The Egyptian Revolution, Change and
the Young Adult Archetype

By Shawn Randall, channeling Torah, with
Gilgamesh and friends of the message board

Channeled February 11, 2011:
TORAH ON: The Egyptian Revolution, Change and the Young Adult Archetype

Greetings indeed! A pleasure to be with you on the buzzing, buzzing, buzzing day. Some news just came across the wires here - a big change in Egypt - the government's leader has stepped down following a massive 14 day demonstration by hundreds of thousands of people. Though there are so many vectors to this event, at the outset, we would like to say a couple of things to metaphysicians.

In view of your world's history here is a situation where change itself has changed. How change came about in this (revolution) has changed change. This is very exciting. The very idea that a major revolution could occur without battles is revolutionary. Well yes, there were some skirmishes here, some misfires there, but when you think of how hundreds of thousands - some said a quarter of a million people - came together at the same time; when you think of the magnitude of those peaceful people compared to what (how violent) it could have been; and when you think of the commitment it took for them to keep it peaceful, then you can you can really see that change itself is changing. We feel this is extremely significant.

There is another change to change here. It is that educated people are waking up to the corrupt leaderships and realizing they can take the change into their hands with intelligence. The commitment to bring about intelligent change intelligently is powerful.

In the past so many changes in the world have come about from major wars, even world wars and other scenarios in which power was taken away from one corrupt group by another corrupt group. When you think of the difference between the past changes and how this change in Egypt was brought about it is very exciting and certainly inspiring. Technology was a potent tool in Egypt as the internet spread the message and gathered demonstrators for their movement. It was primarily young adults who used the Internet to motivate, inspire and organize this revolution. What does this show you?

The 'young adult' and the young adult archetype is coming into its power. Now comes the question, what is the young adult going to do with it? The young adult has gotten power in Egypt as a change maker, a maker of change. The education of the young adult, the continued charity, compassion and passion of the young adult as an archetype is going to be called for - certainly so. And the world has to deal with it. And you have to deal with it.

As you think of yourself, as you think of major change that you have done in your life, you as metaphysicians have the benefit of your metaphysical education and have chosen to do change consciously and metaphysically. Well, that's a very exciting thing. Each one of you has changed your paradigm of how you do change. Based upon the more constricted aspects of your birth pattern, your transitional pattern, your original core pattern of life, your changes used to be done differently. By taking into your own hands your choice of how you want to do major change in your life you have transformed that old pattern. This is very important.

So, the world is seeing this dynamic in play - changing how change itself is done. The need for maturing and following through on the change of change - the need for educating it, the need for keeping the young adult growing, growing growing - the hoards of people embodying the young adult in Egypt needs to stay on course. Hopefully they will be able to look back at what they accomplished in these days and say to themselves, “If we did that, if we, with peaceful measures, following the great peacemakers that have gone before in the world, Gandhi and the like, can do what we did then we can certainly put into play an effective and wonderful government.

The young adult archetype in Egypt is playing itself out and hopefully realizing, "Okay, we did it and now we can do what comes next. We keep growing".

This is something that you as metaphysician always want to do. When you have a 'win' you don't rest on the laurels, you take it and go forward. Continue to develop what you have learned form this win that I created. Each one of you can relate to this. There is something in your life that you chose to co-create differently, that you changed, a real win and you know how important it is to take that win and mature it, nurture it, and go forward with it. This is what the Egyptian people are going to be looking at.

There is personal and collective relevance here. It is important to follow through using the same intelligence and power you used to change the change in the first place. Use your intelligence and power in the follow through in the same way that you affected the change.

Obama used the phrase 'human dignity' in reference to the Egyptian revolution. This is no small thing. To be able to recognize and acknowledge human dignity as a power in and of itself has a lot to do with the shift of paradigm happening now. The idea is that human dignity has a power greater than that of muscle and might.

Intelligence, education, follow through - with the positive intentions - with harm to none is indeed a change of paradigm starting to spill into reality. Very exciting.

We invite you to make it relevant to yourself. The young adult archetype that in some way embodies a way you create your reality needs your attention. As well as the positive empowerment, you will want to consider what the dark side of the young adult archetype is all about - as all archetypes have an expanded and a contracted aspect. As examples of the dark side of the young adult archetype consider domination, perfectionism and control and their possible violent affects. Explore this.

You as a creator of your reality are still young. You are still developing your creatorship. The young adult realizes "I'm free! I have power! What am I going to do with it now?!" And the young adult in you still needs the training, it needs nurturing, needs education and needs to remember human dignity. The young adult could go off into non human dignity like a young adult who says, "I'm 21 I can drink as much as I want now!" then runs off and gets drunk and is irresponsible. That would be the dark side of the young adult coming into play. But as a young adult creator of your reality you can see the Light side and you can choose the lighter empowered side of your choices. This is the energy you want to keep promoting in yourself and in Egypt - where the young adult used their power to literally change a government by the force of their dignity, their love, their passion, their numbers - now to follow through with the young adult who is ready to take the responsibility for the next positive step.

Change how you do change itself - and the necessary subsequent follow-through - with self-aware self-responsibility.

These are a few of the ways we see these events as relevant to you as creators of your reality.

This is an exciting time to observe and to see what this triggers in you - positive and not so positive. This is a time to consider what you want to change in YOU. Is there something in your inner life that you want to change - an inner tyrant perhaps? In there something you want to change? Also, do you want to change the old ways of how you used to make changes?

Make your changes magically. You can use the same qualities and characteristics the Egyptians used: the passion, the power, the dignity, and the determination they used to come back to Tahrir square in Cairo day after day after day after day after day to be seen and heard in order to bring change. You can draw upon the empowered energies of the young adult archetype. It is effective. It is exciting!

Channeled February 4, 2011:

Torah and Gilgamesh talk about the Egyptian revolution. Torah (paraphrased) recommended seeing the Egyptian revolution as a new way to create change. Visualize the people in Egypt having the vision of how to bring democracy without violence. Rather than simply visualizing the concept "democractic countries ruling the world", instead see a vision of principles with the common denominators of INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM, and COMPASSION uniting people even when the people are different. And, "create the democratic future you want."

Following Torah, an amalgamation of many unseen friends, including Gilgamesh, arrived on the board to spell out the following message, letter by letter:

An amalgamation of unseen friends is now present with you to share in your expanded observations of your world changes. We observe great possibilities gathering at the gates. Passion for intelligently thoughtful change is present - with opposition, however.

The past looms like an angry ghost. Which view will gain the most formidable support and "muscle" of influence? That is up to you - the conscious creators.

You have had some discussion of this earlier and now we add:
Believe, believe, believe that political change can be done with awareness and respect for all, all concerned (in spite of incumbent histories).

You are not bystanders - though you may feel so. The rise of educated, young, motivated people is gaining a new momentum, thanks to the internet technologies. This is inspirational! An overall awakening of the individual's voice becoming "audible" through technology (a great equalizer) is present at this historic time. So imagine how important your (own personal) internet "voice" is, as well! The bypassing of societal authority figures is a new development in your world for its power to spread ideas and infuse action. This development calls for more education and a sense of global citizenry.

Temperance, wisdom and compassion are emerging slowly. If you use those energies in your everyday life with awareness, you can help them grow in the world and where they are needed most in the mideast. This can be a contribution you choose to invest in.

I am Gilgamesh standing forth at this time encouraging a high and long range view nurutured in your minds (as Torah said you are in a "hinge" moment). Avoid the temptation of confusion of (produced by) newscasts and hold our high wide long vision. Imagine you are in Egypt when you meditate for your vision.

Thank you from all the board friends who watch your world with love, wonder, and joy. We love you to the heights of infinity. Goodbye.

© 2011, Shawn Randall, All Rights Reserved