September 11, 2008:
Each 9/11 since 2001 there are people who post their conspiracy crap about the attacks. Eight years later, these people need to believe a lie - that the U.S., and even Israel, were behind the attacks on America. They don't even want to consider the truth, that's how badly they need to have an enemy within, and yet they live in America and reap the benefits of doing so. It sickens me to read how ignorant these people are. It wasn't about us - it just used a weakness in our security to make their point. It wasn't about the Palestinians, either, and Israel had no part in 9/11. Even Arafat told Al Qaeda to stop using that as an excuse, but Bin Ladin didn't like America's support of Israel. Bin Ladin felt Muslims were victims of global persecution (delusional and filled with fear and need for security) and promoted himself as a reformer who was improving Islam. Those who flew the planes on 9/11 were mostly Saudis and they were Muslims. They flew for Bin Ladin, who took credit for the attacks. It was about the battle for Bin Laden to overthrow the Saudi rulers and to be the new Saladin, the Islamic leader in the world where Islam will be the rule. Bin Laden believes he gets his orders to kill Americans and Jews directly from God. That is what we have been fighting because WE believe in freedom.

Those who died as victims of the Muslim terrorists deserve more respect. In memory of those who died in the planes, in the crashes at the Pentagon and Pennsylvania, and at the World Trade Center, and those who died later on as a result of 9/11, you are not forgotten. You will always live in our hearts and in history. May you be at peace and surrounded with love and light. May your loved ones be healed and at peace. May America and the world never forget, and be vigilant so it never happens again. May we all have worked with our own inner terrorist, with our anger, and our fear of separation from the Source - for we are never truly separate from the Source. May we all strive to live more with love, gratitude, joy and compassion. May we walk in balance and harmony.

© Nora Amrani