By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
Channeled June 10, 1998

This message was one of the most profound I've had from my higher self. It explained to me the very nature of the Source as being dual, needing both the feminite (a major player), and masculine in order to bring about creation. After all, if we are created in "God's" image, that means that they contain both male and female, or there wouldn't be any females. Their energies can be described as love, wisdom, intelligence. Their energies can be described as love, wisdom, intelligence.

We are the Elohim. [prounounced Eh-low-HEEM]
You may see us as angelic beings, or light. We represent your highest potential and your divine, creator-Self, your essence. We create with light. Come dance with us and feel more of who you are. You are welcome at all times.

When you feel lonely, call upon us to be with you. Call upon us when you need comfort or a guiding hand. When you want a reflection of the love and light that you are, call upon us and we will gladly provide that for you. When it seems you have no where else to turn, look for us. You are never alone. Ask for help and you shall receive it. And when you feel love and joy you share yourself with us, and all of creation.

Our energies are being sent to you as you read these words. A memory deep within you of who you are, is also being triggered. Remember your essence, connect with it through your heart. Feel your heart expand and radiate as we share our love with you. At this moment - you are in the oneness of All That Is. Allow this feeling to permeate your entire being, sending love and light to every part of you.

Now every cell within and around you vibrates with this love, bringing you more into your true self and allows your body to revitalize itself and remember how to perform at its best. Whenever you need a lift - remember and reactivate this feeling. You are gifting yourself with yourself in one of the purest ways.

We now share one of our group who wishes to speak with you:


I am Ha'Orah - and my name translates as "The Feminine Light." I exist in dimensions other than the physical from the sixth dimension onward. When I look out from my view, I see universes all around me. Light, color, music; the languages of the cosmos. There is an exquisite, on-going concert, a ballet, that is in complete harmony with itself.

I am a very ancient being who has not only seen, but assisted in the creation of many systems, including your universe. There are many beings who create with me. And we love all of our creations. Creation through love is the essence of the Source.

What is it like to be this energy that is of the feminine light principle? I am, like you, a creator. I am a glowing, flowing golden-white light of love that is all-encompassing, extremely intimate, nurturing and gentle, yet never weak.

I am the power of love and light itself who shows you the beauty and truth of love and light as it is, which is your essence and, therefore, always available to you.

My love is not biased, limited, controlling, frivolous or fearful. My love is powerful, honest, allowing, simply because it is the highest respect, truth and beauty of creativity, itself.

I am a continuous, clear, open, balanced flow of creativity. I assist you in my being an anchor for these energies of the great void into creation and showing you the process of creation, and the power of the creator within you. And indeed, it is a process and an act of great love.

How do I create? I allow the creative ability, my passions, into my womb, and from there I translate it so that it can be directed into a form of choice through joy, whether that form be a frequency or a being in a physical form.

I am a receptacle for ideas borne through an impulse from love, which can be seen as light, immediately understood, formulated and transmitted into a thought form which then is shared with the part of me which is the masculine, who assists in bringing forth this new form into a new reality.

What do you wish to create through your own excitement and love? Feel where your desires roots themselves in your physical body. In which chakra(s) do you feel the power of creativity? What color do you sense in this chakra? Is there an open flow in this chakra, or is it tense and blocked?

If the area is tight, ask your own body why this is so and receive an answer. Then, if you are ready to release the tension, breathe and focus on relaxing it, expanding it gently, and allowing in a color of light you feel it needs for balancing. Allow this color to fill your chakra, energizing it and see the area cleared of all blockages. You can then move through each of your other chakras, (from the base of your spine to the top of your head), balancing and connecting them in the way you feel guided for the clearest possible flow of energy.

When you desire assistance in your creativity, call upon me. I will help you open your ability to receive, nurture and create through the power of love in a balanced way. Thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to share myself with you.

© Copyright 1998, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani

This article appeared in the February, 1999 issue of
Sedona, Journal of Emergence! Magazine.