't think Israel should be part of this in the future; it's an insult. I don't think Israel had a great song this year, but in the past several years Israel had very good songs, and the bias against Israel has been obvious.

American singers have been recruited to sing for European countries in this contest. Notice how much rap music has entered into the contest in recent years, as well. But, then we Americans are excluded from participation in the voting and now the purchasing of the songs. This year, one must have a Euro Master or Visa Card in order to buy the songs! That sucks!

I have no more respect for Eurovision apart from the honest songwriters who are trying to get their music out. The contest stinks. I can't stand the politics and the bought votes, the judges have no good taste anymore, either. Then there is the quality of the music that has gone steadily downhill over the past few years. Eurovision has lost its uniqueness and charm, and one

May 6, 2011:
Okay, I'm seriously fucked up, but in a good way. Tears were streaming down my face a few moments ago - I just watched the season finale of "Fringe". BRAVO! BRILLIANT! The show with the mostly high evolved consciousness ever created. I was reading some of the comments from viewers and some people don't understand what happened, have limited understanding of our civilization's past (with ETs) and technology, and metaphysics. Others do get it, and it's a celebration for me. What a great finale - whether or not the show returns is unimportant. The message got out, the job is done, and I thank "Fringe" for bringing it on! (If you've never seen the show and want to, start at the beginning and watch it in order or you will be lost.)

April 30, 2011:
Pope John Paul II is on his way to sainthood. Isn't it funny that human beings are deciding who is a saint? Wouldn't that be more appropriately relegated to God's discretion? But, God doesn't play favorites or have hierarchies - once again the joke's on the humans. Ridiculous - saints.

April 27, 2011:
Well, well, well, finally Obama discloses his birth certificate, and in his usual arrogant demeanor makes it all a joke. He just couldn't be bothered with such a technicality for over the past two years. He pretends that he didn't need anybody to force him to do this, or that it is a troublesome sideline. That's how little he cares about our Constitution and the people of America. It took all the inquiries and Donald Trump to make Obama move his ass and deal with it! Of course many of us feel Obama is hiding things about himself. Why didn't he produce his birth certificate BEFORE the election, or even after the initial inquiries about it? Why is there so few people who remember him all the years of his education? Why aren so many things about him still hidden from the public? In this day of no more secrets, it is surprising and disappointing that Obama cannot be forthright. This is why I can't trust him. I just find him unbelievable.

There are some out there who are making this about race. It has nothing to do with race. It is about abiding by our country's laws, who is eligible for presidency. If Obama was not born in the U.S. and was elected president, then he would have been a traitor, broken the law, and betrayed the nation. That he laughs at all of this, and people say it's racial bias, shows how badly they need to manipulate the public and how little they care!

March 18. 2011:
The disaster in Japan has brought out so much for our planet to think about. The calmness, genuine compassion and collective action by the Japanese people in living through this nightmare is amazing; admirable. While our hearts go out to them, we know it's living hell. People are now sacrificing their lives to save others in trying to stop the reactors overheating. There are some reverberations from Hiroshima and Nagasaki in this new event for the collective Japanese people to examine and heal. I found it fascinating that one family fled to safety to areas of the WWII bombings in order to be safe from the current disaster. They made a connection, although I'm sure it didn't occur to them at the time. We can send thoughts of hope and healing to the people of Japan, see them receiving our compassion and support so they can move forward without feeling like victims. May such disasters never be repeated.

The most avoidable part of this catastrophe could have been proper nuclear power reactor thinking. I have never supported nuclear power - it's far too dangerous and a meltdown lasts FOREVER. Do you get that? FOREVER. Still today radiation is leaking into the center of the earth from the Chernobyl meltdown. It never ends. And these plants end up creating even more deadly plutonium. So why do we have these nuclear power plants at all? There are far more efficient, cheaper and safer ways to get power. Did we really need to have another nuclear disaster in order to point this out to our planet? Are we understanding it now? Are we ready to give up old ideas of power, greed, (this includes gasoline), and move into our future in a different way? I certainly hope so.

If anybody is questioning it - I am not in any fear over massive doses of radiation coming to me. I have not run out and bought any pills, or suits, or taped my entire house shut. The most important thing now is not to panic and fear but to calmly center one's self, and take charge of the changes we need to see on our planet. We will always be facing natural changes - quakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires...we still need to be better prepared for them. As I've written in many previous articles, our building structures need to be stronger, not right on the ocean and sea level, and we need to be smart.

Finally, right now is a very good time to implement meditations sending liquid golden light into all the fault lines/cracks in the earth, sending love and support to our planet as it shifts so as to cause as little harm as possible. Tune in to the earth and see if you can pick up what's going on and what is coming. We CAN change the outcome. The disaster in Japan was mitigated - that means it was supposed to be a lot worse but direct intervention through consciousness, people focusing on changing the outcome, altered it. Can you imagine if the quake hit on Monday during the work day, and nearer to Tokyo? Please know that our consciousness is connected to everything, and what we truly wish to create, we will create. We are not victims. Use your power with responsibility, wisdom, and love. March 15, 2011:
Just heard an expert on the news say that the fish that died in Redondo Beach WERE connected to the quakes in Japan. He said in Japan they call those fish "earthquake fish".

March 10, 2011:
A couple of nights ago I was playing backgammon online with a friend and I felt the ground moving. It felt like a mushy swaying. But, it didn't stop - it just kept moving. My friend who lives about 25 miles away northwest of me didn't feel anything. But, nobody else felt it around me, either. I'm extra sensitive to the earth - so it wasn't unusual. What was unusual was that the feeling didn't stop after a minute, as it usually does before a quake hits. I didn't fully understand why I was feeling that until tonight when that devastating quake hit Japan. In California we are prepared for possible tsumanis in the morning. We've had some small quakes in California tonight. Hawaii has had quakes. Chile had a quake today. The Ring of Fire is very active. New Zealand's quake recently, all the quakes in Chile this past year. Japan has had so many quakes this week alone - Honshu has so many of them each year. But, tonight's event was astrounding - a real shock and awe and so destructive. My heart goes out to the people in Japan. This will be very hard to recover from.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if there was some undersea quake that disturbed the millions of sardines in Redondo Beach this week that caused the fish to swim towards the shore and die from suffocation. The winds we had were very strong and that is listed as the cause for this. But, maybe it was more?

My new favorite song (and one of my all-time favorites). This is, in my opinion, impeccable. One of the best singers of all time. Adam Lambert's acoustic version of "Aftermath".

February 14, 2011:

Quite often people forget about religious extremism in the US. I saw this ad today and found it scary, and I wonder if it's even legal to demand this as an employment requirement. This is from a Christian firm in Kentucky seeking a person in animation and special effects. Look at this segment from the ad:
Most important, an encouraging servant's heart!
Basic understanding and aptitude of video workflow and equipment
Creative, diligent and able to follow direction
Items needed for possible employment:
Salvation testimony
Creation belief statement
Confirmation of your agreement with the AiG Statement of Faith
These people are serious!

Wow - watching an interview with Donald Rumsfeld who is talking about something I have been talking about for a long time. He received a gift from Saddam Hussen - a video showing Syria's Assad & his military, women biting the heads off of snakes, men and women stabbing puppies to death, and so on, to show what they want to do with their enemies, namely the Jews and Israel. Saddam wanted Rumsfeld to know what he thought of Syria. So many people have denied this event - and I saw that Syrian military "celebration" for myself when Linda Ellerbee first covered the story back in the 1980s. It was shocking. I'm glad Rumsfeld talked about it.

Rumsfeld also said he had videos of Saddam's men throwing people off the top of tall buildings, cutting out tongues, breaking people's bones. The horrible things he did to the Kurds (much of what we've all seen, including using chemical weapons against Iran and the Kurds). He invaded Kuwait and killed thousands there. And Saddam wanted to show how bad Syria was? They were the same!

Jan. 25, 2011:
Did you watch Obama's State of the Union Speech? Several times my family burst out laughing at the b.s. coming out of his mouth: Thanks to him and our government our air and food are safe! And this is America he's talking about? This past year my husband's paycheck takes out $100 more for insurance. His paycheck is less than ever. Obama said people are taking home larger paychecks? WHERE? WHO are these people? If Obama thinks our "enemies" don't have access to our top security info and our weapons, he's delusional. And why did Obama single out Muslims? Muslims are Americans because they share our values? Muslim fathers still MURDER their daughters IN AMERICA with tne excuse that it's for "honor" and sanctioned by God. Is that American? Is that about freedom and rights for all? After all that b.s., how can Americans say it was a great speech and his approval rating went up? Are people so stupid? Or, do they just want speeches that are their fantasies of what they wish were true? I found Obama's words largely untrue, all talk and no action, and still think we need to get ready for more taxes and more government in our faces.

Jan. 2011:
Happy new year everybody. Hope yours is magical and fun (please see my new year's message here. I am celebrating 33 years of marriage and my birthday this month. I still can't get used to linear time! It goes too quickly.

Also, I would like to mention that throughout the years I have posted (and continue to post) updates to my individual articles, especially Venus, and Mars. It was very exciting for me to see my psychic predictions and visions of these planets be confirmed in the scientific world, and are now facts. There are still a few left to go until all of what I have seen will be "discovered" by science (and then deemed real - lol). I think you might find them of interest, so check them out on the above respective pages.


Nov. 4, 2010:
I've been having powerful dreams this week about a large quake coming that affects animals as well as people, will have landslides, too. One area I saw that was hit was a mountainous area with winding roads as well as the So. California area. Please be alert and prepared for quakes.

August 31, 2010:
It pays to be a Shaman. Today I went to a shop in a mini-mall. As I exited the store, I heard a very loud crow cawing. I looked to where the crow was, perched on top of a telephone poll. He was huge. He kept cawing. I felt it was a warning. I asked him what was going on and I got the message to beware and not to move. I stood there for a minute looking around to see what was coming and then I heard a loud BANG! There was a car accident on the street right off the driveway to the mini-mall. Had I gotten into my car immediately after leaving the store, I would have taken that driveway out and probably would have been involved in the crash. The crow warned me not to move until it happened. I was so grateful to that crow for that, and for paying attention to it. Luckily, no one was seriously harmed in that accident.

August 18, 2010:
Imam Faisal Rauf (the head of the mosque that is planned to be built near ground zero) has been very silent. Shouldn't America know that he said that the U.S. policies were "an accessory to the crime that happened" on 9/11; he is a supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad Movemen. "The trend towards Islamic law and justice begins by religious movements, like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Islamic Resistance." This Imam is now going to be an outreach speaker to the Middle East and he wants to establish an Islamic state as a model in Arabia. Obama backs him, the mayor of NYC is behind him, shielding him from the press and the public, and us from the full truth about this guy. The real story is about sticking another knife in America's back, and taking over. Muslims have done this all over Europe - have you seen Spain, and now France, Germany, and England, for instance? The mosques have to be the tallest buildings to show domination - did you know that? Switzerland actually did one right thing in banning the construction of new mosques. Australia has it right in not allowing them to be built at all - it's not a Muslim nation. If the Muslim people have any sensitivity at all and really give a damn about mending fences, then they would NOT build a mosque approximately 550 feet from ground zero! What more needs to be understood?

FYI - this year the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan falls on the weekend of 9/11. Rizwan Jaka, a board member of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, based in Sterling, Va., near Washington, D.C., said the mosque will reach out to its interfaith partners and others ahead of the eid. The All Dulles Society is one of the largest mosques in the country and expects to host as many as 20,000 worshippers during the holiday at several locations. Jaka said the board met a few weeks ago to discuss the overlapping dates and decided to include condemnations of terrorism and extremism in the holiday sermons. The mosque will also hold its annual interfaith, memorial and peace events tied to the anniversary. "Could there be some misperceptions because of the anti-Muslim climate? Potentially," Jaka said. "We will make sure our neighbors and friends understand that we all stand firmly as Americans for peace and for creating an environment of respect."

July 22, 2010:
This should interest Americans:
Rashid Kalidi - Columbia University - remember that Obama spoke of his friendship with him? Terrorist sympathizer. He just signed an appeal for funds to outfit a ship that will challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza around Sept. or October (time of Jewish New Year and Yom Kippur). And guess what? The name of the ship is "The Audacity of Hope" - name of Obama's book that Obama named after a sermon given by Rev. Wright. Are you seeing the whole picture, folks, or are you still in denial?

June 15, 2010:
Bravo to the state of Oklahama for wanting to ban Sharia Law (because it's cruel)! Yeah! Hope it passes and sets a precedent for other states.

I find it really silly that that press is going haywire over Abby Sunderland's boat trip around the world. Did they complain when her brother was the same age when he did it last year? In "certain" countries she would have been married with kids and responsible for them by the age of 16. She can have kids but can't pilot a boat?! Are they kidding me? She's not smart enough or strong enough to handle her boat? This is pure sexism and stupidity. This is not about child abuse. If it were, she would be tossed out to sea without any skills. She had her own boat that she's piloted for years. She knows what she's doing or her parents wouldn't have let her go. Leave her alone.

A classic quote:
"The point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn't. But she is a typical white person, who, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn't know, you know, there's a reaction that's been bred in our experiences that don't go away" your ubiased (yeah, right) president Obama, March 20, 2010.

See for yourselves what was REALLY the cargo on the flotilla that attacked Israel. People need to start asking themselves why Hamas, who gets millions a month, and had the billions of dollars from Arafat's bounty, doesn't help their own Palestinian people? Here's the answer - they want to put the blame on Israel rather than take responsibility. Old story.

June 5, 2010:
Helen Thomas, an old, longtime White House correspondent who now writes a column for Hearst newspapers, made the comments May 27 after a White House Jewish heritage event. Asked by Rabbi David Nesenoff of if she had "any comments on Israel," Thomas replied, "Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine." Thomas went on to say that the Palestinian people "are occupied and it's their land" and that Israelis should "go home" - to Poland, Germany, America "and everywhere else." She's a member of the press with that kind of ignorance, stupidity and prejudice? How dare the rest of the press corps not put her in her place? I loved what Mike Huckabee said about her having the intelligence of a plant, and he reminded her about the bible, Genesis in particular.

The Jews ARE home in Israel, and are not occupying anybody else. Maybe it's time for Thomas to go home? Seems her parents emigrated to the U.S. from Lebanon. Hmmmmmm..... Yes, she sort of half-assed apologized for her comment - too late, Helen. The cat's out of the bag. Maybe it's time for her to get a brain scan, too?

June 4, 2010:
Please explain to me why Obama's people do not pay their own taxes, and yet they don't waste one minute in raising our taxes? Emmanuel, Solis, Geithner, Kirk, Daschle, Killefer - didn't pay their own taxes, so why should we? Why should our taxes be raised at all?

WE CON THE WORLD right on.

June 1, 2010:
It's happening AGAIN: Israel defends itself per agreements, and then is condemned for doing so. Israeli soldiers were attacked. If the ship was not carrying weapons (which it was), or had nothing to hide (it had plenty to hide), it would have allowed the IDF to check it out, as it did the other ships (which I think was an attempt to trick the Israelis). See what happened for yourselves here. The U.N., whose purpose is to PROTECT and help people and PREVENT war, once again goes against its own credo in condemning Israel. Of course, look who is gearing all up to try to destroy Israel - Muslim nations, of course, and those kissing ass out of fear to the Muslims. Anybody surprised? The upsidedown, backwards world is trying to convince the sane world that they're right and Israel is in the wrong.

Around six months ago, the same thing happened in Egypt - a ship arrived and there was an inspection, the Egyptians were attacked. Did this make the headlines around the world? Did the U.N. condemn Egypt? Nope.

Then we have our own American government leaders who are so ignorant and naiive when it comes to international issues that they can't even stand by their only ally in the Middle East, when they know damned well that Israel knows what it's doing and wouldn't be doing it without good reason. I hold Obama completely responsible for his stupidity and hestiations in defending and supporting Israel. What's he waiting for, another 9/11? It will happen with the attitude he and his minions share. Have you noticed how sharia law is pushing its way throughout Europe, and even America? WAKE UP, PEOPLE! FREEDOM IS WHERE IT'S AT, not slavery. Truth, not lies. Justice, not bullshit. Israel is protecting all our asses, and without Israel, the non-Muslim world will be in deep trouble. Now Turkey is blackmailing the U.S. over Iran, and forcing the U.S. to condemn Israel. The U.S. has no power.

I ask all of you to read the following message, and it is for real, I checked it all out: This was written by a woman born in Egypt as a Muslim.

Joys of Muslim Women
by Nonie Darwish

In the Muslim faith a Muslim man can marry a child as young as 1 year old and have sexual intimacy with this child. Consummating the marriage by 9. The dowry is given to the family in exchange for the woman (who becomes his slave) and for the purchase of the private parts of the woman, to use her as a toy.

Even though a woman is abused she can not obtain a divorce. To prove rape, the woman must have (4) male witnesses. Often after a woman has been raped, she is returned to her family and the family must return the dowry. The family has the right to execute her (an honor killing) to restore the honor of the family. Husbands can beat their wives 'at will' and he does not have to say why he has beaten her.

The husband is permitted to have (4 wives) and a temporary wife for an hour (prostitute) at his discretion.

The Shariah Muslim law controls the private as well as the public life of the woman.

In the West World (America) Muslim men are starting to demand Shariah Law so the wife can not obtain a divorce and he can have full and complete control of her. It is amazing and alarming how many of our sisters and daughters attending American Universities are now marrying Muslim men and submitting themselves and their children unsuspectingly to the Shariah law.

By passing this on, enlightened American women may avoid becoming a slave under Shariah Law. Ripping the West in Two. Author and lecturer Nonie Darwish says the goal of radical Islamists is to impose Shariah law on the world, ripping Western law and liberty in two.

She recently authored the book, Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law.

Darwish was born in Cairo and spent her childhood in Egypt and Gaza before immigrating to America in 1978, when she was eight years old. Her father died while leading covert attacks on Israel. He was a high-ranking Egyptian military officer stationed with his family in Gaza.

When he died, he was considered a "shahid," a martyr for jihad. His posthumous status earned Nonie and her family an elevated position in Muslim society.

But Darwish developed a skeptical eye at an early age. She questioned her own Muslim culture and upbringing. She converted to Christianity after hearing a Christian preacher on television.

In her latest book, Darwish warns about creeping sharia law - what it is, what it means, and how it is manifested in Islamic countries.

For the West, she says radical Islamists are working to impose sharia on the world. If that happens, Western civilization will be destroyed. Westerners generally assume all religions encourage a respect for the dignity of each individual. Islamic law (Sharia) teaches that non-Muslims should be subjugated or killed in this world.

Peace and prosperity for one's children is not as important as assuring that Islamic law rules everywhere in the Middle East and eventually in the world.

While Westerners tend to think that all religions encourage some form of the golden rule, Sharia teaches two systems of ethics - one for Muslims and another for non-Muslims. Building on tribal practices of the seventh century, Sharia encourages the side of humanity that wants to take from and subjugate others.

While Westerners tend to think in terms of religious people developing a personal understanding of and relationship with God, Sharia advocates executing people who ask difficult questions that could be interpreted as criticism.

It's hard to imagine, that in this day and age, Islamic scholars agree that those who criticize Islam or choose to stop being Muslim should be executed. Sadly, while talk of an Islamic reformation is common and even assumed by many in the West, such murmurings in the Middle East are silenced through intimidation.

While Westerners are accustomed to an increase in religious tolerance over time, Darwish explains how petro dollars are being used to grow an extremely intolerant form of political Islam in her native Egypt and elsewhere.

(In twenty years there will be enough Muslim voters in the U.S. o elect the President by themselves! Rest assured they will do so. You can look at how they have taken over several towns in the USA. Dearborn Mich. is one, and there are others.)

May 23, 2010
I wonder if every country-western singer signed a contract that says they MUST record at least one song about Jesus LOL. Watching these singers it's like if they sing a Jesus song, all their people love them. Mention Jesus and they all go into some idiotic rapture. If they don't have a Jesus song, I guess their career is in the mud. What I'd like to know is what the heck does Jesus have to do with any of them today? Why would Jesus even give a shit? Why would anybody think that thanking Jesus because they won something makes them better, or special, or that Jesus gifted only them and said the hell with everybody else? People are so foolish. I wonder if they wonder what Jesus would say about all their face lifts, liposuction, collegan and botox injections? Or all the booze? hahahaha

May 19, 2010
Tuesday, Arizona's corporation commission is threatening to turn off the lights in Los Angeles, if the city goes ahead with its boycott of the state. Can't wait to see what happens. Update: May 21 - we had a power outage this morning. Everything in our city went down for over a half hour. The DWP would not say what it was, in fact, they said they didn't know what caused it lol. CBS local news was waiting for an answer from them, too, but DWP didn't call back with any info.

Okay, for years I've warned about infiltration from within and without into America by Muslim terrorists. The new Miss USA's win last night should come as another warning. Rima Fakih has a devout Muslim family which comes from the Hezbollah-controlled South Lebanon. She is a Shi'ite Muslim who is a supporter of Hezbollah and used the pageant name at a forum promoting Islamic subjugation of women. I wonder how she was even allowed to appear in a bathing suit and have every racy photos taken of her.

Intelligence sources confirm that at least three of Fakih's relatives are currently top officials in Hezbollah and that at least eight Fakih family members were Hezbollah terrorists killed by the Israelis in past Israel-Lebanese wars and interventions. Some of her family members were originally in Harakat Amal (the Shi'ite Amal militia), which is now essentially a part of Hezbollah. There's a reason that even Al-Manar TV. Hezbollah's official TV network, is excited about Fakih in the Miss USA pageant. Trump owns Miss USA, and many worldwide hotels. Hezbollah funded Miss USA it is said... it's all about the money.

May 5, 2010:
And we have another attempted bombing of and in the U.S.A. by a new citizen. I say this man should be tried for treason, because when he became a citizen he took an oath that he now betrayed. Was this the start of a new wave of terrorist events? Or, just a lone shark? What is with our security that didn't question this man who travelled to Pakistan over ten times in the past 7 (approx.) years? Just for family business? Innocent people are targeted by "homeland security" but the most dangerous ones often seem to slip through.

The good news is that because he recently became a U.S. citizen, there was a way to track him down, which was relatively quick. This is another notch in the belt of people (such as myself) who are for legal immigration (good grief, people, it is most countries' law, after all). Just try being an illegal in another nation!

May 3, 2010:
Arizona took a bold step forward in curbing illegal immigration. From what I've seen this past week since that bill was signed, people are confused and misinformed about what this law states. Most of the crime in Arizona is committed by illegal immigrants coming from Mexico. Crime has been high, you might have heard about the murders and illegal trafficking of immigrants. Arizona has become a very dangerous place. Texas and California, also. This new law not one that permits ethnic profiling, but yes, it is going to end up going after one particular group because they're responsible for the crime wave. Not illegal Swedes, or Australians. The law is in place to encourage legal immigration. Since this law has been in the works, already crime in Arizona numbers dropped by 100,000 (as quoted on the news). So, it is working already and pointing out exactly who is responsible for a lot of the crime. It is unfortunate, but true.

As a taxpayer in California, I'm pissed off having to pay for health and education (and other city and state and federal services) for illegal immigrants. They can do what my parents did and come here legally. Apply for a work visa, green card, or citizenship. Then they can have the benefits of being an American. I know of no other country in the world that allows illegals to bleed the economy dry and take advantage of its citizens. America should be no different. Plus, many countries have ID cards, proof of citizenship. No big deal for them, so why is it wrong for Americans? To equate the Arizona law with what Hitler's Nazis did is showing complete ignorance. It is NOT the same at all. But, if you mistakenly believe it is, where were you and where was your family during WWII? Were YOU helping the Jews, the homosexuals, the gypsies - those the Nazis wanted to murder? Did you speak out against what the Nazis did then? Arizona isn't interested in murdering anybody, and certainly not based on their ethnicity or religion. This is a great country and many people want to be here - great! We only have so much room to go around but you're welcome to come - legally.

Furthermore, I resent non-Americans condemning Arizona for taking the step that our own U.S. federal government was too cowardly to take, and they should have as promised us. Non-Americans should mind their own business and stay out of this domestic issue. They don't understand it, and they don't dictate our policies. Wouldn't that be considered colonialism or imperialism? Something they have criticized America for being? Mexico criticizing us? Oh please, if Mexico had it's own act together and took care of its citizens, they wouldn't be escaping to America. The nerve of Mexico to open its mouth.

So let's see if we get this clearly: we pass the North Korean border illegally, get caught, then we get 12 years hard labor. We pass the Afghan border illegally we get shot. We pass the American border illegally we get a job, drivers license, allowance for a place to live, health care, education, billions of dollars spent so we can read. We have to carry passports in other countries or face jail time. Oh, plus we get Mexicans in America dictating that we should have open borders with Mexico and no guards. Right? Makes sense? (In which universe?)

I am NOT happy that so many people marched on May Day against the Arizona law. Why are illegals and those supporting illegals turning May Day into a Soviet holiday in America? May 1, May Day, has traditionally been a celebration of Spring, with the May Pole, ribbons, dancing, flowers, joy. Now it's becoming corrupted and forgotten due to these bullshit demonstrations encouraging breaking the law. I say let's bring back the REAL May Day!

Arizona also passed a bill outlawing ethnic studies programs. One aspect of the bill says that it outlaws the teaching of overthrowing the U.S. government. I wonder how that is going to fly against our Constitution with gives all citizens the right to overthrow the government if we feel power is being usurped. I'm against the removal of ethnic studies programs because we all come from some ethnic background. We're not all alike. The courses teach about world cultures, American cultures. What is wrong with that? It can help foster pride in one's own culture, or help bridge cultures through compassion and understanding, with accurate information instead of bias or rumor. Learning about other cultures and respecting them (as well as our own) is important in a person's development and sense of confidence and belonging.

March 10, 2010:
Obama continues to be a liar. Last June, Obama supported existing US policy and said, "Let me be clear. Israel's security is sacrosanct. It is non-negotiable. The Palestinians need a state that is contiguous and cohesive, and that allows them to prosper - but any agreement with the Palestinian people must preserve Israel's identity as a Jewish state, with secure, recognized and defensible borders. Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided."

Jerusalem IS the capital of Israel, and NEVER was the capital of any Palestinian anything. Israel can do anything it wants to within its own country. And Obama is a vile man for kiss the asses of terrorists, being a hypocrite, and turning his back on Israel (A HUGE ALLY of the U.S.) at this crucial time.

Funny that what could win the Oscar for best picture has a continuity error, found by my son during our watching of the film. It is a little surprising that this error was not caught before the film went public. The error is in the first half hour of the film that involves a taxi. The taxi sign is knocked off the top of the taxi car and onto the front windshield/top of car. In the next scene, the sign is back up on top of the car as if it had never been knocked of at all. I wonder how many people caught that?

March 4, 2010
Okay, I truly do understand concern about air traffic safety, but I think the FAA is going a little batty over the controller who brought his twins to work and told them what to say to pilots. I feel it was a great idea to have his kids see what their father does and to participate in it with full supervision. Maybe these kids will want to be air traffic controllers one day? It's like "bring your kids to work day". The pilots seemed to enjoy talking to the kids and playing along, and everybody knew that the kids were following their father's instructions. So, what's the harm in this? Are the kids some security risk now? Shall kids never get to experience anything anymore? Lighten up!

February 26, 2010
Yes, it turns out the whale attacked the trainer, it was no accident. And, yes, consciousness does travel. In today's news it seems the largest tower in the world, in Dubai, has a leak. Dubai has the largest aquarium that is shaped like a tunnel of glass so people can walk through it and see the marine life swimming around and above them. San Diego's Sea World has one of these, too, and it always made me nervous. The mall in which the Dubai aquarium is located had to be evacuated and closed.

February 24, 2010
Sadly, another trainer has been killed at Sea World by a killer whale. Killer whales have their name for a very good reason. This whale that killed the trainer today had killed before. He was in Vancouver and sold to Sea World, as they felt he needed a bigger tank. I think he should have been let out into the biggest tank - the ocean. He was kept isolated from other whales and people because he is prone to violence. So, why on earth would Sea World continue to keep him? I had a vision of the death today and that whale is ANGRY and will kill or punish again. He does not want to be confined and made to perform tricks, no matter how much food they give him. The trainer drowned after being thrashed about by the whale. I think Sea World just might have a wrongful death lawsuit on their hands. Consciousness travels.

February 10, 2010
The weather is awesome! Where I live we've had a major winter, which we haven't had in several years. I find people focusing on the experience of it all, photographing not only the disasters, but the beauty. Photos of our multiple rainbows, snow on the mountaintops, the gorgeous clouds and colors of the sky are all over the internet and the news. The blizzards back East are also breaking records.

When I watch the snowfall in NYC, and Washington, Virginian, etc., I flash back to my old Victorian photos and drawings of these cities deep in snow in the 1800s and early 1900s. We haven't seen many of such blizzards in these regions in my lifetime, so in a weird way this confirms the environmental validity of the Victorian artwork.

I also think of George Washington and the American Revolution during the same harsh weather. How did they do this in such cold? I'm shivering just thinking about it and what they sacrificed for the birth of our nation.

Yes, there are power outages, accidents, deaths - all the things associated with severe weather. But I still can't get over seeing its beauty and the unique perspective walking a few feet higher than usual brings a person. There's that coziness and fun spirit in it. And the quiet in most places abandoned due to the storms. People in D.C. walked around and had snowball fights. It's bringing people together and a break in the banal. I think our heavy and hailstorms are tapering off, and Spring is right around the corner. So, I'm out and about enjoying the brisk, clean air and the views of snow on our hills. Before we know it, Summer heat will be here and we'll be eagerly awaiting Winter. So much for the global warming theories that scared people into thinking they'd never see snow again, hahahaha. The cycle of life.

January 28, 2010:
When I was a young child (and maybe when you were one), I was made to play two games in school: "Follow the Leader", and "Simon Says". While the latter does help a child learn to pay attention to what is said and done, to follow directions, the former is more of an indoctrination into being a follower, NOT a leader. Each child behind the leader has to do whatever the leader does. What is the message in this game? That there can only be one leader, and that everybody else must follow them, not have their own individuality. I hated that game and refused to follow any leader. I don't need a frickin' leader or followers. I lead myself.

Watching Obama's State of the Union speech last night, a bolt of insight hit me smack between the eyes - look how many in our government willingly play "Follow the Leader"! Obama says something, never mind how inane or false it is, but the sheep jump up and applaud him. Only a few dare to be individuals and either do nothing or show obvious disdain. Bravo to them.

Arrogant Obama had the audacity to dis the Supreme Court seated directly in front of him. Obama criticized them for reversing a century of law restricting corporations for spending without limit to support a political candidate. Justice Alito was openly upset with Obama. Alito shook his head and said "Not true." Not one Justice was pleased or applauded Obama, of course. But the idiot sheeple around the justices all jumped to their feet and cheered and clapped.

Our country is a representative Republic and I can see how we don't have people in Washington representing the people, and it's a very disturbing fact. Why? Because Obama and the Congress have been dissing our Constitution, forcing more government and leaving us with less freedoms. They are like a street gang, forcing others to join them through fear and intimdation. Bullies. And they're screwing us big time. Some people are finally coming around to seeing it for what it is, but many are still caught up in the delusion of Obama's words and empty promises. Follow the leader - so many have been well doctrinated since childhood to not question, to feel they need a leader instead of taking full responsibility for themselves.

January 15, 2010:
I feel so much compassion for the people of Haiti. What they are going through is horrendous. It upsets me very much because so much of this could have been avoided had the Haitian government had building regulations, and kept their prorities straight. I know Haiti is so poor and money is an issue in building. But, I honestly believe that a responsible government would have worked out some solutions to these problems, knowing as they do about the faults under them. This is not their first large quake. As I have often written here, it is vital that all governments make it their priority to have building codes that will retrofit homes against quakes, make homes of the right materials so there is not such a loss of life and devastation. Same thing goes for people living on any costal water. Take the steps NOW. Many thanks to all people who are helping Haiti through this catastrophe.

For all the lightworkers out there, please join me in helping the spirits of those who passed over in Haiti and assist them into the light. There is a need for this right now - to bring healing to these souls and to Haiti. Also, focus on letting go of fear on the planet. Thank you.

January 11, 2010:
I don't often toot my own horn...but I'm doing it now. On July 5, 2009, I had a dream about Sarah Palin's future and posted it here in my blog. My dream seems to have come true today, as Palin got her corporate job and joined Fox as a contributor. Let's see what else she gets on television and how the Caddy fits into my dream.


Nov. 13, 2009
"2012" - I will not be seeing this farce of a story on film. It betrays and misinforms the real message of what is coming. 2012 is not about people dying horrific deaths, massive destruction, the earth destroying everything. It IS about a death of the old consciousness and a birth of a new one. This is what is meant by the end of times. It is merely a new birth into a new consciousness of greater enlightement, compassion, and balance. It is a consciousness that will continue to allow more and more people to see and hear and move between dimensions. And, it will also allow us more contact with extraterrestrials. In 2012, their non-interference policy is finished. Therefore, it will be important for people to be very clear about who they are, what they want, to know what is real and what is false, and to choose to function for the highest good, with compassion and responsibility. For instance, can you tell a false prophet when you see one? This one has me concerned because of our recent election outcome. People see Obama as their prophet and are more than willing to give their power away to this delusion.

I am very happy for Adam Lambert that he landed a deal in singing the theme song for a film; I just wish it was not for a money-maker disaster film that couldn't care less about facts or being responsible for what garbage it is instilling into people. The only positive thing I can think of about all of this is that perhaps it will make people think about what future WE want to have, so it doesn't end up like this stupid story in the film.

Nov. 10, 2009
There is no doubt about Hasan being a domestic terrorist. He murdered 13 people just after yelling "Allah hu Akhabar" (the call of a Muslim Jihadist) in cold blood because of his extremist religious beliefs. And, our government is responsible for these deaths just as Hasan is because our government knew he was in contact with members of Al Qaeda. But they thought nothing was wrong with that! Hasan supposedly was a devout Muslim. Seems he is a hypocrital Muslim - he murdered, he frequented strip clubs and drank beer. He's a traitor, he was in contact with our enemies - why have we been at war if not for Al Qaeda and extremist Muslims who attacked us on 9/11? I saw Evan Thomas of Newsweek on telvision tonight saying that, "I cringe that he's a Muslim because it just inflames all the fears. I think he's probably just a nut case. But with that label attached to him it'll get the right wing going..." Why say such bullshit? It SHOULD remind people of what's real in this world for everybody. Right wing, my ass.

For years I posted articles on my site that warned that if people did not take it seriously, there would be Al Qaeda on our doorsteps. And it's happened, due to lax attitudes, negligence, fear of being politically correct. There is no politically correct when someone is out to kill you. We have to get over this crap about being politically correct and call it for what it is - hate crimes, terrorism, murder because of crazy beliefs. Not for one minute do I believe that Hasan was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. He wasn't in battle. Nothing happened to him to give him PTSS. When he was shooting and killing his fellow soldiers, "He was very swift, very tactical," Spc. Logan Burnette told reporters Wednesday outside the Metroplex Adventist Hospital near Fort Hood. That's not someone who's crazy or under stress.

Hasan lectured that Muslims should not go up against another Muslim in war - and he was an officer in the U.S. military! He said that if you don't believe in Islam you will go directly to hell. And no one said a word, and everyone, including a psychiatrist who was present and witnessed that, was freaked out. But people can't say anything against a Muslim. (Shades of Europe, already?) He knew EXACTLY what he was doing, and why. He planned it and carried it out. He should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as a mass murderer and terrorist, and a traitor to our military and country. Furthermore, those government officials who didn't think something was wrong with him being in touch with Al Qaeda should also face the consequences of their actions.

Oct. 15, 2009:
A large helium-filled, mylar weather balloon caught the attention of America today because a six-year old boy was thought to be in it. The balloon became unthethered and flew away, reaching an altitude of over 8.000 feet. My first thought was wondering if the boy saw the movie "Up" and was trying to have an adventure as character in the film had. The nation was so transfixed on this balloon story that even those working at the NYSE stopped what they were doing to watch and hoped the best for the little boy. All air space in Colorado was at a standstill to make way for the balloon. At this point nobody knows where the boy is, or if he ever was in the balloon and perhaps fell out early in flight. I don't know how a person could survive for very long in that balloon, but who knows? What is truly fascinating is that this "first" is more important than anything else that everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the news and the balloon flying and finally coming down. It brings people back to the very basics of the value of life, putting one's self in the place of the boy's parents and the fear and worry they have. Compassion. Caring. Human nature, perhaps our divine nature at its best. I hope this boy is found safe.

Oct. 12, 2009:
I'm putting out a notice to anybody who is interested in going to a sweat lodge ceremony. Do NOT stay in there longer than 15 minutes, and do not fast before going into one. If you have a heart or thyroid condition, or any other condition that cannot tolerate intense heat or increased heart rate or blood pressure, do not do the sweat. Be sure you always have fresh water to drink and fresh air while in a sweat lodge. If you don't feel well, then get out of the lodge. Don't risk an imbalance in your electrolytes. Do NOT do the sweat naked, NEVER sit on the ground naked, and sex is not part of a sweat lodge ceremony. You do NOT have to pay thousands of dollars to do a sweat lodge ceremony.

Sept. 24, 2009:
CNN is so biased against Israel: Today Netanyahu addressed the United Nations to an audience that applauded him many times for his brilliant speech. CNN's web site's front page didn't even mention it while it was happening. However, Foxnews' web site had a large banner on the top of their main page saying what was happening and that we could watch it live on their site for free. Following the speech, CNN's news coverage allowed one complete sentence by Netanyhu and cut off his following sentence mid-stream. They then showed the terrorist/liar/anti-Semite Ahmadinejad (who most UN members walked out on in protest) many sentences of vomiting his hatred and lies (propaganda) against Israel. Why? BIASED! Contrast that with Foxnews doing a special discussion on Netanyahu's speech, they touted as being a healthy dose of reality and a powerful speech. Yes, it was. I wrote to CNN to complain that they had nothing on their site about Netanyahu's speech. I don't know if my message had any effect, or if others wrote to CNN. It took over three hours, THREE HOURS, for CNN to put up an article covering the speech.

Sept. 16, 2009
Two people that affected my generation died today - Mary Travers (of Peter, Paul & Mary) and Henry Gibson ("Laugh-In" and "Boston Legal"). Gibson was a good actor and a very funny comedian who brought us a lot of laughs since the 1960s. But no one had more of a major effect upon my life than Mary Travers. Earlier this year I was thinking about her life and how she played such important roles as a female singer and peace activist. I wanted to write a tribute to her because I think her so much for her example of a powerful, loving, peaceful woman who lived her convictions. Her singing style was also powerful, unique, and she sang unlike those who preceeded her. Mary belted out songs in beautiful harmony with Peter and Noel Paul and she tossed her head around and gave it her all. Her passion for music and the message is what moved me the most. When I was younger people used to mistake me for being Mary - we looked very much alike, so that contributed to having a special feeling for her. I sang her songs and saw the group in concert several times and loved every minute. An era is gone today and it's a tremendous loss for America and the world. Rest in beautiful, golden white peace surrounded by angels, Mary, and thank you.

Sept. 16, 2009
There is an obvious double standard going on...I pose this question to the news media and political machine: what is the difference between Wilson calling Obama a liar, Obama calling Kanye West a jackass, and twittering the truth? These are all truths, and they can be considered rude, disrespectful, even as truth. Is Obama's comment off the record and allowed because he's a president? But Wilson gets creamed for being honest? People are entitled to their feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and to express them - IN AMERICA. The truth will continue to be exposed and double standards should not apply. The truth will set you free, eh? We must not be afraid of the truth. We can word it in a more loving and respectful way, however. And oh yes, all of this is connected to anger energy. In regards to anger, we can include the threats issued by Williams at the tennis playoffs. I think people aren't getting the whole picture - they keep sidestepping it! To divert attention from the real issues, Jimmy Carter says this is about racism. Carter, who lied in his own books, who is an anti-Semite lectures accuses racism? No, the majority of people who are upset are feeling that way because of what Obama is saying and doing to America.

Sept. 8, 2009
This day has given me an observation that I could not ignore: EVERY WOMAN, EVERYWHERE I went today (including myself) was wearing black. At the bakery alone there were five women (workers and customers) and each one wore complete black. I couldn't help but talk about it out loud to one of the women who was oblivious to it. Even on the 5pm news I watched the anchor wore a black jacket (I've never seen her do that before). When this kind of synchronicity occurs I pay attention because it means something. And I don't mean that every woman wore it believing it made them look thinner lol. Black encompasses all colors, it is also an attractor, absorber and keeper of energy (which is why it's used for mourning in many cultures). What happened that made each of us wear black today? It's still hot outside, and I would not normally wear black in summer but I suddenly had the urge to wear it. I mentioned to my son seeing all women wearing black today and he said that he noticed that most of the women on his school campus were in black today, too. In the evening, I heard from a friend of mine who went to a funeral today. She said that she only wears black to a funeral if it is a relative's and she is mourning, but today she decided to wear black even though the funeral was not a family member. Very interesting but I'm not yet sure what it means. Hope to get more insight into this.

Sept. 6, 2009:
I wonder why Senator Dianne Feinstein has SOOOOO much frickin' time on her hands that most of what she does for the past two weeks is tweet stupid photos of Obama! We are paying a Senator for this? I protest! Kick her out!

August 31, 2009:
We are having a fire disaster in Los Angeles and our Senator Feinstein is Twittering a stupid photo of Obama eating fruit in a market! Where are her priorities?

I hold all California lawmakers responsible for our living in hell, for the damage and destruction to property and life. The fires here are never fought aggressively from the get-go, therefore they quickly become huge and deadly. The fire departments are annually delusional, believing they can handle these brushfires on the ground. They can't and year after year of writing to Senators and Congress has done nothing to change the system. The big tankers should be used immediately and put out the fires before they spread. Even though we got a couple more, we still need more tankers. We also need to be able to use more water so that there is not so much dry brush. But, NOOOOO, California has regulated how much water we can use, when and for how long we can water our gardens. It's absurd. They know this is fire season and the lack of water will only add to more fires and destruction. We pay taxes upon taxes to a state that cannot budget money, and our tax dollars are also up in smoke now. Not only is the weather hot, the fires hot, but my temper is quite hot at the moment, too.

Now our telecommunications transmission towers and the Mt. Wilson Observatory are in serious jeopardy. This is the birth place of modern astronomy, where black holes were discovered, where Einstein expanded his theory of the size of the universe, and where the magnetic field of the sun is still being studied. Where are the tankers near Mt. Wilson? I'll tell you where - on the ground. This afternoon the news showed two super scoopers (planes that hold water for dropping on fires) on loan, leased, from Ontario, Canada. Why are they on the ground? A bunch of idiots are running our state.

July 27, 2009:
I just saw the musical-comedy "Spamalot" - the funniest show I've ever seen. If you like Monty Python and parodies, you'll enjoy this show. [Ended up seeing it twice!]

I wish people would lay off of attacking Sarah Palin. Let me ask you this - do you eat meat? Somebody kills the fish, animal, fowl, or whatever, you eat and prepares it for you so you can buy it at the market or in a restaurant. Palin at least has the guts, honesty, ability, and knowledge to be self-sufficient. How many people today can say that? How many women today can say that? Palin uses all of the animal she kills and this is in complete support of the natural balance of things on earth and the Native American philosophy, by the way. Do you go out and bitch about Native Americans killing animals so they can eat, and use the entire animal for clothing and shelter (certainly I refer to those who still do this). Do you complain about people who fish?

Palin does not kill animals for sport, nor does she advocate needless killing. As a governor she had to take a stand against encroachment, and out of balance numbers of certain animals, such as wolves, that would endanger moose and other wildlife. Maybe the wolves could have been captured and relocated - but that would be a huge undertaking and I don't know how much money or time that would require, and where the wolves would be placed. There has always been a thinning of certain herds to support the lives of other animals. So, I really think this has been blown way out of proportion just because it's Sarah Palin, and a woman governor. That's really what it all comes down to - a woman in power. The attacks against her and her family disgust me and I would hope all women and men who value women and family, even if you don't agree with her on her position on every single issue. It is more than that.

July 16, 2009:
I was watching the CNN show and some film clips of MJ were shown and his right wrist appeared to be deformed, lumpy. Nobody seemed to have noticed, nobody mentioned anything about it. I wonder what he had to make his forearm so deformed. Anyone know?

July 12, 2009:
A Michael Jackson update: I was watching Geraldo last night and he had the doctor on who did the intimate examination of Michael Jackson during the molestation trial. This doctor is now Geraldo's son's new father-in-law. The show was interviewing lawyers and doctors, including Baden and Geragos and they all said that the government is going after the doctors for murdering MJ. They repeated that MJ had so many fresh needle marks on his arms - so many collapsed veins, too. How on earth could anybody take over 40 Xanax a night? Good lord - MJ was so screwed up. So, the doctor who examined him in 1993 said (for the first time now) that there was no evidence at that time of Dr. Klein prescribing drugs for Michael. Michael did have vitiligo and bleached his skin to make it one color (which many of us suspected).

He said Michael Jackson's genitalia were oddly colored with both light and dark colored skin, and the description and photos taken showed it, and all were exactly what the child in the case had attested to. He said that Michael had only skin involvement of Lupus (that was shown in his nose), so it wasn't extreme. The nose had scarring from the Lupus and the attempts to fix it didn't work. He was trying to look like a normal guy. Otherwise he was pretty healthy. Dr. Klein was the only one who could calm down Michael. MJ paid $15.3 million to the Chandler family. Furthermore, the doctor said that it isn't completely normal for a child to describe the genitalia in such detail under normal circumstances. So, the fact that this child could do so, was unusual. But, what actually took place between them, he had no way of knowing.

Another doctor named Sebi talked about MJ coming to him for help because MJ was delirious, couldn't sleep, and was undernourished. He gave him bromides, iodizes, carbonates, phosphates. Dr. Baden said that it sounds like herbs, harmless drugs, and that it probably didn't help MJ, but it didn't harm.

I am not surprised at all that the boy who accused MJ of molestation could describe MJ's genitalia. In the early 1990s, I had a dream about a music star who was like the Pied Piper, luring young children to his lair, in which he would tempt them with toys and treats. Once he had them in his spell (so to speak), he would give them substances to relax them. He would also have them photographed. There was more to my dream that I will not write here. When I woke up, I knew that the music star in my dream was MJ, and I was shocked. It was like a light bulb went off in my head. When the molestation trial came up in 1993, it made sense to me.

I don't believe MJ was killed as a conspiracy for his money and assets. If somebody wanted money from him, he'd be better off alive than dead. What LaToya is accusing, makes no sense to me, unless she can provide some kind of written contract showing MJ transferred stuff to someone else right before he died. I don't believe MJ was murdered intentionally. I think he did himself in with the help of a doctor who let him have meds he should never have had, and didn't have the right help when he needed it at the end.

July 8, 2009:
I wonder if Michael Jackson's children have the right to know their biological heritage. I think it's a crime that "Blanket's" mother was listed on his birth certificate as "none". That is a huge disservice to the child.

July 7, 2009:
What a spectacle today. Some of it was respectful, loving, (yes, Jackson did call attention to very important issues through his music videos), it was exploitive, and some of it was just plain lies about Michael. Yeah, at least they said he had his flaws. While I could feel the emotions of many people at the memorial, the one person who seemed to take this very hard and whose feelings were very intense was Lionel Richie.

Do you know how much this circus costs Los Angeles? Millions. I hope the Jackson family and Staples will pay for it. There is no reason we taxpayers should pay. Interesting that this was not the most popular show today - some venues even cancelled for low turnout.

This doesn't make sense to me. Why would the Jackson family have a funeral service at Forest Lawn, and THEN bring MJ's coffin with them to Staples? Why wouldn't it be buried while they were there? Why did they have to schlepp it around? (I think it was a decoy.) His soul isn't in there. His soul is still probably so drugged and groggy it has no idea where it is, what happened, and it will take some time for it to clear itself to know what is what and be healed.

I feel sorry for the children - Michael is the only parent they knew. I hope they will be placed with the right person to raise them from now on. They need a mother, but not Rowe. I wonder if the children ever asked their dad, Michael, why he used to be black and ended up white, and why his face changed so much. How could he look them in the eye and tell them to feel good about themselves, accept themselves just as they are? Can the African-American culture really mean they love Michael when he did everything possible to not appear African-American? Those children should have the right to know who they are, too. Who are their real biological parents.

One speaker (Jermaine or Marlon) said that God decided to take Michael, and Stevie Wonder said God must have needed him more. How arrogant! No - Michael took himself out, say it like it is. If a grown person is living a life that has him unable to sleep without a major drug to knock him out, and ultimately kill him, then something is wrong with that kind of life! Get out of denial and deal with it. Marlon also hoped that "they" would leave Michael alone now. Michael didn't like being left alone, that's why he tried to make a comeback - because he knew his career was dead for years. Then, Smokey Robinson wondering how a very young Jackson could know about loving somebody who hurt you and then losing them and wanting them back. Need we remind Smokey about Michael's father?

And that embarassing display by a Congresswoman from Texas! Why does the government get involved in a funeral of someone that was not a statesman? She never said anything like that about our troops putting their lives on the line and dying every day! Look in the mirror - indeed. Michael couldn't stand seeing himself in the mirror. Can she look at her own reflection and love what she sees? If that wasn't enough, there were Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton - both make me ill with their need to fabricate a racial issue out of Michael Jackson's death, not to mention how overdone their praises of Jackson were. I wish those two men would just shut up and stay out of other people's business already.

Every network had to cover this show, as if there was no other important events happening today. The media has become suckers. And oh - about the child molestation cases? Acquitted doesn't mean he did nothing. Remember, Michael paid off something like $20 million to make one case go away. Let's also remember that Michael openly admitted that he slept with other people's children in the same bed. I leave you with a great comedy routine by the late Richard Jenni (who sadly took his own life a couple of years ago).

I love the music to Jackson's song "They Don't Care About Us" but who are the us he's referring to? I also don't understand why he used these words:
Jew me, Sue me
Everybody do me
Kick me, Kike me
Was this a jab at bigots, or was Jackson being biased against Jews? If a white person used the N word in a song believe me Jackson would detest it. So why do the same to the Jews? These words are a huge insult.

July 5, 2009:
This morning I had a dream about Sarah Palin. She was standing with her family in a type of fair or outdoor store environment, and she was interested in a key chain that was quite simple. It had a thin rectangular plaque that on one side said "Coca Cola" and on the other side "We bring good things to life" (which is GE's motto, I think). The key on this thing was for a Cadillac. I had the impression she got a new corporate deal for a job, maybe on television. I think it's weird that both those companies were on the same key chain plaque, but maybe both will endorse her. The motto kept repeating to me and I felt that her focus was bringing good things to life.

July 3, 2009:
North Korea keeps firing off missiles but Obama focuses on stopping the growth Israeli settlements (within their own country), and Israel is the threat for that reason? Talk about twisted priorities!

Happy Independence Day!

July 2, 2009:
I wish the Jackson family would have MJ cremated and his ashes scattered. That way there would be no shrine, no more idol worship, flocking to a grave where he is not. Spending $25,000 on a fancy coffin is ludicrous, a waste of money. If they honored Michael, they'd not do this to him after death because it's just more exploitation.

June 28, 2009:
Wow, you'd think a father would be grieving for his son, because he loved his son. But what is the first thing Joe Jackson says at the BET Awards? That they lost the greatest star on earth. A star, not a son, his cash cow, not a human being. Joe took that opportunity to plug his new business venture! Disgusting. Joe also had the nerve to say that people should have recognized Michael when he was alive. How bitter. Has Joe been living under a rock? MJ won countless awards, was granted privileges nobody should have been granted, was adored and fawned over plenty while he was alive. What should have happened was something like this: that Michael would have listened to his real friends and associates who warned him and tried to get him off drugs and a damaging lifestyle. Michael wouldn't take heed, however. He did himself in, just as he wanted to so he could be compared to Elvis. And people want to make an idol out of this guy? I'm disgusted by all the media attention and Jaime Foxx saying that the media is doing something like conspiring and making up things about Michael Jackson. Hey, Jackson did it to himself. Don't defend him or make excuses for him. He was an adult who was smart enough to put out some great music videos and con people, so there is no reason he couldn't have gotten his life in shape. It was his own responsibility. End of story.

June 26, 2009:
An article worth reading about Michael Jackson.

June 25, 2009:
Michael Jackson just died, and here we go again with the media making out this tragic man to be a saint. Jackson did contribute a lot to music and dance, he was a phenomenal performer and in his own way united the world. I love his "Black/White" music video the best for what it expressed. "We Are The Word", "Smooth Criminal", and all the great creative things that came out of Michael with music and dance. But, let's keep some perspective before we all worship him as an idol in death.

Jackson was a man who didn't know what it was like to be a man, just as he didn't know what it was like to have a childhood. He was abused as a child and hated himself, therefore all the plastic surgery. He did try to be a good father, but he called two of his sons Prince Michael (1 and 2, 2 often being called "Blanket", gag me - couldn't he give them each a unique name of their own?), and he felt like he was the royal king of an imaginary country...Neverland. He dangled his baby upside down out of a hotel window, he made his kids wear veils in public. He traveled around the world, moving from home to home, blowing his money on anything and everything. He didn't keep his word and contracts he made. He didn't respect his employees - those at Neverland weren't paid for months and suddenly Jackson was gone, left them dangling, too. Too bad they didn't see it coming. He used people (and vice-versa) and was terribly fearful of real life, often concoting medical excuses for not appearing. He made his court dates a circus. Even today, people thought this could have been one more ploy to get out of his upcoming tour. He was addicted to substances. Grace Rwaramba, his children's nanny who worked for him for 17 years, said she often had to pump his stomach because he mixed medications. He didn't even keep his house clean and had no money for his kids at home. Is this the man you want to idolize? The man wasn't perfect, nobody is. He wasn't a saint. He was a sad and sensitive man who never found real peace and kept trying to be adored by the public. He's in a much better place now, and I only hope his kids will be, too.

Let's learn from Jackson how a life out of balance can have tragic consequences, and yet he tried to give his children the life he never had as a child. He tried to bring joy to children, and he did bring joy to many. While he did get joy from watching happy children, unfortunately what he sought for himself he did not really obtain. It will be interesting to find out what the cause of his death was. He was a frail man who supposedly ate only one meal a day. Was he anorexic and did the stress of the tour prove too much for his body? f

June 22, 2009:
Ditz award goes to the judge who sentenced Chris Brown to five years probation and 180 days of community service picking up trash or cleaning graffiti and to have domestic violence counseling instead of serving jail time for nearly killing Rihanna. Yes, folks, that's how much a woman's life is valued in OUR OWN COURT SYSTEM! What is with that judge to agree to this plea bargain?

June 22, 2009:
Bravo - this is saying it like it is:
French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the Muslim burqa would not be welcome in France, calling the full-body religious gown a sign of the "debasement" of women.

In the first presidential address to parliament in 136 years, Sarkozy faced critics who fear the burqa issue could stigmatize France's Muslims and said he supported banning the garment from being worn in public.

"In our country, we cannot accept that women be prisoners behind a screen, cut off from all social life, deprived of all identity," Sarkozy said to extended applause at the Chateau of Versailles, southwest of Paris.

"The burqa is not a religious sign, it's a sign of subservience, a sign of debasement - I want to say it solemnly," he said. "It will not be welcome on the territory of the French Republic."

June 20, 2009:
Happy Summer Solistice - may it usher in freedom, love, peace, and more light for all beings.

I support the Persian people for their protests against tyranny and corruption. I hope they will not give their power away to anybody else and will keep fighting for equality and freedom. No more martyrs, either! That is completely unnecessary. Nobody has to martyr themselves. What use is a dead martyr? It is meaningless and the waste of a life. I hope people will calm down and regain a centeredness and focus on peace and empowerment for all people. Amadinejad and the Ayatollah - their time is finished. It is time for a new Iran. Now the Persians see how their own leaders treat the people who peacefully demonstrated, and journalists for taking pictures. A wake-up call, indeed.

We also can look at what's happening in Iran as a reflection upon our own freedoms. Are we losing our freedoms? How? How important is your freedom? What does the Constitution mean to you? Do you feel our government is upholding our Constitution and what our founders intended for our nation? I sure don't think they are. What would you do to keep your freedom intact? Because when people are pushed too far, they will rebel because freedom is our natural and divine state of being that no government has a right to deny us. Please remind yourselves about what America is all about by reading the basics of the Constitution.

June 16, 2009:
Well, why should we be shocked to learn that Jimmy Carter wants Hamas removed from the list of terrorists? He has been befriending Hamas for a long time. Dealing with them on his own in spite of the fact that they are murderers and on the U.S. terrorist list. Why should the U.S. remove Hamas from this list after they continue to attack Israel? Who sent thousands of missiles into Israel in the past year alone? Hamas. Who refuses to acknowledge the existence of Israel and wants to destroy Israel? Hamas.

More power to the Persian people for standing up to their dictatorship and wanting freedom.

The world reaction to Netanyahu's speech has done exactly what he set out to do:
to prove that there are many in the world that do not want Israel to exist, not a Jewish country to exist. They NEED their scapegoat, after all, it seems. It is perfectly fine to have a Catholic country - the Vatican - and other countries based on Catholicism or Christianity, or Muslim nations, or Hindu or Buddhist countries, but not a Jewish one - can't have that. To those countries, I say a very big FUCK YOU. And I hope Israel will do the same.

June 14, 2009:
If Palestinians really want a peaceful co-existence, why don't they work WITH Israel, IN Israel and share the country, the army, all that it means? No, they don't want that because they want all of Israel. Okay, so now In his first speech accepting the concept of a two-state solution for the Middle East conflict, Netanyahu set rigid conditions for moving forward. Among them: unequivocal Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish national state with Jerusalem as its capital, and full demilitarization for a Palestinian state -- no army, no rockets or missiles, no control of airspace. I think it must include the removal of the PLO Charter which calls for the destruction of Israel.

"I say this in a clear voice -- if we receive a guarantee of this demilitarized unit, we will be prepared to reach agreement to a demilitarized Palestine side by side with the Jewish state," Netanyahu said, according to a direct translation of his speech at Bar-Ilan University's Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies in Ramat Gan, Israel.

This is the most acceptable way to have a Palestinian state for now. They are the threat to Israel and have to prove that they mean peace and will live peacefully. It sure will be better than what they now have, and if they don't like it, once again I pose the question to all of the other Arab nations - if you truly care so much, then why don't YOU give YOUR LAND for a Palestinian state? Nobody stops them from doing so.

The connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel goes back more than 3,500 years, the prime minister said. "This is the land of our forefathers.

"The right of the Jewish people to a state in the Land of Israel does not derive from the catastrophes that have plagued our people," he said. "True, for 2,000 years the Jewish people suffered expulsions, pogroms, blood libels and massacres which culminated in a Holocaust - a suffering which has no parallel in human history.

"There are those who say that if the Holocaust had not occurred, the State of Israel would never have been established. But I say that if the State of Israel would have been established earlier, the Holocaust would not have occurred." Regarding Jerusalem, Netanyahu said it "must remain the united capital of Israel with continued religious freedom for all faiths." RIGHT ON. The full text of the speech can be read here.

June 12, 2009:
I just watched an outstanding film that shows the reality of what's going on in the world when it comes to religion, politics, terrorism. I hope you will rent it and watch it: "Where in the world is Osama bin Laden?"

Can you imagine what would have happened had David Letterman called Hillary Clinton's, Michelle Obama's looks as being slutty airline attendants, or their underage daughters by saying that they would get "knocked up" by a baseball player during intermission? Does that comment about slutty looks go for the male attendants, too, Letterman? Or, are you still living in the 1950s?

So why is there still a double standard when it comes to Sarah Palin? Why is it alright for her to be attacked with such words by Letterman, and CBS does nothing about it? Letterman and CBS had plenty of time to edit those comments off the show before air time. Palin is right in saying that Letterman should apologize to ALL women in America for his comments. Letterman, like Johnny Carson had, has a history of demeaning speech about women. (That is one reason why I don't watch his show; the other reason is that I don't find his humor intelligent or funny.) It's time he's held accountable to what he says. It is time that male talk show hosts and comedians stop demeaning women and children, while believing that it's funny.

June 8, 2009:
People prefer to deny Obama's doublespeak, arrogance, and that he now identifies as a Muslim, (now it's okay to use his middle name, when during the campaign nobody was allowed to mention it). They don't want to see his socialism and dictator mentality, and you want to believe he supports Israel and the Jews, but I still don't trust a man who just today said, "I have no patience for people who don't respect history" and then he doesn't respect the history of Israel. The other day Obama America is one of the largest Muslim nations in the word (not true). He apologizes for America. He still doesn't address the real issue behind the West Bank. He keeps getting it wrong. Israel has ALWAYS been the only homeland for the Jews, and the Jews never willingly left Israel. Wherever they were, they vowed and prayed to return to Israel. Israel is also the only place where Jews are sovereign.

Can you tell me who founded the original "Palestinian" state in ancient history? What form of government did it have? What was its borders? What was its capital? What was its official language and form of currency? What kind of food, religion, or culture did it have? Why did nobody say anything about this so-called "Palestinian" state until after Israel won the 1967 war? Why were these so-called "Palestinian" people living mostly in Jordan? (Philistines were Greek. Delilah and Goliath were Philistines. The Philistines died out.) Why were they kicked out of numerous Arab nations? If you don't know the answer to these questions, then you don't know anything about the history of Israel and its surrounding Arab neighbors. You don't even know that this "Palestine" is a recent fabrication by Muslim Arabs that has only one goal - the complete destruction of Israel, and that hasn't changed.

If Arab hatred toward Israel is based on their love and support for their Palestinian brethren and their wanting to have their own state, where were those concerns before modern-day Israel? Why didn't they rise up and speak out when the Kingdom of Jordan temporarily ruled the area? Why didn't the Arab world and the United Nations call on Jordan to stop occupying Palestinian land? Fact is, the Palestinian people didn't exist until 1967, LONG AFTER Israel became a state. Prior to that they were just Arabs belonging to different Arab nations.

June 3, 2009:
Do you remember during the presidential campaign, Obama downplayed his Muslim heritage and education? In fact, he didn't even utter his own middle name - nobody in his campaign did. Obama said that his father was an Agnostic. Now he says that he's a "confirmed Athiest". His step-father, father, brother - all Muslims. Obama was educated in a Muslim public school. He said he made faces during Koranic studies. But, as he's done before, he does a switcheroo and now embraces his Muslimness. But, in his youth nobody was that religious. In his 30s Obama became a Christian. Now he's going to use his Muslimness for influence in the Arab and Muslim world. He already told a French publication the other day that America is one of the largest Muslim nations in the world. WHAT???? Nothing in his sentence is true! Let's see what else he does, shall we? Let's see him ignore the real issue of what constitutes Israel and how he keeps trying to control Israel from building. Please read Occupied Territories? for the history and reality of what the West Bank is and who has legal control over it. Oh, and Obama, the Arabs were not kicked out of Israel in 1948.

June 2, 2009:
North Korea's Kim Jong Il has chosen his third and youngest son, Kim Jong Un, to succeed him. It is interesting that this son had a Swiss education and western influence and likes American sports figures. Kim Jong Il did not choose his other sons because they were not manly enough. The eldest was caught trying to sneak into Japan to go to Disney World, and the middle son is accused of having "the heart of a woman"! As if that's a bad thing?! Why is having the heart of a woman a disqualifying offense in North Korea? I think what North Korean needs is a woman's heart! Maybe then North Korea would develop compassion and not focus so much on weaponry and war.

May 14, 2009:
Eurovision Song Contest - this year is in Moscow. My top favorites for this year are: Israel, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, Turkey, Moldova, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Finland. Finals are Saturday night. Honorable mention - Malta - beautiful song and a great singer, but this is not a song that will win this kind of competition.

May 10, 2009:
Why is the Arab and Muslim world always about abuse and not respecting one another? What beasts! Husbands are allowed to slap their wives if they spend too much, a Saudi judge said recently during a seminar on domestic violence, Saudi media reported Sunday. They've been raised to see women this way, that they're less than a person," Saudi women's rights activist Wajeha Al-Huwaider told CNN.

April 30, 2009:
Last night after American Idol, our local Los Angeles Foxnews reporters Terri Seymour (Simon's former girl friend) and Jane Yamamoto interviewed people from the show. Yamamoto talked with Jamie Foxx about working with the singers from the show and he said, "To see these white kids with all of this soul coming out of their body - it flipped me out." He was deadly serious - it was NOT a joke. I'm shocked that he would think that soul belongs only to blacks, and make this a racial issue. Jaime - this is 2009, not 1951. Foxx and I went to the same performing arts university in San Diego, and let me tell you, there were lots of white kids there with plenty of soul. He should know better. He just showed exposed a part of himself that is not cool. By the way, on AI Foxx performed his number one song and it is horrible. How did this song get to number one? Anyway, we're all people - and people from all races have soul.

April 21, 2009:
The rest of the story (from my post yesterday)...
Co-director Shanna Moakler, best know as Travis Barker's wife in the MTV reality show "Meet the Barkers," said that she fully supported Lewis' condemnation of Prejean's views.

Blogger Perez Hilton was also enraged, calling Prejean a "stuipd b***h" in a video tirade he aired on his blog. [Wow, that's not very loving and tolerant of other viewpoints, and yet they demand Prejean share their beliefs?]

But the backlash is having little affect on Prejean, 21, she says.

"I wouldn't have had it any other way. I stated an opinion that was true to myself, and that's all I can do," she told Billy Bush, who hosted Miss USA, on his radio talk show on Monday.

"It did cost me my crown," Prejean continued. "It is a very touchy subject and [Hilton] is a homosexual, and I see where he was coming from and I see the audience would've wanted me to be more politically correct. But I was raised in a way that you can never compromise your beliefs and your opinions for anything."

"I feel like I won," she said. "I feel like I'm the winner. I really do." [I agree - good for her.]

Prejean also said that her sister, a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force, and a supporter of gay marriage, was not offended by her answer.

"She was just in my hotel room and she said, 'Sis, I'm not offended by anything that you said. We have two different opinions and I love you because of it. I love you because you stood up for what was right, and it's not a matter of being gay or not gay, it's a matter of you competing for Miss USA and getting a question and answering it to the best of your ability." [Now, that's a cool attitude!]

Miss California's answer sparked a shouting match in the lobby after the show.

"It's ugly," said Scott Ihrig, a gay man, who attended the pageant with his partner. "I think it's ridiculous that she got first runner-up. That is not the value of 95 percent of the people in this audience. Look around this audience and tell me how many gay men there are."

Charmaine Koonce, the mother of Miss New Mexico USA Bianca Matamoros-Koonce, argued back.

"In the Bible it says marriage is between Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!"

The winner, Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton, a 22-year-old aspiring motivational speaker and entertainer from Wilmington, edged out Prejean and second runner-up, Miss Arizona USA Alicia-Monique Blanco, of Phoenix.

April 20, 2009:
I saw the news last night with a report that Miss North Carolina is the new Miss USA and the first runner-up is Miss California. At least one writer and suggested that the answer Miss California gave regarding a question about gay marriage cost her the title.

When asked by judge Perez Hilton, an openly gay gossip blogger, whether she believed in gay marriage, Miss California, Carrie Prejean, said "We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised."

Keith Lewis, who runs the Miss California competition, tells that he was "saddened" by Prejean's statement. "As co-director of the Miss California USA, I am personally saddened and hurt that Miss California believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman," said Lewis in a statement. "I believe all religions should be able to ordain what unions they see fit. I do not believe our government should be able to discriminate against anyone and religious beliefs have no politics in the Miss California family." [,2933,517137,00.html]

My god, is no one entitled to their own ideas, beliefs, religious faiths? Does everybody have to think alike, and does everybody have to embrace gay marriage? I thought we live in America and in a freer society than some other countries in the world. Lewis and Hilton seem to want us to think otherwise. Why are they entitled to their beliefs and lifestyles but Miss California isn't? Because she didn't conform to gay thinking she was held back from being Miss USA. This is just another form of a dictatorship, and this is calling our attention to beware of how some people are trying to control our personal beliefs and make it policy. Shame on them!

April 15, 2009:
Okay, I have to say I told you so. I warned about the tax issues before the presidential election and that if Obama wins he will steer our country towards socialism while taxing more, and he has done this. Obama had the nerve today to say that he kept his word regarding people who make less than $200,000 a year and they got their break "BECAUSE THEY EARNED IT"! Hey, Obama, everybody earned what they made, whether they made $100 or a million dollars. Obama is still acting like Robbing Hood and it isn't right. Tax everybody through sales tax and keep it equal, erradicate the class wars instead of feeding them and dividing people, Obama! We are taxed up the wahzoo, ALL OF US.

April 14, 2009:
I'm glad the rocket from No. Korea was a dud.

Phil Spector was convicted of 2nd degree murder with the use of a firearm and he's in jail. This is a victory for justice and for all women, and most certainly for Lana Clarkson, her family and her memory. I feel better knowing that Spector is behind bars and can't harm another woman. He'll spend the rest of his life in jail.

April 4, 2009:
No. Korea launched a rocket tonight (my time) in defiance of the world community. This just goes to show you that a very small and sick man will do anything for his huge ego. (I wonder if he has a very tiny penis? Ya think?!) The saddest part about this is that the No. Korean people have such a misconception of the rest of the world thanks to the brainwashing of their leadership and educational system. They have extremely limited resources to even know what's going on in the world so they can think for themselves and question their dictatorship - or change it to a democracy. I am particulary disappointed that there are still leaders who are trying to get a one-upmanship over other leaders and nations, and think nothing of starting a war. What will it take to remove such leaders and give more power to the people for true freedom and democracy?

March 25, 2009:
I'm a fan of American Idol and have watched the show from the first year. I predicted the winners each year except for last year - I was hoping Archie would have won, but I saw that Simon favored Cook. At least both of them got recording contracts.

This year my favorite singer is Adam Lambert. He is a true artist in every sense of the word, knows how to play the game, gets into character, executes his songs brilliantly. What he does, how he does it, is incomparable to anybody else on this season's show. I think he is the best male singer to ever be on American Idol. I was fortunate enough to see his live performance in "Wicked" a year and a half ago. He then caught my attention as somebody to watch. If you can, view him on youtube, or on America Idol's site, and you can get his songs on iTunes if you like them. For me, he's this year's Idol.

Tonight Adam made a VERY SMART MOVE dressing up as he did in a classy, shiny suit and an Elvis/Kurt Russell look - no make-up. He knew that he had to show his diversity in order to not alienate some of the population. He sang beautifully - he always knows exactly how to sing a song and get its meaning across. I have an affinity for the guy because we share this connection with musical theatre and to ancient Egypt and the ankh. Ankhs rule!

Danny still comes in a strong second and Alison ties with him. I only wish Alison would not choke on her voice when she sings, but open her throat for a fuller sound. Kris and Matt were enjoyable. Megan's singing and arrangement was horrible (I used the same word as Simon). I agree with Simon that she is in serious trouble this week. Kara was right "My Guy" would have been the perfect choice for Megan. Anoop was just alright, a little boring. I liked Michael's performance, even though there were some rhythm mishaps, and it was a bit overdone. Michael loves singing, he has good energy, he appeals to the audience and he's good for warming up the audience. He might not be "the star" but he's good - he needs to take some more risks (as my husband says, and I agree). Lil can sing, and I like her, but I think "Heatwave" was not the best song for her - too much yelling and she went off-key. Scott, I'm sorry to say, will be low on the list this week with Megan and Anoop.

March 23, 2009:
Yes, it's very bizarre, as the article below states that a woman can be a journalist or a surgeon, but can't drive a freakin' car! I always find it incredible that men can't control their sexual urges so they demand that women deny who they are; women have to completely cover themselves and not be seen or heard! Don't you think it's the men that need to work on themselves? Or, finally admit that humans are sexual, sensual beings and that is normal. There is nothing in Islam that bans music from being played or heard, either. Proof of that can be seen in the Sufis and the whirling Dervishes, Cat Steves/Yusuf Islam, and in the prayers, themselves. This kind of thinking as these Saudi clerics is crazy, all attempts to keep women as slaves, and to keep joy and fun out of life - that breeds anger.

A group of Saudi clerics urged the kingdom's new information minister on Sunday to ban women from appearing on TV or in newspapers and magazines, making clear that the country's hardline religious establishment is skeptical of a new push toward moderation.

In a statement, the 35 hardline clergymen also called on Abdel Aziz Khoja, who was appointed by King Abdullah on Feb. 14, to prohibit the playing of music and music shows on television.

"We have great hope that this media reform will be accomplished by you," said the statement. "We have noticed how well-rooted perversity is in the Ministry of Information and Culture, in television, radio, press, culture clubs and the book fair."

Although it raises the pressure on the new minister, the recommendation is likely to have little effect. Khoja's appointment was part of a government shake-up by Abdullah that removed a number of hardline figures and is believed to be part of an effort to weaken the influence of conservatives in this devout desert kingdom.

"No Saudi women should appear on TV, no matter what the reason," the statement said. "No images of women should appear in Saudi newspapers and magazines."

Saudi Arabia was founded on an alliance with the conservative Wahhabi strain of Islam that sees the mixing of sexes as anathema and believes the playing of music violates religious values.

The former information minister, Iyad Madani, earned the ire of hardliners several years ago by allowing music in government-run TV and female journalists to interview men, despite the country's strict gender-segregation rules.

Women also appear on Saudi television with their faces showing, though most in public totally cover themselves.

Newspapers publish pictures of Saudi women, but almost always with their heads covered, while pictures of Western entertainers are shown but bare arms and cleavage are painted over.

The clerics include several professors from the ultra-conservative Imam University, Islamic research scholars, a judge in a court in the resort of Taif and some government employees.

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, in town for meetings with Saudi officials, told a news conference that during lunch he sat between a female Saudi surgeon and a female journalist. He said while one woman is allowed to perform surgery and another is allowed to teach, neither is permitted to drive.

"I find that bizarre," he said. [no shit]

March 18, 2009
Why are any of you surprised about Rhianna being beaten up by Chris Brown? For years my generation (I'm in my 50s) complained about rap music (gangsta), their lyrics and treatment of women as being horrible role models. Women were treated like dogs and Chris Brown biting Rhianna is proof of that. Women in these music videos are property, they are called ho's, are only there for sex and bling, and are abused. Why are you surprised that more than one generation (but especially the young one now) doesn't find violence against women shocking? Indeed, some think Rhianna deserved it! Nobody deserves abuse! I think we have to hold the entertainment industry accountable for some of this, and parents, schools, and communities for the rest of it. Do you how that hundreds of thousands of women each year IN AMERICA are raped? Have you noticed the rise of murder against women and children? Come on - this is seriously wrong. May I remind everyone that you are alive because of a woman who carried you for 9 months and gave birth to you, and most women raise their children - often alone? Respect women because women give life and nurturing. If you don't respect women, you don't respect yourself or your life.

This abuse is indicative of a much larger issue of disrespect across the board. We see it everywhere in how people treat one another from people loudly talking on cell phones letting everyone hear their foul language and private business, to the inability of a company to know how to handle customer service. I personally feel that this began with the Reagen era in Washington and reached its peak during the Bush Administration, with their cockey and threatening attitudes, their lack of respect for others. Now we see it in politics in the Democratic Party, and the rudeness and corruption went full throttle during the past election. So why is anybody surprised? You're allowing it.

Respect must have a comeback in schools, in homes, in the workplace. Common decency and kindness, compassion. Abuse in any form is NOT love. Pleae read my complete article on abuse.

March 13, 2009:
I wish to share my intuitive hits on a few current legal cases: Anna Nicole Smith's death and that of her son, Daniel; Casey Anthony's trial for the murder of her daughter, Caylee; Phil Spector murder trial. There is no presumption of innocence in any of these cases - the evidence of their guilt is overwhelming. The DNA evidence in two of these cases is more than enough to convict the killers. And just fyi - presumption of innocence before guilt applies ONLY in a court of law.

When Anna's son, Daniel (who was not a drug addict) died from a drug overdose, my intuition said that Howard K. Stern was responsible for giving the drugs that killed Daniel. I had posted my concerns in Feb. of 2007 on this blog (see below) because I felt Stern was going after Anna's fortune, and the money she could be inheriting from her deceased husband's will. Stern would first find a way to get rid of Daniel so he would not be a threat to him, someone who would stand in the way of Stern inheriting Anna's money. Secondly, he manipulated and abused Anna to get control over her new baby and her fortune with the commitment ceremony. Remember also that Stern took photos of Daniel's dead body because he thought (and said) that the photos would be worth a lot of money some day. Stern also filmed Anna looking like a clown in a drugged-out stupor so he could make money off of the film. And yet denies any involvement in the deaths of Daniel and Anna, and he has the ghaul to say, "I loved Anna and Daniel more than words can express," Stern states. "I would never have done anything to harm either of them." If he really meant that, he'd never have abused Anna, filmed her and Daniel as he did, for money.

Stern also tried to keep Anna and Larry (the father of the baby) apart in every way, lied when he said that the baby was his, he lied about being responsible for drugging Anna, and he and her doctors were responsible for her huge collection of drugs obtained illegally, by deceit, and responsible for the abcess Smith received via an injection Stern gave her that contributed to her death. Stern is a dangerous man and I feel that the law has yet to uncover and/or expose all of his motives and methods. I hope he is put away for life for what he did.

Casey Anthony murdered her daughter for three reasons: to make her parents suffer because they loved Caylee more than Casey; her mother (especially) forced her to give birth and raise Caylee against Casey's wishes; Casey didn't want to be a mother, she wanted her freedom. There is also heresay that Cindy was threatening to legally adopt Caylee as her own the week Caylee went missing. Casey's father was a cop - hmmm...maybe it's also a thrill for her to outsmart her cop father?

Caylee's death was premeditated. There was never any nanny. Furthermore, why would Casey need a nanny when she had no job or income? How could she afford one? She doesn't report her child missing for a month? And Casey spends her time partying? That reminds me of Simpson and after the criminal trial how he'd go golfing and say he's looking for the "real killers". Caylee's remains were found (where Casey used to bury dead pets), with objects from her home, her head decapitated, duct tape wrapped around her mouth and skull and a heart sticker over that part covering her lips.

I feel Casey's brother knows more about Caylee's death than he's telling. Casey is a very disturbed woman, a pathalogical liar, a sociopath, and I don't believe that she has a conscience - she's completely narcissistic, just like Scott Peterson; both only thinking of themselves. They have no feelings for anybody else. I sincerely hope the prosecution will not flub the trial, thereby allowing Anthony to be freed.

Phil Spector has nearly a lifelong pattern and history of abuse, of hating and threatening women and a few men (including John Lennon) and of shooting off guns when he would get drunk and angry. "All women are fucking cunts and deserve a bullet in their heads." [Phil Spector] Spector killed Lana Clarkson and should spend the rest of his life in jail - and he doesn't have a very long life ahead of him for health reasons. Spector admitted he killed Clarkson to the limo driver, and to three police officers. After Clarkson was killed he didn't call 911. Instead, he changed clothes and tried to clean up and tamper with the evidence before the police arrived to his house, the murder scene. His blood is found on Clarkson and her blood is found around his house and on him. There is NO WAY Clarkson committed suicide. No way a woman who planned to go to a friend's party in the near future and who shopped with her mother and bought 8 pairs of new shoes for her new job that she was excited about goes right off to work and three hours later and kills herself! She met Spector while she was working and he convinced her to go home with him for a drink. She only knew that her boss told her Spector was an important customer and to treat him well. She felt she had to go with him. Boom - she's dead. Not by a gun she owned and had with her, but by Spector's gun (one of many he owns). She has her purse around her shoulder and arm, her coat, she's ready to leave to get her car, and the defense wants the jury to believe that she just spontaneously got severely depressed and committed suicide? Clarkson had no history of risk-taking, or suicidal attempts or threats. How can anybody respect a lawyer who lies and defends murderers? There is no way Spector's attorneys believe he's innocent. That is a crime in itself, in my opinion. I hope the present jury will convict him. (Spector's wife is with him mainly for his money and show.)

Drew Peterson - guilty of murdering his wives and disposing of at least one of their bodies.

March 10, 2009:
The only real way to have all people in America treated equally is to get rid of the IRS and taxing our income. We should only be taxed on what we purchase and use - what we consume.


November 4, 2008: McCain didn't do so badly after all, considering he spent significantly less than Obama, their popular vote wasn't that far apart. Change would be coming with either candidate - although different versions of change. I'm glad Bush will be out of the White House. I think this election was revolutionary in that it brought people out of their homes to vote, people who either never voted or felt that voting could make a difference. If only they were voting all along, eh? So it's good that people feel empowered and let go of feeling like victims. It's always time to remind certain politicians that they work for us and not the other way around.

I never view voting for somebody for any reason other than feeling they are the best for the job. I don't feel Obama is that person. However, I do think it is a great breakthrough moment in history. I hope each one of you listened to the speeches tonight by McCain (gracious and heartfelt). This is what I have always seen in McCain. And Obama's speech - (he is a bit of an egomaniac), but at least he gave credit due McCain. I hope you paid close attention to the choice of words in Obama's speech about his plan for the future. He is already telling you that his plan may not manifest in one term. He is also saying that everybody has to make sacrifices and work harder. I hope Obama will move more to the center, as it would be better for the majority. I have not fallen under the Obama spell - I see things many people don't see, or don't want to see. I truly hope that this "change" is the change you really think is coming and what you want, and know you are creating it, therefore have no regrets. I hope that this election heals race, gender, and party issues because the campaign didn't make them any easier. We still have a LONG way to go until women are treated equally in America. At least now a bi-racial man can be president. I hope America has seen how nasty it has become and will not go down that path again. Do you think now the world will love America? I hope that now no one will use the past as an excuse for not doing something now. And, I hope nobody ever forgets what America is all about - liberty.

As for California's ballot - this is a very strange state. A state that will vote for Obama, but not for same sex marriage nor rights of a girl to have an abortion without notifying a parent, even an abusive parent. I just don't get it - seems a contradiction to me. At least the prop to help animals in confinement did pass.

October 23, 2008:
If anyone reading this article would say they've never tried to look their best for a new job, never got a new haircut or hairdo, never bought a new suit, or new clothes, new accessories for a job interview, I'd accuse you of lying. Why are people (including women, which is the most disturbing) criticizing Palin for having new clothes on the campaign trail? Has it never occurred to you that all candidates get new clothes, new dos, and that it is often paid for by donations to their Party? But because Palin is a woman, it's suddenly not okay and open season to bash her for yet one more thing. It's enough sexism folks, and this is what it is plain and simple. It also seems to bother people that Palin will donate her clothes to charity after the campaign. Why? Isn't that spreading around and sharing the wealth? Where are all of you when it comes to what Michelle Obama is wearing, or what Barack is wearing? Get a grip, focus on things that really matter. It's not Palin's clothes that are the issue. The real issue is that she's a smart, experienced, good looking woman who's a threat to Obama because she has what it takes to be in the White House, and he doesn't. Sarah Palin will be in an interview tonight at 9pm ET, 6PST on Foxnews with Hannity. Why not actually watch her and listen to her for yourself instead of paying attention only to the negative press about her?


so-cial-ism - Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation [soh-shuh-liz-uhm] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation noun
1. a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.
2. procedure or practice in accordance with this theory.
3. (in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.
This is what Obama is planning for America, and he's going to do it with forcing higher taxes, and creating a class war (which has already began). His distribution plan will make sure that those who are not paying taxes now and living off of the taxes from the wealthy will have absolutely no incentive to do better because they will be punished for financial success (just as the wealthy). He will create an even poorer lower and middle class. PLUS, the wealthy will not want to have their businesses in America because the government would control them, so more and more will take their businesses elsewhere. Socialized medicine is another example, and if you think it's free - you're wrong. There will be more regulation, more unionization, higher taxes, more government controlling what we can do and how we can do it. Americans will lose. I don't want less freedom, do you? And I never thought it would come to this with a Democrat.

I feel that this election is a crucial challenge to everybody to come to a honest grip with how we view ourselves and what we expect from our government. Do we want a government to be our parents, or do we feel we have evolved into being more of an adult, personally responsible for our own decisions? I choose the latter.

I believe that in America, and even on this planet, we have enough to help everybody have a life that includes education, health care, food, clothing, shelter. But not when it's forced, a nd not when it abuses one group of people for another.

You know the Chinese proverb "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime?" McCain is for teaching the man to fish; Obama is for tossing the fish for a meal. That means making people MORE dependent upon the government as their caretaker, and less free.

One of the scariest things about an Obama presidency is that Obama is ready to sit down with tyrants without preconditions. Just today, Iran issued its own set of preconditions in which it will sit down with America - like it's running the show.

And finally: If Israel falls, so will all nations. When Israel is strong, we are safer from terrorists and democracy will survive. This is not debatable - it is a fact.

Here's a good article that may remind some people of a past election issue: It used to be there was no crying in politics. Just ask "Crying Pat" Schroeder. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney all were able to show their softer sides during the 2008 campaign, but a stifled sob two decades ago was political suicide for Schroeder, a Democratic congresswoman from Colorado who had hoped to become America's first woman president. Schroeder had formed an exploratory committee after Gary Hart's campaign imploded when his relationship with Donna Rice made the headlines. But Schroeder was unable to raise enough money to make a full-fledged bid for the nomination, and she withdrew from the race in September 1987. And she cried.

Like Sarah Palin, Schroeder became fodder for Saturday Night Live. Comedian Nora Dunn parodied her by crying several times during a mock Democratic primary debate. Today, 68-year-old Schroeder just shakes her head and laughs.

"It was hysterical. If you look at the tape, it was 2.5 seconds. I kind of choked and came back and they had me absolutely having a nervous breakdown. It was unbelievable," she told FOX News. "Then all the men that year had to choke up and cry and show how emotional they were. If men do it, isn't that wonderful? If women do it, what's wrong with them?" The double standard still gets under her skin.

"I thought the classic for Hillary was when people would show up with signs that say, 'Iron my shirt,' but if somebody showed up at an Obama rally saying, 'Shine my shoes,' all sorts of whites would have stood up and said that was racist," Schroeder said. "Unfortunately, with sexism its usually only women who stand up to fight it, and then people say they don't have a sense of humor." Schroeder calls her 24-year political career an accident of fate.

"We had a Republican incumbent in the district who was the most popular person in Colorado, and nobody wanted to run against him," she recalled. Her husband was on a committee to find a candidate, and Schroeder's name had come up at a meeting. He told her, "You won't win, but somebody's got to go out there and argue these issues," she said. So she ran, thinking a win was impossible. She didn't even quit her job. A few months later, she was surprised to find herself in Washington, one of 16 of women serving in the House of Representatives. During her 24 years in Washington, Schroeder took on family and work issues, including family medical leave and family services for the military. She fought for whistle-blower protection and sought to reform the National Institutes of Health. She was the first woman to serve on the Armed Services Committee. In 1997, Schroeder retired from politics and spent a semester teaching at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School of International and Public Affairs before being tapped to head the American Publishers Association. She has been its CEO and president for eleven years and shows no signs of slowing down.

"Life just keeps bubbling along," Schroeder said. I keep thinking I'm going to retire and I never do. With this new downturn, nobody knows. Can any of us ever quit working?" (from

My note about the article: Thankfully today, we have men who are boldly standing up along with women against sexism and not afraid to call it like it is. Interestingly enough, Newt Gingrich is one of them standing up for Palin, and not just because of the Repbulican Party.

October 9, 2008:
Acorn's Las Vegas office was raided on the 7th and they are under federal investigation now for voter fraud, plus they hired 59 felons (without much security checking on them). They signed an affidavit knowing they hired 59 felons, too. Some of the Acorn people asked random people on the street to sign numerous voter forms and they've made names on the forms. There is now a request to the government to stop its funding of Acorn. Acorn is a big waste of our taxpayer dollars. The money they got was supposed to help housing concerns. The integrity of the ballot box is crucial. Bill Ayres and Acorn represent the far left viewpoint of America. Acorn was intimidating banks and bullying them into giving high risk loans, and if they didn't give the loans, Acorn would threaten to block their mergers and block their business expansion. Acorn has three basic arms: to try to get money into communities; voter registration; and lobbying groups. Obama's camp gave about $800,000 into Acorn's educational and registration drive. Acorn endorsed Obama. Obama is the direct connection to social engineering and marketing. [Source, Laura Ingraham] Plus, on the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailout bill, Democrats stuck in funding for Acorn in that. Obama - voter fraud with Acorn, he has been their attorney, think it's a coincidence? Or, will Obama continue to deny any connection with them? LOL

September 14, 2008:
If any of you watched Charlie Gibson interview Palin this week you might have noticed that it was obvious the show had edited out her comments, didn't let her finish what she was saying. I kept asking my family, "Why aren't they let her finish? You can see they cut it." Well, it came out today that some of her statements explaining and clearing herself of accusations were edited out of the broadcast, but they were included in the written transcript. SHAME ON ABC. The media has been trying to influence voters and this is clear proof of it. Read the full report at Foxnews. Furthermore, the commentator interviews with McCain and Biden had some issues, as well. I don't know about you, but when we watched it, the sound kept going out during McCain's segment, but not during Obama's. Was it a sound glitch, was someone accidentally stepping on a wire, or was it sabotage? I wrote to the news about it but they never responded.

September 13, 2008:
I used to consider myself a Liberal Democrat because I believe in freedom and equality for all people and accepting people of all beliefs. I took pride being with a Party who defended the underdog. This year I see that I no longer fit into that category because I'm not mean-spirited or hypocritical, as that seems to be the trend in Liberal Democrats these days. I'm more a Centrist. Roseanne Barr said (on Real Time with Bill Maher) that the Democrats should stop talking about Palin and that all women want to be respected. Then Barr goes on to say that Sarah Palin is the most disrespectful thing that's ever happened to women, and Barr continued to insult Palin with inaccuracy and a viciousness repulsive to me. Barr did exactly what she said people should STOP doing! Over and over Democrats are now unaccepting of any viewpoint other than their extreme ones, when they're supposed to be the ones accepting diversity. They have turned into the most snobby, elitist, ingorant bunch of people I've ever seen. They don't see themselves, they don't hear themselves and how idiotic they sound. Bill Maher brags that he knows more than Palin does - why doesn't he go run state government and prove it? Comics telling experts they don't know what they're talking about because they're so fearful that McCain and Palin could win this election. They concoct stories about Palin and project what they wish they'd seen in her face or heard in her voice. They can't be bothered with facts. It's embarrassing and shocking to see people who let hatred and misinformation taint everything they say. Gerofalo thinks all Republicans should be imprisoned. She also basically said that no Republicans have feelings or are helpful to others. What a lie. I know many Republicans who donate millions to help others and do an incredibly large amount of voluntary charity work and public service. Roseanne says that all rich people should be taxed the most, and even Bill Maher (who can't even say one kind or positive thing about Palin) had to tell her that they already are. So Barr then apologizes and corrects her self with saying that rich people who made money from corporations should be overtaxed. The audience, filled with more of the same kind of nasty Democrats, cheer and applaud loudly. Bill Maher thinks that a woman with five children doesn't have time to read a newspaper. Talk about hating women! And they accuse Palin of being cold and unfeeling? The Democrats have become their own worst enemy and are taking themselves down with cruelty and a new "I'm superior than thou" attitude. Does any of this show intelligence and compassion in the Democratic Party? Hardly. Not a club in which I want to be a member.

September 12, 2008:
I watched all the interviews with Sarah Palin and I agree with her on so many points. I respect her, I like her and I want to vote for her (and I'm a Democrat) - she's a smart, confident, open, authentic, self-made woman. And since I have such respect for such an intelligent woman, I find it a little hypocritical for Palin not to allow women the same freedoms as men. This is the only area in which I have a conflict voting for Palin. To fight for the freedom of all Americans includes American women. I am directly referring to her stance on Roe v. Wade and that she feels a woman should be allowed permission to have an abortion only if her life is in danger to deliver that baby. She feels we need to reduce the number of abortions and encourage adoption. While Palin wisely and openly said that her personal views do not have to be in agreement with law, we do have to wonder if she will legislate against women. Yes, she believes in contraception and teaching about it, and she is in favor of abstinence. But, pregnancy and disease happen in spite of these things.

As a 56-year old adoptee, I can tell Palin she is talking about two different issues. Pregnancy and adoption should be choices. Women should be treated as sovereign adults capable of making their own decisions regarding their body, just as men have the right to decide what they do with their body. Row v. Wade the law doesn't order women to have abortions. It's a choice. There is no religious or moral judgment - it is a personal decision, and must remain so. In the case of rape or incest, a woman MUST have the right to an abortion if she wants one. Rape is a criminal act of violence. A raped woman has not given her consent for sex. She is victimized, tortured, terrorized, and humiliated in the process. In the case of incest, the crime is even worse because love and trust of a family member (who should have been even more vigilant to protect the female) has been betrayed and destroyed. To ask the female to then have a full term pregnancy and give birth to a child conceived without her permission, through victimization, is forcing another victimization upon her - taking away her free will and rights a second time.

Adoption is not the answer or solution to forcing her to have a pregnancy and give birth to an unwanted and often hated child. Furthermore, that child in the womb will know it is not loved or wanted and have a spiritual trauma in life that will need healing if it survives. Then, there is the possibility of contracting an STD and AIDS. How can anyone force a woman to go through this? This tells me that the individual wanting to remove her rights and personal empowerment has no clue what she is going through, no compassion for her and her situation. Why would a woman with particular religious views want to torture another woman, and more than once? We have religious freedom in America, and that should also apply to how we choose what happens with our physical bodies. We fight wars in other countries which, and help women gain their sovereignty and power in those countries. Why not in America? Palin's personal feelings about birth control should remain her personal views. I truly wish Palin would reconsider what she's saying to women and leave free choice to all of us. I wrote a personal e-mail to Palin and wonder if she will answer it.

September 11, 2008:
Each 9/11 since 2001 there are people who post their conspiracy crap about the attacks. Seven years later, these people need to believe a lie - that the U.S., and even Israel, were behind the attacks on America. They don't even want to consider the truth, that's how badly they need to have an enemy within, and yet they live in America and reap the benefits of doing so. It sickens me to read how ignorant these people are. It wasn't about us - it just used a weakness in our security to make their point. It wasn't about the Palestinians, either, and Israel had no part in 9/11. Even Arafat told Al Qaeda to stop using that as an excuse, but Bin Ladin didn't like America's support of Israel. Bin Ladin felt Muslims were victims of global persecution (delusional and filled with fear and need for security) and promoted himself as a reformer who was improving Islam. Those who flew the planes on 9/11 were mostly Saudis and they were Muslims. They flew for Bin Ladin, who took credit for the attacks. It was about the battle for Bin Laden to overthrow the Saudi rulers and to be the new Saladin, the Islamic leader in the world where Islam will be the rule. Bin Laden believes he gets his orders to kill Americans and Jews directly from God. That is what we have been fighting because WE believe in freedom.

Those who died as victims of the Muslim terrorists deserve more respect. In memory of those who died in the planes, in the crashes at the Pentagon and Pennsylvania, and at the World Trade Center, and those who died later on as a result of 9/11, you are not forgotten. You will always live in our hearts and in history. May you be at peace and surrounded with love and light. May your loved ones be healed and at peace. May America and the world never forget, and be vigilant so it never happens again. May we all have worked with our own inner terrorist, with our anger, and our fear of separation from the Source - for we are never truly separate from the Source. May we all strive to live more with love, gratitude, joy and compassion. May we walk in balance and harmony.

This song was written by a CERN science writer - and it's about the hadron/particle eccelerator - like a mini science lesson on it. Large Hadron Rap. A great way to teach and learn.

September 10, 2008:
Great news: The Saudi Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has launched a campaign to set a minimum age for marriage in the kingdom. The SHRC began its campaign following several high profile trials, where young girls, sometimes less than 10 years old, were married off to men above the age of 50 and even 70. "This is a violation of human rights, and a clear breach of international conventions that Saudi Arabia has signed onto," SHRC chairman Turki A-Sudeiri told the London-based daily al-Arab. "Child marriages should be considered the same as forced marriages, since valid consent has not been obtained from the bride, who is also under-aged," Sudeiri said, adding that this could lead to "severe health complications, since the girl is not psychologically, physically and sexually mature to enter wedlock." The minimum age for girls to marry is suggested to be 17 years old, and 18 for boys. That's a good start.

However, there is another issue directly linked to weddings and bridges of any age, the money one pays for a bride. Many old men temporarily marry young girls and divorce them soon afterwards. This is like paying for the services of a prostitute or child abuse. Take away the girl's virginity against her free will because they paid the parents for her, and then dump her. This practice must end. Women and children are not property to be bought and sold and abused. They should be free to decide for themselves who they marry, or even if they marry, and with whom they have sex. Saudi Arabia needs to address the purchasing of human slaves or this age minimum issue for marriage is only half resolved.

Sept. 9, 2008:
Alright, are you still sweet on Obama, who sank so low today with his comments about Palin: "But you know, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. You know, you can...wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change, it's still going to stink after eight years." And Biden's attack on Palin's baby regarding the subject of stem cell research. Low, low, low. The reason Obama's lipstick comment was so shocking was that because of Palin's reference to it in her acceptance speech (what's the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? Lipstick.). The automatic thought people have is that he's putting down Palin. Poor decision and judgment on Obama's part, and just part of his usual methodology of passing the buck. Obama has been losing voters this week and comments like these will only turn off many more. Fact is, these men are afraid of a strong woman, they don't want a woman in office. Ironic, isn't it? Now you know why Hillary wasn't on the ticket. They still want it to be a boy's club. A smart woman they can't handle. Same goes for tv personalities like Bill Maher, who will sink to new lows to insult, degrade, discredit, and lie about Palin, from her looks, the way she talks, her religion, her family and so on. Her executive experience to them is a joke and they're delusional if they think Obama has more of that than Palin. Folks, what we are witnessing is their own hang-ups and insecurities as they strike out at a woman. Sexism is alive and not well in America, as I've written before, and I'm glad that people are finally seeing it and criticizing it. Now, you might have heard that some other countries have expressed their "votes" of who they want to lead America. They, such as England, Russia and France want the phony Obama, they know he's a puppet. They can't vote here, furthermore, they want what they feel they can manipulate for their own benefit - they know Obama is inexperienced. They should mind their own business and take care of their own countries and pay us back for the money they've "borrowed" and kept.

Sept. 3, 2008:
If you scroll down you will see a couple of my previous blog posts from July on women sticking together and why women are still pissed off. Sexist energies have been swimming around the elections since Hillary was in the running, and now they've blown wide open with the slanderous tabloids trying their best to demean Sarah Palin. This kind of yellow, sleezy journalism is offensive to everybody - it doesn't matter what party you're affiliated with to be offended by how women are treated so differently from men. For instance, have you ever known of any male candidate whose ability to take office was in question because he was a father? Did anyone criticize Joe Biden for trying to spend as much time with his family as possible? Have men been scruntinized as women have to know if they can multi-task? Women are known for being experts in mutli-tasking, by the way because we often have to do many things at once in order to raise children, or have a job and a family. Sarah Palin has been attacked for being a mother and for having a professional career. This is unacceptable and outrageous. Take US Weekly's new cover captioning the photo of Palin and her baby with "Babies, Lies and Scandal" coming out this week and compare it to the lovey-dovey one they did with Obama and his wife. Obviously, US is trying to influence the elections in the lowest way. They also donated $130,308 to the Democrats, but their donation to the Republicans was in the amount of $3,500. Did you know that US's publisher also run Men's Health Magazine and Rolling Stone Magazine? I never buy these rag tabloids, I don't like gossip, and US has now made sure I will never buy their products. Let your voices of disgust be heard along with me. Sexism has to end. Racism has to end. Sleezy jouralism should not be rewarded.

Sept. 2, 2008
Sarah Palin's daughter is five months pregnant and just now they're trying to force the marriage between her and her boy friend. These are positive family values? "The explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support," Palin wrote in a 2006 questionnaire distributed among gubernatorial candidates. McCain, likewise, supports Bush's policy on promoting abstinence. These are intelligent people? These are people in denial . They expect human beings to stop acting like human beings. In many ways, I like Palin, but I feel that any parent who does not support sex education (and I mean in the home), and encourage birth control and support free choice for women is stupid, careless, and irresponsible in this day and age. Abstinence is not the only answer. Teens will have sex and they will do it irresponsibily unless they're educated on the use and importance of condoms and birth control, not only to prevent pregnancy, but to prevent getting and spreading AIDS and STDs. The religious fanatics fear education and birth control because it means that their kids are learning the truth and are learning to be independent and responsible. They want their kids to believe in fairy tales and deny their humanity. These are the same people that believe homosexuality is a sin and against God. The Republicans are also hypocrites because they keep pressing how much they are fighting for our freedom, when they want to take away women's freedoms and not even pay women equally to men for doing the same job. I think this kind of thinking is a danger to society. It is the opposite of enlightened. Therefore, how could I support a president and vice-president that present a danger to today's youth and their future, to our planet? How could anybody vote FOR them? Unfortunately, I'm in agreement with the comedian Norm Crosby, who said the other day, "I think for the first time in our history the whole country hopes that nobody wins."

There is another choice - voting Independent for Alan Keyes. Although Keyes is against abortion, I agree with many of his policies. I especially think he's the smartest guy in the elections and the most experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the Middle East. He is a true and long supporter of Israel, and for me that's vital. A world without Israel is not a world in which I'd want to live. And that's a huge subject and I won't get into that here. I'm still disgusted that the media does not focus on anything other than the two main parties. Yes, there is less of a chance the independent parties will win the election, but they can have a better chance to win with more coverage. Why are they being so silent? We have to actively search them out on our own in order to know who is running for these parties.

August 29, 2008
I have had a big laugh today in thinking about the huge deal at the DNC in Colorado this week, all the people, the pageantry, the speeches - it all seemed like a done deal. Then comes today, and a mega surprise from McCain choosing Sarah Palin for VP. Kinda deflates the whole past week at the DNC. This is the most exciting election in a LONG time.

Here are some comments from people like Dick Morris and the real comparison between Obama and Sarah Palin.

I think the fact that McCain thought hard and picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, shows he's not at all like Bush, and he made a wise decision.

"Comparing Bush and McCain and saying they're the same, and saying Palin is the same, is like comparing Cameron Diaz with Doris Day." - Dick Morris.

There's a difference between someone running for teacher and someone running for student. It would be nice if the Democrats nominated someone like her - someone ready for the office. Palin took on the corrupt politicians, challenged them in the primary fight, got the attorney general fired, probably the only governor in America who beat the incumbant governor of her own party in a primary fight. She is a heroine, and to have somebody like that coming in to Washington to clean up Washington, is extraordinary. She went after Republicans. Dick Morris just said this on the news.

She has more executive experience than Obama, more in the private sector, more community experience. More experience in having specific accomplishments. Obama is being defensive now and desperately trying to say that McCain and Palin are like the same old thing. He's wrong. She served on the state oil board, found corruption, and did something about it. The governor tried to fine her and get her fired and she went public with it. She won. She's very honest. This is a crusader. She has a very high approval rating. She had more executive experience just as the Mayor than Obama has ever had.

I see a very genuine person in Palin and I like that. She's true to herself. I don't feel the same about Obama. When I look at Obama trying to speak without a prepared speech, he comes across like Bush on a bad day. The energy isn't there, the authenticity isn't there, the clear speech isn't there, and I feel a controlling personality with Obama. That is a warning flag for me. I also am very upset and disappointed with Obama not offering Hillary a VP job, and with the Democratic Party. I'm surprised Obama doesn't see Iran as a threat. My main concerns with McCain and Palin are the Supreme Court, equal pay for equal work, and Roe v. Wade. While I wouldn't have an abortion, I believe it is a personal choice and wouldn't stop a woman who is getting an abortion. I am not comfortable with laws governing women and their bodies and not allowing free choice. It's like Alan Keyes, who ran for president...he is very anti-abortion, yet talks about freedom. What's that all about? Either we believe in real freedom, or we don't. We can't be hypocrites.

August 28, 2008:
Just some thoughts from watching the DNC:
How wonderful to see the Democratic powerhouses Gore and the Clintons speak at the DNC this week. These are the people who know what they're talking about. They're selling Obama, because Obama could never do what they're doing. If he could, he already would have done so. He did not get the popular vote for a reason. I'm not saying Obama is a bad man or has evil intentions. He has accomplished a lot in his life and I feel he's a good person, but a little narcissistic. I just don't trust he's ready for the office of president in these times. He is intentionally misleading people about himself and McCain. Obama wasn't a Senator when the war with Iraq began, so that time he did not oppose it. He did that a few years later. He says he will change the budget and programs and have all this money, but he will raise taxes. He has to. Obama says he doesn't fit the typical pedigree that is usual for the office of president. Oh really? He is the distant relation to three U.S. presidents (Harry S. Truman, George W. Bush and George Herbert Walker Bush), as well as to Vice President Dick Cheney. Obama's ancestors came from seven countries: Kenya, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany and the Netherlands. And he has seven half brothers and half sisters living across some 10,000 miles. He speaks like a boring dictator - and I don't like that about him. I don't see him having any charisma.

Gore and the Clintons are in my generation, but considered the old school, some of the people the Obama people say they want to get away from. But look what they are saying - they're awesome time after time. They're having ovations like never before. PAY ATTENTION! They're even trying to equate Obama with Lincoln and Kennedy and MLK (and he's none of those), to get you to vote for him. They're doing all of his work for him. And you'd rather have Obama, who has no experience and limited knowledge? Frankly, that concerns me. It concerns me that people are voting for Obama only because he's half-black - in their eyes only African-American. Most people don't know anything about him. Partly because they haven't bothered to read up on the guy, and partly because Obama hasn't really told you much about himself because there's not much governmental experience of which to speak. After seeing the Clintons and Gore, don't you wish at least one of them were on the ballot? I do.

On the Republican side - McCain is not Bush. McCain is pro-choice, for one thing. He's more moderate, for another thing. What Richardson said about McCain not having to be elected president just because he is a war hero is true, but why not because of it? Who better to know how to lay one's life on the line for America, or know the horrors of war, torture, the values of freedom? McCain was a governor.

My main concern in our next president is that he will not dis our Constitution as the Bush family has. And, we do have the Democrats in power in the houses and they can do a lot no matter who is in office. It's a hard call for me. I am not comfortable with Obama in the international arena and fighting terrorism. Frankly, we got the problem of terrorism under the Democrats and Clinton, who did nothing after the first attack on the World Trade Center. A vice-president can do only so much. Or, will this presidency really be Biden's, keeping Obama the puppet he already is? There's a lot to consider.

August 26, 2008
Hillary Clinton gave a riveting speech tonight, getting the crowd all fired up. She focused mostly on herself and why she was a candidate, what she gained out of it, and giving minimal attention to the Obamas but asking people to support him. Clinton spoke mostly about the legacy of women's right to vote - it was very effective. She gave a great jab to the Democratic Party by reminding them and all of the positives from her husband's presidency. She did accuse the Republicans of being responsible for outsourcing jobs but failed to mention that her husband opened up international trade to allow that to happen. Of course, her husband was very proud of her and their daughter (who introduced her mother). She didn't give the Obama camp what they really wanted. But she did have some fun lines - about how Bush and McCain will be meeting in the Twin Cities, and how appropriate that is because it's getting harder to tell them apart these days. She led people to believe that McCain would be just four more years of Bush. However, McCain is more middle-of-the road than Bush. The main thing that came out of Hillary Clinton's brilliant and smart speech was that is showed that she STILL IS the best person for the job of President. Clinton's speech just reminded me of how sad I have been that she was betrayed by our Democratic Party and is not our nominee. She did her job at this convention however she showed she's the one who should be the nominee, not Obama. The hysteria-indusing Obama isn't ready to lead any nation. Hillary is. May I remind the reader that Clinton got the majority of the popular vote, not Obama. Therefore, she should be the nominee.

I'm very happy that Geraldine Ferraro is reminding people of the blatant sexism in this campaign against Hillary, that John Dean did not speak out, and that the Democratic Party is partly to blame for it, and the media is also to blame. I will not foget this and I do not forgive it. I spoke out at the time, as did other women, and we were laughed at or ignored. Some people actually had the nerve to criticize us for speaking out saying that we are too sensitive and are commenting on something not real. My ass it's not real. Therefore, they will have to deal with me not voting for Obama. (Please read my Feb. 2008 post below about why Hillary is the only real change for America we could have in this election.)

Addendum: Aug. 27: Obama was just confirmed as the Party's candidate. I'm glad California passed on the vote. Right away all the news agencies sent out headlines that the first black or first African-American was nominated. Barack Obama is NOT only black or African-American. He is half white, and half African Muslim. Why does the media ignore the half-white part of him? That half-white part of him was from the much praised mother who raised him as a single mother while his father wasn't present. Are they racists? What ticks me off the most about this is that Obama used his half-black side as an issue, and now the media focuses only on that side of him. Not that he is a person, a man, an American. They perpetuate racism.


Let Leona Lewis sing it.

Alright, I'll go into more detail. Led Zeppelin is my favorite rock band. I adore Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Sadly, Leona Lewis, Simon Cowell's greatest discovery (his own words), performed "A Whole Lotta Love" with Jimmy Page at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics tonight, August 24, 2008. Should never have happened. I don't want to hear a schpiel about bridging some generation gap, or the marketing ploy that this was really about for Lewis and Cowell. There was no excuse to allow her to sing this classic song and destroy it, save for Page's superb guitar work. Blach! I will do my best to erase that performance from my memory. The very least they could have done was have the brilliant Annie Wilson singing it, as she's the only female who could do it justice. Not some youngin' singing like a Minnie Ripperton rip-off who has no idea what that song or the era it's from is about. HUGE mistake, Simon, HUGE. You should have let Lewis sing her own stupid song about bleedin' love and leave the rock to the pros.

Before you say anything, let me assure you that I know Annie Wilson isn't British. Okay, for Brit female, let's try Joss Stone. She might be able to get away with singing one song in place of Robert Plant.

August 24, 2008
American politics (i.e. men) have been successful in pitting women against women in elections. Here's how: just bring up the abortion issue and religion and you get fearful women who feel they must obey their husbands versus women who think freely fighting one another over something that is, AND SHOULD ONLY BE, a woman's issue: the freedom of choice with our own body. Men love to play women and they're winning by making women hate women, making women slaves to men's laws, using religion to control women.

What many women in America fail to get after so many years is what the right to choice really means. It means we have the right to choose. It doesn't mean because we have the right to choose we must have an abortion. It is an option - and it is never an easy decision. Removing that right puts women in jeopardy, a life or death situation for some women, hardship for many. With the women who don't want to be pregnant and raise unwanted children, children are raised with problems. It's a vicious cycle and it has to end. It has to end with we woman saying ENOUGH. Men, stay out of our choices and telling us what we should do. Women, stop fighting over this very personal issue. We cannot tell another woman what is right for her. We can only decide what is right for ourselves. Take back the power from men and do NOT make this an issue, ever again!

August 23, 2008
Obama just made the biggest mistake of his career, in my opinion, in choosing Joe Biden to be his running mate. If he was really smart, Obama would have chosen a woman. Instead, he is betraying women. Ladies, I'm speaking to you, my sisters, again....please open your eyes and see. Maybe you are old enough to remember the Clarence Thomas - Anita Hill hearings, and Thomas' hearing before being okayed as a Justice of the Supreme Court? If you're not old enough, read about the travesty of justice by Biden, because we women will never forget what he did to Anita Hill, Angela Wright, therefore to all women who have been sexually harassed, and how Biden screwed America with confirming the appointment of Thomas to the Court. Then that court determined that Bush would be our president. Ladies, are these men you'd trust to protect your rights in the highest offices of the land? Read Biden's track record - he's all over the place. And Obama just hasn't been around long enough to have much of a record - anyway, he's been so busy trying to be president to do much else. If you want to see numbers, in the three contests that Biden was in for his bid for presidency he received about 9,500 votes. Clinton got 18 million. Are you falling for the trick of Obama, and now Biden, rolling up their sleeves to give the impression that they're doing hard work for us? Yuck. In short, Obama is doing what Bush did, and picking somebody of the old school in Washington. So where is the change? You tell me.

Last year, Biden angered members of the black leadership network Project 21, who say Biden's remarks are elitist, condescending and insensitive. "Joe Biden's comments are completely unacceptable and clearly elitist," said Project 21 member Ak'bar Shabazz. "By praising Obama as the first 'articulate, bright and clean' black presidential candidate, he isn't only insulting the senator from Illinois, but all black Americans who strive to polish themselves and provide a positive image in the community. Biden clearly needs to open his aristocratic eyes and realize that there are many well-qualified, educated and capable blacks out there who are serving our country in the government and the private sector." You can read the full article here.

I bring this up because Obama focuses on his race so much: Obama isn't an African-American - he's maybe one quarter black (from his Luo grandmother), and mostly Muslim, and white. This man's ancestors were not slaves, they were slave owners, and if you know Muslim history in Africa, it was (and continues to be) one of forced conversion through torture or death, slavery as a trade for centuries, and the abuse of women and children. And that is the personal history through the father he barely knew that Obama identifies with and is proud of while saying he's a Christian. Don't be fooled by this power-hungry chameleon. I watched my local NBC news last week when the seasoned anchor started to talk about Obama (and the film clip was of Obama disembarking from a plane) - but what came out of his mouth was the name Osama bin Laden - then he fumbled an apology when he realized what he had said. Maybe his subconscious was trying to tell him (and the public) something?

I'm not saying that McCain is the answer, either. Neither of these candidates are right for America. I'm just surprised that the other independent parties haven't said a word. And Hillary R. Clinton, what is she up to? I think she's playing this very wisely. She does not want to be the bad sport in this and have it all come down to her destroying anything within the Party. Clinton wouldn't go for being a V-P. She knows the limitations of that job. She must have struck a deal with Obama to be Secretary of State if he wins the nomination. That would give her a top position and influence, and she's knowledgeable about world leaders and would do well. If McCain wins, and maybe she's helping to ensure he does, she would have four years to gain more experience, people would be sick of Republicans in office, and Clinton would run again for President in 2012. Then the Democratic Party really would owe her the top place - no more excuses. Either way, she can win, and so could we.

July 18, 2008
Yesterday former Attorney General John Ashcroft told a House committee that the interrogation technique of waterboarding has served a "valuable" purpose and does not constitute torture. Wanna bet? Waterboarding is designed to simulate drowning. If anyone of you has never seen this, let me describe it to you. The prisoner is tied up, blindfolded, and has some kind of mask over his nose and mouth (usually a cloth), and water is repeatedly poured over his breathing passages. This forces the prisoner to inhale water and feel like he's drowning, and therefore dying. He can't spit it out because his nose and mouth are covered. It is the primal fear of death that is being played upon through waterboarding. Not only does it promote a gag reflex, it also carries the risk of serious damage to the brain and lungs, and injuries (such as broken bones) due to fighting the restraints upon the person. Psychologically, the trauma from it can last years. Does that sound harmless to you? Yet, Ashcroft believes that it is a valuable practice and is not torture. Is he insane? Why doesn't somebody try it on Ashcroft and then interrogate him as to whether he thinks it's torture? How can anybody treat another living being like that, and then try to play it down? It is a horrific technique and should be outlawed immediately.

July 1, 2008:
Bravo to Missouri, who now has a new bill. The bill updates state laws against harassment by removing the requirement that the communication be written or over the telephone. Supporters say the bill now covers harassment from computers, text messages and other electronic devices. I do wonder about the definition of harrassment in this law.

July 1, 2008:
Okay, it's going too far with the Muslims trying to dictate what others should or should not do. Scotland is NOT a Muslim nation. It has been invaded by Muslims in recent years, and now they want the local police to do as they say. Muslims in the Scottish district of Tayside are outraged by the appearance of a wide-eyed, 6-week-old puppy on postcards distributed by the local police force, according to the Daily Mail. Postcards showing police dog-in-training Rebel, a German shepherd born in early December, are causing a furor among the region's Muslims who believe dogs are "ritually unclean," the Daily Mail reports. The cute cards were meant to notify locals of a new telephone number for non-emergency phone calls but instead have become a flashpoint for a clash of cultures. Shopkeepers are refusing to display the offending ad and a Dundee city councilor is calling for an investigation. Muslims don't like dogs. So what?! The rest of the world does, and the entire world doesn't have to cater or operate on Muslim belief. If Muslims don't like dogs, then they won't have them in their homes, but they have no right to say what the police cards can put on them. Geez! Muslims, get out of the dark ages, respect your new home and its culture. If Muslims didn't like Scottish culture, then they should have stayed in their home nations or gone elsewhere. Scotland, stop apologizing and stand your ground, or you're buying into bully tactics and blackmail.

June 22, 2008
George Carlin was an amazing man - 50 years in show business, groundbreaking comedy. He was a writer and performer for the Smothers Brothers, had so many comedy albums, wrote a few books, won many awards. He was original, he was gutsy. He was also very kind. I met him when I worked for an animal hospital. He brought his dog in for treatment and I recognized him immediately. He was very surprised that I knew who he was. He thought nobody knew him. This was in 1973, if memory serves correctly. I had been a fan of his for a long time, already. At the university I attended, we played his album often and had it memorized - we often acted it out. Carlin was friendly, we talked for a while, and his eyes were so blue. That week he mailed me a personalized autographed photo of him and his dog :-).

Through the years my family and I attended his events in person, enjoyed every show he was on for television, never missed a show of his. He was the often angry, frustrated voice of common sense and criticism of our government, our planet, how humans have become - but made it all funny. He spread his message to be sovereign and strong and intelligent through his comedy. I didn't always agree with everything he said, but I respected his views and right to express them. I always felt he would work until his time was up.

Numerologically, his birthdate (May 12, 1937), his date of death, today at 5:55pm, all show he was a great master - and indeed he was. I don't know if everybody is familiar with Carlin, but I encourage you to watch and/or listen to his work. He will be greatly missed, but will live on through his recorded performances. Thank you, George Carlin, for being you and for having been here.

June 9, 2008:
Obama wants the government to throw in a $50 billion dollar stimulus into our economy. Just where do you think that money will be coming from? Our government has been in debt for years. Does the money magically pop out of a hat or something? Maybe it will come from the Arabs?

June 6, 2008:
Dreamed I saw a report of a 5.6 quake in Nevada.

June 6, 2008:
Obama met with Hillary Clinton for a late night meeting. I wonder if she's making a deal with him to make her Secretary of State and then she'll campain for him and help him get her delegates. Secretary of State would be a good position for Clinton - better than VP.

June 3, 2008:
Don't believe me? Maybe you haven't been paying attention. Remember a few months back during the Democratic debates Obama said that the first day he's in office as President he'll get us out of Iraq? What did he say tonight? That we need to get out of Iraq slowly and carefully. He's taken Hillary's platform (and let's go back even further, Gore's platform on health care and energy) and acts like it's his own.

Months ago Obama said in the debates that he wanted to sit down with our enemies and ask them what they want. Now he says this: "Contrary to the claims of some, [WHAT CLAIMS? HE SAID IT!!!] I have no interest in sitting down with our adversaries just for the sake of talking. But as president of the United States, I would be willing to lead tough and principled diplomacy with the appropriate Iranian leader at a time and place of my choosing -- if, and only if it can advance the interests of the United States." Tonight he says we have to deal with our real dangers in the world. Did he just wake up? I think he just got a dose of reality.

I'm sorry to say this, but I think black people only see the black in Obama and ignore the white. Obama is half black and half white. I think some whites only see the black in Obama for a couple of reasons - guilt and to appear to be hip.

I am angry with the Democratic Party because they put Obama in to try to make sure Hillary wouldn't win. They relied on ignorance of the public and it worked.Obama is a puppet. How many people really know anything about Obama? Watch Jay Leno's Jaywalking some time and maybe you'll be as sick as I am with the ignorance and apathy in our country. Think Obama can just march into the White House and offer a golden ticket to Americans?

Obama is a manipulator, he knows to speak well and say what people want to hear. He speaks to their emotions and fears, and pretends he's different from Bush or Amedinejad. They cheer and cheer - all for an illusion. It seems that people would rather have a male president than a female at any cost. I'm disgusted. This is "our time". I have a news flash for Obama - it's ALWAYS our time. Obama will have a lot to prove to me what he's made of before I'll change my tune.

The finals were held tonight, May 24, and Russia won, proving that once again the voting is politically-oriented for most countries. It is as if they are going against the rules and voting for their own country, because many of the countries are voting for others that used to be part of theirs. The entire former Soviet block votes for each other, regardless of the quality of music. Some songs, such as Spain's, Lativa's, Bosnia's, should never have been included because they stink. But, their neighbors vote for them. Only a few ventured out of the area, such as San Marino and Finland. Very disappointed and this is the reason I did not want to cover Eurovision as I had in the past.

May 23, 2008:
These are my impressions (likes and dislikes) of the second semi-finals:
Super beautiful sets/scenery on stage for all Eurovision. Great folk dancing! I would love to have seen more of it. But, I respect the briefness because the focus is on the participants. Very enjoyable and unusual intros (the paint and postcards) to each song/country.
My top four of the evening go to:
1- Iceland - This Is My Life, good up-beat dance number about accepting all that I am. Best song of the evening.
2 - Ukraine - Ani Lorak - Shady Lady - a very typical good dance number, but on the average side musically.
3- Turkey - rock - a solid number - contemporary and great effort from Turkey. 4 - Sweden - Charolotte Perrelli - Hero - so-so.

My favorites are: Israel, Iceland, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Armenia, Finland, UK. Use this to watch Eurovision performances.
Eurovision Song Contest - Belgrade 2008 Preview Player

The rest of the songs were for the most part average, or just plain dull.
Switzerland - Era Stupendo - medium tempo - pleasant.
Lithuania - Nomads in the Night - slow, overly-dramatic love ballad - yuck.
Albania - slow ballad, nothing stands out in this one, nothing catchy or memorable. Nice voice the singer has, though.
Czech Republic - Have Some Fun - very weird song start, strange melody, not a great song.
What is with some women in very tiny tight outfits? Clothing won't make the song sound better or worse. I think it's only to catch the attention of men in the audience.
Belarus - Hasta La Vista - medium tempo. Crappy song.
Latvia - Wolves of the Sea - STUPID! Good children's song for make-believe. hahaha
Croatia - Romanca - a tribute to tango, older European music from the mid-1900s. Blah.
Bulgaria - DJ Take Me Away - electronic, synthesizer music, starts out strong, then slows down, to repetitive boring lyrics.
Denmark - All Night Long - medium tempo - not memorable, weak.
Georgia - Peace Will Come - slow, good message but a dull chanting song.
Hungary - Candlelight - slow piano-highlighted, torch song, not impressive.
Malta - Vodka - fast number praising Vodka - is this really necessary in a song? lol Good hand-clapping music and that's where it ends.
Cyprus - Femme Fatale - very Greek but a disappointing entry this year.
Macedonia - another so-so song with terrible lyrics, a desperate attempt to throw together anything for a win.
Portugal - Senhora Do Mar - BORING!

May 20, 2008:
Israel's song, "The Fire in Your Eyes" written by Dana International and sung in a lovely pure voice by Boaz, and Norway's song "Hold On Be Strong" nicely sung by Maria were two of the highlights of this year's Eurovision. Finland's song was okay for hard rock, at least the lead singer can scream on key, which more than I can say for many other singers. Armenia's "Qele Qele" was a fun number, good dance song.

The rest of the participants' performances were a nightmarish joke. What is with these groups singing in hideous tones and with ridiculous costumes and themes? Ishtar? Estonia? The group from Azerbaijan? Bozia-Herzegovina? An Irish singing stuffed chicken with Carmen Miranda-like dancers? Pirates? Angels? Come on! What the hell was all of that? What a circus of clowns! A freak show! Are these people mentally ill? Why all these silly gimmicks to sell a song? If a song is good, it doesn't need a gimmick. It sells itself through feeling, and that's how Israel's song is this year - it touches the heart. Some of the songs were so bad they put me to sleep, or so off key that it hurt my ears enough to turn off the volume.

The only GOOD thing about the Eurovision televised broadcast is that it was well done, with colorful and creative intros into each song, and bits here and there showing life in Serbia. The finals are on Thursday night - god help us. I'm glad I'm not fully covering Eurovision this year, as that was my promise last year after another disappointing presentation and win.

May 10, 2008:
Oh my, Pope Paul VI stands behind the 1968 "Humanae vitae" ("On Human Life") encyclical which prohibits Catholics from using artificial birth control. He said following that teaching isn't easy. "What was true yesterday remains true even today. The truth expressed in 'Humanae vitae' doesn't change; on the contrary, in the light of new scientific discoveries, it is ever more up to date." He added,"No mechanical technique can substitute the act of love that two married people exchange as a sign of a greater mystery." Benedict expressed concern that human life risks losing its value in today's culture and worried that sex could "transform itself into a drug" that one partner had to have even against the will of the other. "What must be defended is not only the true concept of life but above all the dignity of the very person," the pope added.

Well, EXCUSE ME, but this man is in denial. Rape, which tragically occurs every day, is one's will forced against another's. That is a huge lack of life value, and it has nothing to do with birth control. BUT, if a female was on birth control she might not have to give birth to an unchild resulting from rape! If the Pope is concerned about the dignity of a person, then he should respect a person's right to freedom, to choose birth control, or anything that effects them personally. When a couple is ready to have a child, they can do so, and that greater mystery still occurs. The problem with religion is that most refuse to change, even when it is humane and makes sense.

The past few months I watched ABC's show "Eli Stone". Have any of you watched it? It is one of the few shows I highly recommend because the writing is fantastic, the acting equally so. The best thing about Eli Stone is that it is presenting our multidimensionality in a brilliant manner. In a nutshell, the show is about a San Francisco attorney who suddenly began having visions, mostly involving George Michael. He also had visions of the future. He soon learns that he has a brain aneurism that could be the cause of these visions. But, maybe they're not. Maybe these visions are divine and he is given them to help others. Eli has to battle these two thoughts, also finding out that his father, an alcoholic, also had visions and died from a brain aneurism. The show includes many musical numbers, drama, comedy, deep emotions and very touching episodes that poses questions and answers some - revolving around Eli, his brother, his accupuncturist friend, colleagues, the courts, and loves.

While for some people it might take a disease to wake-up, it is not necessary to suffer from illness in order to wake-up to the more authentic reality. It shows that WE are the ones in charge of our lives, our experiences, our travels between dimensions and bringing back what we gain from them and sharing them and defining them, defining divinity - for good. Love it! I hope season one will soon be on DVD. If so, rent it, buy it, watch it. It's a masterpiece.

April 13, 2008:

Pope Benedict XVI is coming to the U.S. this week, and he will be greeted in a huge way. Bush arranged to have him picked up at the airport - something never done for anybody else visiting the U.S. Additionally, there will be the U.S. and Holy See anthems, a 21-gun salute, and the U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps before their meeting. "One, he speaks for millions. Two, he doesn't come as a politician; he comes as a man of faith," Bush told the EWTN Global Catholic Network in an interview aired Friday. He wanted to honor Benedict's conviction that "there's right and wrong in life, that moral relativism has a danger of undermining the capacity to have more hopeful and free societies." Does the Pope REALLY speak for millions? No - he speaks TO millions. The Pope may not come as a politician, but he sure does try to influence politics. WHAT HYPOCRITES!

What is free in Catholicism? Women aren't free to become priests, nor have total control over their body - they cannot have abortions. The Catholic Church is among the richest nations in the world and how do they help people, really? Ever hear of the Church donating millions to any cause to help others? The Church hoards art and books and who knows what else that it obtained in questionable ways and keeps much hidden from the public. The Church keeps secrets and wants control over all Catholics Let's not forget to mention the sex abuses by priests, most of whom have not been punished. Or, their stance on homosexuality and stem-cell research. Some freedom and morals. And this Pope ass-kissing comes from our tax dollars. To quote Donovan ("Poke at the Pope"): "Would you trust yourself with this man?"

April 13, 2008:
Modern day slavery is a live in the United States. Warren Jeff (currently serving his prison sentence) was the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a Mormon fundamentalist sect, whose members believe practicing polygamy will bring exaltation in heaven. This past week a raid on their compound removed 416 children and many women. The raid also uncovered the slavery of women and children: children being forced to marry often much older men and forced into sex, raped, beaten, and early motherhood. The females were not allowed to have an education, nor were allowed to have any freedom. Children's names are continually changed as are their birth dates, so they don't know who they are, nor do many know who are their mothers and fathers. No rock music was allowed. No dating was allowed. No interracial relationships allowed. The women and children were lied to, manipulated, abused emotionally, physically, psychologically. This sect also excommunicated over 400 teenage boys so they would not be able to have relationships with the girls, and the girls would be forced to marry old, disgusting perverts (often relatives). Thank goodness one teenager had the sense to call authorities for help - which brought the raid.

I am still amazed and shocked at how many people believe God is this monsterous being that would demand that men have many wives in order to enter Heaven, or that women and men are not to be treated equally, not to be free and not allowed to enjoy life, that females are to be kept dumb and enslaved. Of course, I do understand the destroyed person held captive and that they frequently have been so abused that they don't even know they CAN leave such a sick environment and get help and have a real life, especially when they are told such crap like they will be forced to wear certain clothes, hairstyles, make-up. Fear and control, once again, in the name of God and religion and in America. It's not only Muslims, or Catholics, or even the minority of extremely Orthodox Jews who practice fear and control and inequality, such tragedies and crimes against humanity.

It all points to ONE THING that keep these folks locked in: these religious fanatics fear God, which means they fear themselves, they fear life, they fear everything to such an extent that they don't even believe in their own religion enough to life it without forcing others to join them. Because inside them, they KNOW it's wrong and against God. They KNOW they are abusive and they love it - otherwise they wouldn't be doing it. They think they're fooling themselves and others, but they're not fooling anybody. These are the truly sickest, saddest and most lost souls on Earth. I hope those who have been rescued in the raid wake up and get the help they need and have a good life from now on, free from lies, slavery and abuse. May they tell their stories to help free others. For the rest of us - don't turn your backs on these women and children held captive. If you know of women and children in these situations, get them to safety and help, tell them they can get out and be more than alright. Freedom for all!

Isn't this a kicker: On April 18, CNN reported "The U.S. government paid more than $1.7 million in defense contracts over the last decade to companies owned by leaders of Warren Jeffs' polygamous sect. The contracts, for airplane parts for the Air Force, continued even while Jeffs was on the FBI's "Most-Wanted List." The Pentagon stands by the deals."

The Olympic torch's international route from Greece to China has sparked many protests about China's treatment of Tibetans and human rights' abuses. China condemned the protests as "despicable" but vowed to continue the relay to the end. China needs a reality check. What IS despicable is China's treatment of Tibet and any freedom-loving, peaceful being. A protest is not despicable - it is the right of people to demonstrate, especially against abuses. But what would China know about that, since it doesn't allow freedom and forbids protests and instead punishes demonstrators? Of course they would find freedom despicable, as that is the last thing they want for Chinese people. Does the public in China even know what's going on with Tibet, or what has been going on in London, France, and the U.S. in demonstrations and protests against China? How does the average Chinese person feel about Tibet? Do they even know its true history?

The Chinese government's policies and activities are notorious for being vicious and inhumane. I have always been wary of supporting China for those reasons. To add to that, during the past couple of years (with the tainted food and toy products from China), I have made a conscious effort to purchase products from anywhere but China. Mostly supporting Amerian-made products. I don't do this to punish the Chinese people - I do it to HELP the Chinese people to wake up and be responsible, to stand up for themselves and democracy and freedom. I do it for safety issues. I do it to protest the Chinese government and military, and to support America. <

Should our atheletes attend the games? Yes. This is not about them and they should not be punished. Will taking a strong stand against China have any effect? Should Bush not attend the Opening Ceremonies? Yes, and a strong stand will, eventually, as long as we keep showing them the backwardness of their thinking. Protests as despicable, with the excuse that the protests show lack of respect for the Olympics? Au contraire; it is BECAUSE we respect the Olympics and human rights. With the western world's consciousness trickling into China, exposing people to democracy and freedom, things can change. That is my hope.

March 16, 2008:
The Chicago church attended by Barack Obama is fighting back against media coverage of its controversial pastor, issuing a statement on Sunday, saying reports on the inflammatory remarks by Rev. Jeremiah Wright are an attempt to attack “the history of the African American church." "Reverend Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.'s character is being assassinated in the public sphere because he has preached a social gospel on behalf of oppressed women, children and men in America and around the globe,” the leaders of Trinity United Church of Christ wrote Sunday in a statement distributed to the media.

Who is Wright trying to fool? This is not about attacking the history of the African American church. It's about him, and he's not taking responsibility for his actions. If he was truly teaching Jesus' words, he'd be preaching acceptance, forgiveness, and love instead of hate, blame, and rage.

Obama's Pastor, March 15, 2008
By now you've heard about Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor, and how after footage showed Wright's hateful speeches, filled with lies, Obama tried to distance himself from Wright. Let me ask you - if you go to a temple or church or wherever you go for your religious beliefs, don't you go to a place that resonates with your own beliefs? Don't you seek out a religious leader who inspires you, who you feel would be a good role model and teach you what you want to know? Of course you would. You wouldn't go to a church and have a pastor that went completely against your morals and values. So you find a pastor you admire and trust. Wouldn't you then have that person officiate at your wedding and your children's baptisms? Yes, that's exactly what Obama has done for the past twenty years in his church with Rev. Wright.

Obama claims that he's never heard Wright spew the kind of stuff caught on numerous cameras, and now says that that kind of language is incendiary that he couldn't object to strongly enough. Are we to actually believe that in twenty years Obama never knew about Wright and his views, never heard a peep on these issues out of him? I just find it very hard to believe. I think this is exactly a portion of what I felt I could not trust about Obama. I'm glad it's coming out for more people to see what has been going on behind doors. Did you see the congregation jumping up and down in glee with Wright, obviously agreeing with his warped views? After professing himself a devout Christian and church-goer, don't tell me Obama had no idea and did not support it.

Quote of the day, March 8, 2008:
"...the radical Islamists and their supporters, will be dancing in the streets in greater numbers than they did on September 11 because they will declare victory in this War on Terror." ---Rep. Steve King (R-IA), on an Obama presidential victory.

Kristen Breitweiser's article in Huffington Post, March 7, 2008: "I am dismayed that Obama would not consider a unity ticket yet -- according to him, it is too premature to contemplate. That's a shame. But it reminds me of another time when Obama spoke about being way too premature.
"In November 2004, Oprah asked Obama if he would be the first black President. Obama's response:
'Listen, if you're in politics at a certain point you think about where to take your career. But at this stage, it's way too premature. Politics is a marathon. So many things can change. You can't plan 12 years ahead. But what I will say is this: We can win the race we're in now. I think I have the aptitude to be a terrific U.S. Senator. And if, at the end of my first term, the people of Illinois say, "This guy's been serving us well," then I'll be in a strong position to have a lot of influence in this country for a long time to come-whether or not I'm President.'" Great quote from SNL:

"And finally, the most important women's news item, we have our first serious female presidential candidate in Hillary Clinton. And yet, women have come so far as feminists tha his warped vion't feel obligated to vote for a candidate just because she's a woman. Women today feel perfectly free to make whatever choice Oprah tells them to. Which raises the question: why are people abandoning Hillary for Obama? Some say that they are put off by the fact that Hillary can't control her husband and that we would end up with co-presidents. Because that would be terrible. Having two intelligent, qualified people working together to solve problems. Ach. Why would you let Starsky talk to Hutch? I want to watch that show "Starsky." [snip]
"Then there is the physical scrutiny of her physical appearance. Rush Limbaugh (the Jeff Conaway of right wing radio) said that he doesn't think America is ready to watch their president "turn into an old lady in front of them". Really? They didn't seem to mind when Ronald Reagan did that.
"What bothers me the most is that people think that Hillary is a bitch. Let me say something about that, because you know she is. So am I. And so is this one [points to Amy and Amy agrees]. Bitches get stuff done, that is why Catholic schools use nuns as teachers and not priests. Those nuns are mean old clams, and they sleep on cots and they're allowed to hit you. At the end of the school year you hated those bitches, but you knew the capital of Vermont. I'm saying it's not too late. Texas and Ohio get on board. Bitch is the new black!" Tina Fey, SNL

FEBRUARY 21, 2008:
PETA people are at it again, attacking anybody who wears a fur coat. I wonder what PETA people use for shoes, and belts, and purses, and wallets? Are they all natural fiber cloth? Don't they wear lipstick? I'm sure they wear some animal products and use some animal products in their everyday lives.

FEBRUARY 14, 2008:
Valentine's Day - I won't get into what this day is all about - you already know. Today, a day about love, a sick coward had to have his own Valentine's Day massacre to make history. He murdered students at school and then committed suicide - a coward because he didn't just take himself out, which would have been an act of bravery and honesty. He had to destroy others lives, as well. Why? Who can make sense of lunatics? It is tragic, it is unnecessary, it is waste, the greatest disrespect; it is hatred and rage, it is disconnection from the Source, one's own soul. A real failing of our educational system.

And filling up another good portion of today's news was the shocking, horrific event of 70 year old Jane Fonda saying the word "cunt" on television. Oh my god! Does nobody watch Bill Maher's show, or Comedy Central's roasts or BBC America? Or a movie? Come on - people swear all of the time on these shows. Is the big deal about that Fonda said it on a channel that wasn't cable? As if no kids ever watch cable. Just tonight I watched the roast to William Shatner and guess what - a female comedian used the same term Fonda did. Will she or Comedy Central get slapped with a million dollar lawsuit for it?

Yes, that term used it not a nice term and Fonda could have used another one. But, what is wrong with Americans that a little word, a little exposed boob, and they go nuts? What is all this bogus puritanistic nonsense? I'm not saying we have to swear. I'll bet in daily conversation most people swear a little. Put on a tube in most countries (except Muslim, I suppose because they're still living in the Dark Ages) and you'll hear a lot more than that being said on the air. Grow up, America, get out of the Victorian Age. It's shameful already. People say all kinds of things, the human body is beautiful, people have sex and that's why you're alive, and that's life - enjoy it instead of trying to spoil it and getting hung up on nonsense.

Today, Sunday, February 10th, Spring has sprung in So. California. Everywhere trees suddenly exploded into bloom - the cherry trees and fruit trees are covered with blossoms. The day is warm, in the 80s, and clear and dry, and it's gorgeous. It's good to be alive.


February 8, 2007:
This is my short list of what I consider to be the best films of the past year. Of course, I don't always agree with the various show biz academies. I felt that "The Color Purple" deserved a best picture Oscar, and that "Everything is Illuminated" should have won an Oscar, as well as Kevin Kline and Johnny Depp. Anyway, here is my list for 2007:
These first two are some of the best writing I've ever seen on film...
Gone Baby Gone
The Great Debaters
The Kite Runner (wow - was that a great book!)
Charlie Wilson's War
Michael Clayton
Sweeney Todd (hate the story but the acting was good)
Atonement - only for cinematography
Wild Hogs - fun film
I have seen some of the others nominated for an Oscar, but frankly, I usually can't tolerate films about the most corrupt, vile, and dark side of life (drug dealers, murderers, money-grubbing scumbags or slasher films). There are some films I have not seen yet, but want to see, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Savages, I'm Not There, and Away From Her.

I feel offended, as a woman, that Obama needs to have these women - Oprah, Schriver, Kennedy, Mrs. Obama - (most of whom I am not fond) speaking for him, trying to get other women to back him. It is as if he doesn't give women the respect or ability to think for ourselves. Cheap trick. Some newscasters have called Obama's success or Super Tuesday thus far a "tsunami" - let's hope that should he by some chance win the party's nomination, and become president, that this election doesn't leave destruction in its wake.

February 1, 2008:
A FEMALE PRESIDENT IS CHANGE. Why? Obviously one main reason is because she's a woman. Obama can't claim that. And let's get real, with Bush out of the White House, anybody would be a change.

People's memories are very short-lived. Clinton is not the first woman to run for the presidency: Geraldine Ferraro (an brilliant politician), and Shirley Chisholm also ran for office.

Okay, I watched the Democratic debates with Clinton and Obama last night. In my opinion, Clinton rocked; she was the best prepared, showed the most experience, knowledge, planning and explanations for everything raised. She also managed to get in a few good jokes and a great jab at the Bush presidents: "It did take a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush, and I think it might take another one to clean up after the second Bush," she said. My husband was greatly impressed by Clinton - and it's not easy to impress him. He said she is one smart lady, and he respects her even more after seeing how she conducted herself last night. In fact, the more he hears her speak, the more he likes her.

I don't know if it's his arrogance or tone of voice (or both), but when he speaks Obama bores me. I just don't feel anything from him but a man who is power hungry and manipulates the audience. He rarely gives any substance to his words, while Clinton is all substance. One thing he said that was a red flag for me was that he wanted to sit down with our enemies, Muslim nations, and talk with them and find out what they don't like, reach an agreement. But, we already know what they don't like, it's not news. They don't like freedom and they don't like Israel. And most of them want to keep women subservient. Would Obama go along with what THEY want? I could not help but think about Obama's father, a Muslim, and just what agreement does he think he can reach with terrorists who have already attacked America and many nations around the world? What change is Obama? Just because his last name is not Bush or Clinton?

And what about the war with Iraq? Iraq is largely Muslim. Why wouldn't Obama want to attack a Muslim nation? So he accused Clinton of being wrong in supporting the war in order to throw people off the scent. SORRY! Clinton was NOT wrong. She did what she thought was the best for our country AND she did not work alone. She also did not implement the war. Don't forget that she also supported her party, just as Republicans supported theirs. They did the best they could with the information they had at the time. That was not wrong, and they could not predict the future. This needs to be corrected by our media and by Obama, and I hope by Clinton in maybe clearer words than she already spoke. Fact is, Saddam Hussein did have WMDs and the U.N. did get rid of what was left. He bluffed about the rest. But, at the time no one knew for sure. Obama is hoping the public is too lazy to know the facts and will believe whatever he throws out there.

I think it's rotten what Ted Kennedy did - creating divison within the Democratic Party. The Party knew what it was facing, and it could have united and thought this through a lot better. This division is forcing people to choose between a woman and an African-American man. That is what it comes down to now, and Obama is playing the race card, himself. That's a no-no.

Say what you will - I'm saying what I will (lol), but I think Clinton has shown that she is strong, confident, not ego-driven. She has a good mind and heart, and is no novice to politics and government. I agree wholeheartedly about changing our entire educational and health care systems. Obama could use about ten more years to gather more knowledge and experience before becoming a president, I think. As a woman, I think it's important to finally have a female leader; someone who understands the value of giving and nurturing life, and who has a long background in helping families.

Some comments have been made on the networks about this being such a history-making election - a black man and a woman running for President. I think some people still find it hard to accept a female leader and would rather have a man no matter what is the color of his skin. I can't forget that black men had the vote before women in America. I sure hope that won't predict an outcome this year - meaning that a black man must be president before a woman (based on that alone, of course). My vote isn't based on race or gender, but it is on substance and quality...that's why I am more inclined towards Clinton now that Edwards is out of the race (he was my first choice).

Today Romney ran an ad attacking Clinton. Why? Clinton hasn't yet been picked as the Democratic candidate, and Romney hasn't been chosen as the Republican. Isn't that fishy? Why now? Why this tactic?

I will tell you a personal story about Hillary Clinton. Years ago, I wrote an article about her when she was the First Lady. She read it and wrote to me a very nice and personal letter. You can read it here.

January 28, 2008:
What is all this euphoria about Barak Obama? It's like a hypnotic Obamara concert where people are manipulated emotionally and aren't even aware of it. Has anyone actually heard Obama say anything unique? Has he said anything at all about his plans for change? I haven't heard one word of these things. All I've seen is a man who says what he thinks people want to hear without being specific about who he is and how he plans to go about doing whatever it is he wants to do, or suck up to reporters who question him by giving generic answers. Does Obama have a clue about how to deal with international maton't think so. Does Obama have a universal health care plan? Nope, that's Hillary's plan and she gets specific about it. Does Obama plan to raise or lower taxes? What do you think?

I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s and my generation grew up with JFK and knows how to do a real love-in. Obama is a far cry from being like JFK. All I've heard from Obama are words, words words, empty words geared to make you believe in something - but what is real here? Do you really know who the real Obama is? I've seen a couple of hints at who he is: ego-driven, ambitious, and blaming Hillary because she's married to Bill (like Obama didn't know that when going in for the campaign and Hillary was already in it). As an American, I'm concerned when I see young people yelling cheers for somebody they don't know anything about and think he'll make a good leader. Based on what? Can these people tell me about Obama's experience in the Senate? Most American young people can't even pick out the U.S. or Iraq on a world map! We're in serious trouble, I think.

And an important reminder before you vote: YOU CAN WRITE IN THE CANDIDATE OF YOUR CHOICE IF THEY'RE NOT ALREADY ON THE PRIMARY BALLOT, as long as they qualified for write-in candidacy.

January 6, 2008
Thank you to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) for acknowledging the importance of spirit and the bridging of dimensions on their Jan. 6th show. Beautiful! The show had an intuitive come to a family's home before demolition to get the spirit of the great-grandfather and other relatives who had long passed over for rebuilding the house. The spirits gave the builders suggestions to have some of the old house put into the new one - that made everybody happy and respected spirit.

December 15, 2007
I'm starting my own campaign for honesty - care to join me? Maybe some of you are old enough to remember the good old days when you and your family did your weekly meal at your favorite Chinese restaurant. You ordered your favorite dish, shrimp in lobster sauce, and it was delicious. Little pieces of lobster soaking in the sauce with the shrimp and vegetables. Yum.

Fast forward to today. You go to your favorite Chinese restaurant and order shrimp in lobster sauce and you prepare yourself for a great meal. You take a bite and wonder where is the doesn't taste the same. What's going on? You ask the restaurant owner if there is any lobster in the dish and he tells you no. "So," you say, "how can you call this shrimp in lobster sauce if there is no lobster?" "Oh," he explains, "this is how everybody makes it. It's just a white sauce." I told him that is false advertising. He says, "Oh?" This is what I went through last night. I checked several Chinese restaurants in my area, including a famous large chain (P F Chang's), and read their menus. No lobster in their shrimp and lobster sauce! How are they getting away with this lie? I say it is UNACCEPTABLE! Bring back the lobster to the dish or rename it shrimp in white sauce - mock lobster. Yes, I know lobster is costly. My solution is that if people want to have shrimp in lobster sauce, restaurants can use a portion from a lobster tail and figure in the cost to the dish. Those who really want it will pay for it. We have enough lies in our world, so let's get rid of this one today.

Nov. 29, 2007
A Sudanese court found a British teacher, Gillian Gibbons, guilty of insulting religion and sentenced her to 15 days in prison, and she will be deported (I bet she can't wait for that!), for allowing a teddy bear to be named "Mohammed," British authorities and her lawyer reported. She is considered lucky because she escaped being whipped! Now I've heard it all. Idiotic religious fanatics upset about naming a stuffed animal! By the way, isn't like more than 90% of Muslim males named Mohammed? What's the difference? Maybe Ms. Gibbons thought she was being PC, considerate, and respectful by naming the bear the most common name in the Muslim world? INSANE. [By the way, on Nov. 30, the next day, thousands in the Sudan are calling for the execution of this woman - all for naming a teddy bear Mohammad. Tell me that's sane. and that Islam is a religion of peace.]

And speaking of insane, the U.S. government just might start regulating the amount of sodium put into manufactured foods. Yup, that's right. The government just isn't in our private business enough. I say SHUT UP, get the hell out of my private life and do the job you're there to do for which we are paying you. You work for us, not the other way around. You have no right to tell me how much salt I can eat, the kind of water I can drink, if I can or cannot smoke, or what clothes I can wear, or how I should vote. This is not the Sudan or Saudi Arabia or Iran - or is it? After all, when a government refuses to accept that it was voted into office by adults who are more than capable of making their own decisions, and wants to dictate every bit of your life, it's no different from a Muslim nation.


NOV. 9, 2007, ON UFOs
Larry King's show tonight was very good, with credible heavyweight guests with excellent documentation. I do wish, however, that more politicians (like Kucinich) to whom the show referred, would get some balls. It took years for former Arizona governor Symington to admit what he saw during the Phoenix Lights - but at least he's doing it now. Every time I hear Kucinich flub that response about him seeing a craft, it pisses me off. Why can't he just come out, fearless, and say, "YES, I SAW A CRAFT FROM ANOTHER WORLD/DIMENSION, AND SO WHAT OF IT?" Kucinich started out by answering a question posed to him that yes, he did see a UFO, but after some in the audience laugh he changes his words to saying he didn't know what he saw, therefore it was unidentified. (He lost my vote.) Why do people have to ridicule sightings? Because of Hollywood films that have made it a joke for so long, is one reason. Even Jimmy Carter chickens out with his account by saying he saw a UFO (he wrote a report about it), with about 25 other men, and doesn't believe in life other than on Earth. What a fool. It's like Larry King saying it's just phenomena. What phenomena are you talking about, Larry? From where? Explain it.

I tell ya, it makes me gag that adults can't be totally honest and stop worrying about the reaction of a minority. King's own poll shows that 85% of the viewing public believe in UFOs/ETs. That is a huge jump from years ago. They're real. I've seen them, been on them, I know many people who have seen them and been on them. Who are the others to tell me that my experience was not real? They weren't there. Come on folks, isn't it time to grow up and get over this silliness?

Shirley MacLaine, who was on the show, talked about people's concept of God that would be an issue if one saw a UFO. Yes, that's part of it. What happens is that seeing crafts or ETs can seriously throw one's concept of reality out the window. It challenges reality, and for some people it has major effects, positive or negative depending upon one's perspective, openness, or fears. Reality is challenged also because then it hits people that we are more than just physical bodies in this dimension: we are multidimensional, interdimensional beings.

I think it also has to do with fears, primal yes, but more of aliens (again, thanks to War of the Worlds and dozens of negative ET films - thanks for the few good ones including Close Encounters).....but really, what or who is an alien? I wrote an article years ago that was in Sedona, Journal of Emergence Magazine on this subject. If you're interested in reading it, it's here

I sure hope something good will come out of Monday's meetings. The past meetings with tons of people from the military, government, all walks of life who went to Washington to demand open records, disclosure, and the truth weren't very successful.

October 26, 2007
Soy ink is terrible. It is cheap and it works like a cheap ink. It stinks - I can smell it across the room and I'm allergic to it. It also comes off on one's hands. It is definintely NOT an improvement in any sense of the word over traditional printing ink. I hope all newspapers and magazines do not start using soy ink. I get the L.A. Times (they switched to soy a while back), and I reduced delivery of it to only Sundays, and have to keep it outside the house because the smell irritates me so much. Yuck!

I am convinced Los Angeles has the dumbest juries in the country. These juries let murderers go free time after time: OJ Simpson, Robert Blake, and now a mistrial in the Phil Spector case. How could anybody with half a brain think Spector is innocent? That the jury could not agree on this is so beyond pathetic that I have lost all faith in the justice system in my own city. I feel for Clarkson's family and the disappointment, betrayal and rage they must be experiencing right now.

Look at the basic facts of the case: Lana Clarkson spent the day with her mother buying seven pairs of new shoes so she could be comfortable on her job. After work, she reluctantly agrees to go with Spector to his home for a drink. He wants her to leave her car in her workplace lot, she wants to move it to the street so she can drive herself home later. She had no intention of spending the night with Spector. She ends up dead, shot in the head, and Spector appears to his limo driver holding the gun, with blood on him, telling the driver, "I think I killed somebody." Lana is slumped in a chair by the front door with her purse over her shoulder. She had tried to leave; and as has been customary with Spector when he drinks and tries to force women to stay and have sex with him when they want to leave, he threatens them with a gun. Why was the gun loaded? Furthermore, he's said that he thinks all women should have their heads blown off. He attempts to clean up the murder scene and does not call for help. During the trial his defense team trashes the victim and blames her for her own death! DUH! What is wrong with the jury?! How on earth could they believe Clarkson killed herself?! Three weeks and they can't figure it out? Idiots are in our courts and turning them into a farce. Kudos to Judge Fidler, he was fantastic and very fair. The jury just didn't understand a damn thing about the case. And another murderer walks free. Gee, thanks a lot. You've just contributed to making Los Angeles the laughing stock of the nation, and proved that if you're rich enough, you can get away with murder. [Afterward: There will be a retrial.]

August 1, 2007
What a tragedy to see the bridge collapse in Minneapolis today. Such a horror. I hope it will be figured out how the bridge fell apart. I think it's also a horror that four hours passed that I watched this on television, and GW Bush did not come right out on television and address this catastrophe. Apparantly, he has learned nothing as President. Katrina wasn't bad enough; now he ignores this? He could offer his condolences, his support, something, anything. But, as everything else he does, this just shows his disconnection and lack of compassion and leadership with humanity and the American people.

June 1, 2007
The advertising industry is delving more regularly into the occult (as the religious right would call it. I call it spirituality.) They can't deny it. First we had the crop circle commercials. Now look at Bank of America's new commercial of people SCRYING. That's right, scrying. The ancient art of looking into a glass, mirror, or water, to see the future. Very clever, B of A. Look into the odd floating glassish object outside and see your joyful future that you created through your greatest passions. Of course, B of A wants you to believe that you can get there by using their services. It's all about the money; using spirituality to sell credit card use. Talk about a double message. But, allow psychics to make a living as spiritual counselors or even by predicting the future, and you know what happens? Some cities want to shut down these businesses and make them illegal!

May 11, 2007:
They're at it again - attempting to blackmail people with religious furor and push religious agenda into politics and government. CNN's Lou Dobbs wrote May 9, 2007 that, "The separation of church and state in this country is narrowing. And it is the church, not the state that is encroaching. Our Constitution protects religion from the intrusion or coercion of the state. But we have precious little protection against the political adventurism of all manner of churches and religious organizations." Suddenly, candidates aren't "Christian" enough to be president. Where is it written that presidents must be Christians? By the way, seems the presidential candidates' memories are failing: it wasn't Iraq that attacked us on 9/11 - most of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. So why did we go into Afghanistan and Iraq and still haven't gotten Bin Laden? Why does Saudi Arabia get off the hook? You tell me.

Religious coercion isn't limited to the U.S., however. This week Pope Benedict XVI said that he supports the excommunication of politicians who legalized abortion in Mexico City. Church teaching calls for automatic excommunication for anyone who has an abortion. In Mexico City, where abortion was legalized during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, church officials have said that doctors and nurses who perform the procedure, as well as lawmakers who supported its legalization, also would be excommunicated. Can't get into heaven if you have an abortion, either. The Pope also believes in making people suffer to death. Can't have compassion for anybody with a terminal illness who wants to end their own life and suffering, oh no. You must remain a slave to the church. So, can anybody tell me where the teachings of love and compassion fit into this picture? A woman still can't be a priest, so why do women belong to any church unless the believe they are inferior to men and have negated and denied Miriam (Mary Magdalene)'s role in Christianity?

Make no mistake about the hypocrisy in America: Oliver North and the U.S. military say they have had great success in invading Afghanistan and Iran and helping girls and women in those countries so they have freedom, education, safety. Yes, schools have been built, but they are still booby-trapped with bombs by Muslim militants to threaten girls who go to those schools. Yes, women can vote. If you're read my web site you know I'm in favor of helping Muslim women and girls, women and children everywhere. Now I get to the hypocrisy part: we claim to bring freedom to the Muslim women in those nations, but we still keep American women slaves from freedom because of those who want to take away our rights to choose! You elect a Republican president again, and you are sealing more slavery for women and the removal of more freedoms from ALL Americans with the bullshit story that Republicans believe in less government. Like hell they do. Just like they believe in lowering taxes....hypocrites.

A woman's right to make decisons regarding her own body isn't allowed by the church and some people are doing their darnest to make sure the government won't allow freedom, too. Make a woman go through an unwanted pregnancy in order to give that child up for adoption, without any consciousness of how that affects the baby! Listen to your politicians (including Rudy Giuliani) preaching that! That's called inhumane, compassionless, stupid and it's slavery, folks! Slavery against our Constitution. And if abortion is legal, it doesn't mean one must have the procedure. It's an option. Women who have been impregnated by rape, or whose lives are in danger due to pregnancy DO NOT COUNT. The church doesn't know when a fetus' life really begins. If that fetus can live outside of a womb on its own, then it's an independent life, a human being. Not before then - it's a fetus whose gender isn't even decided until the 4th month in pregnancy. A fetus' life isn't more valuable than the woman who is carrying it in her body! Her body comes first, sorry, men. How about preaching more birth control instead of adoption? Guess the Pope thinks he's God, judge and jury of every soul - the kind of thinking goes against what Jesus believed and taught and yet the Pope tells you it's in the name of God and Jesus.

I sure hope people in North America will be smart enough to see the religious manipulation that continues to come from the churches into our private lives and realize that they don't need other people to tell them what to do. Unfortunately, in South America where the Pope just gave his speech, people think they aren't able to do anything without the church's permission - they obviously don't want to figure anything out for themselves. Be very wary of anybody who has only one book and follows it blindly. It means their god is right you are a non-person.

April 20, 2007
This past week the media has focused non-stop on replaying the Virginia Tech massacre and Hui's videos, ending the work week today with the coverage of copycats that forced schools to remain closed today, and the NASA, Johnson Space Center hostage killing and suicide. Don Imus, American Idol, and Alec Baldwin are also popular topics of the week but haven't taken up as much media coverage as the murders. The good news out of all of this is that the media is reevaluating itself and its responsibility in playing videos over and over, that make celebrities out of psychopathic killers (thereby giving them exactly the star status they wanted), while repeatedly pounding a horror theme. Some have already decided not to show these videos any longer. Thank you for that.

I think it's of value to look at what is going on and ask ourselves some important questions. Do these events speak to you of something more going on than just an isolated event? What does all of this coverage do to you, personally? What does it do to the public? How have you been feeling all week? Are you reacting emotionally and/or physically to these events? If you have had trouble sleeping, eating, with your digestion, or had buttons pushed (like fear or helplessness)? Or, have you been able to observe these events for a time, without emotional involvment, then turn them off and go on with your life? Are you able to feel grateful for what you do have and enjoy your life right now?

I'll tell you what I did on Monday night. I watched the news all day and felt empathy for all those who were at Virginia Tech, all those whose lives were forever changed by the senseless massacre. But, I did not get caught up in the drama of it, the emotions of it. I was able to observe and realize that I'm here, my family is here and well, and I'm going to celebrate that. We went out to a nice restaurant and had a wonderful dinner, enjoying one another. No, we were not in any denial of the day's events. We acknowledged it with respect, and we chose love and joy for us in the present. I am not watching the news all day, every day. It's not healthy and it doesn't serve me or anyone else to be in the drama or in misery. The event is over; there is nothing one can do to turn the clock back and change or prevent what happened. We can be more observant in the future when we feel or see things that don't feel right - maybe then we can prevent another massacre from taking place.

We have to be here now, value our lives now, and value those in our lives now. If not now, when? Love and joy are the most powerful energies. Fear and hatred cannot coexist with love and joy. If we chose to be responsible for our reactions and responses to events and that choice includes love and joy, without a doubt these are a great service and respect to everybody, including those who died in the massacre. For, with love and joy their souls will be healed.

April 16, 2007
My heartfelt condolences go out to everyone today. What happened at Virginia Tech is a sad reminder of the world in which we live where one person can be so angry, controlling, possessive, and violent that he couldn't get help but chose to murder nearly three dozen people and harm others. These kinds of things happen around the world by Muslim bombers and they're no different. These are events that unfortunately tell us that we have to be more cautious, but we can't prevent everything, either. One thing that could help could be at least annual mandatory meetings with counselors in school where the student talks about their life, and any difficulties they're having. I think this murderer was very depressed, insecure, self-centered, had no compassion, narcissistic, and needed attention he felt he wasn't getting. An irrational mind. Look at his eyes. This look was also in the eyes of the killers at Columbine. What about Cho Seung-Hui's parents or family - who are they, where are they, what was his childhood like? I read one report that his sister went to Princeton and his parents had a business. So - why aren't they speaking? Are they still alive?

Will gun control help? Yes, it will. Who needs automatic weapons, for one thing. And why would a college student living in a dorm need guns and be sold guns? I know it is hard to crack down on all weapons, but this is a start. No one need such weapons. Having a gun means the owner WILL think about using it, and probably will because they don't consider any other methods of dealing with problems. Then think about a psychopath, such as Hui - who is given psychological counseling before a gun purchase? For self-defense, as a last resort, I support having a basic old-fashioned gun. Not automatic weapons, not rifles, not for sport. Now I ask you - what the hell is Homeland Security doing? Our money is wasted under the guise of protecting us. All it is doing is taking our freedoms away, but there hasn't been much change in security at all.

The next thing is to learn from Israel, a country that was forced to take high security to protect kids in school from suicide bombers. The school should have been locked down immediately after the first shooting. There needs to be more security on campuses and only certain paths allowed in and out of schools (although that will be very hard to achieve in American schools).

We will remember this day for many reasons - the news media did not talk AT ALL about the Holocaust, but now this day takes on an even sadder memory. As Jews worldwide honored on Monday the memory of those who were murdered in the Holocaust, a 75-year-old survivor sacrificed his life to save his students in Monday's shooting at Virginia Tech college that left 32 dead and over two dozen wounded. Professor Liviu Librescu threw himself in front of the shooter, who had attempted to enter his classroom. The Israeli mechanics and engineering lecturer was shot to death, but all the students "lived - because of him," Asael Arad, an Israeli Virginia Tech student told Army Radio. Librescu's wife, Marlena, told the NRG Web site that her husband had loved his job with "all his heart and his soul." The couple immigrated to Israel from Romania in 1978 and then moved to Virginia in 1986 for his sabbatical, but had stayed since then, their son, Joe, told Army Radio. In the deadliest shooting rampage in modern US history, the attacker, who had yet to be positively identified, cut down his victims in two attacks two hours apart before the university could grasp what was happening and warn students. I bless you and the memory of all those who died today and in the Shoah.

I've discussed this terrible event with several people today and it's been a continuation in a line of discussions about creating one's reality. Was this karma being played out? Why would all these people choose such a death? Would parents want their children to be murdered? Of course not. Many people believe that we choose absolutely everything we experience. I don't share that belief. I think that life is a combination of what we can control and what is chance. We are responsible for ourselves and for our responses and reactions to what occurs, but no way are we in control of or choose everything. I am reminded of part of the Serenity Prayer that says:
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.


April 10, 2007
I'm fed up with those in the media who can't let a day pass without insulting Liberals, as if it's a dirty word. Have these people forgotten what the word means? It's about freedom, and it's what our country was founded for and about what the Declaration of Independence speaks. For example, the government can only exist with the consent of the governed. Our Constitution ensures our rights to secure the blessings of liberty. Liberals share a belief in individual rights, free enterprise, representative democracy, and the rule of law. Get it? LIBERTY. FREEDOM. Classical liberalism is a philosophy of individualism and self-responsibility. It is not about being ignorant, stupid, tolerant of what is evil, or uncaring, as those in today's media infer it does. I think they need an American education because they're MISUSING the term AND MISINFORMING the public about what Liberal means. And in doing so, they are contributing to the ignorance and hatred in the world. Frankly, I see no difference between what they are doing versus what extremist religious groups are doing. They are just as far gone because you can't even discuss the real word Liberal with them anymore. I think they've rapidly become the most unAmerican under the guise that they're the ONLY real Americans and all Liberals think and feel alike and are evil.

April 10, 2007
Keeping this brief:
The new outrage over Imus' on-air comments shouldn't surprise anybody. Imus has always been this way, which is why I never watched him or listened to him. I saw him once years ago, for less than one minute, felt the man was off and not my thing, and changed the channel. I'm sure he must have had a substantial audience who like abusive talk, or he would have been off the air for not making money for the stations who hired him. So what was new here? Was the media showing responsibility throughout the years they've had Imus? Did the media care about who Imus offended? Obviously not. Does the public really care? Obviously not, because they support Imus' right to say these things (from what I hear) on a regular basis for a LONG time.

Our society has become increasing rude, angry, ignorant, and intolerant. Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, Rosie O'Donnell, Bill O'Reilly, Don Imus, the entire entertainment industry are the ones who get seen the most because they're on the air, on the tube. Who buys Rap music? Those who support anger, verbal and emotional abuse, insults, and physical violence. They defend their right to do so under the First Amendment - free speech.

I'm sorry, but that does not work for me. For years I've written about this. Free speech doesn't mean the right to scream fire in a public theatre, and it doesn't include the right to intentionally abuse others. I don't think it should include the right for Nazis to publicly demonstrate because their message is one of hate and incitement to violence. But at least if they do demonstrate, we know what they're up to. Freedom comes with responsibility. It should come with some compassion, intelligence and wisdom, but sadly it does not. Perhaps these incidents are pointing this out?

If I don't like what I'm watching or hearing, I change the channel, or turn it off. I sure won't buy their products or support their stations. The more we turn off these jerks, the message will be received by the media and their sponsors.

Thursday, April 5, 2007
Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy revealed she had Hashimoto's disease. I'm surprised she wasn't being treated for it, as it could have helped bring her body and her problems into balance. Look at the symptoms below. This is from my article on thyroid disease Then, think of the drugs she did take for depression, pain, and so on, and how those could have further irritated her thyroid disease.

HASHIMOTO'S DISEASE Hashimoto's Disease (named after the Japanese doctor who first described it) occurs when the thyroid gland is being attacked by the immune system. This can create hypothyroidism because there will not be enough normal thyroid cells left to make the amount of thyroid hormone that the body needs to work properly.

Symptoms of Hashimoto's Disease include tiredness, weight gain, dry skin, often feeling cold, coarse, dry hair or hair loss, hoarseness, constipation, yellowish skin, enlarged thyroid, difficulty remembering things, decreased concentration, depression, irregular or heavy menstruation, infertility, muscle aches, lack of coordination, high cholesterol, slowed heartbeat, low body temperature.

It seems that there were 600 pills missing (within about a week) from the prescribed medications (all given by the same doctor, a neighbor to Anna, and made out to Howard K. Stern). Did Anna take 600 pills in such a short time? Or, were these people selling the drugs to make money? I thought I heard reports that they were having money problems.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
On Sunday a new documentary The Jesus Family Tomb will be shown on the Discovery Channel. This film was made by Oscar-winning director James Cameron and biblical film documentarian Simcha Jacobovici. Some people call this a publicity stunt and fiction. However, there is compelling evidence that says this could be the Jesus family tomb. One needs to look at the a larger picture in archaeology. I agree and say that the larger picture includes more than just archaeology. It includes religion and deeply imbeded belief systems that can be challenged and even shattered.

In 1980 a construction crew in the Jerusalem suburb of Talpiot chanced upon a first-century tomb, which are not uncommon in that city. The Israeli Antiquities Authority found 10 bone boxes there, and stored them in a warehouse. In 1996, the BBC made a film suggesting that. given the combination, it might be that family. The idea was eventually discounted, however, because, as University of St. Andrews (Scotland) New Testament expert Richard Bauckham asserted in a subsequent book, the names with Biblical resonance are so common that even when you run the probabilities on the group, the odds of it being the famous Jesus's family are "very low."

The filmmakers claim that the DNA test performed from the remains prove that Jesus and Mary were married because two of the individuals in the tomb were not related. This does make sense, because why else would a man and two women, man, and a child be buried together unless they were a family? To produce this combination of names just once in a large city of Jerusalem is astrounding. The names, Jesus, Maria; Mariamene e Mara (Mary Magdalene); Matthew; Judas, son of Jesus; and Jose (the nickname of Jesus' brother listed in the Gospel of Mark). The odds are 600:1 being in favor of this being the tomb of Jesus. What is amusing is the religious community's immediate denial that this could be the actual Jesus family tomb. The filmmaker says to go to forensic archaeologists and statisticians for proof.

But what is happening? An uproar about what some people believe is the actual word of God. Why anybody believes the bibles literally is beyond me, but they do. Do they not know about the Council at Nicea, in which a group of men threw out what they didn't want in the New Testament, manipulated and added what they DID want in it? There were heavy political reasons for why they did this. Given that one fact alone, how could anybody believe that the New Testament is the word of God? (I encourage all of you to read up on the REAL history of Christianity, including the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Gnostic Gospels.) Don't you all know that many PEOPLE wrote the bibles?

What is scaring the hell out of people is that IF this is true, then Jesus didn't physically ascend to heaven. Well, he didn't. People saw his spirit. He was a man with a high level of consciousness, but he wasn't a god, nor the only son of God, he wasn't THE God. He was a Jewish man who taught Judaism with a little new spin of his own. Christianity didn't come into being until more than thirty years after his death. Jesus was never anything BUT a Jew. Why shouldn't he have been married? It is known he had a close, respectful and loving relationship with Mary. In fact, Mary was the ONLY one he trusted to teach his apostles. She knew his teachings better than anybody else - she was also a learned woman - NOT a prostitute. That lie was concocted by men who wanted the Church to be run only by men - following the trend set by the woman hating and jealous Apostle Peter. Being married, it would be natural for the couple to have children. But people don't seem to want to accept that Jesus was just a man. They need to make him more, and ironically, in making him more and preaching his teachings, few people actually live them or have understood his messages. If they had, they'd realize they are doing everything anti-Jesus.

So, I think it's important to ask yourselves what this information means to you. What if this is the actual Jesus family tomb? Would your world crumble? Would you still believe in God? Would you stop believing in God? Would you realize how much and how long the Church has lied to you? Would you trust the Church after this? What would Jesus and Mary mean for you now? Could you accept that these were people and not some "special" beings that God favored? Could you accept that you are equal to them in the eyes of the Source? Could you let go of needing to believe in anything other than yourself, the here and now?

I will watch this special and then report my thoughts about it on this page. I hope you will be watching, too. I don't know if anyone can prove this is the actual tomb with genetic data, since we don't have any genetic data we know for certain belonged to Jesus (unless the bones in this tomb are his). So it will be fascinating to see how this continues to unfold and how it affects people. I just know one thing: the Church will continue to deny the possibility that this could be real - because if it is real, that means their jig is up. They fear the backlash and their future. Those in the Church who bought into the fantasies about Christianity might flip out. Where will their money come from, and how would they continue to control people if the truth finally came out? Oh my goodness, that could mean millions of people would have to find the real Source on their own! Imagine that. I think that would be a real modern-day miracle. We are our OWN saviors and divine just as we are. Isn't that what Jesus taught? Yeah.

Copyright, 2007 E. Nora H. Amrani

Sunday, February 11, 2007
Tonight I saw something I've never seen before. I went with my family out to dine at one of our favorite Italian restaurants (Zach's). We frequent the place and have eaten in all of the nooks and crannies of the place except one tiny, separate room. That is the room in which we ate tonight. The walls of the room are hand-painted scenes from Venice, Italy. We walked in to the room to find two other couples seated at their tables.

One couple immediately stood out - couldn't miss them. At first glance we thought maybe they were in charge of a party that was going to be held in the room. Their ages are probably late 50s, early 60s. The husband wore a black suit with a deep red shirt. His wife wore a get-up that looked like she performed in strip club for older folks who never got out of the 1960s. She wore black fishnet stockings with red decorated pumps. Her dress was black, with a black net covering the top of her torso and upper back and arms - the arms and skirt (that was too short and tight for her) were trimmed with red boa feathers. I just tried to imagine eating with those feathers dipping into my food or falling off into my food. Not very appetizing.

The table was completely decorated by the couple. They brought their own vase with flowers. On the two chairs opposite from where they sat were gift bags. Gift bags were also on the floor and on the table, as were wrapped little gifts and cards. If that wasn't enough, the husband was still wrapping presents and then handing them to his wife who promptly opened them.

We stared at this very odd couple, obviously out of place on a Sunday night, the 11th of February. They were odd, funny, sweet, and a little creepy. The husband kept getting up and shifting the gifts around, making sure the waiter brought an ice bucket for the champagne they had brought with them, ordering for his wife. They opened present after present, read cards, and drank their wine. We just watched, a bit in awe.

During our stay the lights kept dimming and then flickering brighter. This is common at this restaurant, but I had to make a joke out of it. When our waiter came back to our table I loudly asked him, " So when are you going to stop electrocuting people in the back room?" The other couples looked startled, which made me laugh. He didn't waste a breath - he nodded and said, "Oh, you mean our ghost." Exactly. So we talked with the ghost for a minute and asked it to dim the lights again if it really was a ghost.

Halfway through our meal, the wife got up and came over to our table and the table next to us, and gave us a handful of Hershey's kisses (in red foil, of course), telling us "Happy Valentine's Day." We thanked them. Her husband explained to the five of us in the room that this was their early St. Valentine's Day celebration because on the actual date the place would probably be packed, and they work. We smiled, understandingly.

My husband, who at first was quiet about this couple, suddenly couldn't stop whispering about them. He couldn't get over this big production they were making. He said, "They even brought their own flowers!" I laughed at him and said, "Yes, I know. Look at this as learning experience!" Then it dawned on him that this week was Valentine's Day. He smacked his forehead and then pushed over all the Hershey's kisses to my side and said, "Happy Valentine's Day!" I cracked up and said, "Cheapskate!" We all laughed, and I repeated, teasingly, "Learn."

We finished our meal and on the way out wished them a happy Valentine's Day. My husband got teased by us, "This means that now you'll never forget about Valentine's Day." But we know that after this night, none of us will ever forget it.

THE WHO'S YOUR DADDY SYNDROME (Anna Nicole Smith's death) Saturday, February 10, 2007
When the news broke that Anna was found unconscious, I immediately knew she was dead. I heard her say, "Now I'm free." A minute or two later, I heard her say, "Let them fight it out now." (Reference to the court cases.) Immediately after I heard this, the news said that she had died. My impression was that she had taken her own life, she was miserable and couldn't go on.

Since Anna Nicole Smith died I've had some very unsettling feelings about what's going on with Stern and her baby. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, just sharing some thoughts.

Ms. Smith was responsible for her life - she made her life's choices and they weren't the best, in my opinion. While I'm sure she and Stern shared feelings for each other, I don't trust Stern for a second. I think he's in it for the money only. Why was he present when both Danny died? Why was he on Methadone? What a plot that could be: first get rid of the son, then the mother, then have the baby and the inheritance for himself. (That's going the extreme route, I know.) What illness did Anna have - HIV/AIDS? Is that why they didn't want to do the paternity tests? Why the nonsense of a commitment ceremony and not a real marriage when he's a lawyer and knows the baby is involved, legalities are vital? Where is her will? Why does he not go for the paternity test, if he cares about the baby? It's very suspicious to me. Larry Birkhead has only been after the best interest of the baby and he wants the test. I believe he's being honest about wanting to know who the father is and feeling certain he is the father. Now Zsa Zsa's husband (what is his problem?) is trying to get in on the baby and the money deal. And there is a report that Anna's sister said that Anna used frozen sperm from the old geezer she married (the one who died) and whose money she wanted to inherit. That would be a sneaky way to ensure inheritance, eh? (This was declared a hoax by Geraldo Rivera.) The whole thing stinks. Whoever is the judge in this case better look at everything VERY carefully before awarding that baby to anyone.

P.S. Have you ever noticed that Anna doesn't smile in the photos? She snarls - and I find it very ugly. Some people say she was very smart. I feel she was a needy, sad fool who left this world finally feeling free and leaving the rest to fight in court for battles for which she had no more energy.

Saturday, February 3, 2007
Michael Richards recent outburst in a comedy club has made all the headlines because he used the "N" word and said some very hurtful things. Speaking only for myself, I don't believe Richards is a racist (but I don't personally know him). I do believe he was very angry at hecklers who verbally assaulted him, and Richards returned the only way he knew would really hurt them with words. This is not a pure racist issue - it is an ANGER issue. A similar thing occurred at Barbra Streisand's concert when she was heckled. She didn't respond with a racial epithet; she told the person to "f**k off. In both cases it shows how easily people's buttons can be pushed and how short a fuse we can have that we do not take the time to breathe, think, choose to ignore, or choose to respond in a way that is not reacting with the same energy thrown at us, thereby CHANGING THE ENERGY.

When it comes to the "N" word, I have long felt there has been a double-standard at play. It's okay for African-Americans (who used to be called by their racial cateogry Negro - by the way, is Negro okay to say just as Caucasian is? - to being called Blacks) to call non-African-American people cracker (i.e., Chris Rock) and all other sorts of insulting names. It's okay for African-Americans to call one another the "N" word, but others can't use that term. That is being racist, in my opinion. Why the double-standard? By the way, what is the PC term for Caucasians who are African-American? Does it conflict with Blacks? It gets confusing. Maybe people need to get clear on who they are and if labels are that important? Are they separating people more? I think in some cases, they do. For instance, why are there Black Awards? What if we suddenly had White Awards?

So what should we do with the "N" word? One alternative is that people can say it's just a word and anything goes for anybody. The other alternative is that the "N" word should not be used by anybody, not those who are comics or musicians or other entertainers, those in the media, nor in books that are not of the Civil War or pre-Civil Rights Movement times, when that word was used and is part of history. (Used in the proper context of time.) Why? Because that particular "N" word IS a derogatory word, just like calling all women "hoes" or "bitches", all Native Americans "savages", or calling all Jews "Hymies" are derogatory (remember that Farrakhan scandal?). How about we tackle all these offensive words right now and treat one another respectfully?

I don't think calling a name is a crime, but can be hurtful and offensive. What we have to look at is WHY we use these terms. I think it's fair and honest to say that most people all over the Earth have used a derogatory term towards someone other than their own "kind." People have a need to feel better, special, and that often means the other has to be lesser than they are. It is also a way people refuse to be personally responsible for their own condition in life. There are jokes of all races, religions, nationalities, genders. People make fun of each other. How many Polish or Italian or Irish jokes do you know? Yeah, we all laugh at each other when we know it's meant in good humor. But, how many of you have blamed the Jews or Israelis for all the problems in the world? I know a lot of you have. That's a cross-over of anger and racism.

However, anger out of control or a need to blame, to have a scapegoat, are often the culprits or derogatory terms with an intention to harm. And there are people who will act like jerks because of their own issues. So, this points to only two things - the lack of personal responsibility and compassion combined with respect for others. We can examine if our own mirror being presented to us (such as the hecklers and Richards are mirrors for each other). This reminds me of my own message for the energies of 2006 - mirrors and reflections are major this year . If we have a handle on our anger and realize that nobody can push our buttons without our permission, and we are responsible for how we respond to whatever has pushed our buttons, then we can avoid such events have recently transpired with Mel Gibson and Michael Richards. And it really doesn't take that much effort to be thoughtful. Change the energy, don't feed the anger.

February 2, 2007
It seems this is going unnoticed: while one branch of the media jumps all over "stars" for using the "N" word, and other "slurs", right out in the open on another media limb, the oldies TV networks air shows such as "The Jeffersons" and "Sanford and Son" that are packed with the use of these words (and all without apology). You see, from the 1960s through the 1980s people (especially African-Americans) overused the "N" word as much as they overused the term "honky," or all races used the word "homo." [See the shows "Soap" and "Diff'rent Strokes".] In a way, I'm glad the networks are airing these programs uncensored, but just try to get them to broadcast "Amos 'n Andy," a comedy starring good African-Americans actors that was popular in my childhood. Don't some states ban the book "Little Black Sambo?" People forget the historical timeframe in which these were produced, in which context these words were used, and how some were criticized, and that's too bad. [See "All in the Family."] There is a lot people can learn from the old. One day in the future, the politically correct individuals will come up with some new word they find offensive, try to ban it, and then more people will enter rehab. "Ohh, I apologize...."

January 9, 2007
Governor Arnold today said that he wants to have cars in California set the trend for the U.S. in low carbon dioxide emissions, contributors to greenhouse gases, and be less dependent upon fossil fuels. Well, Arnold, why haven't you thought of incorprating the Air Car ? Why do we have to wait until 2020 to have improved engines?! They're available right now.

Snow in Colorado
January 6, 2007
Thoughts on the overwhelming amount of snow in Colorado this winter:Power. Snow - water - tidal waves - tsunami in the mountains. A redistribution of energy, life forms, geology. Cleansing, healing overloaded emotions, bodies. Negative ions. Isolation. Need to stay indoors, hibernate with family, friends, self. Introspection. Patience. Remember importance of life, value of life-sustaining items as opposed to the more frivolous things in life. Planning ahead. Being prepared. These are some thoughts passing through me.


January 5, 2007
Governor Arnold was sworn into his second term in office in California. What I don't understand is the government hypocrisy in having a religous ceremony at the swearing in. The hand on the bible (see first blog item on this list below) is silly enough. But to have preachers praying and giving flowery sermons is way out of character for a government that is supposed to have separation between church and state. Why do we allow it to go on? Why does no one else criticize this religious pageantry? Does it make people feel more secure, or that the governor is more holy? Sheesh. How many people have been duped by this and think it's the right thing to do? I don't think I really want to know.


December 23, 2006
How many people, raise your hands or speak out now, are as fed up as I am with a certain comedy network on cable television for their outrageous and constant use of censorship? Have you ever tried to sit through their programs? It's like watching a movie on TBS or WE. So much is censored out that the movie has no semblance to its original self. It's disrespectful to the people in the film, to the film, the author, the public, all. I am waiting for the day when the film industry says they've had enough and sue these networks for butchering their films. How do they get away with it? And credits? Please - credits aren't always shown, and if they are, they fly by so fast no one can read them. Is this Russia in the 1960s, or America? First Amendment, anybody?

Once in a while this particular comedy network will show a movie without censoring the words - during the daytime. Why this whacky way of doing things? And what criteria is used to decide if a word should be censored? Can say bitch - why? Let's get picky for a minute: It's a derogatory term against women (not talking about dogs here) - like the "N" word is against African-Americans. Why is bitch not bleeped? Can say ass, but can't say asshole - the hole is bleeped! Can say bull, but not bullshit. Can't say dick, or fuck, laid, or numerous other words some idiot censor decides ADULTS can't hear after 9pm, or anytime. As if adults can't figure out for themselves that if they find something offensive that they can change the channel or turn off the set.

What is the point of showing any standup specials when 99% of the show is bleeped out? No one knows what the person is saying, nothing makes sense, and it's aggrevating as hell. I watched one show tonight and in some sentences every word was bleeped out. So why is it even on? And you know what? The networks don't give a damn about what we viewers say about it. I've written many times and never have they written me back or changed their policies. I wonder how these networks stay in business because they've lost me and probably many other people as viewers, that their sponsors must be suffering. Thank goodness for XM Radio where there is NO censorship and people are respected and free to choose what they want to hear.

December 22, 2006
America has the most irresponsible media when it comes to reports on terrorism. What other country would publicly and continually state where it's cities are most vulerable and give precise methods of terrorism that could be used against such weaknesses? I don't know of any other country that would be this stupid. If it is known there are vulnerabilities, protect and FIX THEM, don't broadcast them and invite problems. Just today was another report about tunnels being vulnerable to attack. Why are they doing this? To instill fear? Does the media hope for an attack, so they'd have a new story to cover? Or would it justify keeping U.S. troops in Iraq?