By E. Nora H. Amrani

It's that time of the year, again: time for love, peace, spreading the joy around. There are charities that help humans and animals in every possible way. There are festive celebrations for the holidays. And yet, there's something more.

I was thinking back over the past few years if there is one special thing that touched me in the most unique way, and I didn't have to think for long about it. It is the flash mob song and/or dance scene. It thrills me like nothing else! All of a sudden, people burst into song or start dancing. It usually starts with one or a few performers, and builds and builds with more and more coming on board to join in. It just lights up the faces of everybody watching, and many join in to participate even if they don't know the routine.

This is phenomenal to me, and I love it! Reaching out to so many through joy, spreading joy, what a wonderful way to make someone's day. What a beautiful way to show how people can come together and have fun, be creative, express themselves through the arts. It instills a feeling of unity, of hope, of love, of feeling alive and being so thankful for it.

I've watched dozens of flash mob routines from around the world where thousands of people participated, and the feeling of the performers and the reaction of the audience is always the same---surprise, pure joy and gratitude. Nothing is expected in return for the performance. Of course, I'm sure the performers hope the public will enjoy their show.


But there is more to all of this than flash mobs: it is the energy that it carries and spreads. It uplifts and lightens. It joins heaven and earth, called in ancient Sumerian times EN.KI.DA, and was often used as a description for the ziggurats (E.U.NIR). For a few moments, people are in the NOW, forgetting their troubles, opening their hearts. This is truly a healing gift to our planet. The unexpected becomes a gift, and herein lies a great lesson in optimism and in what is right with humanity. Furthermore, it teaches us to remain open to the universe because gifts come in all forms, often when we least expect them.

May your new year be one of magical surprises filled with joy. And may you reach out, join with others to experience it, to touch others, and to spread it around. EN.KI.DA.