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I first wrote this article in the middle of April, 1999, when I had already been meditating and channeling for many years. The article still holds true today.

What an amazing process it has been for me in terms of Self and cosmic awareness. I am eternally grateful for the entire experience, and thank everyone who participated and continues to participate. My channeling has been a magnificent personal experience which not only brought me wonderful friendships with beings from many places, but more importantly, a reconnection with my own Higher Self, direct connection with The Source, itself - which has been my personal destiny. I am not that wild about the term "Higher Self" (as opposed to what, a lower self?) because it denotes a hierarchical viewpoint, but it seems to be a widely accepted phrase. I prefer to say it's "my essence."

Throughout this lifelong personal process of mine, which has been freely shared with anyone who desired to tap into it via the internet, magazines, in person, etc., I have come to an even deeper revelation of what this channeling process has been about for me, and I would like to share that with you. The past couple of years I have been waiting for the right timing in which to put this notice up on my site, and it seems that now is the right time.

Being a multidimensional, interstellar communicator, I've been in contact with different beings, some who have been known throughout history. I have also channeled the collective planetary conscious and unconscious, the universal conscious and unconscious, archetypes and elementals. All of it has been fascinating for me.

At first, as the various beings would come through and speak, write, heal, or draw, some of these personalized names were used as a safety net to help me feel comfortable in the channeling process by seeing them as separate from myself, having their own personal identity and individual talents. They all have beautiful energy, their own wisdom, love, and have brought through many profound messages; messages which helped me see life much more holisticly/holy. I felt very humbled and awed that these beings would communicate with me and through me.

As the years passed, though help from these beings and other mentors, and through channeling, I opened up even more to my Self. My memories of hundreds my own lifetimes became clearer. I saw, knew, remembered, that some of these beings I channeled were aspects and counterparts of myself in other lifetimes or dimensions; some from the "future," and many from the "past," for instance. And a lot of what I received were simply my own memories from being a "Speaker."

Still, I double and triple checked information I was receiving with my teachers. I continued to do this until I was more secure with the information I was receiving on my own and worked on removing biases and as many filters as possible, which meant doing lots of my own inner work. Once in a great while there is information I cannot easily access, and I will ask others.

Now we get to the most exciting part in my process. A couple of years ago, I was in a bit of a funny dilemma with my channeling because most of these beings kept merging closer together and no longer needed their name to identify themselves independently from one other, and from my Self. Even so, I hesitantly added their names to the articles because I was already familiar with their energies and felt their input. But the urge to do that kept growing less and less important. And more and more was the inclination to use just my own name on the articles.

I realized that I had been intentionally fragmenting myself (not as a schizophrenic, as that is an entirely different scenario Δ and I am not a schizophrenic; plus my brain, from numerous tests, shows the left and right hemispheres are balanced), in order to look at all parts of myself, and to let all of these parts express themselves so I could remember and know more of who I am. I could create the bridge between time and space in the present. BINGO! When that realization jelled, well, talk about a life-changing moment! For me, this is the ultimate unification of all worlds, all dimensions, all space/time.

I always knew that all of the beings who I had been channeling were always channeling The Source, from their perspective. In reality, there is no separation between us from the Source. We (including you and everyone else) are all of the One and the same thing with our individual signatures and personalities. But, it was time for me to integrate it all within myself and own how it's all come together though me and my writing....ergo, Vibrani's One Source. It was also a mind-blower to know that most, even all, of these beings are contained within me. Years ago, I thought there was no way I could have such knowledge or wisdom unless I channeled these beings. There was no possibility I could ever be equal to them. The joke was on me. I just had to remember who I was/am, and the entire process has allowed me to do just that.

After all, it was my own creation to, well, create, and to bring my Self to more wholeness. When I write, or channel, I am connected with the Source, itself. This has been a great awakening for me, and signifies a new threshold, a new level of maturity, clarity and responsibility.

Another part of my personal growth included changing the spelling of my first name from Nora to Noh-Ra. This gave me an added vibration (a past life connection) that I needed to help me zero in on more of who I am, gave me an additional UMPH! That has also served its purpose, and I have returned to Nora.

So, what does this mean for the future of my articles? It means that I will rarely write articles with anyone else's name on them besides my own, which means I'm working solely with my essence. All I desire, and all I have ever desired, is to bring through the love and light of the One Source, and to keep bringing it through as purely, authentically and impeccibly as I am able to. I understand that my creative process has been about being all that I am, and what I want to be and can be.

The only difference is that now I choose not to focus on tapping into those separate aspects or counterparts of my Self, which are now integrated, or other "separate" beings, such as Enki or Dr. Peebles, unless I do a very specific project. I am certainly fond of channeling, and, again, if something important needs to be shared from one of their particular perspectives, I will do so. I remain in contact with many civilizations as I continue to be a bridge for many worlds.

I continue to experience great joy expressing the love from The Source, and Oneness of all life. And it can only get better from here, so stay tuned as there's much more to come on this next part of the process. Thank you for continuing to visit my web site, and if what you found here has been of service to you, I'm grateful for that. I think it makes the big picture even more complete for us all because as we each change, we change the multiverse.

Δ Schizophrenics do not live in the present. They cannot distinguish the difference between who they are now, or other lifetimes or other dimensions. They don't consciously sit down, meditate, and connect with another aspect or entity. They do not use what occurs to enhance their lives. Their fantasies and fragmentations do not help them function in the here and now, nor does it help them integrate, nor does it bring them more wisdom, love or authentic empowerment. Most schizophrenics are confused, fearful, are often miserable and find just coping with daily life a major struggle. Schizophrenics have cognitive and functional difficulties, and studies indicate that those who became schizophrenic showed a declining IQ even before their disease presented itself. [Drs. Tali Vishne and Eran Harary of the Be'er Ya'acov] Authentic channeling is NOT AT ALL like schizophrenia, and there have been numerous serious studies proving this.

With light, honesty, joy and love,
© Copyright, 1999, 2000, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani