# Created on Nov 13, 2015 4:30:36 PM THE CAUSE OF TERRORISM AND THE SOLUTION FOR HEALING IT- Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani



By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
© 2015
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When did all these acts of terrorism begin in the modern era? I'll tell you - it was Arafat's doing more than fifty years ago. He started the first schools of how to be a terrorist and began it all against Israel. Then it expanded to Jews around the world, Americans and Europeans. Boats, buses, and planes were hijacked, blown up, innocent people murdered in cold blood. It's been around a long time, but the world only chose to see it as a Jewish problem, as if Israel asked for it, so they didn't really care. Despite numerous posts of my own, and by other people, warning the world of the coming terrorism by these Islamists, people didn't want to believe that they could be next.

The first World Trade Center bombing when Clinton was president should have been a huge warning. Yet, he ignored the ramifications of it and did nothing to stop any future attacks. What followed were attacks on our military bases around the world, and 9/11's World Trade Center attack. Instead of going after Saudi Arabia, which was the home base for the terrorists, Bush went after Hussein. It is true that Saddam Hussein funded terrorism against Israel, but there was much more going on than that. What did our administration in the USA do? They didn't want to acknowledge that Islamists were the ones behind these attacks. In fact, they demanded that we be banned from even using these terms and telling the truth! Talk about denial! Many of us immediately knew that what happened in Benghazi was terrorism, yet our administration, HILLARY CLINTON, lied to everyone saying it was all about some stupid video on the Internet. She lied to the parents and families of those who were murdered. Yet, she sent a message to her daughter saying it was terrorism. And now she's running for President? Who can believe that woman about anything, let alone the most important issues in the world today - terrorism, immigration, world relations, security? When Americans are murdered by terrorists our own president says nothing. What does that say to you? There have been more attacks in London, Paris, America at the Bostom Marathon, our military bases in the USA (workplace violence, right?), and now this horror in Paris, again. Why? What is the root cause of terrorism?

One part of this is a shared ideology of some Muslims to have a caliphate that will control the planet. In America we've called them ISIS, but the rest of the world calls them Daesh. I prefer Daesh and not an association with the ancient goddess - someone Daesh doesn't even know, and probably would want her dead if they did. To say this isn't about Islam is to be in denial. These terrorists call themselves holy warriors - why do people like the Democratic candidates for president want to censor this? When these terrorists say they're doing this for Allah, we can't say "it's because they're unemployed," as Dr. Sebastian Gorka of Marine Corps University explains. He explains how to change this. "We have to make this ideology unpopular, and that can only be done in the counter-ideological domain". This needs to be done with Muslims in the region and destroy that brand - challenge the leader who claims he speaks for Islam and all Muslims. [appearance on FoxNews] The irony of Daesh is they condemn and murder the western world, all the while taking full advantage of modern technology created by Israel and the western world.

Very simply put, but not simple in how to resolve it, I will say a large part of this jihadist ideology is due to improper mothering and fathering. Arafat's mother was out of the picture when he was a small child. Same with Saddam Hussein, and I think many of these dictators' mothers wanted nothing to do with their children. How could that not damage a child? We see the effects of that very clearly. The mothers who raised most of the terrorists, however, are disempowered women. They have no rights in their religion or county. They are abused and often murdered just for being human. They also fear their sons because they know what they will become. As a result, boys growing up in such societies feel worthless and powerless. They have no connection with God/Goddess/All That is, no connection with their own souls. They don't even know that souls are eternal - they can't kill souls. Terrorism gives them a sense of meaning and power - even if it's twisted and destructive. They are so lacking in love and real power that they don't care if they blow themselves up. Death, because inside they're already dead, is their world. They suffer so they want others to suffer. They have nothing to lose, you see? The lack of love in their lives kills them. As science has long known, babies who are ignored do not thrive, they wither and sometimes die, and if they survive, they are damaged for life. They're such hypocrites, too, in wanting to murder westerners, anyone not a version of Muslim as they are, yet they couldn't survive one day without the technology developed by the west, especially by Israel! Whatever would they do without Twitter or Facebook, the Internet? Send tweets via camel? Psychopaths is what they are.

What is needed strength to confront them and stand in true empowering love. Respect for women, mothers, motherhood, girls, who raise their sons and daughters with a real sense of purpose and contribution to humanity. Fathers must be responsible for raising their children with LOVE, not hate, not to kill. Raising someone they can be proud of, someone who can be proud of themselves for the right reasons, and having a future to look forward to. Respecting and valuing life. Love is the greatest power in existence. Existence in itself IS pure love because it was given by God/Goddess/All That Is, and that love would never demand someone be murdered in its name as that would go against everything It is.

Therefore, send the world compassion, healing, and lots of love, and let's all bring this to the surface and deal with it now! We can turn this around, but we have to confront it, admit it, educated about it, and get to work to heal it. The sooner, the better.