By Nora Amrani,
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There is an overt and intentional misinformation and disinformation, and misunderstanding in accusing Israel of being an apartheid nation. Of course, the people spreading such lies are also overtly anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic (and yes, these are three different things). They use the apartheid term to sway ignorant people to their way of thinking in order to justify the destruction of Israel. And here's why they're wrong.

When Israel, as a JEWISH STATE became a modern nation in 1948, it was with support and approval by the United Nations. First of all, being accepted and supported as a Jewish nation means that Judaism rules it. It doesn't mean that anybody who lives in Israel and is an Israeli citizen, does not have equal rights or representation in the government.

But, it really began much further back at the Paris Peace Conference in January 1919. There, men congregated to remake the world and invent the post-Ottoman Middle East. At those meetings, the Arabs and Jews formally agreed to mutually endorse both their national aspirations and live in peace.

This was the deal: The Jews could have an unrestricted Zionist state in Palestine. The British could have Iraq and its fabulous, albeit still undrilled, oil. The Arabs only wanted Syria and the holy cities of Mecca and Medina in the Arabian Peninsula. Faisal's petition also stated: "In Palestine, the enormous majority of the people are Arabs. The Jews are very close to the Arabs in blood, and there is no conflict of character between the races. In principles, we are absolutely at one."

That said, he acknowledged that Palestine was important to many faiths and therefore the Arab national movement "would wish for the effective super-position of a great trustee, so long as a representative local administration commended itself by actively promoting the material prosperity of the country." A British mandate was stipulated. That was fine. However, what followed became a nightmare due to the French attacking Syria and miscommunication and the time it took to send messages to each other. Arabs were killed, the French won. The Arabs united then against the West...long story - ever heard of Lawrence of Arabia? [Source: Edwin Black]

By definition, apartheid means to keep separate, apart, have racial segregation. This has never happened in Israel because all people are represented in the government, have the right to vote, have health care, education, all the benefits of citizenship. Except, the Muslim Arab citizens haven't been forced to be in the military forces, so it isn't common to find many of them in the services by their own choice. I hope that changes because since they are Israelis, they should participate in protecting their country. If Israel were apartheid, it wouldn't have these things. So, immediately, you can see that the claims of Israel being apartheid are bogus.

However, you CAN call Arab nations apartheid because not only do some not even permit Jews to visit or live in them, they certainly have no equal rights for Jews who do live in their countries, nor representation in government. They are Muslim ruled countries. What about the apartheid in that? There is currently only one more modern Arab nation at the moment who has one female, Jewish, in government. One. Need I inform any of you about all of the Arab and Muslim nations that stole Jewish property, tortured and murdered Jews and do not allow the right of return or restitution? Okay, here are the number of Jews who lived in those nations in 1948 (first number), and how many live there today (second number).

Algeria 140,000, Less than 100
Egypt 75,000, 200
Iran 100,000, 12,000 to 40,000
Iraq 150,000, 100
Lebanon 20,000, 100
Libya 38,000, 0
Morocco 265,000, 5,800
Syria 30,000, 200
Tunisia 105,000, 1,500
Yemen 55,000, 200
See a pattern????

The apartheid term has also been used against Israel in regards to the wall it built, protecting its citizens from terrorist attacks. How is defending one's nation against an enemy out to destroy it considered apartheid? We all know who wants Israel destroyed, it's not a secret, it's openly admitted to and written in the Palestinian Charter, a goal of those who hate Israel and Jews. It doesn't matter what color or religion or gender these terrorists are; all that matters is they have done and will do anything to harm Jews and Israel - and even their own people to accomplish their goals. I think launching over 6,000 rockets into Israel within a year is message enough.

In fact, even today, August 14, 2009, Hamas told CNN that a radical Muslim sheikh called for the creation of an Islamic emirate in Gaza, sparking clashes with Hamas forces that left 13 people dead. Armed members of the radical Islamist group Jund Ansar Allah surround a group representative in Rafah. The clashes were the latest between Gaza's Hamas rulers, who have said they are moderate Muslims pledged to the Palestinian cause, and more radical Islamic groups. In a televised statement, Hamas ministry spokesman Taher Nunu called al-Maqdessi's group "outlaws" and said they have been "terrorizing the country and attacking civilians."

The group posted a statement on a web site announcing the establishment of the Islamic emirate in Gaza and proclaiming al-Maqdessi "the commander of the faithful." The statement declared that armed forces in Gaza should unite under him. The statement urged Muslims everywhere to support the "young emirate" and provide the group with money, weapons and men because "this is the hope of the Muslim nation in raising the banner of monotheism in Palestine and to liberate all the lands and purify Al-Aqsa mosque from the filth of the damned Jews." Now THAT'S apartheid.

The group accused Hamas of not being Islamic enough, saying Hamas cares more about pleasing "tyrants" than "obeying God." But Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zahri dismissed statements about the establishment of an Islamic emirate as "theoretical." "It is not permitted to any party or individual to enforce their own laws, because this is the responsibility of the security forces," he said. Salafi is the term used to describe the radical Islamist movement that follows the doctrines of the "Salaf," or the predecessors, referring to the early generations of Muslims. The movement rejects all modern influences such as politics and government.

It won't end in the Arab nations because factions have been fighting each other for centuries, and some of them do not want any peace with Israel. There are some nations that have a peace with Israel and are not the least bit interested in the Palestinians, aside from keeping them out of their own countries. It's obvious who is really instigating apartheid, and it isn't Israel. Oh - here's another great explanation for why Israel is not an apartheid nation.

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