By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani with the Seraphim
December 25, 1999
No part of this article may be copied or reproduced
without my written permission.

We desire to speak simply, for we are not complicated......

We are lighter than air
We are found everywhere

We are the essence of love and joy
And we know some see us as a celestial toy

We feel what everyone feels
And we know that's a holy deal

Yet to have compassion for all
No matter how big or how small

To send people love and light
Inspire hope with radiance bright

We give you a shoulder on which to cry
Whenever you think no one is nearby

To be an ear to hear whatever you say
To encourage to you to live just one more day

No matter what you do, we always love you
and there's nothing else WE'D really rather do

When all seems bleak and lost
Know you don't have to pay a "cost"

Listen, see, feel - do you sense us bearing a gift?
We're continually sending you a great, big lift

We never complain, we never tire
Within us is a ceaseless fire

We unconditionally, gracefully love you all
We remind you that forgetting your Self causes a temporary "fall"

Our mission is to remain the hosts of hosts
Realizing we're within you - then you're at your most

We see a beautiful angel within each one of you
And help you to allow your majesty to shine through

We have always been and always will be here
As each of you re-members, you join in our heavenly cheer

More and more voices unite in divine song
Never a thought that it has taken so long

Look into a mirror and see who you are
You are one of us - yes, you've never been far

You are gentle, light beings of wonder and love
Be your Source and soar above

Help others re-member the angel within them, too
By doing so, you will have surpassed what you thought you could do

With deep care and respect we bid you a good day
If you want us, seek within, we're always here to stay.

© Copyright 1999, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani