LASHAR: FEAR & TRUST - Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani

August 30, 1998

By Nora Amrani
August 4, 2000
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Greetings to you. This is LaShar. Welcome, and thank you for allowing us this opportunity to communicate with you. And now let us get on to the subject at hand: Fear & Trust. Your civilization is currently experiencing a leap into the next level of creation. This next level signifies that you know more of who you are, and how and why you create through your own choices. The fact that you do create and can be conscious creators, with response-ability, is already becoming common knowledge.

However, what you are currently seeing as a reflection of yourselves still involves fear and victimization. And many mixed messages. In one breath, you are being told to become more self-empowered beings, to stand on your own feet. And in the next breath, you are reminded of all the potential harm that your planet and civilization offer you. I say the word "offer" because it is an offer, not something you must buy into and accept. Accepting these things is always a choice on your part.

You are fed non-sequitur after non-sequitur. Trust, and yet fear. Love God and yet fear God. Unless you act in such and such a manner, God won't love, provide for you or protect you. Trust has received a confusingly bad rap. As a result, you are not certain what to believe. You doubt yourselves. The leaders you have given your power to have misled you. And yet, you are trying so hard to be what you believe is spiritual. So, being spiritual has come to mean being trying to live in peace with one another, helping to protect the planet from destruction, and often acting starry-eye, spaced-out, complacent, while denying or covering up your own anger and fears - thinking that anger or fear isn't spiritual.

Has your life really changed? No. You still have your hidden fears, but may have a newer mask for them. But, unless you confront and process your anger and fears, accept and love all that you are right now, you cannot easily make this coming leap in consciousness.

Okay, let's look at fear. Fear is a trigger and comes in many clothes. Fear - something you've been taught for survival, for something unknown, of not having, for anything new or different, that someone is better than you. When you feel fear, look at it. Where does this fear originate? Is it based on what is happening at that moment? Or is it a replay of old dramas in your life? What action can you take in order to remain centered and lessen the degree of fear and be responsible for the outcome of the current situation? How does one get out of this vicious cycle?

When you are in fear you feel you are a victim to the outside world, and you present that persona to others. It is a powerful energy that says, "I don't trust myself as part of the Infinite. I don't trust in the power of the Infinite. And if I don't trust myself, I most assuredly can't trust you."

How will that mirror of your own beliefs be reflected back to you? Others will absolutely, positively, get your message, because everything is consciousness. They will not trust you, but fear you. Not only that, they may actually show you how much of a victim you truly believe you are and fulfill your own prophecy by harming you or taking something from you. Then you can justify keeping your fears and not changing. All along you thought it was coming from them, when in fact it was your echo bouncing back to you. And, when you love, trust in yourself and others, then this reflection of love and trust will return to you.

When one fears, one tends to forget about trusting and asking for help. Trust opens up many possible realities because it is open and flexible. When you are in trust you are in your center and therefore can make better decisions as to your next move because you KNOW that you are reliable and that your connection with the Source, the Infinite, will always guide you where you most need to be.

You know the phrase "paralyzed with fear?" Fear blocks many possible realities because it makes one inflexible. Stagnant. Furthermore, usually you give up your power when in that fear energy. You then let others decide for you what your outcome will be. This is the victim at its best, and it creates a martyr. However, you can use the fear to show you where you can have trust within yourself. Remember, you can always ask and receive guidance.

Think for a moment about the many fundamentalist groups on your planet today who revel in the idea of being a holy martyr. Recently there were bombings of United States Embassies, the holy and political wars in Ireland and England, Pakistan and India. Disruption all over the planet. What do you imagine is the cause of everyone's anger and fear? Is it because they need to feel better than another? That no one else will recognize and respect the Infinite within them and thereby attempt to control them? Or, because they refuse to acknowledge that divine power within themselves, and others? Until you each come to see, love, trust and take responsibility for who YOU are, you cannot really see, understand, accept, love or see the Infinite in another. This is why war still happens.


Begin to re-connect with your true self right now. Do it in whatever pace and place you feel comfortable, but do it. Sit quietly with yourself and remember who you are. Today: trust yourself, another person, one more action, more than you did yesterday and see what happens. Build on the trust within yourself, little by little, and your inner confidence will expand and allow you to visualize much more clearly, more centered, to create the reality you want for yourself. The fear will begin to dissipate. You will know that there is really nothing to fear because you are infinite. And there is infinite abundance of all things always available to you.

When you trust this within youself will not need to harm another or take anything (energetic or material) from another, or fear that anyone need harm you or take from you. Nor will you need to disguise your fears and create change by co-creating so-called "natural disasters" to do it for you. In fact, you may be offering what you have to others as a beautiful reflection of your trust that what you need will always be provided. Trust doesn't mean you put a limit on what is coming to you or how it arrives. Because by creating that barrier it may not reach you at all. Trust DOES mean knowing that it will reach you when you need it, and can come from where you least expect it. And there is enough for everyone.

You have this exciting opportunity to choose to transform fear into power through trusting your true, divine self. By trusting in the Source. And you don't have to lift a finger, but merely change your perspective, your belief about yourself. You know what you may have to lose if you do not give it a try. (And you've probably all had more than enough of that.) So, why not be ALL that you are right now? Change yourself and you change the universe.

Wishing all of you grace, ease, pleasure, gentleness in your transformational processes and in all of your creations. May you see and live yourselves as the magnificent beings of light, love and power that you truly are.

Copyright 1998, Nora Amrani This article appears in the November, 1998 issue of Sedona: Journal of Emergence! Magazine.

A personal FEAR story:
Many years ago I had an astral body experience in which I was taken aboard a ship into a small classroom that had white boards (like the kind of blackboards/chalkboards, whatever you call them in schools today). I was there with another channel. Both of us channel the same entity and have many connections with other entities and both of us had been in excellent channeling classes for years with the best teachers - I can't stress how important it is for channels or mediums to have GOOD teachers and training and not go solo until you have a solid relationship with at least one trusted spirit guide.

This room was on board an Essassani ship, with Bashar. Bashar stood up in front of us and stated that said he was teaching a class on FEAR. At that moment, I was ready to jump out of my seat and say, "Thanks, but no thanks....I'm outta here." But, something compelled me to stay and stick it out - my higher self knew it was time to face this.

Bashar looked at us intently and said, "At any moment I can transform into anything at all. And you'll never know ahead of time what that will be." My mind went crazy; I was already in a panic. I started to see Bashar transform into a dinosaur, then a reptilian, then hideous monsters. It was like a chaotic tornado generating the energy of fear. Everywhere I turned, there was a new creature.

All of a sudden, I put on the brakes. Something within me said, "Hey, wait a minute! What's really going on here?!" I looked around and started laughing my ass off. This was really funny because I finally realized what had just taken place. Crying from laughing so hard, I approached Bashar in the classroom again and said, "Thank you, SO MUCH, Bashar. This is the BEST class I've ever had!"

A few months later I attended a channeling session in which Darryl Anka was channeling Bashar and I asked about that dreamtime/astral experience. Before I could get the all of the words out of my mouth, Bashar jumped right in, nodded, and said, "Yes, it was a fear class - and you get an "A." Then he asked me, "Tell everyone here - what did you learn from that class?"

I recounted the experience for those present. I said that I had clearly seen that Bashar hadn't transformed into anything AT ALL!!!! It was my illusions, my imagination, my fear, that started to see him as these beings that were hideous to me - my OWN fear images! My own reflection of what I feared about some ETs! Bashar smiled and said, "Yes, exactly."

To this day, that has still been one of the most valuable lessons I've ever learned. That was when I realized how powerful we really are, how powerful our own fears are - they lead us down avenues that are not real, yet are easily mistaken for being real. Does this mean that other life forms don't exist? No. It means being able to see clearly what is what and being in charge of how we want to respond to what we see, instead of letting fear overpower us. Our own prejudices often prevent us from clear sight and understanding. Because some beings may look frightening, does it mean they are evil or harmful? Not necessarily.

It is only when we see the reflection of these monsters in ourselves that we can face our own fears and heal them. I realized that love and even laughter is the most powerful energy there is in the universe. I realized how we play games with ourselves - keeping our subconscious and unconscious separate from our consciousness - keeping us believing that we don't create anything ourselves but something is always out there - some boogey man - who is to blame. WRONG. We create it all. Furthermore, energy attracts like energy. When we REALLY "get" this, then we can start being responsible metaphysicians, channels, mediums, creators (instead of victims) who can set our own boundaries out of love and respect for ourselves, who can be discerning about what we will or won't allow into our space, and how we want to direct our abilities.

1998, Nora Amrani