By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
November, 1998
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I come across the term "hierarchy" in my daily internet surfing; from emails to e-lists, to New Age sites. There are spiritual hierarchies, governmental hierarchies, planetary hierarchies - the list goes on and on. "Hierarchy," (according to "The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology, 1986, 1996), means "division of angels; priestly or ecclesiastical rule; body of ecclesiastical rulers." (I wonder who came up with that one?) "Ecclesiastical" means "members of a public assembly of citizens, or church; or those of a calling." Webster's Dictionary defines hierarchy as, "an arrangement in a set system of ranks/grades." Higher and lower; division.

Our civilization follows a very old custom of ranking Gods, beliefs, institutions, people, TV shows; most everything! Ranking may have its purposes in terms of meeting certain standards, as in health and safety (restaurant and food preparation), for example. Aside from this example, I find little positive use for grades, or hierarchies.

Where did the idea of hierarchies come from? It originated long ago when archetypal energies were set up. Archetypes were symbollic, as well as literal, beings. Then, "the gods" mixed with Earth beings. Only those who were related through blood or special bond to "the gods" received special treatment. It became desirable, and certainly beneficial, to be in favor with "the gods." And people have been seeking this ever since, through royalty, government, religion, not yet realizing the divine (and the archeyptes) within each being.

But, remember that even "the gods" had dissention and disruption within their own ranks when one dared to defy the laws. Enki was cast out from his family on several occasions because he went against the controllers' desires to destroy life.

When I read the word "hierarchies" in channelings or articles it usually rubs me the wrong way because it feels like it's coming from elitism. Oftentimes, people feel the word of a channeled entity from some spiritual hierarchy is more valuable than a word from their child, gardener, friends, etc. This just doesn't feel right for me because what we are really facing are just different perspectives, or knowing that each being has a focus, instead of a higher or lower order. I don't believe the point is to give our power away to these entities, whoever they may be - angels, archangels, ETs, senators, attorneys, our schools, or to invalidate our current lives.

Why do I tend to avoid (like the plague) using this term in my own articles? Because it infers separation, elitism, mistrust, and sometimes subtle tyranny. Hierarchies, like cults, pit people against people and demote the value of self-rulership. They often give people ultimatums such as: if you don't have the smarts to agree that their way is "the way," they know it all, you are hopelessly lost. (Much like the Christian view that if you don't accept Jesus as your savior, you're going straight to Hell.)

One may argue that there are benefits in those of like mind coming together for a purpose. I agree. But it doesn't mean that such a group must operate through the old standard practice of divide and conquer, to control others. That would not be allowance, acceptance, Oneness, nor unity through diversity. Hierarchies in that way, my dear friends, are driven by the negative ego and are based upon fear; fear of not being good enough, not having inner confidence or of not having enough. They are based on snobbery, the need for absolute rule and of course are very manipulative. Do you like to be ranked and rated? Do you need to feel superior to others, or to let others tell you that you are inferior to them?

Let's go back a little ways...remember how the hierarchies worked in the Inquisition? In the Ancient Egyptian priesthood? In Atlantis? World War II? Any war? Right now in religion and governments? Control through separation and intimidation is the purpose and m.o. of hierarchies. People who feel inferior will look for some way to feel acceptable, or superior, to themselves and others. And if you have rulers, you must have those to rule over. People still feel they need to be ruled because not everyone feels they are their own boss.

What, then, has been the purpose of the entire New Age and spiritual movements into self-awareness, self-empowerment, transformation? To find a new leader to lead the flock of sheeple? Or, are we finally ready to take charge of our own lives?

If we choose to participate in certain hierarchical institutions or organizations, (and, of course, depending upon the intent of that group), we will one day face ourselves to see how and why we chose to do so. By going into my own past life meditation, I was shown two specific lifetimes in which hierarchies played the significant role, and these clarified how I now understand hierarchies. In fact, it was a major healing of three lifetimes at once. I feel that by sharing these with you, you may also see hierarchies in a new way.

In the first incarnation I was a ruler, the head of the hierarchy, who issued (actually shouted out) proclamations to the masses. I was most powerful in voice and demeanor. Used my hands a lot for emphasis. Sometimes the magic would work and I could summon lightning for effect. I was actually quite a frightening sight to behold. A real terror. I didn't care about anyone else's feelings. I just wanted it "my way." And I made sure that those within the hierarchy obeyed my rules, or else.

An instant later, I was in another incarnation on the receiving end of the stick, standing in a crowd of oppressed, poverty-stricken people listening to this idiot blasting out orders. I was enraged! How dare that person do this to us; what gives him the right to tell US what to do? I felt like a complete victim and martyred myself. And I was very angry at not being noticed as being a person who deserved a full life with the ability to make my own decisions. In that lifetime I felt too powerless to be my complete, divine Self. I hadn't yet been able to understand why I needed the experience of being on the receiving end of a bully's threats.

I continued going back and forth experiencing both incarnations until I realized the brilliant folly of the entire act! As the tyrant I was completely self-absorbed with my need for power. Why? I was in fear. In my particular case, I had been abandoned by my mother. She didn't care about me at all. I wanted to prove I was somebody worth noting. I didn't have love from her or for myself. In my pain and fear of going through life lacking love and attention, I required a substitute and pursued one by instilling fear and controlling others.

At the moment of recognition of what I had created, I was able IN THE PRESENT to heal my "past self" and created a bridge with that being and who I am now and knows what I have learned since that ancient lifetime for increased understanding. I other words, they spoke to one another across time. These three incarnations merged together through compassion and education, creating a balance. My karma had been met by my Self, my curiosity filled on the subject of hierarchies. I never want to play that game again. I am through with hierarchies in the sense of needing to rule or be ruled, or thinking another person is on a path more or less sacred than I.

When I saw how creative my choices had been, I laughed uproariously with my Self (it was a divine comedy!) and how I chose to play those roles to feel what it was like on both sides of that coin: to know that real power is the love and trusting my own divine connection within. Power also comes by understanding the Self and how and why we create what we do. It does not come to us through others, although others may serve as catalysts for our own understanding.

We are all masters, students, creators - it's just a matter of remembering and knowing this. And though what we are doing right now, we have the chance to rediscover ourselves. We can share or we can go solo. Even having a "guru," an authentic master, shows you what your potentials are and who you are right now. They are living proof that you have the same abilities they demonstrate. Choice is always ours.

However we do it - through hierarchies or not, we always have the opportunity to experience all sides of our Self. One day everyone will face their Self and know all that we are and why we created what we created. We also have the choice to do that now and understand the great game: we created it all for our Selves just for the experience of it.

© Copyright 1998,2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani