Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani

"Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life."
- Pablo Picasso

Everyone who sees my artwork asks me the same questions. Therefore, I felt it would be helpful to write them out so you will know the answers as you see the spiritual artwork.

When did you start doing spiritual art?

I started in April, 1995 (so it's still relatively new for me and always changing), while studying other forms of channeling and mediumship, and the artists tell me that I was not only a channel in many lifetimes but an artist and healer, as well, so I have the ability to do this. Funny thing, though, I can't draw very well at all on my own! I feel I have very little drawing talent - thank goodness for the artists who help me. Aside from one after-school art class I took for about a month when I was 7 years old, I was not trained in this life (until the channeling began) on how to draw. Just couldn't do it.

How do you do this art?

I go into a slightly altered state of consciousness, relaxing, and the artists connect with my energy field, we blend, and then they begin to work through me. Sometimes they let me know they're ready by having the lights (which are dimly on) flicker. We play music, usually loudly, which works for us for several reasons: It keeps my level of passion strong and connected, it brings through frequencies, colors, sounds through the music, and often the selection of music played and its energies directly relate to the artwork's focus for that day, for that person, or that crowd. I use either my right or left hand to draw.

Do you choose the colors?

No, I have no idea what or who the artists are drawing, or what colors they choose as the art is being created. My eyes remain closed for most of the channeling session and the room is kept in very dim light - almost dark, so I can't really see what's going on.

What are they drawing?

They draw multidimensional, LIVING portraits. That means they have energy and are truly alive. They can be of you, either in this lifetime or in another dimension, of a member(s) of your family (also from this lifetime or who has transitioned), of your spiritual guides or oversoul/spiritual family. Also, the art shows the energy you are currently expressing and the paintings will give you what you need for balancing your mind, body and spirit. Some of the portraits were of people I've never met - and then I meet them later on. In these portraits, you can frequently see several views of a person's face and/or their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies (sometimes this gives the impression of a blur but it is showing where these bodies are for that person and how they are either in balance, or out of balance, and what needs correcting).

Are there other uses for spiritual art?

Yes, we have done spiritual art to help huge groups of people - countries - going through war, extreme poverty, disease. For instance, one painting on my site is done in black and it was showing the sadness and helplessness of a woman in Bosnia. We have also created portraits to relieve suffering and to bring compassion, to work out emotional difficulties for beings who have died in groups, such as plane crashes, or battles, or even to assist entities who have trapped themselves to the Earth plane thousands of years after they physically died. We help them reconnect with their guides and help them move on into the light.

What medium do you use?

We use oil pastels.

Who do you channel?

I channel a group of artists on the other side. The ones I know of are Picasso, DaVinci, Monet, Chagall, Rodin, Cassatt and a couple of doctors/healers/angels. There are others but I don't yet know their identities. I am familiar with a few of the artists because of their style as they come through me. They have their unique personalities and energy, style of drawing and communicating, and they are still experimenting on the other side with new techniques.

Do you channel all of the artists in each session?

No, usually one to three of them, but I never know what they have planned in that way. In-between paintings I know when another artist is coming through and it may take a minute or two to adjust to the new energies.

How long does it take for a painting to be made?

I usually do an hour session. In that hour I can do anywhere from 15 to 30 paintings. On the average, a painting takes from 1-2 minutes...once in a while it may take longer.

What size are the paintings?

They are from 14x17 to 18x24 inches and come unframed.

Can I purchase a painting?

Yes, you can. It can be done through a public session, if you would like to arrange one in So. California please let me know. Or, you can do so privately by contacting me through email. We will discuss quantity and price at that time. Some of the portraits on the paintings page are for sale and I have many others available for purchase.

Can this be done for children and in front of children?

Absolutely, yes.

Do you talk when you do the artwork? Do the spirits share any personal messages as they draw?

Generally, the session is about drawing, not talking, and we hope the audience is respectful that this is not a vocal channeling session and not be overly noisy. Once in a while personal messages will come through and be relayed to those present or to whom the paintings are going.

What do you look like when channeling the artists?

I am very animated, move a lot, very quickly, my entire being is involved. I may look funny or strange to people who have never seen something like this before. One might think I'm having some kind of a seizure...but this is due to the strong electrical current going through my body, and it doesn't harm me in any way - in fact, it is healing for me. I receive so much love each time I do it! Those present also receive these gifts from the artists.

I may kick off my shoes, bob my head all around, arms all over the place. I may also have telepathic discussions with the artists as they're drawing through me and I will respond to them, react to their vibrations - sometimes I laugh or cry or talk with them out loud, too, sometimes in other languages. It is very energizing and fun for me, though. I don't really care WHAT I look like - as long as I'm a clear channel for the art to come through.

Are you ever scared about doing this?

No way. I couldn't do this if I had any fear of it. It is only through openness, love and trust with passion that it can and does work.

Sometimes the portraits don't seem symmetrical or perfect. Why is that?

Because no face is perfect :-) Also, because these are impressionistic and energetic portraits which focus on much more than just your physical form, as mentioned before. They also may emphasize a part of the anatomy to call special attention to it for various reasons. The way the paintings are drawn is exactly the way the artists intend them to be.

Do the colors used have any meaning?

Yes, the colors chosen and the pose for each painting are representative of the energy of the person being drawn. I can explain the meaning after the session as it applies. These paintings are usually so personal that people look at them and know exactly which ones are meant for them. You know your own energy. You also know what needs healing, and looking at the painting brings it all together. But, please do not expect a full psychic reading for yourself or others who may be present. These paintings have meaning for YOU and you will know what that is, in time. It does not serve you to hear all of the details from me; it is much more powerful and personal when you figure it out for yourselves.

I see other images in the portraits and swear I have seen the portraits change!

This is very common. There are often multiple faces in the portraits. Many people have said that after having the paintings hanging in their homes they began to change. Some even said that a portrait facing one direction, suddenly began facing another! Plus, as time goes on, you will begin to see more and more in them. As I said earlier, they are LIVING portraits.

If you have any other questions, please email me and I'll respond to them on this page. Thank you.