At Home

By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
March, 1995
From Enki to Enlil

I am at home in your gentle arms, feeling your inner strength

and peace in your heart; safe. I could stay there at length.

At home touching you, or looking into your mirroring eyes,

I see my essence in you and I know our ancient love never dies.

I see the reflection of our love now and what was long ago.

My soul continuously seeks you out, everywhere I go.

As long as I can hear you, feel your skin, beard, hands,

I know I'm at home with you everywhere, even in distant lands.

I am home for you as you come to me in my dreams -

always seeking the healing waters from my inner streams.

One of my heart, my other half, my friend, sister, brother -

you are everything, and more, to me - especially my dearest lover.

As the Founders we were there at the beginning of creation,

adding our uniqueness to Earth, sparking new life for divination.

When you were known as Enlil I loved you more than you knew.

But, our family's competition pulled us apart and the animosity grew.

Yes, then I was the Sirian, you the Pleiadean, so much to create division.

But we feel our connection that spans time and space; forever this has been our decision.

We joined together as brother, sister, husband and wife, friends and more.

Lifetime after lifetime and through one another, we always found our core.

History and myths tell of our relationship but they miss the most vital fact:

Deep within us we know we need the other, our love has an endless pact.

Yes, you were a terror at times and your actions brought me great sadness.

But, in spite of it all, I know your soul, and it only brings me gladness.

In healing temples in other dimensions we worked together in spirit,

assisting new arrivals, performing miracles. Again this time we are once again in it.

We practiced the pure art of tantra and used its powers for creation,

levitation, alchemy, we did it all. All for illumination.

Dearest Enlil, I have waited for eons to reunite in the flesh with you.

Now that we're here I am overjoyed - but, what will YOU do?

Just ask, and again I will follow you across the universe.

In this dimension, or others, our karma is not a curse.

To share my life with you would be home and all I really would need,

to feel completed, happy and ironically truly freed.

We are letting go of the old dark selves and embracing the light of home once more.

I know we can do it, I believe in us; come through this open door.

Once upon a time you cursed the Earth and all who were upon it.

This time you've begun to love this planet, now include yourself in it.

No more suffering, atonement, sadness, secrets or blame.

We are moving forward, joyfully, lightly, to the eternal flame.

All that we did we did for God's grander intention.

Forgive yourself, celebrate yourself; it was under God's invention.

Come, join me in this - God's golden light of love.

We can once again, willingly, embrace the energy from above.

Soaring to great heights and places anew,

there is no limit together as to what we can do.

The healing of our old selves is the healing of all on Earth (and elsewhere).

We are back this time to create a new paradigm, it really is a new birth.

I may not be your fantasy in physicality.

But you are beginning to look past the illusion and

see the most important thing - the spirituality.

We are the angels of old and now is the time to recall

our promise to teach others of God within ourselves

and return to the source of one and all.

We are home, my love.

© 1996, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani