Devas: Channeled by Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
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"Deva" represents members of the elementals: the fairies, animals, minerals, plants, flowers, etheric fauna on/in and around the Earth, and even angels. These consciousnesses are channeled to enable others to share a connection with all life, in all forms and remind us of the abundant life that is always around us, even though some of it may be "unseen." And, to know that we can co-exist with these beings in appreciation and without harming one another.

The DEVA kingdom is wise, loving and we have much to learn from listening to what they have to say. (We share the same planet, afterall.) They have their own languages, communicate telepathically and can also be channeled. They say it simply, to the point and are often quite fun, too.

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We dolphins take our play very seriously! We look like we are just goofing around but you folks already know we are very intelligent beings and are capable of so many things. We will use our power for love, joy, and survival. We live in our hearts, in the moment.

This does not mean that we don't have memories; we do. But we like to create each moment as new. Our memories are so good we never forget anything! We just love to have fun being free, feeling fully alive in many dimensions. Most of all, we love to be with others in our fun - to share the energy. We can have fun on our own but we don't feel complete always alone. We need and love companionship.

We feel free in the seas and we don't have anyone, other than you humans, telling us what to do or how to behave. We know who we are and we are just BEING it. Love and joy to you. We love all of life.


I am fog, the element of misty water crystals, emanating from the earth and moisture in the air. I come in silently, creeping, stealing, blanketing often with you unaware of my approach. Day or night, it matters little to me, as long as the components exist to give me life. I feed your skin, your breath with healing water. Plants, trees, flowers, animals live off of me. I make you question your reality. Fog lulls you into it's temporary and gentle doorway into another dimension. I am a cloak, a curtain and present an illusion. A play of light and shadow. Try me out. Become as light as I am and flow, blow, curl like smoke, whip or caress the land and drift into a new place. Your thoughts take you where you long to go. In fog you feel you are the only one. And yet, you feel others may somehow be watching you. How thick or thin? How clearly can you see through my veil? Your own veils? What lies on my other side? And sometimes just as suddenly as I appear, I vanish. Look about you now - does the world seem a little different?

WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE AN ANGEL? The angelic realm tells us.



We stingrays are like innerspaceships, navigating our paths through the many spheres of ocean and lake life. The shape of our body allows us to do so many things! We can be flat as the ground, or flapping through the water like a huge sea bird, or traveling sideways if we like. Our eyes do limit how much we can see around us in scope. However, with what we do see we are very observant. We are also quite adept at feeling energy. We have a strong electrical current in our body.

We are frequently seen at the bottom, sometimes hiding under the sand (or camouflaging ourselves) waiting for our food to pass by or simply because we wish peace and quiet so we can rest and just watch what is happening around us. We also know that the potent poison in our tails spines can be deadly to some and we don't wish to be careless with our body, so we only use it when we absolutely have to for self-defense. We know sometimes our tails brush against some poor creature without intending to harm them, but that is out of our control. We are easy-going beings, non-intrusive by nature. We eat to live, not kill for sport. We don't engage in battles, either. We prefer calmness.

We know we have been given a bad rap as being something to be feared. We would prefer you use caution, but not fear when around us. We are fascinated by people who sometimes come into our realm. Who are these creatures? Sometimes you are very friendly with us. We like to meet you and if you have no intention to harm us, we'll let you feed us, pet us, play with us. We like to swim with you, too! It is a rare treat when we get to have a good time with you. We can smile - did you know that? You can see it in our eyes!

But do watch out for our tail and our powerful jaws when you feed us crabs or other little fish. As I said before, our eyes are not the best so be sure you keep your hands a little distance from our jaws when you feed us. Watch your step if you are on the bottom, too, so you don't accidentally step on us - which could result in you being stung. Respect our terrain and us and we will respect you. We have a great intelligence, especially about flying through spaces, you have yet to understand fully, but are beginning to imitate with your own air ships. This has to do with feeling (not resisting) the flow of movement and currents and knowing when to change our position due to the shifts in currents. But little by little, and with increased communication telepathically and through touch, we can get along marvelously well and you can learn so much about us as we can about you.



We follow our feelings, our curiosity, not so much anything else. Our critical mind is not developed like yours. We don't have fear, yet. We see a butterfly, or a bug, and we run after it. It is new, it is different, it is colorful and we follow it to see and learn and become how it is. This is fun. We have no sense of danger - fear and caution are what we have to learn.

When you see us in the streets and you don't know why we are there, it is because we don't think so much, nor do we plan. We live in the moment. We may look stupid but we are not. Sometimes it is hard to get accustomed to your lifestyle. When that car comes towards us we wait for a second because maybe the car will NOT come, but change its mind! The car may live in the moment, just as we do! We are always optimistic because we live in the present - ever new and exciting.


Come feel your wings lifted by the breeze,
soar ever higher, and lower.
See the world as for the first time.
Drink in its beauty - you are equal to that.
You are part of that;
You are that beauty.
All the colors are in you.
All the fragrances, sounds, textures.
Touch it, feel it, be one with it.
The earth, the sky, the water, the air, the sun,
all elements you are and connect with.

We are the butterfly. We live to TRANSFORM and EXPERIENCE. And we do it first on the ground and then as part of all. We show you how you can transform yourselves by believing in yourself, following the flow of life, and not resisting; by being natural. We also show you that nothing ever dies; only changes form.

You are like a flower, yet in the budding stage. Blossom and bloom! Come out of your shells! Show your true colors, your beauty, and share the beauty of All That Is. Take in its beauty, as well. As is always new and beautiful. Come fly with me! Fly with All That Is and be free!



Solar-powered are we.
Beating, beating, beating
tiny wings like fairies.
Wee messengers of joy who can
stand still while in motion.

Sometimes we're so fast you're not sure if
you've seen us. We fly up, down, and all around.
Are we an illusion?
We have such fun playing with you!

Sip a little from these flowers,
nip an insect from that tree.
We eat almost non-stop.

Iridescent rainbow-colored feathers
sparkle in sunlight,
dancing on the wind, shimmering...
See us quick and, oh,
we're gone.

Hide and seek.
Blending in with trees.
Maybe we're a bee you're seeing?
Zip, zip, back and forth,
hovering now for you to see us in our majesty.

When we want to we will let you sneak
a peek. Did you catch a glimpse of us?
Maybe. But not for long!
Ooops - gotta go! Hungry again.



All © Copyright 1997, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani