Jerusalem -
A Metaphor for the Future

By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani, with Shawn Randall, Channeling Torah
October 30, 2000 and June 28, 2001
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Jerusalem's future existence does not have to be gained through violence, high costs, nor does it have to be complicated. It does not require that peace in the city be accomplished through a single or dual rulership. It does not have to be about "the land" but about what's in our hearts.

Using the definition of the word Jerusalem, which means "complete, or wholeness," my idea for a realistic, respectful, and peaceful Jerusalem is to have a committee overseeing Jerusalem. This committee will represent those living in Jerusalem who know it inside and out, who call it home, and care about its future: Jews, Christians, Muslims, AND it must be comprised equally of mature women and men, and with religious and secular representatives. These individuals must be chosen for their commitment to spirituality, honesty, objectivity, respect, peace, compassion, responsibility, balance, sharing, and desire for harmony. They must honor diversity, not fear or condemn it. These people must walk their own talk.

I shared my ideas for Jerusalem's future with the being known as Torah (an avatar, not in physical form at present, who is channeled through Shawn Randall). Torah offered to share the following on this most important subject.

"Jerusalem, of course, is a metaphor for the future. Not only does it come as a great artifact of the past, but it is a metaphor of possibility for the future. And here you've got all this sacred land, sacred space, sacred buildings, sacred geometry, configurations that are built over archaeology that is long forgotten but it still exists in the numbers and in the geometry in the area, and therefore its spaces, its energies still exist. And there is some wonderful writing to back this up, you might want to research some of the newer work of John Michell who actually went there and took measurements. Out of looking at the amazing configurations of the various levels and stages and ages of the ruins, out of this comes an energy that we feel very strong which that Jerusalem is to be co-governed by four. Because this is the future of the world. Not domination, but collaboration, co-creation, and certainly, as Dr. Peebles would say "loving allowance," but as sort of coalition in that regard. It's co-custodianship, co-guardianship in this way that Jerusalem can be the image of the future, of humanity's solidation."

My idea includes representatives of Jews, Muslims, Christians with a fourth entity, which Torah suggests would be "A kind of allowing of world religion, which would include all; almost like a metaphysical. The undefined. The non-dominational that includes a lot of denominations. That would be quite a creation. That would need a lot of work, but that's certainly the direction and that's what is being built slowly at the grass roots level in the United States, that kind of a non-religion religion. In other words, the new spirituality, the "new metaphysics" (as Bashar would call it), and the "new spirituality" (as Lazaris would call it). And, in that regard, the fourth would be this, in a sense, a new construct of a new paradigm because the old religions they have their truth, they have their ancient wisdom, absolutely so. But they do have their rituals still, and structures. That's how we see the fourth."

When I asked Torah if I could share these words on my web site, with the world, Torah responded with joy and gratitude, "Oh absolutely! Please. Absolutely. We would be honored if you would share it. We feel it is truly optimal in terms of viewing. Great potential for the future. Jerusalem is indeed a metaphor for how the planet can co-exist spiritually, with spiritual systems. And, indeed, Jerusalem is a metaphor for that. And clearly, the fact that lines are being drawn in terms of it's got to be either/or, that shows that humanity is still in the either/or mentality. So, perhaps you've already written about this, but, it's as humanity moves beyond the either/or reality structure, then indeed the New Jerusalem will be able to be founded.

"And so by looking at the machinations and what goes on in Jerusalem now, you are getting a reflection of humanity's preparedness and lack of preparedness, for that new paradigm of a spiritual co-existence that would not denounce Mohammed, that would not denounce Buddha, would not denounce Judaism or, in that regard Christianity, or its histories, and its structures, and its systems. But, indeed, the center of another that goes beyond all of them, and includes all of them. And then to have this Jerusalem co-ruled with this number of four, the four, there is clearly the number four there, which is the number of physicality, manifestation. [See Pythagoras] So, Jerusalem co-ruled by the four systems of spirituality would be the manifestation of spirit in the physical realm in a new paradigm of co-creation." My deepest thanks to you both, Torah and Shawn.

Up-date July 3, 2004: I received an email from an organization in Jerusalem that is currently developing these ideas further. Please visit The Hope to read more about it.

© Copyright, 2000-2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani & Shawn Randall