The authentic Rishis are great masters whose intention is to help humanity and guide living beings to fulfill their life's purpose. Rishis have the abilities to receive, hold and spread knowledge and wisdom. Most of the Rishis exist in another plane, not in the physical body on Earth. However, there are some Rishis on Earth who are here as representatives doing the work in this dimension.

The Rishis know that each soul is a spark from the divine light, the Source of all life and creation that contains everything in it. The Rishis also know that a soul has awareness, individuality, and free will (within certain limits). Rishis know that we separated from God so that we can experience and enjoy the beauty of creation and finally return to the Source. This was the plan for the start - the intention to create and provide the opportunities to experience creation.

Everyone has the potential to become a Rishi. As a representative of the Rishis on Earth, and one who has been asked by the Sapta Rishis to share this with you, I invite you all to join in spreading the light and create this world to be a beautiful place of peace and love. You may know that intent and energy with a specific direction, and synchronicity, have powerful effects. All it takes is spreading the light every day for seven minutes when we wake up and then when we go to sleep at night. The request to do so is enough.

How to do this - it's a very simple technique. Light travels fast, and this particular light is the light of consciousness, which is faster than physical light. So it impacts almost immediately. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and relax. Imagine there is a huge ball of bright white light above you. Imagine that light comes down and enters through your head and then entire body, filling you up with light. Feel that for a minute. Then, imagine that light spreading out around you filling up your home, your town, city, state, country, the planet. Spread this light for seven minutes. You can do this any time, but if we all practice it at the same time, the impact is better. So, twice a day, seven minutes each time, the benefits are great. The Sapta Rishis started this as a major movement last year, but it has been an exercise that I have done for 25 years on my own and with a group of lightworkers. We can all use more light. I hope you will try this and help usher in an era of peace and love. Thank you. If you would like to learn more about the Sapta Rishis, please visit their website.