By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani
January 1, 2001
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Happy new year to all of you. As we start this new year which some consider to be the beginning of the millennium, we reflect up on the past year of initiation. Our worldwide community has been through so much: division, polarities, wars, new leadership, new science and technology, new ideas, letting go of some of the old and yet replaying lots of old tapes. We still see the few doomsdayers preaching the end of the world and those prophecizing a whole new world. (What else is new?) For some, change is very threatening.

Many of us have come to more concise definitions of ourselves and our beliefs - some of us moving more into our true selves than ever before and taking more self-responsibility, while some of us are choosing to remain in the fog of oblivion and illusions feeling that what goes on in the rest of the world has nothing to do with us.

We sure are proof that life is not static. In the past year we have dropped some things which no longer served us and sought new interests, careers and relationships. As a community we continue to remodel and redefine ourselves with our values, hopes and goals. We have gravitated towards new families - people who are more in line with our personal feelings and thoughts, with new lifestyles. We are constantly moving, expanding, contracting, evolving; each one of us a universe with in a universe within a universe that is doing likewise. We are opening up to the awareness that all life is connected and works together in many dimensions. We have opened up to more of our own multidimensionality, and to beings in other dimensions, no longer doubting that we're alone or without support. There is life not only on planet Earth, but on/in many elsewheres.

Many of us have come to see how necessary it is to develop an intimate relationship with ourselves and to start trusting our own instincts instead of giving our power away to the media, politicians, film or rock stars, or propaganda machines. We can no longer rely on someone else's version of our reality, although it is of value to be exposed to and understand other views. We are growing up.

This new year continues the momentum that has been building since the last year, and previous years, of things that cry out for exposure and resolution, break-downs and break-throughs, and new creations. For instance, are we ready to know that war reflects our own lack of inner security and peace? Can we heal that now? Are we ready to treat others as good as we wish to be treated ourselves? Are we ready to love our Earth? Are we really absorbing the fact that all change has to start from within ourselves?

We are fine-tuning our consciousnesses, aware that indeed we do create our realities. Our concepts of time are changing, things are speeding up, and we are manifesting things at supersonic speed. And as our thoughts create our reality so rapidly we can no longer ignore the need to be self-responsible and globally responsible; for every action there is a reaction (not always opposite, however).

In this next year our echoes will become louder and our fears and desires will amplify. Our ideas about reality will continue to be challenged even more. Our issues of honesty, trust, security, relationships, and how we choose to use our own energy will be paramount. How can we move through the next year with ease? By honoring and trusting our true selves. By being honest, compassionate and respectful in our dealings with ourselves and others. By getting out of denial. By experiencing all of our feelings and knowing that only we are in charge of our own creations, perceptions, actions and reactions - and accepting that everyone else is in charge of their own, as well.

Our planet continues to shrink due to instant communication. Our ideas of life, its philosophies, information, flavors, sounds, and fabrics are expanding and beautifully blending. We are becoming more united through our communication. It takes time for this to sink in and for us to learn how to navigate this new trail. We can also choose to take this journey with less resistence and with more grace, ease, elegance and joy - at our own pace. Embracing more of life instead of escaping it. Falling in love with the diversities rather than fearing them. We can also remind ourselves to strive for balance between education, technology and spirituality.


What will be your focus for this coming year? My personal key word for 2001 is 'luminary.' This means I will seek the light in all places even more (because the light is everywhere even though we think it isn't). It also means for me to be more of a graceful luminary, fully trusting my own inner light to freely shine as brightly as it will. No more hiding it, apologizing for it, or feeling self-conscious about it - but OWNING it even more.

You may think, "What's the big deal about that?" Well, for metaphysicians this has been a big deal because for many lifetimes we were ridiculed, denied, or punished for letting our light shine. The only way people were accepted as being worthy of God was through martyrdom, suffering, and death. And anyone who let their light fully shine was, paradoxically, considered to be a danger. So, people began to protect their light, keep it private, and shine it only at exclusive times. Today there are still some people in such separation that they have lost touch with their own inner light and won't accept anyone else who does shine their light. I think they haven't seen many people shining their lights.

However, we metaphysicians have come a long way and we know that those ideas are old and no longer applicable to us. This is the year I feel that we can step into our full power without any fears of harmful repercussions. In fact, we know (because we know we are creators) that we don't have to recreate the old scenarios. YES, this is a huge deal. This awareness also gives others permission to do the same. In fact, I encourage you who relate to these words to be bold and let your own light shine. Joyfully, we can all become authentic beacons of light - luminaries.

So, here's to the new year and may it be one of inner peace, love and light in its complete glory to any and all who are ready. Here we come! [Better keep those sunglasses handy.]

© Copyright 2001, 2002, Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani