By E. Nora H. Amrani
April 9, 2012
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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently estimated that 1 in 88 children in the U.S. has an autism spectrum disorder. Autism, a developmental disorder, is characterized by symptoms like problems with socialization, communication, and behavior. In a new study, moms who were obese during pregnancy were about 67 percent more likely than normal-weight women to have autistic children. Findings were published Monday in Pediatrics. The researchers said the study doesn't prove that obesity causes autism, but they cautioned that it's worrisome, especially considering rising U.S. obesity rates. [U.S.News: Health].

Okay, I'm sure it isn’t just me who is unnerved by this report. It is just one more assumption and another way to say it's all the mother's fault if the child is autistic. Just for the record, I have two sons. With my first pregnancy I gained 25 pounds, and with the second I gained 40. I was not obsese. Neither of my sons is autistic. What about all the moms who gained little weight and were skinny, yet had an autistic child, or children? Frankly, I don't believe this report – there will have to be some serious scientific proof before I'd even consider it a possibility. The reason I say this is that this study doesn't say anything about other things that could cause autism, such as chemicals, food, water, or even the evolution of consciousness. In the past it was thought that inoculations might be the cause of autism – but that was officially debunked. It is the evolution of consciousness that is my interest and focus in addressing why I feel we need to consider a new approach to diagnoses.

I feel that our society is moving into being a more telepathic society, which we were eons ago but now will be so at a different level due to our knowledge and experience. We have already made the world connected through the Internet and Intranet. We and our computers have become one and we tap into people all over the world and can FEEL them through our machines. Our minds can pick up thoughts and even direct how our computers and the optic fibers will transmit our messages to one another. So it's hardly a stretch to understand where we are headed.

As our collective consciousness has evolved over the past fifty years we have seen a huge shift in the children coming into life on our planet. These children have been given many names like crystal children, indigo children because of their psychic abilities, their sensitivities, their talents. We have seen an increase in many young children with amazing skills that have been showcased in the media. Why do people think this is happening, if not for a shift in consciousness on Earth and that is also expressing itself through these children? There is even a fantastic new television series called "Touch" about such an autistic child with the ability to see and understand universal connections through numbers, understands synchronicity and patterns – life is a map that can be read and followed because it's leading us to the right people for the right reasons.

Autism may be caused by a genetic mutation, maybe due to poisons in our environment, or it might be because more and more children being born autistic are coming here to teach us, remind us, about telempathy. Maybe we can see how we often babble on and on about silly things, wasting time, energy, creating noise when it's really unnecessary. We don’t have to completely give up on verbal communication, but perhaps we need to start being wiser in how we use it, why we speak out loud, and when.

It is a disservice and misunderstanding to easily blame a mother for causing her child to have a disability or a disease – it's actually horrific and shameful. Such thinking completely eliminates understanding of the soul and the soul's choice, path and purpose in life. Stop seeing autism as a sickness and see it as something to be understood; a gift, even. It doesn't have to be feared. This reminds me of all the so-called professionals who never hesitated to label any child who didn't behave exactly as demanded as having ADD or ADHD and then drugged them with Ritalin, without realizing that these children needed their own kind of attention! It's even in the name! People are not cookie-cutter shapes, all alike. And aren't you, as a I am, sickened by these idiots who want to put us all in their neat little boxes and label us? And then try to find some cure, as if none of this could potentially be normal and accurate, the way it really is?

Have you ever tried to spend one day without verbally speaking? Have you ever tried to spend one day without one of your five senses and relied only on your sixth sense? Have you even tried one day using your less dominant hand for all your tasks? Doing so might change your life and it certainly will change some of your perceptions of life. Does this make you any less of a person, or ill? Nope.

There are also the hybrid children who are part human and part Grey that come from the Essessani civilization. These children will be coming more prominent on Earth. Guess what? Essessani is a telepathic and empathic society (telempathic). They really don't need to speak vocally, although they have the ability to do so. Why speak when thought, consciousness, is immediate and takes no effort? Plus, consciousness can reach everybody, not just one or a thousand at a time.

Our world will soon be visited more openly by extraterrestrials (not aliens, but family who live elsewhere). Our ability to communicate with them will include telepathy. This is all part of the plan that we co-created with them. We're just getting ready for it, that's all, and it's very exciting to me. Autism, children with gifts, they are wayshowers in a sense, guiding us to open up and understand a new way. We can fear it or embrace it. I hope you will embrace it.

© 2012, E. Nora H. Amrani