THE OVERSOUL - By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani

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By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
April 30, 1999
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I went through a reincarnation issue with on a very personal level with a friend I met on the internet about ten years ago. We were in contact by regular mail and phone for some time. We had a bit of a conflict about a past lifetime. She was convinced she was Enki, and she knew I was connected to Enki. She was sure I wasn't Enki because she was sure she was Enki, and did her best to convince me of that.

Everybody else, including very gifted psychics, said they saw Enki with me, his face superimposed over my face, every time they saw me, and at least one attributed me (in a book) for the Enki connection. They told me that they felt I was Enki. I always smiled and said that he was around me, but after looking into that for myself, I didn't feel I was Enki. I was his half-sister.

Well, I did my own investigations into this (with my higher self, and then I had many sessions with spirit guides I respect, who each confirmed the same information to me), and as it turned out that woman was part of my oversoul but she wasn't Enki. That means there are parts of her connected to Enki, but it wasn't the same as being Enki. She refused to accept that and demanded that I accept her as the one and only true incarnation of Enki. I couldn't do that. I told her I believed she believed she was Enki. That's as far as I could go. She did not like that, and felt I wasn't her friend if I felt that way. Geesh! So that was it for us.

I faced this Enki identity crisis with several other people, too. Each of them were certain they were Enki, but after a while they were a little more open to the oversoul idea as an explanation for their Enki connection.

Would I have been of service to them playing into their belief that they were Enki? If it was so important for them, would it have been harmful to agree with them? That's something I looked at and decided that I would not play along because it would have been deceitful. Arguing back and forth resolved nothing. And when communicating with people who had very strong egos, narcissistic tendencies, and still had their shadow running their lives, it was pointless.

People really get hung up on being a famous past identity and think they're IT. Well, thousands of people weren't each that one IT. I think that in most cases people attach themselves to some famous historical being because to them that being might be more interesting or exciting, and feel more important than who they are in this present incarnation.

Since I saw a common problem with a lot of people when it comes to reincarnation, and I did years of work understanding the oversoul, I wrote my Oversoul article. Education about the oversoul, our multidimensional aspects and counterparts, might help people understand what they might be picking up, and why, then enable them to embrace it and their connections with each other, and use it to further bloom as who they are now. Understanding the oversoul can be complex: it might mean letting go of a fantasy, and it will require facing who you are right now.

I feel that meditation and a strong relationship with our higher selves is the best place to start in understanding and working with all of these things because the higher self doesn't judge. It gives us a broader perspective and deeper wisdom and truth, it offers us healthy choices, and all with unconditional love and support.

My philosophy is to take what was good from that former life, whether or not we were that individual, (something about them relates to something in ourselves), learn from it, heal what needs healing, and move on. Personal healing, responsibility, and integration in the present is what I feel is most important and a healthy way to live. We can continue to access our multidimensional selves and remember to keep a healthy perspective.


We are all one family. And we have families within families. One such family is the oversoul. The oversoul is a large fragmentation of God, All That Is, and contains all the fragmentations of all the various physical lives that we understand ourselves to be. The oversoul can continue to fragment itself into aspects and counterparts (parallel lifetimes), each containing a certain percentage of the whole. Each oversoul has its own focus, talents, lessons it wishes to learn and experiences it wants to experience. Oversouls will also merge with other oversouls, ever expanding back into more Oneness.

Imagine, if you will, a wagon wheel; a center hub with spokes branching out and connecting to an outer rim of the wheel. The center point of the wheel is the core of the oversoul. The spokes are the various aspects and counterparts experiencing life in different forms, in different densities, dimensions. So, it is possible for people on Earth to have one or many counterparts or aspects living at the same time on Earth, or elsewhere.

The all is one and the one is all. Each aspect and counterpart of the oversoul has its unique, individual personality construct and still contains portions of the whole oversoul. Exactly the same as you being an aspect of All That Is and having your own way of creating and experiencing.

The oversoul, as one unit, downloads and uploads information to, from and between its counterparts and aspects - all with the same intent. So, as a individual person you will have your own memory of your lifetimes and you may also recall lifetimes shared by the collective memory of your oversoul. Sometimes an individual may believe they are somebody in the "past" or "future" when they are sharing in the collective oversoul memory. One aspect or counterpart of yourself is experiencing it, but you may not be focusing on the same lifetime as that aspect or counterpart.

Therefore, you will have some differences in what you recall. In this sense, there is the perception that three individuals were Cleopatra, for example. A more precise explanation is that one member of the oversoul lived that life individually and shared the experience with the others, so they all felt they were part of it. What's even more amazing is that since everything is energy/consciousness, we share all of our lives with everything and everyone. Therefore, since energy does not die, anything can be accessed.

Does one meet members of the same oversoul while on Earth? Yes! We can meet one another in dreamstates, through astral travel, through the internet, or in physicality. Sometimes we set up such meetings for a direct purpose. Often meeting one from your oversoul is a powerful experience which can result in literal physical shaking. This triggers a soul or psychic shock with shakes the cellular memory awake and shows a strong signal of how you resonate to the energy of meeting more of your Self. There is more than just a similarity between you. There is an unmistakable attraction, knowingness, remembrance, affinity.

For instance, my soul twin is now living on the other side of the planet. We have met in person, spent a couple of years together to reunite and share our Earth knowledge with one another. We became one again, in every possible definition of the word. Then, we parted in that our work could best be fulfilled - although it was the hardest separation I've ever gone through. But, we know it's only a physical separation. We maintain a very strong telepathic communication, and frequently check in with one another via astral travel or heart/mind/talk. He does his best work during the day, and I do my best work at night. We are continually working with the same focus, so that there isn't a break in reaching our Vibrani oversoul's goals - which is the up-liftment in the vibration of humanity. Other aspects of our oversoul are situated stategically elsewhere for the same purpose.

Meeting one's aspects or counterparts may be exciting, depressing, irritating, puzzling, energizing, depleting, disappointing or ecstatic, will act as a catalyst for growth for each one of you, and the relationship may be temporary or long-lasting. What you experience between you and your aspects or counterparts will be shared on an energetic and cellular level with others in your oversoul so it can grow, as well.

If we decide to make more of a conscious connection to our aspects and counterparts, our oversoul, we must be ready for the major issues that will no doubt be exposed in order to work through any unresolved residue we may have that needs confronting and healing. Do not attempt to do this and think it's a piece of cake: very often, it's not. It is a life-changing experience.

You can create the conditions to attract members of your oversoul to you, if you are interested in meeting them. This is done through your dreamstate, telepathy and conscious intent. You can put out a call, write out what your ideas are in meeting the others, where and how you would like to meet. Set up some simple guidelines, such as will you have expectations, or how do you think it will serve you and them? Meditation is one way you can begin to connect with your oversoul and meet its members for guidance from them or for your communication to them. Keeping a journal of your process will be a valuable asset and treasure.

We are NEVER alone, never. And every oversoul is connected to another oversoul and some eventually (like after hundreds of thousands of years) intermarry or blend and create a larger oversoul , and all are part of the grand oversoul of them all. It's incredible! But, it will be a while before the masses consciously know this and can handle it sanely and wisely. If you choose to embark upon this remarkable and challenging journey, best wishes to all of you. Remember, they are all aspects of you and of the one Source, All That Is.

© Copyright 1998, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani

This article also appears in the March, 1999 issue of
Sedona, Journal of Emergence! Magazine,
and in the 1999, Vol. 4, issue 2, of
Elohim: Awakening to the Truth Magazine,
Australia and New Zealand.