By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
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There is much talk about channeling these days, but few seem to understand what channeling really is. How is channeling an art form? Why do we do it? What is considered good channeling? Who is responsible in the channeling phenomenon for what comes through, and what are the results of channeling?

It is my hope that this article will shed some new light on the art of channeling (which is a very ancient practice, not "new age" at all) and how to determine if what you are channeling, or listening to from a channeler, is a clear channeling representing the Source, and how we can benefit from channeling.


In the ancient days the Oracles at Delphi, priestesses and priests of the temples, psychics, seers, witch doctors and shamans were the channelers of energies from archetypes to nature spirits to their own spirit guides. All civilizations and cultures had one form or another of mystics or trance channelers providing services with their abilities to tap into different dimensions and bring through knowledge the masses were untrained to do themselves. And the shamans and priests have kept this art form alive until this day when it can now be utilized by most anyone, whenever they desire.

In many cultures channelers were highly regarded, treated with great respect, and given honors. However, throughout history, many have been wrongly accused and misunderstood, (usually a result of fear tactics from religious teachings because they didn't want people to know they could connect with the Source themselves), as practicing evil or demonic rituals, and were murdered for being witches or sorcerers, i.e., Joan of Arc.

Channeling has undergone a major transformation in this century. Today is it no longer necessary to have a middle-person in order to bridge person and God. Channeling today does not necessarily require the channel to go into an unconscious trance while channeling, and having no memory or responsibility for what comes through them. Today's channels are being given the opportunity to realize how they are co-creators in the channeling phenomenon, being equal to the entities they channel. More and more channels are being more conscious of what is occurring in their altered state and taking responsibility for their co-creation: being as clear a channel as they can be, allowing themselves to step aside in the process and allow their mentors to fully come through, and then using the channeled messages to assist in their personal growth.

However, today we still face similar, albeit not so radical, accusations and are sometimes ridiculed, still being grossly misunderstood and feared. This is in part due to channelers who are have not had training and bring through certain points of view that are questionable, or downright packed with misinformation, and through channels who do not continue to do their own inner growth processes. Unfortunately, people not aware of what a clear channeling is tend to lump together the good channelers with the not-so-good channelers. This means that the quality information is often lost by the wayside. Regardless, we can utilize these issues as a great learning experience for us all.


Let's clear up some of myths and get down to basics about channeling and channelers.

First of all, channeling is not the same as meditating. In meditation, one has the option of connecting with their higher self or guides or Source for their own growth without having to channel them (but can communicate with them). Meditation can also be used to relax the body or for healing, to do an visualization exercise, etc.

An important distinction must be realized between channeling and mediumship. The term mediumship is often interchanged with channeling. Mediumship, however, is an older term - channeling having been used more often since the 1960's. Both mediumship and channeling are done by finely tuning into a specific dial on the electromagnetic frequency spectrum (similar to a radio), allowing connection to other parts of ourselves, the Source or other entities. One may be a medium or a channel; some people are both. The purpose of channeling is to receive more love and knowledge.

Both mediumship and channeling are co-creations and can afford some of the same possibilities, and yet, there are distinct differences. I like this explanation that was given, and shared with permission, by one of my teachers, Shawn Randall channeling Torah: Channeling is when you are primarily providing a service of counseling, teaching or healing for yourself and others. Mediumship is primarily providing a service to spiritual entities, who have their specific agendas. [* Please see addendum at end of this article.]


Examples of channeling are in allowing ourselves to open and connect to our own higher self (our true essence), the Source, or by allowing a loving teaching entity to express itself through us. This type of entity's focus is to share wisdom, knowledge, counseling assistance, healing, self-empowerment, and other forms of creativity that benefits the channel as well as the whole of humanity. Channeling may also come in the form of relaying information telepathically from a mentor without being in a full trance. Channeling is a sharing of energies, a creation of new energies, and a mirroring process wherein the channeler, the audience and even the being that is channeled are receiving much from the process. Channeling is like a triangle: two energies connecting, coming together, creating a third through their relationship.

Some channels may keep their eyes open or closed or move around while channeling, depending on the channel and the form the channeling takes. There are channels who speak, write, dance, play or compose music, create artwork or new technology, or do healing. Some channels are multi-channels, meaning they can do several different forms of channeling with ease and expertise.

When we daydream and have visions, are rapt up in reading, watching a film, or in anything we are doing that we truly love doing with a real focus and intention so that time doesn't seem to exist, we can say that we are channeling, as in that moment we are being open to receiving and in a slightly altered state of consciousness, tuning into something specific.

Do we HAVE TO channel? Of course not. Do we NEED to have information from another entity? No. So, why intentionally channel? We are divine beings and creators. When we open up to more of All That Is - we know more of who we are and the possibilities are endless. "By learning to be in touch with our electrical and biological selves, we can make ourselves higher beings who transmit the spiritual side of life...When you reach the point where you can control this energy and transform it into a positive force, you have found the part of you that is God." (Saved By The Light, by Dannion Brinkley with Paul Perry, 1994, p. 127.)

"Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."
-Albert Einstein

So, channeling is an art form that opens up creativity and greater possibilities for ourselves through the doorway of love and imagination - which is the doorway to more wisdom and God. Through channeling we open up to new realms of awareness and perspectives. We are more connected with the universality of life. And we can use it to create whatever we desire.

As a service, channeling requires and brings the openness to love, trust, and the ability and desire to receive. It also requires and affords more focus, intent, clarity, discretion and self-knowledge and self-respect, and is an on-going process. And in turn, when done properly and clearly, brings all more teaching, love, energy, clarity, focus, inspiration, empowerment, alternatives, compassion, sovereignty, joy, wisdom, increased abundance and much growth.


Many years ago, when I accepted that I was channel, I began studying with teachers who I felt were the best in this field. As the classes progressed, and I became more open and more involved in my own growth process, I needed to confront my own fears regarding channeling. Spiritual mentors, channeled through my teachers, began communicating with me in my dreamstate and meditations, assisting me in understanding myself and what I needed to process.

One experience was the most profound for me as it changed my view of channeling, and my life. One night, in a meditation, I went to a classroom aboard a craft. Standing in the front of the room was the being known as Bashar (an extraterrestrial teacher who is from our future), who I have often spoken with through his channel, Darryl Anka. Seated next to me was an acquaintance of mine, another channel. Bashar looked at us and stated, "This is a class on fear. At any moment, I can change into something - anything at all. But, you won't know what it is, until it happens." Okay - that did it. I was terror-stricken and made a fearful dash for the door shouting, "I'm outta here!"

But, something compelled me to stay - maybe even curiosity. Somehow I knew that I had to confront my fears and the next moment I was back in my seat watching Bashar. Suddenly, he began morphing into the most hideous, monstrous creatures I could imagine! My heart was pounding, I was panicky, and yet I kept looking at this picture deeper and deeper. I felt I was both a participant and an observer. What was really going on here?!

BINGO! ZAP! I merged into oneness and clarity hit me. I bursted out laughing and couldn't stop laughing for a few minutes. When the laughter calmed I looked at Bashar, with geniune love, respect and gratitude, and said, "Thank you, Bashar! This was the best class I've ever had!" Bashar asked me what I had learned from it. I replied, "You NEVER transformed into anything at all! It was my own fears of what COULD be that went wild and freaked me out. But, the reality is that you never changed! The fears and creation of what I was seeing came from within me!" And Bashar smiled and said, "Yes!" And the next moment I was back in this third dimension, reeling from what had just occurred.

Several weeks later I attended a Bashar channeling session. I still needed more proof and confirmation of that interdimensional experience. I said to Bashar, "I had an experience with you on your ship - it was a class." Bashar immediately offered, "Yes, it was a fear class. And you get an 'A'." We continued discussing the class for better understanding for myself and those present at the session. We are such powerful, creative beings, and yet we so rarely embrace this within ourselves - most often opting to give our power and our fears away to others.

The class with Bashar allowed me to confront and process my own fears, see the folly of what my fears blow out of proportion. And I felt much more compassion for myself. It transformed my life and view related to spirits, channeling and fear! I saw the power within myself to create! And I realized how great a service spiritual teachers provide for us through channeling and meditation! I released most of my fears of spirit and channeling from that day onward which allowed my own channeling process to blossom.

When we ask (sometimes even from our subconsious), we receive what we need to receive. The answers are all available to us. In meditation or channeling we touch things so profound that our language is quite limited in expressing its fullness. However, here is a beautiful explanation for what one experiences during the channeling process, or even in meditation, when we open to more of our godselves: "I only had to think a question to explore the essence of the answer. In a split second I understood how light works, the ways in which spirit is incorporated into the physical life, why it is possible for people to think and act in so many different ways."(ibid, p. 30) With this magnificent ability within each of us, why wouldn't we want to explore it? And it's all available within each one of us, right where we are.


Mediumship is the form of channeling when we communicate with, or directly channel, astral energies who desire to share messages with family members, or who need or request assistance in transformation and transitioning from one dimension into another, helping in their growth. These spirits have their own agendas. Mediumship along these lines is a very specific practice and sometimes requires work with other mediums in order to fulfill the task.

Whether it be channeling or mediumship, energy attracts like energy. So, whatever one's belief systems, personal hidden or open agendas, or foci are, that is what the channel or medium will attract in their practice.

Mediumship is often confused with channeling when the mediums believe they are channeling great teachers from another dimension only to discover that they are, in fact, tapping into aspects of themselves, (including past lifetimes or aspects of their oversoul who may or may not be mentors), or denser energies (astrals); energies that may carry and transfer agendas of fear, control, manipulation, addictions, anger, or dangerous abuse. Sadly, these mediums often are abused because they lack knowledge, good training in mediumship or channeling, and have not done their own inner work (processing their own shadow, negative ego, sub-personalities, or hidden agendas), which leaves the door open to attracting these entities. Then the medium/channel may not know how to deal with it.

What is becoming more commonplace are mediums or channels who thought they were tuning into great mentors but were actually channeling astrals or aspects of themselves, sub-personalities. In turn, then, many of these untrained and often misinformed channels believe that these entities are negatively-oriented extraterrestrials with an agenda to overpower the Earth, control or destroy humanity, often are into many negative conspiracy theories - since there are some parallels between the negative abduction experience and the astral plane. In-depth study may yield great insight into what is really taking place.

There is a fine line in channeling. One must not be an open door to channeling every energy, all of the time. Those channelers who have not trained with a good teacher and do not participate in their own inner growth process can fall prey to negative possibile scenarios, i.e., channeling aspects of themselves sometimes perceived as devils, negative ETs, or astrals.


We can all become clear channels by tuning our inner radio dials into the frequency we want - without the static. So, how do we connect with true teachers and avoid the pitfalls in channeling? How can we tell who is who, what is what? What are we tuning into, and what is tuning into us? Are they spirits or man-made frequencies? What are our goals and intentions in channeling? (What do we want to use it for?) Who or what do we want to channel? Who do we trust or give our power away to? Do we really know ourselves as well as we thought? Will this be enjoyable or fulfilling, provide a real service to anyone? How can we become a clear channel?

This is a segment of the article "The Art of Clear Channeling". If you'd like to read the rest, you will have to purchase it, or purchase a more involved article on channeling (that includes guidelines for professional channeling) called "So, You Want To Channel?" Thank you.

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This article has also been published in Sedona: Journal of Emergence! Magazine (January 2000), and in Elohim Magazine (Vol. 5, Issue 1 - 2000).