By E. Nora Amrani
February, 1999

[This article contains messages I received from a group of other-dimensional beings.]

Greetings once again to you, one and all. Speaking to you as One whom many of you would consider to be aliens (for, we represent many beings of several different civilizations, including human), it is our excitement today to discuss this very term, alien, which is frequently used in your civilization, and how this word influences your feelings, thoughts and actions.

Alien, as defined by you, means "of" or "from"; "a stranger, foreigner." This term can apply to just about anyone out of your usual realm of experience. And it is the word most often said to describe life forms which are not from your planet Earth, or from a dimension you normally perceive. Now, we are alien to you because you perceive us as different, strange, coming from another place and do not know us. Most of you are not aware of our existence because you have not been taught that we do exist, or because you have been taught to close your imagination and mind from entertaining such possibilities, or because fear prevents you from allowing your natural curiosity to investigate us on your own.

Where does the fear originate? Mostly it comes from not fully knowing and trusting your Selves, being ridiculed, fearing what is unknown, and from fear generated by sightings or abduction stories, as if all beings aside from you are harmful and a threat to your existence. True, there are a few groups of negatively oriented beings who do not consider your feelings and free will of importance. But there are thousands of other civilizations who are not of that ilk, such as our Selves, who love you, respect you, enjoy you, know you are part of our Selves, and learn so much from studying and sharing what you have to teach us! The other side to this is - strictly speaking for what has occurred on planet Earth - you don't need us to tell you that sometimes you are alien to yourselves, your own worst enemies, and doing a good job treating one another as such without any exterior intervention.

The idea of something, someone, being alien is rooted within you and reflected all around you - just look at clothing, toys, films, books, television, magazines. You are intrigued by what is alien! Several years ago, a man told us he was writing a book which he wanted to entitle, "God Is An Alien." We immediately asked him what part of him Self is alien to his Self, and to God? Naturally, this jarred him into a new way of thinking about himself and his own relationship with God.

And, there was another subconscious part to his title which he was just beginning come to the surface - that being of very ancient interactions with beings who called themselves "the gods" and were worshipped as being "gods" when they were, in fact, extraterrestrials - some acting with love, respect, honoring your free will, and some others who did not. It is easy to see how confusing the concept of God and alien has become. It spurred a love/hate, trust/mistrust, good/evil, higher/lower relationship from early on - keeping everyone in separation and at the mercy of what is thought to be more divine. Do you know that you, and we, were ALL part of that story, even though we each evolved through slightly different experiences? (For example, we are no longer alien to our Selves and we are open and excited to meet different life forms.)

Another prime example of how civilization on Earth feels about its Self came from a friend who recently inquired, "Why is it that all of the instruments seeking intelligent life in the universe are pointed away from Earth?" Indeed! Do you not feel that you are an intelligent life form, worthy enough of recognition and exploration? You continue to separate yourselves from the rest of the universe. It is little wonder you have become uncertain of who you are and in what you should believe.

Where has this led? All of these thoughts, events, reflections are propelling you into new ways of viewing your Selves and all of life. All of the old ideas of who you are, what is God, what is an alien, what is the universe comprised of, are all being reevaluated with the knowledge that YOU, through choices, are creating your experiences.

Self-knowledge with self-respect are the most important and powerful gifts you can give your Self. Without knowing who you are, you cannot trust your Self in any situation; which, by the way, also applies to meeting a different life form. And if you do not know and respect your Self, how do you imagine another life form, from anywhere, will perceive and treat you?

Do you wish to continue to see your Self as an alien, or as someone you know, love and trust? What about your Self is foreign or frightening? What don't you embrace about your Self and your life right where you are? What about you have you not yet examined or understood? Where do you keep arm's distance from your Self, protecting your Self against what, and why? You will attract what you fear. Some of you have so many coats of protection around you woven out of fear that NOTHING which may be helpful to you can get through! Knowing your Self allows you to be at home with your Self, in charge of your choices as they arise, and how you wish to experience your interactions, your life. The truth is not just "out there." It is within you, it is everywhere, and it has many layers. Start peeling.

Shake hands and introduce your Self to your Self: no longer being alien to who YOU are. Dive in and begin a magnificent, respectful, powerful, deep, honest relationship with your Self. Then you are ready to greet the rest of life and decide for your Self what you will create, all together.

It's not called a universe - One verse - for nothing.

This article also appears in the May, 1999 issue of
Sedona, Journal of Emergence! Magazine.

© Copyright 1999, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani