Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
For Noah
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I tucked myself into bed and checked the time on my clock. It was late. As my head touched the pillow I drifted off into a deep sleep.

Suddenly I was aware that there was someone was around me. I opened my eyes to find a bright, golden-white light appeared and blew towards the foot of my bed. I followed the light with my eyes until it grew and beamed like a huge ball of energy. The light spoke to me, "You can do it. I know you want to, right? Come on out and play. You can do it." The voice was familiar - I had heard it many times before and trusted it.

I gathered up all my courage and determination and rolled out of my body towards the left side of the bed, and stood right up and replied, “Yes, I do want to do this now. I will!”

The light beckoned me to follow it through the doorway where we entered a new place, outside. We were in a clearing in the forest. The area was surrounded with trees, flowers, and grass, some long tree trunks lying on the ground. This clearing resembled a free-form campfire circle.

As I made my way into area I noticed people around me. They were colorfully dressed faeries and gnomes. Some were busy at jobs, transferring plants and rocks in wheel barrows and others were relaxing. One man, who was resting on a log, looked exactly like Santa Claus! This was fantastic! I smiled and said to them, "This is so cool! This is great! How are you guys doing?" I reached out to shake their hands. The fact that I was there didn’t seem to trouble them at all – I was most welcomed as one of their own.

The sound of wind momentarily distracted me and I saw a little light darting around and then spinning like a tornado. It flew right up into my face. I shook my head and refocused only to see a faerie standing in front of me!

She was slightly shorter than I, which surprised me as I thought faeries were supposed to be tiny. She had blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail and transparent wings which vibrated so quickly they were almost hard to view. "My name is Julie, she said. “ I'm going to show you all the things we can do so that you can to do them, too."

Before I knew it Julie faced me, grabbed the collar on my pajamas and lifted me into the air. For a little faerie she sure was strong. "For example, we can do this." And she flew us up, up, up faster than any ride I had ever been on! We zoomed out of the atmosphere and into space. I let out a squeal of joy, but I must admit it was also a bit frightening going that fast!

We paused in the air for a short break, and looked down at the Earth below us. It was an awesome sight, being in the deep blue-black of space seeing our planet from so far away. It looked so beautiful and yet small. I turned my head around and noticed planets, stars, the moon and the sun around us. It was silent and peaceful.

While still rapt up in the wonder of the spacious view, and without any warning, Julie suddenly grabbed my collar again and said, "Then, we can do this!" She then whooshed us back to Earth, even faster this time. I felt like a rocket plummeting to the ground. I giggled and giggled. I was like a child again. It was so much fun to be so free and light, like air.

As we were dropping a thought entered my mind - would we crash? Nawh! I knew we would never let that happen. I visualized us stopping inches from the ground and wafting gently down like a feather. And that is exactly what happened!

Thunk! I felt heavier and realized I was back inside my own body. I was stunned, this couldn't have ended so soon! I called out, "Julie, Julie, wait, come back, show me what else we can do!"

I could not see her anymore, but I heard her voice. She said, "It's all up to you. The magic of childhood is within YOU. You can fly anywhere, see and do anything you want to. Call on me if you need to. I'll be seeing you." Then all of her was gone.

I woke up in my bed. I checked the clock. Two hours had passed. Still stunned by what I had experienced I tried to get up out of bed and walk around a bit. My legs wobbled and my heart was still pounding from all of my excitement. "Whew," I thought while I sat back down on my bed, "what a fun dream that was!" But, you know, deep inside of me I knew it really wasn't just a dream. It really did happen.

I happily went back to sleep knowing I had some new friends in fun places. And if I ever want to see Julie or the others, or fly off to see new places and meet new friends, all I have to do is open that glorious window to my imagination, and I'm there.

© Copyright 1993, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani