From Vibrani and Dr. Peebles
Channeled through Nora Amrani
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without my written permission.

Living your dreams sounds incredible and perhaps impossible, eh? I say to you all that you are the dream and the dreamer. How is that? Well, first let's examine the dream itself.

How does the dream come about? First, the dream is created out of desire, or desperation to have a better life. But you prevent yourselves from having it all because you believe happiness or success is always "out there" in the future or happening to someone else. You feel you aren't living that perfect dream now or may never live them.

But, I tell each and every one of you that living your dreams is easier done than you may think. In actuality, you are living your dreams RIGHT HERE AND NOW! All of life is a dream, my friends, but many of you do not realize that you can create the dream the way you choose.

"Oh, I can choose them?" I hear you ask. Interesting idea, isn't it? Yes, you always choose them, consciously or not. Now what about this? If the dream remains a dream there is always something to aim for, but what if the dream should manifest? What then? Would all be lost? Some of you say, "Yea." Others know that the dream can change and grow. And as each new dream becomes a living reality a new dream can and will be created.

The key to living your dreams is to be the pilot of your dreams, see your options and direct them as each new situation unfolds according to your desires. This becomes true creatorship in the purest sense of the word. Not to limit yourself, nor to believe that all power is in the hands of others. No, my friends. It is in YOUR hands. You can have the nightmare or the beautiful dream it is all in your choosing. Each way provides education for you, but you can make it a joyful experience, or not. It is up to you.

Now, you say that you set out an intention for living your dreams, trying to make your dreams a reality but it isn't happening. Why not? Look at this, then. Is the dream something you know that you truly can accomplish? Is the dream an excuse for not living your life fully now? Is the dream something always on the backburner so you can believe that if you suffer long enough it will come to pass as a reward at some time? Is the dream your own dream, or someone else's?

Be clear with yourselves, my friends. Take an active role in your dreams. Look at them what are they saying to you about yourself? If they come to pass how will that affect you? If they don't come to pass, or manifest in a slightly different manner, can you accept that? Can you allow others into your dream? And how fluid are your dreams? Do you feel you really deserve to have all you wish for and can receive and live your dream?

These are all questions you can ask and answer yourselves and realize how willing you are to be the full creator of your dreams. If you don't like your dream any longer CHANGE IT and make a new dream. And use your excitement to propel you into meeting up with your dream and ultimately living it.

You are the dreamer and the dream always, and forever more. And, we love the fact that you are in our dreams, as well.

© Copyright 1996, Nora Amrani
This article appeared in Sedona: Journal of Emergence! Magazine.